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Ass Cleaning

I walk into the door, I see her looking at me with those mischievous eyes, she hadn't seen me in a month but we both you exactly what was about to happen. That whole month waiting I had been thinking of her dominating me, the fantasies I had been playing out in my head were much dirtier then usual ever.

I walked towards her, straight away we kissed, we began to move towards the shower. Clothes still on we get in the shower, she's pinned up against the wall, she unzips my fly, my pants falling down, already wet I pull her shirt off, exposing her breasts, I lift up her booty from beneath the short black skirt she was wearing, slowly brushing past her dirty ass hole, She had gone to the toilet before hand, but barely put in an effort cleaning up.

We get out of the shower, dripping wet, and run straight for the bedroom, I push her onto the bed so that her ass is sticking up high, I press my face into her ass, licking and cleaning every single square millimetre of that dirty brown hole, she moans and plays with her clit as I finger her, she tries to helplessly crawl forward because it was getting too much, but I follow, she leans back, my tongue slipping deep into her ass hole, it taste wonderful, she begs me to fuck it.

I start slowly carefully putting my dick into her ass, her back arched and her ass up high, but she begs, harder harder, I can feel her pussy cramp up as she starts to finger herself. By this time I'm pounding her so hard her legs are wobbling, but suddenly she gains control and turns around flipping me over, she climbs up over my face rubbing her tight pussy all over my lips, it tastes incredible, she suddenly rolls back so that I can lick her ass again, she puts all wait on her ass, I can't breath but I'm enjoying every second of it, she leans forward and starts sucking my dick very sloppily, constantly gagging on it, after coating it with a thick layer of mucus and saliva she puts it back in her ass and rides it quickly and hard, she grabs my hair, pulling it and biting my neck, she is cumming.

Suddenly she gets off, she slowly sucks my dick as she recovers, she knows I'm so close to cumming, she sucks even slow, and tease me by rubbing her slop covered breasts over the shaft, at this point I'm shaking. She stands up, pulling me with her into the living room, a new confidence and control over her, she pushes me onto the lounge. "Stay here she says" she goes back to the bedroom and comes out again with a strap on around her waist, she spanks me and spits onto my ass and starts to lick, I try to grab my cock but she hits me again harder, she makes me lube up the rather large dildo attached to the harness as she continues to lick and suck my asshole, suddenly she pulls back inserting the dildo, she says confidently "From now on I will do anything I want to you" She was never like this, but it had been a month, although she knew I'd like it, she had to punish me for not being there to satisfy her when she needed it.

She thrusts hard, the dildo slipping straight deep into my ass, I feel it brush past my P-spot, sending incredible waves of euphoria through my body. She'd fucked me before but not like this. She fucks me harder then I have ever fucked her, spanking me and pulling me hair every time I try to touch my self. It's dark and I abide by every rule, but I couldn't resist, I wanted to cum so badly, she grabs my hair and turns me around and thrusts the dildo deep into my mouth, I gag on it, apologising, she doesn't let up, she says "Now you know how it feels," and continues to thrust, dominating me in every single way, after fucking me up the ass more she commands me to get on the floor, pinning me down between her legs, her pussy once again over my mouth, she grabs my head and makes me fuck her with my tongue, asshole, pussy as hole, making sure I cleaned everything I missed before.

She commands me to keep fucking her deep with my tongue, she starts to moan loudly and begins to piss all over my face, all of it going straight down my throat, I had never seen this dark side of her before. She then tells me she needs to shit, after all I fucked her ass for a whole hour. I moaned "Please baby make me cum first", she says No, if you want me to make you cum you have to clean up my ass again," I had never done something so dirty, and I have never expected her to be so dirty, I was nervous yet so turned on. She goes to the bathroom and quickly comes back, I try to resist but she pins me down once again putting all her wait on her ass, I lick and suck, It tasted better then it ever had, after another good 10 minutes of me eating her ass clean she wipes to check that I left nothing just like she commanded me too, it was absolutely spotless.

She say's softly yet still so confidently, "Now you get your reward". She turns around so I can continue to eat her asshole and finger her pussy as she starts sucking deep and hard on my cock, she screams commanding me to fuck her throat, I grab her head as I continue to suck around her asshole and thrust quickly and hard, she says harder, you have earnt this baby, make me yours" I push my cock deep down her throat, she gags hard, but I hold it there, she's moaning because of my tongue so deep in her ass as she pukes all over my cock, she tells me to keep going, as I thrust more, still puking she starts to piss again as she chums from my tongue in her ass and my fingers stimulating her G spot, I start to cum straight deep into her throat, she gags on it coughing it all up. Without hesitation she licks it all up, leaving my dick completely clean. She crawls up next to me on the cold floor boards and gives me a subtle kiss on the forehead, and says, 'I missed you'.


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