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Adam's First Time

  We'd spoken for weeks, one of those someone, told someone,told someone
that I wanted to talk about this.  I didn't understandwhat I was feeling, I
just knew that the hair on my neck stoodup when I heard about it.  She had
been wonderful, not entirelywhat I expected.  She was concerned, patient,
and comforting. After all the discussion she finally agreed to meet. I
arrived promptly at 9.  She stresses that promptness was notan option. 
Actually I arrived about 20 minutes early, but Isat in the car until 2
minutes till 9 and then went to the door.She asked me not to wear anything
special, just to be comfortablein.  I chose my customary nice T-shirt, my
best pair of fadedjeans, and my favorite Docksiders. Her front porch was
dimly, although adequately lit, and inthe foyer just beyond the stained
glass of the door, I could seecandles.  Suddenly I felt quite underdressed
and completely illprepared.  My stomach churned and I was face to face with
my doubtsof whether or not I was really ready for all of this. I knocked on
the door as close to the stroke of nine as Icould figure, and it took only
moments for me to get a taste ofwhat the rest of the evening was going to
be like.  I stood thereat the door for an eternity.  It was actually only
five minutes,but I didn't dare knock again.  I knew she was expecting me,
and Iknew she was ready.  She was making me stand outside, justbeginning to
exercise that subtle control I knew she'd had for along time now. When she
did come to the door, I was dumbfounded.  Ihad gotten a rather vivid mental
image of what my 'mistress'was going to look like.  She was about 5'9",
long, flowing,dark brown hair, and a figure like a cross between a
careerswimmer and a career gymnast.  Her breasts were modest, butample. 
Her figure was strong and toned, but still soft.  Every stepshe took would
be silent, perfect. When the door did open, there stood a normally quite
averagewoman, not a perfect body, but wonderfully shaped.  She didn'thave
the animal qualities I had imagined, but the confidence andsensuality she
carried could have swept me off the porch likeflood waters.  I might as
well have been standing in front of aGreek goddess. I stood there with a
'deer in the headlights' look on myface.  I guess I must have physically
staggered, because sheallowed herself a subtle smile.  She was wearing high
heels, darkstockings, and a full length crimson dress held precariously
onsoft shoulders by impossibly thin spaghetti straps. She said, "Come in
Adam, it's nice to finally meet you."I didn't speak.  I couldn't.  She
walked away from me, completelyunconcerned.  I assumed I was to follow.  I
smiled.  Whether ornot I was ready for this, I was in it. She had told me,
there wouldn't be any sex involved,although at some point I might be told
(or did she say 'allowed'to come), but if I did so without permission, I
was going home andnot coming back. As we walked, I noticed that the only
light in the housewas by candles, and the air was sweet with patchouli
incense.  Ididn't know if she prepared like this for the other people
thatcame to her, if she did I was impressed, if she didn't I wasbeyond
flattered.  I could only assume she did this for all of hersubmissives, but
I wasn't going to ask. We walked into a large room with all the
accouterments Ihad envisioned in a 'playroom'.  There were the usual
shackles,various hooks, bolts and the like, and a very nice set
oftraditional looking stocks.  What struck me the most was a queensize
four-poster bed, sans headboard in a corner of the room.  Thething I found
unique was the abundance of holes running the lengthof all four poles (I
assumed for eye-bolts). She turned around and looked at me.  My felt my
chesttighten, and I just stood there looking stupid. She walked close to me
and said, "I want you to take off mydress.  You can use any means you
want." She walked behind me.  I felt her take my hand, and Iheard the
ratcheting sound I'd heard only once before when I gothauled in for those
unpaid speeding tickets.  She took my otherhand, same noise. She walked
back around me, "begin," she said.  I stood fora moment, pondering my
situation.  I was nervous about taking theobvious tact, my teeth, fearing
that she would be disappointed ina pat response.  Since I didn't have any
other answers, I startedas best as I could. I walked around her and began
to grab one of the straps inmy teeth to slide it off her shoulder.  I must
have let the tip ofmy teeth nicked her skin, because I was rewarded with a
resoundingslap across my astonished face.  I hadn't even seen her move.
"You BIT me!" her voice hardly raised, but the inflectionunmistakable, "All
the time I've invested, and you're sloppy,maybe I'll just call this whole
thing off." "O god, no," was all I could reply. "I don't give second
chances, don't expect another.  Youhad better do better this time," she
told me. I began again, in earnest, panicked that my next mistakewould be
my last.  This time I took the straps between my lips,making sure they
weren't too wet, or too dry.  This was workingreally well, but I was
getting high from the smell of her skin,the perfume she had on, and feeling
her skin under my lips.  Myhead was swimming, as I dragged the strap over
her shoulder, Irisked a small kiss on her arm.  Her eyes darted toward me
with a'don't think you can get away with that again' look, but at leastshe
didn't whack me.  Maybe I was high, maybe I was juststretching to see how
far I could get.  This wasn't domination, I'dplayed games like this in
college, with women similar to this. Finding a method that seemed to work I
continued in mytask, getting absolutely no help from this woman.  The
mostdifficult part was dragging the dress down, it was a snug
fit,magnifying every curve on her.  I knelt in front of her and grabbedthe
dress, just between her legs, I caught her scent, clean andsweet, it's a
smell I've always loved.  I thought the veins in myneck were going to
explode, I almost buried my face in that lovelycrotch, but I knew if I did,
I'd be lucky to get out alive, andI'd never hear from her again.  The dress
finally hit thefloor, and I looked up.  Not the black lace teddy I was
expecting,but plain pink silk panties and bra, and not a spot of moisture
on them.  I have to admit I was disappointed, I tried to show alittle flair
in my first task, evidently with no results.  I knewit wasn't because she
was cold, but in complete control of herselfalso. I was exhausted, My
muscles were so tight you could bouncequarters off my stomach.  I had
broken into a light sweat, and hada little trouble getting up off my knees.
"You did well once you got started, maybe I won't send youhome yet," she
laughed. I really didn't have much to say, I figured less is more,and I
wasn't much good at smalltalk anyway.  It seemed to be theright thing.  She
took off the handcuffs and told me to take offmy shirt.  Once my shirt was
off, she handed me a set of leathercuffs that looked like they had been
swiped from an institutionfor the criminally beefed-up.  The weren't large
is size, but Iknew from looking, that once I was in them I wasn't getting
outunless I was released.  Once my wrists were in the cuffs, she ledme
across the room to a corner under a cable, which was hungthrough a bolt in
the ceiling.  I was told to walk up a series ofsmall blocks until I could
hang the chain between the cuffs on thehook.  Once secure, I walked back
down the small blocks, slowlystretching my arms overhead.  By the time I
got back to the realfloor, the tips of my toes were the only things that
touchedground.  There I was, shirtless, stretched out like an animalready
to be cleaned. She went to a table and picked up a leather paddle.  Thefear
spread over my face, but I knew that was bound to happen. The paddle
landing on my ass reminded me of those littlefireworks I used to set off as
a kid, not the sting, but thesound, and it hurt. "That's not all there is,
dear, I'm going to strip offthose cute jeans and see if that little butt is
quite prepared tocash the check your mouth was making on it's trip down my
body.  Isaw the look in your eye.  You knew better but you kept up
thoselittle kisses anyway, we can't have you taking liberties now canwe?"
She waited for a moment and the paddle struck again. "CAN WE?" she shouted.
"," I said, meekly. "SMACK" the paddle made itself known again,
and I was damnglad I was still in my jeans, I only worried that this rosy
glow Icould feel was just a sampling of what my indiscretions was goingto
get me. "You will always answer with, 'Ma'am,' 'Mistress,' 'or, 'Lady', DO
YOU UNDERSTAND?" "YES...yes, Lady, I understand." With that, and not
another word, she undid my belt, and myzipper, and my pants fell to my
ankles. "Slip out of your shoes and kick those pants away," shesaid. "Now,
I'm going to give you a little reminder about yourplace here.  You knew you
shouldn't have been planting those cutelittle kisses on me, but you did it
anyway, if we're going to getalong, you must learn." I knew this was a bad
thing. Now my situation had gone from bad to worse (or was itbetter, at
this point?).  Now I was hanging from a cable byprofessional shackles in
nothing but my black bikini underwear.The beating then began full swing.  I
lost count after 12 swats.I assume my brain was trying to shut down from
the pain.  She toldme I could stop this at anytime, but she wasn't really
going totest my endurance the first time, and if I did safeword, I mightget
a peck on the cheek on the way out.  So I held my breath andfell into the
trust I had entitled her with. My face was clenched and pouring with sweat,
although theroom itself was a comfortable temperature.  I realized she
hadstopped, I opened my eyes, and she was standing directly in frontof me.
I could feel her breath, I could feel the warmth of hersex against my stiff
prick.  Her hips moved gently, then she backedaway. "Well, if you feel
properly punished, we can begin." My ass was on fire.  I'd never hurt like
that in my life.  Iwondered how I was going to drive home, and this had
just gottenstarted?  I was trussed, naked and a thermonuclear tan on
myrump, yet my only fear was that I wouldn't please her, and I'd begone.
She moved beside me, I felt her push something warm andsoft against my ear.
It surprised me at first, but I realized itwas those wax earplugs swimmers
use, it covers the ear canalwithout going in it, but seals out everything
including sound. Before the other plug went in she said, "all you have todo
is stay as still as you can, if I need you moved, just movewhere you're
guided.  Don't answer me, I know you understand." I knew sound deprivation
wasn't all she was going to do,and then, as if on cue, came the blindfold.
It was leather and fitsnugly across the whole top of my face, across the
bridge of mynose.  My nose and mouth were free, as well as the top of my
head,but my eyes and ears were completely covered. I could feel my heart
pound, and I could hear the bloodrushing through my veins, but that was
all. My whole body hadbecome an antenna.  I felt something really cold
trickle down myback.  I jerked and it pulled me off balance, I began to
twistaround, catching myself after a nearly ninety degree turn. The paddle
came down on my raw bare ass with angryintensity, I steeled myself for
another blow but it wasn't coming. The cold dribble began again, It was
ice, no doubt, andshe began rubbing little circles with it on my partially
covered asscheeks, my legs and back twitching unconsciously.  She removed
itand then ran what I could only assume from the length was a dildomade of
ice up the inside of my thigh.  Again I flinched, andagain the paddle sang
it's song. Well, I was determined I wasn't going to get swatted againfor
failing to follow instructions, so I concentrated on keeping mytoes
planted. Again I waited, panting in silence, waiting for the nextswat, the
next shiver, I cock was rock hard and spilling out theside of my briefs.  I
felt her hands pulling my legs close together,and she took off my bikini's
My shaft sprung out slapping me onthe stomach. "SHIT!" I thought, "she said
no sex!  I didn't think I'd benaked." I began to hyperventilate.  She put
her hands on my chestgently stroking me. I heard her ask me through the
plugs, she must have beenshouting, if I wanted to stop.  My jaws were
locked together and Ishook my head 'no'.  She kissed my chest and I started
to relax.At this point, I'd had a hard on longer than I thought as
humanlypossible, and I thought I felt precum on the bottom of my shaft.She
reached down and took my aching cock in her hands and I started to groan.  I
knew I was going to come as she stroked it, herhand still cold and moist
from the ice.  I was completely lost.If I safeworded I was gone.  If I came
I was gone, and the momentof truth was crashing down.  I shouted the
safeword she had givenme, and it was if time had stopped.  Her hand was
gone, there wasno contact , my body was shrieking with no relief, I
wasphysically and mentally exhausted, and I cried.  I hung, my chestheaved
to catch my breath and I cried.  I know I hung there for along time,
although exactly how long I didn't know.  My throatached, my eyes burned
behind the blindfold.  I knew it was over andI hadn't been able to handle
it. I felt the small steps being pushed underneath my feet.  Imanaged to
get myself down from the hook and nearly collapsed.  Ifelt her weight under
me, wrapped in a terrycloth robe.  Shehelped me over to the bed and laid me
down on my face.  I sat upjust a little and began to speak, but her finger
covered my lips,and she motioned me to lie still.  She began to rub some
salve orcream into my ass and the backs of my legs where I had been
soexpertly stained red from the inside.  It cooled the burning andthe
stinging, leaving a warm dull throb.  She stroked my hair andmy back, I
started to cry gently again.  She rolled me over, alittle trail of precum
down my leg and took off the cuffs.  Shesat me up and turned me away from
her so she could undo the strapsthe to mask.  I didn't turn around.  She
turned my head and tookthe plugs out.  I could hear the air conditioning, I
could hearthe clock down the hall ticking. I couldn't look at her, I didn't
want to hear what she hadto say.  All the weeks we had talked, I had gotten
used to hervoice.  It wasn't love, but she was a kind mentor, and now I'd
bewithout that friend.  What a drag, but I guess life will go on. She took
my chin and turned me around to face her,Surprisingly she was smiling. 
That smile could melt polar ice.  Iwas very confused. "Are you all right? I
got worried for a bit." "I don't get it," I stammered, "I said the
safeword, yousaid that would be the end of it." "I drove you to your
safeword on purpose," her voice wasalmost a giggle, "if you had come on my
clean carpet it would havebeen over.  Everyone has a limit, you admitted
you had reachedyours, that will save you a lot of grief someday. 
Shower'sthrough there, towels on the rack, your clothes are on the
table.I'm tired.  I'm going to go make us some coffee..."


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