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Jewelry For My Wife

Since my wife Beth began to cuckold me six months ago I have had to give her several items of jewelry which convey the stages of our changing relationship. The first was when we were out at a local mall and she led me into a shop that specializes in accessories. I followed her meekly, as always. Beth is sexy in a voluptuous way and nearly six feet tall. She turns men's heads wherever we go. I stand a modest five feet, three inches and am slender, so you can imagine what a sight we make alongside each other. As I said, I followed her without question. Besides being bigger (and stronger) than me, she is much more assertive. When we shop I'm with her to pay for everything and then carry the bags. Anyway, we went into that accessory shop and she headed straight for a rack of earrings. I was surprised because they were the flashy, oversized gold ones usually worn by Black girls. She picked several pairs and plunked them down in front of the cute young cashier. While I got out my w
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Four times a year

"Andrew. I'm sorry that you had to find out this way." She laughed. "And just as Bob and I were both having an orgasm. But maybe it's just as well you did find out. Now we won't have to sneak around anymore." Andrew was upset. He had come home unexpectedly and found his wife in bed with his best friend Bob. It answered so many questions. Why his wife was out so much. Why she couldn't go with him to events he had to go to. Why she wouldn't let him make love to her but insisted only on him giving her oral sex and how he could only masturbate to get relief. "Well, I guess we should get lawyers." Andrew said. "Oh I don't think that's a good idea Andrew. I think we should just leave things as they are. I like this arrangement.". "You like this arrangement? Sure, why wouldn't you? Having a lover that used to be my friend and having me around all the time to cater to you. Carol I really think a divorce makes the