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During a trip to Oakland California we had booked an evening at a motel complex in Oakland California called the Edgewater, during the 80's and 90's this was the only known swingers motel I new of except for hedonism.

We had never even thought of Cuckold Lifestyle until this introduction to interracial man who had a BBC like you wouldn't believe. She loved his cock like I had never seen before.

During our recent trip we had booked an evening at a motel complex in Oakland California.

This is a spot that has a two story motel with all rooms facing inwards towards a central courtyard. In the centre of the courtyard is a building with a large bar, and dance floor inside. The complex is visited by both couples and singles, and is well known within the "swinging, or open minded" community.

We checked in late afternoon, and took a large room that was at one end of the complex. From the balcony view we could see most of the courtyard, and the building where the dances are held. On a Saturday night only couples are allowed in the bar and dance area.

Janet got ready and put on her black nylons, garters and spike heels. Her dress was short (5" or 6 " above the knee) and was slashed down the front. Two straps tied behind her neck which held up the front. The back of it was totally open down to the waist area. It showed a LOT of breast, and was quite sexy.

We watched from our window and saw several couples entering the club around 9 or so. We went over at 9:45 and sat in the centre area at a small table. The dance floor was two steps below us. The club is a BYOB, we mixed a couple of drinks, and started watching who was arriving.

By 11 to 11:3O there were maybe 2O couples, most of whom were attractive. I don't know how many were "open minded", or not, but we were starting to get a bit "horny" for some "show off" action.

Janet had crossed and uncrossed her long legs numerous times, and the dress was riding real high. When I went to the washroom and came back I could see up to the top of the stockings. I guess that is why a lot of the guys were walking the long way to the washroom! By midnight we thought "what the heck", and I slid my one hand around Janet's shoulder, down her top, and grabbed her one tit. A few couples were looking, but nobody asked us to stop. I got a bit bolder and slid the material off to one side and pulled her tit completely out so I could rub the nipple. This caused a few guys to walk by real slow and give us a bit of a smile. (A couple of the women were also smiling a little, a couple more were not looking too happy as their man kept leaving to walk by and grab a look at Janet's body!)

Anyway we left to have some fun by ourselves. When we were going to our room I commented about the single guys in the courtyard. It was pissing rain and thought it unusual for these guys to be there when the bar was for couples only. Once in our room we made a drink and Janet sat right in front of the sliding patio doors. I opened the drapes, and we watched a couple of guys look up. This was all Janet needed, she opened the dress and started giving "a show".

Janet had her legs wide and even put one leg up so her heel was resting against the wall, while the other leg was spread wide in the chair. She bent over and gave a good rear pussy view. She was getting really turned on, and by now there were 4 or 5 guys looking up, all giving hand signals which were asking to come up. She laughed and shook her head no! (3 shots included!) She just kept smiling, opening wide, and playing with herself!

Janet was getting cock hungry so I stood beside her with shorts on and let her pull out my cock and start licking the knob. This really got the guys going! When she started deep-throating me, a couple of guys pulled out their cocks and began rubbing. (It was rather funny, an umbrella in one hand, a stiff cock in the other!)

Just when we were thinking "wow this is great", there was a knock on the door. We froze, not knowing what to do, but I went over and looked out the peephole. Standing there was a good looking, black guy, maybe mid twenties? I opened the door just a little, and he said "he had been watching from further back, and wondered if we wanted some company?"

I told him "if he wanted to jerk off over my wife's tits, nothing more, he could come in". He smiled and said "sure thing man". I can't even remember his name, but he stepped up to face Janet, pulled out his big black cock, and rubbing it over her 38 tits. Janet couldn't resist, and wrapped her mouth around it. The guys below were going nuts knowing someone else was with us. She has a "passion" for sucking cock she was getting a real good mouth full with this guy. He was thick and Janet was turned on to sucking off someone "this young". She started to slowly rub her one hand over his balls, and once he started to moan she moved her hand lower and slid a finger around his asshole. He spread his legs wide to give her more access and was pumping his cock deep into her mouth. The "crowd" below had grown to about 6 or 7 guys and a couple of couples. it didn't take long for him to pull out and let her have it all over her face. WOW! What a good time, and the people below were going crazy!

I think at least two of the guys also shot off down below watching the scene, and there was one of the couples we could see in the shadows beside the building going at it against the wall.

All and all it was a very hot night, and a great start to our West Coast adventures. I hope everyone likes the pics. 


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