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Emi's Fart Slave

I've always had a thing for Emi. She's a year younger than me (she's 18, I'm 19), but she's probably the cutest girl you'd ever meet. She's about 5'4" (Small but so much confidence she doesn't seem it), medium length light brown hair, and perfect curves. I mean she had the best ass in the entire school. We used to run together and she was always doing squats afterwards to keep it toned.

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Well the first time I really talked to her was after a race when she needed a ride home. Obviously I took the opportunity to give her one; it was the perfect way to break the ice. I gave her the ride, and traffic was bad so we were able to talk for a long time on the way to her house and shared a bunch about our past and present. I took it as a good sign when she mentioned that she didn't have a boyfriend, but wasn't quite sure how to move the conversation deeper. I swear when she got down from the cab of my truck to go inside, she must've been trying to put on a show of swaying her ass side to side in my plain view. 

From there on we talked casually after runs and whatnot until one day she needed my help with homework. I was super excited to get a chance to spend some time alone with her, even if we were just working on homework. 

When I arrived, we went up to her room and spread out on the floor with the assignment in front of us, then Emi told me "You can get started on that. I'm gonna go get a snack" and quickly disappeared. It seemed a little rude, but I also thought her forcefulness was pretty sexy. 

Nearly thirty minutes later she came back to the room and I was laying belly down on the floor almost finished with her math assignment. She came over and laid down on top of me, peaking her head around from behind mine and wrapping her arms around my neck. 

"Keep going, your almost finished," she said, when I started to hesitate, then ruffled my hair a little bit and called me a "good boy" when I continued working.

I finished up the last few problems and flipped around onto my back, so I could lean in for a kiss, but as soon as I done that, she lifted her torso up, so she was sitting on my chest instead of laying on me. 

She really had the higher ground so I just stopped struggling to lean forward and laid there in defeat. She seemed to like that because she giggled a little bit then moved forward, securing the her dominance over me. 

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked

I nodded eagerly and she giggled again all the while moving herself forward so that I was mere centimeters away from her crotch. I was so excited, that I didn't even notice her reach down to pull my head into her nether region. She was so strong that I was forced to smell her womanhood until I started to get dizzy from lack of air. 

Right as I thought I would pass out she let go. I inhaled deeply for the whole ten seconds I was free, and then she pulled my head back in for more. This continued over and over again until I was so disoriented that I couldn't move.

Emi stood up and turned around then slid of her spandex shorts. I was regaining consciousness and getting turned on at the same time when she sat back down on me, only this time with her ass on my nose. 

I began to flail around as I felt it was starting again, and she shouted "lick my asshole if you ever want me to get off of you!"

The thought of licking another person's butt seemed to disgusting that I nearly threw up in my mouth. I continued to struggle, and she continued to suffocate me until I had become docile again.

"Now are you going to behave this time?" she said while briefly lifting up her butt, but she didn't wait for a reply and simply plopped back down and ground her ass on my face.

I didn't want to lick her, but I also didn't want to pass out, so I stuck my tongue up hesitantly. 

"I know you can go deeperrr" she cooed

Then when I didn't extend my tongue more she lifted up her ass and slammed it down on my to get the message across. My tongue jolted to attention and began licking deep in her crack. 

Almost immediately after, I tasted shit and then ffffffffttt. 

She farted ON MY TONGUE.

"Keep licking or else I'll shit on your face," she yelled at me. That was motivation enough for me, and I licked like there was no tomorrow. 

This continued for what seemed like forever until I finally passed out.


I was awoken by a long wet fart in my face. The Emi started talking. I couldn't quite make out what she was saying yet, but as I looked up in my haze she looked like a queen or a goddess looking down on me, while I gazed at her utter perfection. I felt obliged to do whatever she wanted if only because she was so much better than me. 

"You hear that?" She continued "You're my bitch from now on. You do what I say, when I say. Now get on your knees and kiss my feet if you understand." 

I immediately scurried up to my knees and started kissing her feet repeatedly. "Good boy, now here's the rest of my homework, I want that done by tomorrow." She then took the money out of my wallet and told me to leave.

"Thank you Emi!" I said as I stood up to leave, but she kneed me in the gut as I was standing up. I was in no shape to fight back after all the suffocating and easily dropped to the floor. "You are never to address me as an equal again and you are to crawl unless I tell you otherwise! Got that?"

I peered up at her absolute divinity and said "Yes, goddess Emi"


When I got home, I spent the rest of my Friday night finishing Emi's homework. I wasn't particularly thrilled, but I also knew that I needed to get it done for her. 

The next day I was awoken by a text from Emi that read, "hey bitch! Get over here, so you can worship me".

When I read that message, I realized how stupid I was being and decided that I would go over there and tell her that she couldn't treat me this way and that she needs to respect me if we're in a relationship.

I drove over to her place and walked up to the door, with her finished homework in my hand. I knocked on the door and waited for what seemed like forever. "What could be taking her so long, she obviously knew I was coming over" I thought to myself. 

Emi opened the door and didn't acknowledge me at all; she just sort of matter of factly ordered me to get down on all fours, then took her homework out of my hand and started walking back into the house.

I was furious, so I got on all fours then said, "Wait, we need to talk about how you're treating me." I meant to sound assertive, but I was way too nervous when I was with her to get out anything confidently.

"A slave like you should know better than to speak out of line like that."

"I'm not your slave," I said while looking up at her from the floor.

She reached down and put a collar and leash on me then said proudly "Is that right? Well then why are you following all of my orders?"

I wasn't sure exactly why I kept doing what she said. I guess I had always just been too submissive to disobey an order when someone gives it to me, especially when they're as beautiful as Emi is. 

I had to stop this. I started to stand up so I could face her like a person, then I felt a shock from the collar and dropped back to my knees. "Wh-" I started to ask then there was another shock.

Emi just laughed then started tugging on my leash for me to follow. She laid down on the couch then stuck out her feet and told me to massage them. 

It was obvious from the sweat and sour smell of her feet that she'd been out for a long run that morning and hadn't showered, but the fear of another painful shock motivated me to follow her order. 

We were in this position for hours while she watched Netflix, all the while pressing her free foot all over my face and nose. Then I spent hours more massaging the other sweaty foot.

Without warning and in the middle of the foot rub she started shocking me over and over until I was lying helplessly on the floor. Emi then plopped her magnificent ass on my stomach, knocking the wind out of me, and smiled radiantly down at me in my sad state. 

After a few minutes she seemed to get bored of bouncing up and down on my chest and told me not to move then walked away, and in doing so she stepped on my stomach and then my dick. "Oops" followed by a giggle were the only condolences I received from her. 

I have to admit her laughter did raise my spirits, since it was such a vibrant cross of cuteness and sexiness. 

I was tired from the events of the morning/afternoon and ended up falling asleep where I was on the floor.

"Slave! I'm going out tonight, and I'll be back later. I have a job for you while I'm gone." 

I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, but she was walking away so I quickly scurried to my hands and knees and followed close behind. 

We eventually made it to the bathroom, which stunk like hell, and then I realized there was a big pile of shit in the toilet that even came out of the water.

"I just finished using that for the third time today without flushing, and this time I didn't wipe my ass so you're going to lick it clean before I leave. I figured you wouldn't mind since you love kissing my ass all the time anyways."

I cringed at the thought, but realized that because she was so much better than me, I would end up doing it even if I resisted at first. Resigned to my task, I approached her perfect ass and started licking and licking. I licked for around thirty minutes, which was long after she was all cleaned up, but I didn't want to stop too early. 

She finally pushed my head away from her so that I could stop. "Good boy," she said as she patted me on the head, "I knew you would listen, just needed someone to put you in your place was all. Okay, while I'm gone you need to eat all of my poop from the toilet and then leave your head in the bowl so you can commit to memory what my shit smells like. And oh yeah, if you really want to impress me then drink that brown water too."

Emi turned, and I watched the most beautiful girl I had ever known walk away in some skimpy little outfit, probably going out to town with her friends. 

I looked back at the bowl and felt sick to my stomach. I thought about just leaving but remembered from talking to Emi before all this started that she had a dog before and the shock collar was also part of an electric fence system they had put in. I knew I should just follow her orders.

With the first mouthful, I started dry-heaving, as I hadn't eaten anything that day to throw up. Slowly but surely I worked my way to the bottom of the pile, and realized that it actually didn't taste that bad. Well maybe I was just convincing myself of that, but either way I knew that I deserved to be eating Emi's shit. She was just so much better than everyone. Maybe I didn't even deserve to eat it; I was below her shit. I was just lucky that Emi would consider letting me be her slave. 

Those ideas occupied most of my thoughts as I finished the task then drank the water so I could impress her. Then I just waited with my head in the bowl for her to come home. 

I heard Emi stumbling into the house, probably drunk, and make her way to the bathroom. 

"Oh. My. God. Did you actually do it? I thought you would just leave for sure."

My face started turning red "b-but the collar wa-"

"The collar? I took that off when you were sleeping because I knew you weren't going to cause any trouble. Besides, you could've just flushed the toilet and pretended. Oh my god you're totally my slave. You were so obsessed with my shit that you couldn't even think like a person."

I opened my mouth to say something, then she quickly interrupted, "don't worry, I think it's kind of cute how helpless you are to my divinity. Now open wide, I really have to pee from all the beer."

I opened my mouth, but she came over and started peeing all over me. Then after my hair, skin, and clothes were soaked, she started peeing in my mouth. Once Emi finished she told me to swallow then lick up the mess off the floor.

Emi had finished marking me as her property so she went off to bed. By the time I finished my job the pee on my body had dried completely and I could feel it as a reminder that I belong entirely to Emi. I crawled over to the foot of her bed, curled up, and went to sleep.

I was so happy that I was given the chance to serve such and amazing girl.


I have a tendency to get myself into these sorts of situations. I guess I just naturally feel inclined to worship strong beautiful women. Especially Emi, sometimes I just dream about burying my face in that amazing ass of hers.

The thing is, however, I usually also come to my senses quite literally and figuratively once I release myself sexually. It seemed like Emi knew this would happen, in fact, that's probably why she hadn't let me cum since this whole ordeal began. 

I was nuts for Emi, and she knew that I was wrapped around her finger. That's really when things started to take a turn. A turn that I really enjoyed. 

I terminated the lease on my apartment and moved in full time with Emi. It almost seemed normal when she said that I would be her new roommate. This obviously wasn't the typical arrangement for roommates. Emi swiftly took over all of my finances and even the keys to my truck. I was Emi's loyal servant. 

I still remember back to that morning after I'd eaten her shit and proven that, in her words I "couldn't even think" when I was around her.

I woke up that morning with the pressure of her bare ass on my face; it was heavenly. Then, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrppptt...ffffffffttt, and finally "open up!"

I immediately obeyed as I realized that she was about to take her morning dump. It was a thick log, probably about an inch in diameter and a foot long. She had lifted up into a squat position and let the excess shit slap me in the face. 

Emi giggled about what she'd just done, and the whole time I obediently choked down her poop. Actually, it wasn't so bad that I had to choke it down. Compared to the cold shit from the toilet, this was a meal from a five star french restaurant. 

I cleaned her up and then she finished by peeing in my mouth, and I exclaimed "Thank you goddess so much!"

Emi giggled again and walked into the kitchen. Her giggles were so cute and sexy.

Now fast forward a week from then and I'm still head over heals for my goddess, but now I'm living with her full time and get to serve her constantly, do her homework, clean the house, pleasure her and her friends, and everything else she wants. 

I heard the door opening and got so excited that I started scurrying toward the door in excitement, only to be yanked back by my leash. Ugh, I forgot that she tied the leash to the couch before leaving.

"Slave, I have something for you," she shouted. 

"Really? For me?" I thought. Then I started eagerly looking up at her from my knees.

She swiftly turned around, placed her spandex clad ass in my face, and farted a loud one, after which she started laughing.

My face turned red as she walked away. 

"We're having a party here tomorrow, and you're going to help me out with it." Emi shouted from the next room. When she came back, she was naked from the waist down and told me to start eating her out. 

I laid down and licked her passionately while she elaborated on my duties as a toilet during the party. To me it sounded more like a ladies club than a party. It was girls only and they were all paying to come use me as their toilet. I was really disappointed that other girls would be using me instead of my queen using me, but after her fourth orgasm, Emi looked down and saw the sadness in my eyes. She must've, otherwise, I have no idea why else she would've ruffled my hair and said "don't worry, you'll still only be my slave. When you serve any of these women, you are actually still serving me."

Right after she had eased my conscience, Emi also eased forward so that her ass was covering my nose and mouth completely. I knew that smell anywhere. It was a happy smell, the smell of Emi's ass. With her comforting words and farts, I slowly drifted off as she forced me asleep with her powerful butt.


Emi had just gotten back from a run and was grinding her sweaty ass into my face when the first party guest showed up. 

Her name was Lauren. She looked a lot like Emi, short, big butt, and cute, but she was a dirty blonde in contrast with Emi's light brown hair. Lauren was one of those feminists that likes to put men in their place, so right as Emi lifted her heavenly ass off of my face, Lauren slapped me and sat down bare assed on me. I barely had enough time to open my mouth before her stream of liquid shit started spewing into it.

Lauren didn't slow down, in fact it seemed like she was forcing it out as quickly as possible. I was swallowing as quickly as I could, but she was producing the smelly shit faster than I could eat it. After a few minutes I started to see spots since I had been completely cut off from the air while she was using me, and I even thought for a brief moment that this may be my end. Imagine that, death by shit. Thankfully, however, she stood up at that very moment because the shit touched her ass cheek. 

I finished drinking her diarrhea as quickly as I could and started to catch my breath as she slammed her ass back down on me, and demanded that I clean up the mess I made on her. It only took about 20 seconds to lick all the shit from her ass and clean her up completely, but we probably spent another 20 minutes of me just rimming her to orgasm.

After Lauren was finished, I knew I was in for a long night. Apparently a lot of college girls are into dominating men. I guess they just want something more than the sex they can find with pretty much any guy here. Whatever the reason, a handful of women came in while Lauren had been shitting in my mouth.

The next girl, Becca, was really actually pretty ugly. Don't get me wrong, I love chubby girls, they're my favorite kind, but Becca did not pack the weight on the right ways at all. On top of that she just came off as nasty. Well, when Becca was using me, she shouted "yeah bitch, keep my shit in your mouth and don't swallow. I wanna see your mouth filled with my shit!"

Becca had more shit than my mouth could hold, so she stood up and continued to pile the soft shit up on my face. While Becca was taunting me and the other girls were laughing, I glanced around and saw my ex-girlfriend standing there laughing at me and snapping pictures with her phone. I was scarlet from my embarrassment. Kate, my ex, was almost as beautiful as Emi. I had always admired her sexy confidence, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she showed up to this party, but I was still mortified for her to see me like this. 

The party dragged on, and each girl brought her own special twist to how she would use me. Some girls even found it in them to shit multiple times. The whole night I was just thinking about the fact that I was still serving my amazing goddess Emi when I consumed all of these girls' waste. When Emi left, my spirits dropped, but the crowd's excitement skyrocketed.

Emi didn't think it was worth her time to stay here and supervise what was already going extremely well, so she went out to have some fun. I agreed, in my head, that Emi definitely deserved to have some fun. She's so nice to let me worship her all the time. However, when Emi left, the girls at the party seemed to find enough courage to try anything they wanted to.

The first non-toilet activity was eating them out. I had always enjoyed eating women out, and this case was no different. My tongue had gotten really tired by the time they were finished using it though. A lot of them took every opportunity to make me smell their farts throughout the night too. It was really fun at first, but as everyone's beer started to take effect, they got more and more violent. Sometimes they would just yank my head by the hair into their ass and bbbbrrrrrrPPPPPP right on my nose, and slam my head down.

Slowly some girls trickled out, and some of the extremely drunk ones stayed and were grinding and humping me while others hit me. I was too weak from all of the repeated facesitting to do anything to defend myself, so they just had their way with me.

Becca was the last one to leave. She made me eat her out so many times and then even made out with me. She forced her tongue in my mouth and aggressively frenched me in what I can only assume was an attempt to make up for her lack of a love life. Becca finally left, and I was alone thinking about how obediently I had just served Emi.

Emi came home visibly drunk and smelling like sex. I was really upset that she had sex with another guy, but I realized that she did need a man to fulfill her other needs since I couldn't. Emi forced me to suck the cum out of her and the continue sucking until she orgasmed. She fell asleep like that with her ass over my nose and fortunately with my mouth able to breathe a little bit of air. It must've been the alcohol, but she farted all night long. I was so lucky to be able to smell her farts all night.

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