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Ashley's Bitch

I met this girl, Ashley, on a chatting app. I saw her profile pic and immediately thought that she was pretty cute. She was short, probably around 5 feet, and she couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds. She was dirty blonde with tits a little on the small side and an ass that was very well toned and in good proportion with her body.

I had to say something to her, so I texted first, "Heyyy!"

She immediately responded with, "I'm kinda horny." 

I quickly said, "me too ;)" figuring that was the direction this conversation was headed.

As the conversation kept going, she was very confident, and I thought that was sexy as hell. 

"Send me a face pic."

I obliged.


"Send me a mirror selfie with just boxers, and I'll do the same."

I quickly sent her one that I thought made me look pretty sexy. She responded with a pic of her fully clothed and out of focus then also texted, "oh hot body."

I was a little bit disappointed with her picture but thanked her for the compliment. We then swapped a couple of nude photos with her dictating the angles, poses, and garb. Then she had me record a video for her and said she would send one of her doing the same stuff. The video was long, really long, she wanted everything. I started with my best strip dance and went all the way through talking dirty and eventually climaxing at the end.

The video sent in a few different parts, and I know she saw them all because it showed the read receipt next to each one, but she wasn't responding even after enough time had passed for her to watch the videos, so I asked her, "did you get them?"

She replied, "no." 

I sent them again and the same thing happened. After a couple of tries, I realized that she was getting them and probably just didn't want to send hers. 

Now, I'm very submissive. I have a bunch of kinks too, but one thing that really just makes me feel extra obedient is when a girl takes advantage of me, especially repeatedly, and then usually ignores me for periods, and through all of that I stay extremely loyal. 

I could tell she wanted all of my pictures without having to send any of hers, so I messaged her, "Hey, um, I was wondering, if maybe, could I be your bitch?"

"Yes" was all she sent back.

Sweet! I was getting really excited. I promised her I would do anything she said.

Immediately she started commanding me to send her different nudes, texting instructions for the next immediately after I sent each pic.

Then once she had finished masturbating, I assume, she would ignore me for hours.

I texted her intermittently for the next few hours about how pretty she was and how lucky I was to be her bitch, and she continued ignoring me. 

The next day around noon she messaged me, "Set up cam, sit on edge of bed, strip down and talk dirty while getting hard, then show me all the ways you wanna fuck me." 

I was immediately hard as a rock and got to work. For the next several hours, she instructed me to make various videos and pictures for her ranging from vanilla positions to watersports, then she started ignoring me again.

The entire next day she didn't message me at all. I started to get really worried that she was done using me, and I messaged her a bunch about how lucky I was to be her bitch.

Finally, at around 1:00 AM she messaged me saying "pic. Now."

I leapt out of bed and sent her a picture of me in her favorite pose, sitting, lower angle, with dick and face in view.

She then made me shave you know where and send pretty much every pic we had already done again, but now hairless.

Things had gotten pretty out of hand over those few days; I spent easily 8 hours a day following her orders. I took a step back and realized the repercussions of everything and decided to stand up to her. 

I messaged her asking if we could stop this because I was uncomfortable with the situation.

She just asked, "Why?"

I guess that was a perfectly normal response, but it caught me off guard. I managed to come up with something and reply, "I just think things have gotten a bit out of hand, and I really didn't know what I was jumping into before this (it's my first time doing this sort of thing) and it seems wrong." 

All she said back was, "It's not."


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