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Four times a year

"Andrew. I'm sorry that you had to find out this way." She laughed. "And just as Bob and I were both having an orgasm. But maybe it's just as well you did find out. Now we won't have to sneak around anymore." Andrew was upset. He had come home unexpectedly and found his wife in bed with his best friend Bob.

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It answered so many questions. Why his wife was out so much. Why she couldn't go with him to events he had to go to. Why she wouldn't let him make love to her but insisted only on him giving her oral sex and how he could only masturbate to get relief.

"Well, I guess we should get lawyers." Andrew said. "Oh I don't think that's a good idea Andrew. I think we should just leave things as they are. I like this arrangement.". "You like this arrangement? Sure, why wouldn't you? Having a lover that used to be my friend and having me around all the time to cater to you. Carol I really think a divorce makes the most sense."

"Andrew, I don't think a divorce would be good for you. You know that everything's in my name. And you know I'll get custody of the kids. And Andrew, all my friends know about Bob and they all like Bob. And all of your friends are Bob's friends too. I think in a divorce you'd wind up very much a loser and very much alone." "What is it you want, Carol?" he asked his wife. "What do I want?" Well Bob and I talked about it and we want things to continue like they were - except everything's now out in the open. No more of us having to sneak around. Look Andrew, Bob and I love each other but I love you too. Not the way I love Bob but - but I love being married to you. I love the way you make love to me with your mouth. And I love the way Bob fucks." She laughed. "You don't have to worry about Bob taking me away from you. He's not the marrying kind. He'd make a terrible husband. I know it and so does he. And you're the perfect husband for me."

Andrew felt trapped. He saw she was right and he swallowed. Carol saw she had won. She and Bob had talked about what they would do if Andrew found out and they discussed that Andrew was really a wimp and how easily Carol could dominate and control him. They often considered telling him and then letting Carol really subjugate him in so many ways. It was a fantasy they shared often. Now he did know. "What do you want from me Carol?" Andrew asked, now in a subdued voice.. "That's better darling. Now the first thing is I want you to apologized to Bob for the things you said to him when you caught us." "Are you kidding? Apologize to him?" "Yes darling, apologize to him. He's your friend - or was. And you really should thank him for making your wife so happy all these years. Then I want you to tell him you accept the situation. You as my husband and Bob as my lover and that things will continue as they had been going." Carol kissed her husband on the cheek. Bob and I will remain lovers and you'll never be allowed to have intercourse. Not with me and I certainly won't permit you to see another woman. Not that any woman would want you. But I'll still want your tongue and your nose." She laughed. You tongue and your nose are like a man's penis." She laughed again. "Yes darling it's going to be like it was except now we won't have to sneak around."

But it didn't continue the way it had been. Now that Andrew accepted the situation and Carol and Bob didn't .have to sneak around, Carol started to lose all respect for her husband. She had such a power rush from the way she was humiliating her husband. She now would talk to her lover on the phone with Andrew in the room as she did. She would kiss Bob passionately in front of her husband.. She loved to see the hurt look on her husband's face when she did. She even began to wonder if she was a sadist.. And the more Andrew took of her abuse the less Carol respected him. Life was wonderful. Now Andrew could be her babysitter when she went out with Bob. And Bob could spend the night if he wanted to. In their bed. The children knew and liked "Uncle Bob" so that was no problem as he wasn't a stranger to them. Carol and Bob would be out on their date and Carol would just call Andrew at home and tell him that Bob would be spending the night, and that Andrew was to change the linens and sleep in the guest room.

As time passed Carol and Bob became more comfortable in their roles They were more open with the children and with their friends and Andrew spent more and more time home alone. He knew Carol wouldn't want him to see another woman - and he didn't want to and all he could do to relieve his sexual frustration was what he had been doing for years - masturbate. Andrew became more and more depressed and more submissive as Carol and Bob became more relaxed in not having to sneak around. Bob was away on business a lot and Carol had Andrew take care of her insisting he use his mouth and tongue and nose on her but now, she never bothered to wash up first. It was something she and Bob had discussed and laughed about. "Look Andrew, that's how I smell.. That's me. Get your mouth here! Now!" And poor Andrew did. He had become afraid of her. He had never liked giving her oral sex but he had done it because he thought she didn't like regular sex and he wanted to make her happy. But now he knew she did like regular sex and was having it on a regular basis with his friend - is former friend Bob. And now he really hated giving her oral sex - especially now that she wouldn't bother to wash up first. She smelled so bad down there.

But Andrew saw how carefully she groomed herself when she was dressing to go out with Bob. Carol saw how hurt he looked as she saw him watching her dress one night and decided to have some fun. "Sweetheart, don't just sit there gaping. I'm late and I don't want to keep Bob waiting. Come help me. Be a good boy. Get me a bra and panties from my draw." From then on she had Andrew help her dress for her dates with Bob. Carol realized that it was a good way to make her husband accept the reality of their lives. She would laugh with Bob later and explain how she was destroying all of her husband's pride and self respect and that she was sure no woman would ever want him - and she doubted that her husband would ever have the confidence to approach a woman. It was working out great. She was making him into such a wimp - but that's how she wanted him.

And as Andrew lost his self confidence he became more dependent on his wife and he loved her more each day. He tried to be passionate when he gave her the oral sex he knew she craved accepting now that she wouldn't wash up for him and accepting the smell of her body. Then on Valentines Day Andrew came home from work with flowers for Carol. That made her uncomfortable. Then he tried to kiss her but she pushed him away remembering the conversation she had with Bob a week or so before. Now was as good as time as any to put that plan into action. "Andrew darling, sit down. We have to talk." He did, confused. Carol sat next to him and took his hand. She continued, "Look Andrew, kissing is for lovers. You're not my lover. Bob is. When I kiss Bob and when we make love there's a sharing of feelings and emotions and even though I love you I can't share those feelings with you. Darling, can you understand that?" She saw the tears in his eyes and she got wet. "B-but I-I'm your husband---I thought you like it when I lick you." Carol hugged him and kissed his cheek. She was loving this and she couldn't wait to share this with Bob. "Oh darling I do. I love it when you kiss me down there but darling, that's not sharing. That's all one way. That's all for me. You're serving me. I don't have to think about pleasing you like I please Bob. I just get undressed and get on the bed and spread my thighs and you go to work. I don't have to worry if I'm clean down there or if I smell." She laughed. "Sometimes I even fart don't I? And I don't' have to feel embarrassed or guilty when I do. I just know you'll keep kissing and licking me. Do you know why? Because darling Andrew I don't respect you. I love you but I don't respect you." She saw the hurt look on his face." Look Andrew, you've got to understand how our lives are now. I'm not going to let you kiss me on my lips anymore. I love you but I don't respect you and it was very sweet of you to bring me flowers for Valentines Day but you know that Valentine's Day is for lovers and I hope you understand that I'm going to be with Bob tonight. The kids are at my mom's and Bob's going to come back here after our date and spend the night here with me and we're going to make love in our bed. Darling, please accept that. Okay?" Andrew swallowed and nodded. Carol noticed there were tears in his eyes again and she hugged him and kissed his cheek. "I've got to shower and get dressed. Bob will be here at 7. C'mon darling, help me get ready."

His wife and his best friend - his former best friend were out on a date and he was home alone. His wife had reminded him to change the linen in the bedroom so it would be fresh when she and Bob came home. He did, feeling so awful and alone. At ten he went to bed in the guestroom and awoke at 11:30 and went to look and he saw the bedroom door was open - they weren't home yet. He went back to sleep and again awoke at 3 and this time the door was closed. They were home. Andrew went back to bed and after tossing a while he fell asleep again and awoke at 8 in the morning and when he saw the bedroom door closed he went down and had breakfast. Then, at a little before 9 he heard wife calling him and he went up to the bedroom. His heart fell to his feet when he saw them. His wife and her lover were naked in bed holding each other and smiling at him. "Darling," his wife said, "Be a sweetheart and bring us coffee." Andrew couldn't have been more depressed but he knew there was nothing he could do but what his wife asked and a few minutes he was back with the coffee and when he opened the door they were kissing. Carol saw him and broke the kiss but kept her arms around her lover. "But it there, Sweetheart," she said pointing to the nighttable. He did. "Darling, we need some things. I left a list for you on the frig. Why don't you go now. You and I have to leave for Mom's at 11 to pick up the kids. We're having lunch there. Bob and I need a few more minutes more." Then she turned and kissed her lover again. Andrew still had tears in his eyes when he came back from shopping and he saw Bob's car was gone.

Carol and Andrew were driving to her mother's house to have lunch and pick up the kids and Andrew was driving and he was feeling very low as Carol was doing the talking. "Oh darling that was the best Valentine's Day ever. Thank you for being so understanding about me and Bob. Andrew said nothing and Carol bent over and kissed his cheek. "Oh Andrew, your friend Bob. What a man. I don't know how many times we fucked but I never came so many times in my life. Did you hear me moaning and screaming?" Andrew was upset. "You fucked Bob how many times and you won't even let me, your husband kiss you?" Carol laughed. "Oh Andrew, I told Bob about our conversation about kissing. He was very happy. He wants to be my exclusive lover and he is and he agrees that I shouldn't let you kiss me on my lips. My lips are for Bob's lips - and " she laughed, "his cock." Andrew said nothing. Carol continued. "You know last night Bob and I talked about the different kinds of kissing. There's the passionate sharing kiss that Bob and I have that we talked about yesterday. Then there's the peck on the cheek that I always give you. Then Bob pointed out there's the kiss of respect - like when a gentleman kisses a lady's hand. Well, Bob and I talked about that last night and we think you should give me a kiss of respect when we meet or when we say goodbye." Andrew hated that his wife and her lover - his former friend talked about him probably when they were in bed. "Now you want me to kiss your hand?" Carol giggled. "Oh no darling that's so corny. But I do think you should give me a kiss of respect when we meet or leave each other. I think that would be nice. Bob and I discussed this and we thought that it would be appropriate if you kissed my ass. That would show your respect for me. " Andrew looked at his wife. Was she serious? Kiss her ass? Then Carol abruptly changed the subject. "Andrew do you masturbate?" He looked at her. "What?" "Do you jerk off? It's a simple question." Andrew swallowed. He was embarrassed. "Look Carol, you don't let me have sex with you and----" "So you do. How often?" "I don't know. Once a day. Why?" Carol smiled "Bob and I were talking about that. That's cheating you know. You're my husband and you're having sex without me. Even if it's with your hand and that's cheating." Andrew looked at his wife. Was she serious? "Let me understand this. You have sex on a regular basis with my former friend Bob and that's okay but I'm not allowed to masturbate. Is that it?" Carol answered seriously. "First of all Andrew, we're talking about you now not me. And second - Andrew do you like it that I have sex with Bob?" "No, You know I don't." "Well, I don't like that you jerk off and Bob agrees with me. Married men are not supposed to jerk off. Little boys jerk off and I'm not happy about this at all." "You're not happy with it? You discuss this with Bob? Well what am I supposed to do for sex?" "Darling don't get upset. You're my husband and we're just discussing this. Bob pointed out that you were upset when you found out about him and me so I should have the right to be upset when I find out you're cheating by having sex with your hand." "Carol what am I supposed to do about sex?" Carol kissed his cheek again. "That's better. Let's discuss this like a married couple should. Now Andrew, you weren't happy when you found out about Bob and me and we resolved that. You accepted it. But I'm not about to accept you, a grown man and my husband jerking off like a little boy and I want to discuss it with you." "This is ridiculous Carol." "It's not ridiculous Andrew. What's ridiculous and what I won't stand for is you having sex without me and refusing to discuss it. That's what's ridiculous. I don't think any wife would stand for her husband masturbating. It's what little boys do not grown men. Well, we're at mom's house. We'll talk about this tonight. And we'll talk about how you're going to kiss my ass to show proper respect to me."

Andrew was upset the rest of the day with Carol's parents and then with his children especially with Carol being in such a good mood and Andrew was happy to be home later. But then later, a few minutes after they got home, the phone rang and when Andrew answered it was Bob who said only "Let me talk to Carol." No "Hi Andrew" or anything like what a friend would say to another friend. Well, they weren't friends - not anymore. Bob was his wife's lover. Then Andrew had to listen to his wife speak to her lover on the phone, giggling like a young girl, smiling as she looked at her husband and finally, the kiss into the phone and the "I love you too."

Andrew was very depressed a few minutes later when he and his wife went up to the bedroom and he became more unhappy when Carol brought up what they had been discussing on the way to her mother's - kissing her with respect - kissing her ass.

"We're going to discuss it Andrew and right now! The sooner you realize that you're not going to do whatever you want in this marriage the better off you'll be." Andrew felt so helpless. "Carol, why are you doing this? What do you want from me?" "I want you to do what you're told Andrew. Now we discussed kissing this afternoon and I explained I want you to learn to kiss my ass as a show of respect for me. Why are you fighting me? What's the big deal? Now get over here and kiss my ass! Now!" Andrew wanted this to be over and so he went over to his wife and knelt behind her as she pulled her jeans down and he kissed her panty covered ass. "There! Now was that so hard? Jesus! You go down on me every night so what's the big deal about kissing my ass? Now that's what you'll do whenever we meet or say goodbye. That's a kiss of respect. And Andrew, unless I tell you otherwise you do this no matter who's around.. Understand? Most everyone knows about you anyway." Andrew just swallowed and didn't answer.

"Good. Now let's talk about your masturbating. First of all, it's a childish thing for a married man to do and second, like I told you in the car, it's cheating. You're having sex without me and I don't like it." "Carol, this is ridiculous. You won't let me have sex with you, you have sex regularly with my former friend, you make me lick you all the time and now you don't want me to be able to have any relief at all?" Carol smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek. "Sweetheart, I understand what you're saying. I do. But do you understand my points?" She was talking reasonably now although Andrew saw that her positions were not reasonable at all. But he tried to discuss it with her. "Yes Carol, I understand your points" Carol smiled. Bob was not going to believe how easy this was. "And darling, I understand what you've been saying. See? Isn't it better to discuss things like a married couple? Now sweetheart, you're right - I'm never going to let you have intercourse again. Not with me and certainly not with another woman. And darling, you shouldn't want to. You're terrible at it. But you're wonderful with your tongue and I love the way you lick me and I want you to become even better at that and if you love me you'll want to. Now sweetheart, I understand what you're saying about needing relief. Right?" Andrew nodded, confused by this entire conversation. Then Carol nodded. "Then Andrew, we have to compromise like married couples do. We have to find a way for you to get sexual relief while at the same time doesn't have you upsetting me by cheating and acting like a little boy when I'm not around. And I think I have the answer." Andrew looked at his wife waiting for her to continue. "Andrew, here's what we'll do. If you're a good boy I'll jerk you off. I'll give you a hand job." Andrew looked at his wife. "That would be okay." Carol smiled. "You used to like my hand jobs before we were married didn't you?" "You know I did," he said. That would be better than it was, he thought. Now he would masturbate and now his wife was going to do it for him. "Andrew, you have to understand that you're not going to get a hand job that often. I expect you to take care of me and I expect you to learn to enjoy my orgasms.. I want you to think about my pleasure not yours. Do you understand?" He didn't but Andrew nodded. Then Carol went to the dresser draw and took out a device and brought it over to him. "Darling, I know that if you told me you wouldn't play with yourself you would try to keep your word but I don't want to have to put you under that kind of pressure so Bob and I bought this for you. Let me put it on you." Andrew watched as his wife pulled off his pants and then his underwear and put the device over his penis. He stood there as Carol wrapped the straps around his testicles and watched as she locked the strap. "There! See? Now you can't touch your cock and so you can't masturbate. Now one more thing." Carol now took another strap and held his imprisoned penis up against his stomach and ran the strap around his imprisoned penis and then locked it in back. "There! Now it won't show under your pants. You know they had devices that wouldn't let you get a hard on. It has little spikes inside but Bob and I thought that was being cruel so we bought this one. You can get hard with this. You just can't touch it so you can't cheat. Now I'm going to wear the key around my neck. There. Now Andrew, let me explain how this is going to work. Your chastity belt stays on permanently. As you can see, it's like a cage so when you take a shower water can wash your cock." Then she laughed. "You can think of it as if your little cock has been sent to prison for being so worthless." Carol laughed again and then continued. Anyway, let me explain how this is going to work. I want to be sure you understand that I'm not going to release you very often. It will be on a schedule. Bob and I spent a lot of time planning this for you. I will take off your chastity belt and give you a wonderful hand job on the thirtieth day of those months that have thirty days."

Andrew became upset. "Once a month is not enough, Carol. You can't expect me to get relief only twelve times a year!" Carol laughed. "Oh darling, it's not twelve times a year. You didn't listen to me. The thirtieth day of the months that have thirty days. There are only four months that have thirty days. Darling it's not twelve times a year, it's four times a year." Carol laughed again and kissed his cheek and she took out a calendar. "Look darling, Bob and I went over this very carefully. April, June, September and November have thirty days and those are the days that I'll take off your cage and give you a hand job. Today is May 3rd and your next - let's call it a 'cum day' is June 30th. That's 57 days from now." Andrew saw she had planned this carefully - and she had planned it with Bob. This was ridiculous. He was too stunned to say anything and Carol continued. "That's not so bad - 57 days. Then your next cum day will be September 30 which is 92 days, then November 30 which is 60 days and then April 30 - 120 days. That's a long time." Then she laughed. "It's going to be a long hot summer and a cold, cold winter. But darling this will make our marriage so much stronger. For one thing, you'll be able to concentrate on pleasing me and not about your own release and I won't have to think that you're cheating on me when I'm out." "Carol this is ridiculous. How can you equate my masturbating with cheating when you're having sex with Bob?" Carol shook her head. "Andrew, I told you, one thing has nothing to do with the other. Now that's just how it is and you'd better accept it. Now even though it's not going to be often, when I do give you a hand job you'll enjoy it as much as Bob enjoys fucking me because it will be a special treat for you and it will be something for you to look forward to. Now right now I need some loving from you."

Carol got undressed and lay on the bed on her back and spread her large legs. "Oh Andrew, just one more thing. When we're done I don't want you rushing into the bathroom. You can't masturbate now so there's no reason to get out of bed and I don't want you rushing to wash your face. How do you think that makes me feel? You should be used to my smell by now. It's part of me and I'm your wife. Now you've been wonderful in knowing how to bring me to many orgasms but now when I'm done and ready to go to sleep I want you to keep your face there until I'm asleep. Okay?"

Andrew felt so helpless and trapped. His penis was locked up and wouldn't be released for - for 57 days. He saw he had no choice but to obey his wife and so he just went over to his wife and put his face between her thighs, ignoring her strong unpleasant smell. "Andrew," she called down to him, "I want you to learn to do this right. Now for most couples that have sex they need foreplay but for us this is the main event so I want you to kiss my thighs to work me up. Kiss then sweetly and lovingly. Mmmm. Yes, like that. And tell me you love me. And lick the area around my pussy. Come on, lick every hair. Take all my hairs into your mouth. That's it. " Andrew did all that she said and he was rewarded by hearing her moaning a few minutes later and then he felt her hand on the back of his head and he knew he was pleasing her. And, in spite of everything, that made him feel good. "Oh darling," he heard her say, "Now kiss my pussy lips - like you were kissing my real lips--" Andrew did, ignoring her smell and he felt her hand press him closer to her and then she came all over his face.

Things changed in the next few weeks although not dramatically. Andrew, being a male in the sexual prime of his life, became very frustrated at his inability to have an orgasm and in his frustration he became more submissive to his wife and did whatever she wanted - or what he thought she wanted. He kissed her butt whenever they met or parted and Carol began to insist that he do this even of people were around. "Oh Andrew, stop being so silly. They know all about you. Now c'mon, kiss my ass." And that would always bring laughter from anyone that hadn't seen him do that before. Andrew's attitude made Carol more dominant. How could it not? How could she have any respect for him? Not only did he agree that his wife could have a lover and not only did he agree he would never have sex with her - or anyone but now he had allowed her to lock up his penis so he couldn't even masturbate. How could she respect such a wimp? And so Carol pushed further. Now she insisted he eat her even when she had her period. Why not? Because it was disgusting? To who? Andrew? Well that was just too bad wasn't it? He was just going to have to accept it.

She, of course shared all this with Bob and they would laugh about what she had made Andrew do as she and Bob lay together after making love. "He really is adorable Bob. Last night he begged me to remove the cage but I just kissed his cheek and told him that the rules were the rules and that was the end of the discussion. Then I reminded him that there were only 31 days to go and all he did was swallow and walk away." Then she bent over and kissed her lover deeply and after the kiss he looked at her and smiled and said, "You're a real bitch you know that?" Carol smiled. "But not to you darling, only to Andrew. But I think he needs that. And it's so much fun."

One Saturday when Bob was out of town Carol had Andrew take her and the kids to the beach. By that time the children too had lost all respect for their father - something Carol wanted. Let them have respect for Bob, a real man and let them understand that their father was a wimp. By this time Carol had insisted that Andrew kiss her ass even in front of the children. They always giggled when they saw "daddy kiss mommy's tushie". Carol explained that Bob was coming in that evening and they had a date and, in fact, Bob was going to come back and spend the night and so, before they came back home they dropped the kids off at Carol's parents for the night.. Andrew didn't like that but he knew there was nothing he could do about it. "I have a few hours before I have to shower and get dressed sweetheart so I'd like you to make love to me for a while." "Make love" Andrew knew what that meant. .Andrew got undressed and quickly took a shower. That was part of Carol's new domination. While she wouldn't wash up before demanding her husband put his mouth on her privates, she now insisted he be clean before he did. Another part of the routine to destroy his self respect.

When Andrew came out of the shower Carol hugged him and kissed his cheek - her normal show of affection for him and something Andrew began to crave. "I love you Andrew," she said to him. "I love you more than I ever did. I'm so happy you're accepting all of this - having your cock locked up and all. I know it's giving up sex while you're in the prime of your sex life but do you see how much more docile its made you? And I love you so much like this. And I love seeing you in your cock cage sweetheart. It's so sexy. Darling, I want to try something new. Something I read about. Okay?" What could he say? Andrew nodded. Bob and I read on the internet that if a woman gets an orgasm from anal stimulation it's the most wonderful feeling and I want to try that now.' Carol got into bed and lay on her stomach. "Now for our foreplay, I want you to kiss my butt and the backs of my thighs and then work your lips around to my asshole and kiss the area around it and then kiss my asshole the way you used to kiss my lips and then I want you to stick your tongue all the way inside and move it around. Okay sweetheart?" Andrew didn't want to do what she was saying but he really wanted to please his wife. He bent over and kissed the back of her thighs and then her butt. There was still some sand on her legs and on the part of her butt that had touched the beach. He heard his wife purr. "Mmmmm. Oh that's so nice sweetheart." Then she spread her legs. "Now go over to my asshole. Kiss me around there." He did -it smelled awful. Andrew tried not to think about what he was smelling as he kissed the area around her asshole and then her asshole. "Oh Andrew - oh yes! Now use your tongue. Lick me there." He did and the thought he would be sick from the taste. Why couldn't she wash up first? This couldn't be healthy for him. "Oh sweetheart. Now stick your tongue inside and move it around." He did and it was the most disgusting thing he ever did and as soon as he did she came with a wonderful orgasm. She had never experienced anything like that in her life. And then she farted. Andrew was startled by the sound of the explosion and he pulled his face out of his wife's ass. Carol giggled. "Oops. Sorry about that. But darling I thought you were used to my farts by now. Well, you will be soon. We're going to do this a lot. I loved it! Now I'd better take a shower and get ready for my date with Bob. Darling, why don't you be a good boy and help me and pick out my clothes. Oh, and sweetheart, do you realize it's only one week until your cum day? Aren't you excited?" Of course Andrew realized it. That's all he had been thinking about.

While Carol was in the shower Andrew did as she asked, picking out clothes for her to wear on her date with Bob. It still hurt so much that she was going out on a date with her lover but he knew there was nothing he could do about that. When she came out of the shower he helped her dress and then he started to try to talk to her like a normal couple did. "It was fun at the beach with the kids. I'm glad we're going again tomorrow." He said. "Here. Put my bra on." She said. "Andrew, Bob and I have been thinking. Bob doesn't see enough of the kids and we think he should better bond with them so Bob's taking us to the beach tomorrow." That upset Andrew. He didn't want to spend time with Bob. "C'mon Andrew, I'm late. Do my bra.. I mean the kids are used to seeing him so much and they do love their 'Uncle Bob" but we think he should spend more time with them so tomorrow Bob's going to come with us to the beach." Andrew was upset. "Carol, you know I don't like being with Bob--" Carol kissed her husband's cheek. "I know that sweetheart. You're not coming. Just me and Bob and the kids." Andrew was shocked. "But what about me?" "Oh Andrew, how can the kids bond with Bob if you're around. Besides, the house has to be cleaned and you can do that tomorrow while we're at the beach. Now don't look so grumpy. Think about how wonderful you made me feel before when you had your tongue up my ass. Don't spoil it now Andrew. And remember, only one week to go. Next Thursday is June 30 and you know what that means." She could see how upset her husband was and she really couldn't blame him. "Come on Andrew, don't sulk now. You know I'm right. Bob is here often enough that he should be closer to the kids." Then the bell rang. "That's Bob. Go let him in." He did. "Hi Andrew," said Bob. "Hey, less than a week to go huh?" Andrew thought he would die. Did his wife tell her lover everything?

One hour later Andrew was alone and very unhappy as he was all that night as he slept in the guest room knowing his wife was with her lover in their bed and as he was all the next day as he was alone, cleaning the house as his wife and his children were at the beach with her lover. Then Thursday came.

Carol was very loving to her husband on Thursday, more loving than he could remember her ever being to him. She hugged him and kissed his cheek - never his lips - and told him she loved him and she told him that she was so happy that this was his night and Andrew, was happy despite the absurdity of the situation - that he, a grown married man was going to be given his first orgasm in 57 days. Andrew was puzzled when his wife produced the handcuffs but she kissed his cheek lovingly and told him it was necessary so she could feel secure that she'd be able to lock the cage back on afterward and so he went along, letting her cuff his hands behind his back. Then she had him lay on his back on the bed and she removed the key from around her neck and unlocked at removed the cage for the first time in almost two months. Then she took his penis in her fist and as soon as she did, Andrew orgasmed. He did not even become hard - he just came. Carol was amazed. What she had read had been right. Preventing her husband from having an orgasm for two months had made him not only a premature ejaculator but impotent as well. He would 't be able to have intercourse even if she were ever to permit it - which, of course she wouldn't. Carol kept squeezing Andrew's penis and let him empty himself of his built up sperm - which a normal man of his age would never have built up. She saw the look of pleasure on his face and she was glad. She really wanted him to enjoy this. Then it was over and she quickly locked the cage back on and then she removed his handcuffs. "Oh sweetheart, I hope you liked that. Did you?" "Yes - it -it was wonderful," he said to his wife. "Oh I love you so much Andrew. You came so fast and you didn't even get hard. See? You wouldn't be able to fuck me even if I ever let you. The cage was a good idea darling. It's made you impotent and I think that will make Bob very happy. And my masterbating you is the right thing for you and you see - you didn't cheat. You didn't sneak around behind my back. I did it for you and I'll bet it was one of the best orgasms you ever had. Wasn't it? Andrew nodded feeling sad. It was over and that's what his sex life had been reduced to. Pleasing his wife with his mouth and getting a hand job every few months. Four times a year. Four times a year! . "And on September 30th we'll do this again. You have something to look forward to in three months. Oh sweetheart I have a feeling that you're going to come to love my hand jobs as much as Bob loves putting his cock in me."

Weeks passed and July 21st was Andrew's birthday but he was very disappointed. Carol did have dinner with him as she and the children wished him a happy birthday but when they were alone it was like any other night when they were together. He was to give her oral sex - on her pussy and then, what she wanted every night - her ass - which Carol had come to love. But he thought on his birthday - but her realized he should have known better. "Oh darling I do love you but you know the rules. Four times a year and today is only July 21st. You had a cum only three weeks ago and you have - let's see - 70 days to September 30. Now come on sweetheart, I thought you learned to accept it. I know it's your birthday but you know that's no reason to break our rule. Don't spoil it now. Come on. Smile. That's better. I love you so much. Now come on. Lick my ass. You know how I love that."

Andrew started to cry. How could he wait another 70 days? How could he live with relief only four times a year? What kind of life was this? "Carol, please, this is ridiculous. I've done everything you wanted me to do. I've accepted Bob as your lover. I've agreed I'll never have intercourse again. But - but to keep me locked up like this - I mean - how would it hurt you if I masturbated if you don't want to do it for me?. I'll do it in front of you if you want so I won't be cheating. Carol, I'm thirty-two years old. I have desires. I can't wait 70 days. That's more than two months from now You don't know how frustrating it is. Please. And today's my birthday. Please. Don't you love me at all anymore?"

"Oh sweetheart, of course I love you. I love you very much. I think more than I ever did. But honey, keeping your penis locked up does more than just prevent you from cheating. It's made you so much more docile than you were. I do know how frustrating it is for you. I see you crying sometimes but that's good. It's good for our marriage. It' helps make you so much more passionate when you go down on me. Don't you realize that you haven't complained about how I smell down there now for weeks.. You don't even complain about the smell of my ass. And sweetheart, preventing you from cumming is making you impotent. Remember that when I gave you your hand job you didn't even get hard and you came right away. And that's good. For all of us. For me I know I won't have to argue with you that we'll never have intercourse again because you'll know you can't be able to.. It's good for you because it will help you accept that you can't fuck even if I let you and it's good for Bob. He wants me to be his exclusive lover. And how would it look to Bob if I changed the rules the way you're asking me to and gave you a hand job when you have 70 days to go? Don't you see? He won't be able to be sure that I'm not letting you inside me. Come on sweetheart. Accept it. Show me you love me. You'll get to enjoy your four cum days a year as much as normal men enjoy fucking. You'll see. And you'll always have something to look forward to. Now come on, I want to feel you lips and your nose in my ass. I need that right now." Carol got down on her stomach and spread her legs wide. She knew she had won. She knew there was nothing he could do. Andrew saw she wouldn't change the rules for anything. This was his life now. Four times a year. Slowly he did what his wife demanded as he lowered his face to her ass.

 "That's how I smell Andrew. That's me. Now stop talking and get your face down in there before I really get mad."

Andrew hated his life but he didn't see anything he could do to change it. Carol had been right. A divorce would ruin him and leave him very much alone. And he loved her. He kept hoping this insanity would end.

For Carol it was wonderful. She couldn't believe what she was able to make her husband do. Locking up his penis and restricting his sexual relief to only four times a year and then only by her giving him a hand job had been a wonderful idea. It made him so docile, so submissive to her. Sexual denial for a man in the prime of his sexual life did that. And that feeling of his face in her ass, his tongue up there ---. Wow! What man would do that for his wife? Well Andrew wasn't a man ? he was a wimp . What a wonderful life. A lover that was all man and a husband what was a wimp and that she could make do anything she wanted.

What bothered her was that she knew her husband was always hoping things would change. He was not accepting the life she was imposing on him as well as she had hoped. Carol knew that Andrew hated Bob. She couldn't really blame Andrew could she? Bob used to be his best friend and now Bob was his wife's lover. Carol insisted that Andrew show respect for Bob even though Bob showed no respect for Andrew. "I know darling, I know. But he's so good to me ? and the kids. He makes me so happy. And you should want me to be happy. You should be grateful to him. You know you can't do what he can for me. I know he sometimes makes fun of you but sometimes what he says is true ? and funny and I'm sorry when I laugh but please try to accept it like you're accepting everything else. Do it for me. I love you." And she did ? but as her docile and submissive wimpy husband.

Carol and Bob were having a wonderful relationship, having sex only with each other, sharing emotions but not having the responsibility of married couples. Carol had Andrew there to clean the house ? and baby-sit the kids - and take care of her sexual needs with his mouth when her lover had to be away. Life was perfect for her. But she was not pleased that her husband was not accepting this way of life as being permanent

She didn't know why got such pleasure from seeing the pained look on Andrew's face as he watched her getting dressed for her dates with her lover and she continued to make Andrew help her get ready. "Andrew, I'm late. Pick out my clothes while I put on my makeup. Try to be useful and be a help for me. Bob and I are just going to a casual dinner tonight and then to his place to be together so just pick out something casual for me to wear. Something you think Bob would like to see me in tonight. Come on sweetheart, Bob was your best friend. You know what he likes. Stop moping and hurry up and make yourself useful." Andrew felt his cheeks burning but his wife was speaking to him so nicely. But she wanted him to pick out clothes for her to wear that her lover would like. But he did what she said. He took out a pair of her jeans and a blouse as Carol watched, amused. What he picked out was okay for tonight. She liked this. She wanted him to learn all about her clothes and which article would be appropriate to wear on different occasions. "That's good sweetheart. Now pick out a bra and panties. No pantyhose ? just panties. Bob doesn't like pantyhose for these casual get-togethers.. He likes my legs bare." Andrew swallowed but he did what his wife said. She smiled. She knew how outrageous this was. She was making her husband pick out panties and a bra for her to wear with another man. "Oh you're getting good at this sweetheart. But tonight I think I want a sexier pair of panties." She put back the pair Andrew picked and took out a more lacey pair. "There. I think Bob would like these better. He'll get so excited when I take off my jeans and he sees these. What do you think?" Andrew swallowed and nodded and Carol pretended she didn't see the tears in his eyes. "Carol, ," he said, almost sobbing, "When are things going to get back to the way they were? When are things going to be normal with us? I'll try to make you happy. I want you to give me another chance ? give us another chance. I want to be your husband again. I'll be a better husband?"Carol put her finger to his lips to stop him. Again she was upset that he hadn't accepted all this. "Darling, things are never going back to the way they were. This is normal for us now and I wish you would accept it. I love you and you are my husband and you will always be my husband but Bob will always be my lover." Later that night she discussed her disappointment with her husband's attitude with her lover.

"Oh sweetheart, I know it's Labor Day weekend but don't you see it's a perfect time for Bob to take us camping. The kids are looking forward to it. Jennifer adores Bob and Sammy looks up to him like a hero. I know you'll be lonely but it's only three days and I'll leave you a list of things that have to be done around the house to keep you busy. Now try not to be so gloomy. Don't forget it's September and you know what that means. Less than thirty days to go for a cum day." It was the first time his wife spent a weekend with her lover. And they were taking the kids. Seven year old Jennifer and five year old Sammy. His kids. And they were becoming attached to Bob. And Andrew knew that's what Carol and Bob wanted. Andrew hated Bob. "B-but Carol, why can't I come too? Why can't we all go?" She smiled at her husband. "Sweetheart, you'd be out of place. Don't you see that? Look, Bob and I bought a new sleeping bag. A sleeping bag they call a lovers' sleeping bag. We're going to be spending the nights together in one sleeping bag. We're going to fuck al night and then fall asleep with his cock in me. It's very romantic. I really don't think you want to be there. Trust me on that. And besides, I want the kids to get used to Bob. He's going to be spending more time at our house." Tears came to Andrew's eyes. What else could he say?

It was a terribly lonely and sad three day weekend for Andrew. He did all the chores on his wife's list not only to be obedient to her but to keep him busy so the time would pass. He couldn't even masturbate because his penis was locked up in that awful device. He was so depressed. What were they all doing? Carol didn't call him and he didn't even know how to get in touch with her if he needed her. She finally called him Monday morning. "Hi sweetheart. We're all having a wonderful time. We're all going hiking this morning and then we're coming home. Thank you for being so understanding about this. Bob and I fucked every night and that sleeping bag is something.. Well ? gotta go. I'll see you later. I love you. Bye."

Finally at 4 PM that Monday Andrew heard, and then, looking out the window he saw Bob's car pull up. He saw the kids get out of the car and then he saw his wife deeply kissing her lover and then she got out of the car and Bob drove away. Any guilt Carol may have felt about leaving her husband alone that long weekend vanished when Andrew meekly kissed her ass ? as he was required to do when she came into the bedroom., turned her back and bent over. She smirked at her husband and then plopped down in the bed and took off her sneakers and socks and began to rub her feet. "Ohhh my poor feet are killing me from all that hiking. Come here sweetheart and rub them for me." Andrew went to sit next to his wife on the bed and Carol put her bare feet on his lap and Andrew began to rub them.. "Oh sweetheart, that feels soooo nice. And Andrew, thank you again for being so understanding about Labor Day weekend. I know it was mean of me to leave you home all alone with all that work to do. By the way, did you finish everything?" Andrew swallowed as he kept rubbing his wife's foot and said sadly, "Yes." "You're such a good boy, I know this all must be very hard for you. I mean I'm your wife and here I went away for a weekend with a guy that used to be your best friend. But I'm happy that you're adjusting to it so well. And we did the right thing in locking up your penis in its cage. You probably would have spent the entire weekend masturbating and not getting any of your work done if you could touch it." And as she said that she took her free foot and caressed her husband's face but as her feet were very smelly, Andrew instinctively moved his face away. Carol was amused. "Do my feet smell?" she asked innocently. "Yes," Andrew said simply. Now Carol had a wicked idea. "They must stink. We didn't shower all weekend and we've been hiking. Andrew darling, be a sweetheart and lick my feet clean for me." "Carol!," Andrew said, "That's disgusting." Carol was amused but now she was determined that her husband was going to lick her smelly feet. "You know Andrew, sometimes I just don't understand you. In a little while you're going to have your tongue up my ass and you know that. You've been doing that for me for months now and I've been so happy that you've stopped complaining about the smell and taste of my ass and now you're complaining about the smell of my feet? Andrew, isn't that ridiculous? Think about it. Seriously Andrew, be honest now. You've accepted that you have to stick your tongue up my ass but you don't want to lick my feet because they smell? Andrew swallowed feeling so foolish. What his wife said made sense but it was so degrading. "I-I-I guess ?so," Carol smiled. This was so easy. "Of course it is. Now come on. Open your mouth and let me get my foot inside. There! That's it. Is that such a big deal? Oh Andrew this feels so nice. I love this. Now come on ? move your tongue. Clean my foot for me. Like that. Yes. Oh that feels wonderful. Ohhhh. Come on, suck on each toe. That's it and get your tongue between my toes. Oh what a good boy you are. Now lick my soles. Yes. Oh Andrew I love this." And Carol made her husband continue for an hour, having to lick every part of one foot and then the other one. Finally she let him take a shower an brush his teeth and when he came out of the bathroom he saw his wife laying on the bed on her stomach without her clothes and with her large thighs spread wide. He knew what she wanted. Andrew dutifully kissed her large butt and then went inside and because Carol hadn't showered for days he had a hard time controlling his stomach. Carol smiled, knowing what her husband must be experiencing and felt surge of power in her control of him.

And so, having to lick his wife's feet in the evening became another part of their lives. It was wonderful for Carol but disgusting for Andrew but he had to accept his wife's logic ? it had to be less offensive than having to lick and kiss her ass. And Carol would talk on the phone to her friends or to Bob while poor Andrew was forced to clean his wife's feet with his tongue. She would look down at him while she chatted. He looked so cute with her foot in his mouth.

Life was wonderful for Carol. She had a sexy, masculine lover and a submissive husband who she could make do just about anything. The only thing that bothered her was that she was always afraid it might change. Andrew kept talking about things going back to the way they were. She had to get Andrew to accept that this was how his life would always be. She needed Bob as her lover but she also needed Andrew as her submissive husband.

Carol loved having her ass kissed by her husband. It was something that she only discovered after she had locked up Andrew and it was something she knew she could never again do without. She loved to lay on her stomach with her legs spread talking on the phone or reading the paper or a magazine while she had poor Andrew keep his face deep in there, kissing and licking and she would keep him at this for at least an hour. And then there were those nights when she had been with Bob and didn't want or need more sex and she would just have Andrew put his face in there and "kiss her to sleep".

His little revolt took place in the middle of September.. Carol had had a tough day and she was in a bad mood and needed and was enjoying her husband's mouth and tongue back in there and then, just as she was about to orgasm she farted. The loud sound and the blast of the warm smelly gas in Andrew's face startled him and caused him to pull his face out of his wife's ass ? just at the wrong time. He ruined her orgasm and Carol was furious. How dare he pull his face out of her ass as she was about to cum! The fact that she had farted in his face was irrelevant as far as she was concerned because by this time she had absolutely no respect for her husband and she felt that she had the right to fart in his face if she wanted to. "Damn you Andrew!" she screamed. "What the hell did you pull away for? I was just about to cum! What's the matter with you? Aren't you used to my smells by now? Now get your face back in there and don't you dare take it out until I tell you that you can!" "Carol ? Just a minute ? This is ridiculous. You just farted in my face?"Oh shut up Andrew! You just ruined my orgasm ? Finally after all these years of marriage we find a way that you can satisfy me and, like you've been doing all of our married life, you screw up. Andrew, you're like a nine year old little boy; I thought you had learned how to pleasure me with your mouth since your little penis is worthless ? oh what's the use!" "Carol, maybe we should talk about this. Maybe a divorce would be the best thing. It's clear I'm not making you happy?""Oh just shut up Andrew." "Please Carol listen. I tried to do what you want. I agreed to let you lock up my penis and give me relief only four times a year ? with your hand. I kiss your ass because I know how you like that. But you won't even wash up first. Carol, I don't want to get you mad but you smell down there ? and I accepted that ? like I accept having to - to lick your feet clean. every night. But this is too much. You fart in my face and then you get upset when I pull away? When are you going to treat me like a man again?" Carol was no longer angry and, in fact, she felt like laughing ? but she didn't. "Andrew, we'll talk about this later. I have to go. I'm meeting Bob and I have to get ready. Come on ? be a good boy and pick out my clothes." Andrew was glad his wife didn't seem to be mad any longer but he was still upset.

Later that night she discussed it with Bob as they lay in bed. Bob laughed. "You're a real bitch you know that." Bob said. Carol smiled and then bent down and gave his cock a kiss. "I guess you're right. Maybe I should let him have sex with me like he wants." "Okay, okay - you're right. You always are. The poor bastard." "Andrew is very important in my life darling. He licks my feet and my pussy and my ass. It's wonderful to have a husband like that. But I've got to get him to stop always thinking that things will change. I've got to get him to stop thinking of himself as a man. He still wants to have regular sex with me ? with his penis. He can't get it through his head that I want his mouth not his penis. I spoke to Clair, the woman that sold us his cock cage and she told me that Andrew's reaction is very common and she told me the key is that I now have to completely destroy his ability to function as a male and kill all his pride. She has a new device for him that I'm going to pick up tomorrow. Now come on ? let's fuck again."

When September 30th came Carol was very loving to her husband. "Are you very excited darling? Are you thinking about tonight? Your first orgasm in more than three months - 92 days. I'm going to make it special for you. Go take a shower and shave ? and hurry." When Andrew came out of the bathroom he saw what he expected ? what he saw every night when his wife was home and not with her lover. Carol was undressed and on her stomach on the bed with her legs spread and Andrew knew what he had to do and so he did. He kissed her asscheeks ? that was foreplay and then "went inside" and kissed and licked and brought his wife to an orgasm. And he kept licking. He knew he was not to stop until his wife told him he could.

Carol smiled. Oh this was wonderful ? she never wanted to lose this. She just couldn't. What woman could ever get her husband to do this for her? She loved Andrew. But like this. With his face in her ass. Not like a man. Bob was a man - her man . She just had a wonderful orgasm and her husband was now cleaning her back in there. She smiled as she lay there enjoying his mouth and tongue. She knew she should feel guilty about what she had done to him ? and what she was now going to do to him. But she had to. She saw that he was always asking to go back to when they were like a normal husband and wife. She had really thought that she could get Andrew to just accept having a hand job four times a year and that he would accept Bob as his wife's lover as a permanent thing.

Finally she signaled that Andrew could get up and then she did and went over to the desk and got the handcuffs which she tossed to him. Andrew swallowed but quickly cuffed his hands behind his back, understanding the reason ? so his wife would be able to lock the chastity device back on when they were done without any hassle from him. Then Carol went over and unlocked the cage and removed it, freeing his penis for the first time since last June ? more than three months ago.. Then she took a tissue and held it over the tip of his penis with her left hand and she wrapped her right hand around his organ and squeezed. Carol felt the penis get just semi-hard and then it erupted in the tissue. Talk about premature ejaculation! Andrew couldn't have intercourse if she permitted it ? which of course she wouldn't. She knew that was the reaction from being locked up for three months. "Does that feel nice, sweetheart?" "Oh yesss," Andrew said. Carol wanted to laugh. He had just licked out her asshole and she was giving him a hand job. That was fair in this marriage. Then Carol was ready for her new plan. She went into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of ice and the new chastity device.. Andrew was puzzled. Carol kissed him on the forehead and explained it to him.

"Darling, do remember back in May when I first locked your chastity tube on and I told you there were devices that wouldn't let your penis get erect because they were small and had little spikes and Bob and I thought that would be cruel?" Andrew, still not understanding, nodded. "Well, Bob and I have been talking about it and ? well ? we changed our minds. We discussed this and we decided that an erection is for a man that's going to have sex ? or for a boy that's going to masturbate. Well, since you know that you're never going to have sex again and you know you're not allowed to masturbate we don't think your penis should ever get erect. There's just no reason for it to. When it does erect it's sort of defying us When I see your penis erect in its cage it's like ? well like it's showing off ? or worse, objecting to the four times a year program we set up for it. And when I mentioned this to Bob he commented that I might change my mind and want to have sex with you again someday. Now isn't that awful? Here Bob has agreed to only having sex with me and I think it's only fair that he should be able to know that I will only have sex with him but when I tell him about your attitude and your penis trying to erect he becomes concerned that I might change my mind and I don't think we should do anything to cause Bob concern. Don't you agree?" What could Andrew say? This whole conversation was ridiculous.

"Now I like your penis to be very small the way it is now. That's perfect for you. And this new cage with the spikes will keep it small." Andrew stared at the device. "It ? it's so ? so tiny ?"Carol smiled. "I know. And that's how I want your penis to be. Tiny. And these spikes will teach your penis to stay tiny . - the way I want it." Then Carol applied the ice to her husband's penis and it shriveled and shrunk as Carol expected it would and then she fitted on the cage and locked it. "There! See? That's the perfect size for it and that's how I want it to stay." Then she laughed. "Oh darling it looks like the penis of a nine year old. It's perfect for you Andrew." And then she hugged him and kissed his cheek. "Honey, I love you very much. I think I love you now more than I did when we got married but sweetheart, I don't look at you the way I did then. When we got married I looked at you as a man ? my man ? and then I was disappointed and frustrated ? until I got involved with Bob. Bob is my man now and he makes me very happy." "B-but ? but what about - me?" Andrew thought he sounded pitiful. "Do you love me Andrew?" "You ? you know I do-" "Well sweetie, if you love me you should want me to be happy and accept Bob as the man in my life. He makes me very happy. I want you in my life too darling but not as my man. I love the way you make love to me ? with your mouth, not your penis. Your penis is pathetic and that's why we're going to keep in nice and tiny to sort of remind you that it's not the penis of a man. Do you understand? Darling, I want more than anything for you to accept your position in my life. I want you to accept the fact that your penis will never ? never be inside me or any woman again. And I think that new device will help drive that home to you."

Carol had decided that she didn't want her husband to ever be able to get an erection and she wanted his penis to remain pitifully tiny. She had several reasons. For one thing, she wanted to emasculate him so that he couldn't think of himself as a man. Maybe then he would stop asking her if things would go back to a normal marriage. Last week when she reminded him that he would get his hand job very soon, he had asked her again? almost pleadingly ? why they couldn't make love like a normal married couple on September 30. instead of only getting a hand job. That bothered her. While he seemed to be accepting the rule that his penis would remain locked up and he would get release only four times a year, he was asking to have intercourse. And that made up her mind about what she had to do.

"Now sweetheart, if you get excited and it starts to hurt just put ice or cold water on it and that will get your penis nice and tiny like we did before - the way I want it. Oh I love how it looks darling." Carol laughed. "Like a nine year old. Oh darling, I almost forgot. There's one more thing. Whenever you answer me I want you to say ?Yes dear,' or ?No dear'. That's how submissive husbands talk and I think that will help you accept all this."

That night, when nature caused his penis to stiffen Andrew awoke in pain and rushed into the bathroom and threw cold water on his locked penis. Carol was awake when this happened and was amused and when Andrew came back to bed she acted like a concerned wife ? like there was nothing that could be done to relieve her husband's pain. "Darling, are you okay?" "It hurts a lot Carol.' "Oh you poor thing. The cold water should help." "Carol ? dear ? please take this thing off and put the other one on." "Andrew, it's not coming off until November 30th. You know that. Now accept it. It will only hurt until your penis learns not to try to erect and show off. That shouldn't take more than a month or so and when it learns that it's not to erect it won't hurt you anymore. But it's not coming off before November 30th Andrew so don't ask again. Now come on let's go back to sleep. I love you."

Work was hard for Andrew the next day. For one thing he was very tired from not having slept will the night before because of the spikes in his new penis cage and at work the spikes caused him a lot of pain. Then when he got home he was upset to see Bob's car in front of his house but he realized that he had nothing to say about that. When he walked into the house he saw his wife and her lover in a deep kiss on the couch. Andrew remembered how he used to kiss Carol like that. But no more. Now only Bob.

When they saw him they broke the kiss but they didn't move away from each other but Carol remained on the couch with both her arms around Bob's left arm. "Hi honey," said Carol. Andrew swallowed, He knew what he had to do but hated it that Bob was there. He went over to his wife, dropped to his knees and kissed the side of her ass. Bob laughed. "Shit, I don't believe it." Carol nodded. "He loves me Bob. What don't you believe? Andrew is showing his respect for me, aren't you darling?" "Yes - dear." "How was it today, sweetie?" Andrew didn't want to talk in front of Bob. "It was alright - dear." "Did it hurt a lot?" Andrew swallowed again. "Y-yes dear," "Well, like I told you it will take a month or so for your penis to learn that I want it to say nice and tiny. Show Bob your new cage." He looked at his wife.

Show Bob? Carol was smiling that superior smile he hated and she was still holding on to her lovers' arm. It was those two against him. "I thought you told me you had trained him to be obedient," said Bob to Carol. Carol turned to Bob and gave him a kiss on his lips. "He's just being stubborn - like his penis, But he'll learn." Then to her husband. "Andrew. Take off your pants. NOW!" Andrew was really afraid of his wife and he knew Bob would support her so he did what his wife said - he took off his pants. "Now your underpants Andrew," Carol said with the impatience a mother shows to a child. So Andrew pulled off his underpants in front of his wife and her lover revealing his now tiny penis locked in its spiked cage. There were streaks of blood all over it which Carol had expected based on what she had learned about how the spiked cage works.

"Jesus!" exclaimed Bob when he saw the awful sight. "Isn't it adorable?" asked Carol. It's like the penis of a nine year old. It's perfect for Andrew isn't it?" she asked her lover apparently not at all concerned about the blood. "It's bleeding," said Bob Carol smiled and then gave Bob a passionate kiss on the lips. "That's to be expected. His little penis is very stubborn and just doesn't want to accept the fact that is has to stay tiny. It thinks it's part of a man and not Andrew. But it will learn. Those spikes will teach it.. Okay darling, you can get dressed now. Bob and I are going out for dinner. The kids are sleeping out and Bob is sleeping over. Change the sheets and towels in our room. I left something for you in the fridge." And then smiling, "And try not to think about sexy things," But before Andrew could pull up his pants Bob pointed to Andrew's suffering penis and said with a smile,

"You know Carol, a nine year old boy doesn't have hair like that down there." Carol hugged and then kissed her lover, thrilled that he was getting involved, making her feel less guilty about what she was doing to her husband. "Bob's absolutely right Andrew and I should have realized that. Okay here's what I want you to do. While Bob and I are out to dinner I want you to take a scissor and cut off all your hair down there. When we come back I want to see you looking just like a nine year old down there." And then laughing, Carol and Bob left. Andrew was upset. Why was she doing this? Why did she like to humiliate him in front of her lover? Well he didn't want to fight with her ?especially not with her lover there so he did what she wanted. First he changed the sheets for them in his bedroom and then he went into the bathroom and stood over the toilet and cut off all the hairs around his testicles and his locked up tortured penis. This was not something worth arguing about.

"Wow," said Bob to Carol as they drove to the restaurant, "What are you doing to his cock? It's all bloody." Carol smiled and leaned over and kissed her lover. "He doesn't have a cock. You have a cock. He just has a penis. And I'm going to make the difference between you more obvious. I'm going to see to it that it stays that size permanently. And that it can never function again.. I want to be sure our arrangement is permanent.. I want you to feel comfortable that it is and I want him to have to accept that it is. Actually, I'm doing something else too. I'm making sure he won't ever be able to think of himself as a man and that will make him totally submissive to me. I know his penis looks a mess but I learned that it will only be that way for a month or so. Then he'll be conditioned to associate an erection with pain and he won't be able to erect at all. Oh darling, I loved your idea about the hair. Now just follow my lead when we get home. It's going to be important that you're with me for what I'm going to do."

"Let me see," Carol said to her husband when they got home. Andrew looked at her and he saw she was serious. She wanted him to undress again in front of her lover - his former friend. He got undressed and was surprised when Carol slapped him in his face while Bob looked on with a smirk. "Do you call that like a nine year old? Do you just like to piss me off Andrew? Is that how you shave off your hair? Do you think a nine year old looks like that? Can't you do anything right Andrew? I distinctly told you I want you to cut off ALL your hair down there. Didn't I say that Bob?" "I heard her buddy," said Bob ."Now go lay down on your back on the piano bench." Andrew did and Carol left the room.

"You shouldn't piss her off buddy," said Bob. Andrew said nothing. He was so embarrassed. Carol returned a minute later with tweezers in her hand and, smiling at Bob, she went and sat down on her husband's stomach facing his feet. Andrew groaned. She was heavy and she was crushing him. "Shut up you wimp. I'm going to keep sitting on you until I pull out all your hairs down there. This wouldn't be necessary if you learned to obey me and did what I told you to do.." Andrew screamed as Carol pulled out two hairs at a time with the tweezers. It took Carol twenty minutes to pull out all Andrew's pubic hairs and it was pure torture for him - the pain of the tweezers and her weight on his stomach. Finally she was done and got off him. "There," she said. "Now that's how I want it. Do you understand me?" "Y-yes dear," Poor Andrew said, hoping she would stop already. "I'm going to get you a bottle of Nair and I want you to apply it every day. Andrew I don't want to see a single hair down there. Pubic hairs are for men, not for nine year olds Do you understand me?" "Y-yes dear?" "Good. Now Bob and I are going upstairs to bed. I expect you to bring us breakfast in bed in the morning. I'll call you when we're ready. Goodnight.."

Andrew felt awful as he saw his wife and her lover close the door to their bedroom and then he heard them laughing and then he heard nothing. He was up most of the night.

Andrew hated Bob. Bob was starting to spend the night more often - in their bedroom, leaving Andrew to have to sleep in the guestroom. And Bob and Carol began to get more involved socially and they began to go out as a couple with friends that used to be Andrew and Carol's friends leaving Andrew home with the kids to baby sit more and more.

One Saturday afternoon Carol came over to Andrew as he was doing the laundry and said to her husband, "Honey, Bob and I are going out to dinner with Loraine and Ted tonight. They know all about our arrangement and I'm so happy that they've accepted Bob and me as a couple but I want to be sure they understand that you're okay with this so that they don't feel uncomfortable with Bob so they're going to meet us here and I want you to be sure to act "subby" when they come. I want you to be very respectful to Bob. I think it would be nice if you called him 'sir' when you say something to him. Okay/? Oh, and be sure to remember to kiss my ass when we leave." Andrew just swallowed. Things were getting worse and worse. "It's no big deal Andrew. I know it will be a little embarrassing for you but we're not doing it for that reason. We just want Loraine and Ted to be comfortable with Bob and me as a couple." She kissed his cheek. "I know you understand."

Andrew answered the bell and let his former friends in blushing as he did. "Hello Andrew," said Loraine with a smirk. "Is Carol and Bob here?" "Y-yes Loraine. Hello Ted. Come on in." Then Bob and Carol came into the room and greeted their friends. "Andrew, we're going," said Carol. "Be sure you do the dishes and the laundry." "Yeah," said Bob, "And I brought my stuff over for you to wash." Andrew turned red, getting upset. "Andrew!" Carol said in a warning tone. "Y-yes sir," Andrew said meekly. Carol nodded approvingly at her husband. "We won't be home late so wait up for us in case we need anything when we get home. Now come kiss me goodbye." Said Carol as she turned around and bent over. Andrew was so embarrassed but he knew what he had to do so he went over and got down on his knees and kissed his wife's ass through her skirt. Loraine burst out laughing. "I love it! I didn't believe you Carol. Andrew," Loraine said,. "How many days?" Andrew turned beet red as he got to his feet. Did his wife tell everyone about that? He saw Carol looking at him waiting for him to answer and he didn't want to get her mad. "F-forty- one," and this time everyone laughed.

"I'm so proud of you darling," said Carol later that night. "You behaved perfectly. We talked about you all through dinner. Loraine couldn't stop laughing at the way you kissed my ass.. She explained our arrangement to Ted ? that you're never again going to have intercourse and that you're not allowed to masturbate and how I locked up your penis and how I give you a hand job four times a year. By the way, I'm impressed that you're keeping track of how many days are left. I wasn't sure you remembered how many were left. And tomorrow there will be only forty. Ted just couldn't understand and I explained that you are learning to get as much pleasure from your four times a year hand jobs as Bob gets from having normal sex with me. Then Bob explained how we're training your little penis to stay tiny and how you have to keep yourself shaved down there like a nine year old. Oh I love you like this Andrew.

Oh by the way, Bob loved it when you called him 'sir' so we think you should do that all the time." "Carol - that's ridiculous?" She put her finger to his lips. "Shhhh. Don't spoil it now. We discussed this at dinner and Loraine pointed out that it would help you accept your subordinate position if you were always reminded of it and one way would be for you to have to call Bob and all men 'sir". And she suggested that you call all women 'ma'am' - except me - she agrees that 'dear' is perfect for a dominated husband. It's no big deal Andrew and don't make it one. Loraine is very smart. And it will be good for you. Look sweetheart. It's for your own good. It will help you accept and adjust to your new life."

Carol explained it to her lover. "But he won't ever be able to get sexual relief again. That's what I want. I want him frustrated and anxious all the time. That will keep him nice and submissive to me and I think that will get him to accept this as permanent.."

"He won't be able to divorce you Carol. There'll be no place for him to go if he does. What woman - besides you would want a man - "Bob laughed, "A man ? that's a joke - without a cock who can't fuck?. "

"I know Bob," said Carol. "And you should be happy that you will know without any doubt that I won't be able to change my mind about ever having normal sex with him. I'm all yours Bob. I do love him you know? but not like a man. You're my man. He's my wimp. You know darling, I think all women need both - a man and a wimp. I have the most wonderful sex with you and I know you do with me. We share. We look to pleasure each other which I think is so wonderful. With Andrew it's all one way - for me. It's a wonderful feeling to just be able to plop down on the bed, lift my dress, pull off my pantyhose and spread my legs and have him go to work on my pussy or my ass. I don't do a damn thing. I don't even bother to wash up first anymore. And I don't have to worry about how I smell down there and sometimes I must really stink and it must be disgusting for him. And I can even if I fart in his face" Carol laughed. "I watch TV every night with his face between my legs. It's wonderful to have a husband like that. - as long as I have a lover like you." She laughed. "We don't even have to discuss what program to watch. He can't see the TV under the covers with his face between my thighs. And I need him to do all the laundry and keep the house clean. I have him under my complete control And," she laughed, "I need someone to lick my feet every night."

"Bob is going to come with us to your mother's for Thanksgiving." Carol told her husband in mid November as he knelt before her with her left foot in his mouth. Carol had learned to tell her husband things that would bother him when she had one of her feet in his mouth because he knew he wasn't allowed to take her foot out of his mouth and say anything.. "A perfect way for a wife to have a discussion with her henpecked husband," She had laughed about that with Loraine. She saw her husband's cheek turn red but he dutifully kept her foot in his mouth and said nothing. So she continued. "Your mother likes Bob and she too considers him part of our family."

They took Bob's car to Andrew's mother on Thanksgiving. Bob drove with Carol sitting next to him and Andrew sat in the back with Jennifer and Sammy.

Andrew saw that his mother was very comfortable with all of them there and treated Bob as if he was her son. Then, after dinner, the kids went in the den to watch TV and Andrew's mother asked Carol, "So dear, how's your little project with Andrew going?" Andrew was shocked. Did his wife tell his mother about that too? Carol answered quickly. "Oh Mom it's working great. That spiked cage did it's job. No more pain for Andrew. And he's been so good at shaving down there." Andrew saw his wife look at him smiling. He wished he could just crawl away somewhere. "Oh that's wonderful," said Andrew's mother. "And are you satisfied with the results Carol?" Carol looked at Bob and smiled. "His penis is smaller than Sammy's?" That made all of them laugh ? except of course Andrew who turned beet red. "It's a good thing I make him shave," laughed Carol, "or it would get lost in his hair." And again everyone laughed. And when they stopped laughing Carol said, 'But Mom his little penis looks so adorable and cute - and I'm really so glad he doesn't have any more pain. No more attempted erections and no more pain for my baby."

And then it was November 30. Carol handed Andrew the handcuffs and he dutifully cuffed his hands behind his back understanding that this was so that his wife could reattach the cage after she gave him his hand job. Carol smiled. He was so - so pussy whipped. "Let's get that awful cage off." Carol unlocked and removed the cage and smiled when she saw his tiny penis. "Look how cute it looks sweetie. I love it that way Andrew. It's so cute. And you've been such a good boy about shaving down there." Then Carol smiled and took his tiny penis in her fist and - nothing happened.

Andrew looked confused. And Carol smiled - it was what she had expected. "Oh look sweetie, you can't get hard. Your penis has associated not staying small with pain so now it can't get any bigger. Oh I love it tiny like this. What a difference between you and Bob." Carol kept squeezing her husband's tiny penis in her fist but it remained tiny and then, a few minutes later, she and Andrew saw his sperm ooze out of the tip and spill out on the floor. It was just what Carol had expected would happen after she had destroyed the functioning of his penis. No ejaculation like a man, just the oozing, the emission like a nine year old boy having a wet dream would have. She kept squeezing letting all the sperm that had accumulated in the last two months to ooze out.. Andrew looked at his wife, still confused. "W- what h-happened?" Carol smiled. "You came darling. You came without having an ejaculation." He looked like he was going to cry. He was just like a child she thought. "I-I didn't feel anything?""Really? Oh you poor baby. I guess that's because you can't have an ejaculation anymore. I guess an ejaculation is what gives a man his pleasure - . But you have a penis that doesn't function anymore."

Andrew looked like he was going to cry. "Oh Carol -? dear?" "Well, sweetie, I don't think there's anything anyone can do about that now. You have a penis that doesn't function like a penis. Now you really have a penis like a nine year old. The discharge you just had was like a nine year old boy having a wet dream.' Carol laughed. "See sweetie, this might not have been necessary of you'd just accepted the role I wanted for you but you kept asking for intercourse. Oh well. But it worked out well. I love your tiny penis. It's the perfect size for you". Carol laughed and reached for the little cage. "I don't think we need this cage anymore now but I sort of like it on you. And I think you'd miss it so let's lock it on." She did. She saw there were tears in her husband's eyes. Then she went over to the bed and lay on her stomach. "Okay sweetheart, now it's your turn. Come on. Get your face in here."

The next day when Carol got home she saw what she expected - Andrew was crying. He was very depressed and she understood why. He had to have realized he was no longer a man and that he would never again be able to function like a man.. He was depressed - just what Carol expected would be his reaction. Now she had to gently wean him into his new life getting him out of his depression and into acceptance that his condition was permanent. She went over and hugged him and kissed his neck.

"Hi sweetheart." Andrew looked at her with tears in his eyes and she took his hand and pulled him to the couch. "Let's talk. Look sweetheart, I know how you feel. But sweetheart, you're not alone. Clair, the woman that sold me your cage told me that she knows about a dozen couples like us where the wife had to - well - ruin her husband's penis in order to save their marriage. In fact one woman went so far as to have her husband's penis removed. In all these cases the marriages were saved. The husbands became depressed for some period just the way you are now. It's a stage that all of you dominated husbands go through but eventually all these husbands accepted the fact that nothing could be done to bring things back to the way they were and the husbands all learned that they had to accept their status and you will too. These husbands all came to accept that their wives had and needed their lovers and these husbands accepted that they were not men anymore and they accepted being subordinate to their wives and they all sought to try to make their wives happy. And you'll get to that stage too. Here, let me get my foot in your mouth." Carol put her left foot on the hassock and Andrew, without saying anything got off the couch and knelt behind the hassock and took his wife's foot in his mouth.

Carol wanted her foot in her husband's mouth now for a few reasons. First, it felt wonderful for her to have her sweaty feet in his nice warm and wet mouth as he cleaned each of her feet with his tongue. Second, it would keep her husband in an obvious subordinate position while they spoke as he knelt in front of her and third he would not be able to speak, only listen - like a subordinate husband should. "Ahhh, Oh that feels so nice. Anyway, I just want you to know that these other husbands have gone through what you are going through now but they all came out of their depression and have become just what their wives wanted them to become - totally submissive husbands that have learned to make their wives lives very pleasant... I want you to know I love you very much Andrew and I did what I did because I do love you and I want to stay married to you. Now don't get lazy Andrew. Keep moving your tongue around my foot. I want you to clean it for me. That's better. Anyway, I went to see Clair when you started the divorce. I told her that I loved you but that I also loved Bob and that what I wanted was to have Bob as my man and you as my submissive husband. I told her that I didn't want to have sex with you anymore. Clair pointed out that such an arrangement is what many women like me want. And she understood how hard such an arrangement is for husbands." Carol rubbed Andrew's cheek. "I know how hard it was for you darling. I mean, I'm your wife and I told you that you can never have sex with me again and that I would be having sex with your best friend Bob" She saw the look of despair in Andrews face. He was crying again. He looked so foolish with her foot in his mouth and she was getting wet.

" And then Clair explained about these other couples and how they all adjusted and that the important thing was to deny you sexual relief and make you do degrading things - like kissing my ass ?" she smiled at Andrew - "and it worked for a while with us. Andrew. Restricting your sexual release to four times a year made you very submissive and docile. And I told Clair that our program of me giving you a hand job four times a year was working fine and that I wouldn't have to ruin your penis like the other wives. And I was very happy. Here, let me change feet?"

Carol pulled her left foot out of her husband's mouth and shoved in her right foot. "Anyway, you disappointed me when you kept asking for things to go back to the way they were. I thought you had accepted this lifestyle and accepted that you would never be permitted sex again but you constantly kept asking me when things were going to go back to the way they were so I called Clair and told her. She suggested I consider having your penis removed but I didn't want to do that to you and we agreed that I would just see to it that your penis wouldn't be able to function. And that would make Bob feel good too, knowing I couldn't change my mind - which he now finally believes. And that's the story sweetie. I'm sorry that I had to do that to you because, except for your always asking for things to go back to the way they were you've been wonderful about everything. I know how hard it must have been for you to have to accept my relationship with Bob but you were so understanding even though I know how it hurt you but when I kept hearing you asking for things to go back I knew that it was necessary to totally unman you"

She took her left foot and used it to rub his face while her right foot remained in his mouth. . "Sweetie, I know it's going to be hard for you to accept that this is all permanent now but in time you will. You'll come to accept that you're not a man anymore and can never be one You're a male and you're my husband but you're not a man. And you'll come to understand that's how I want you. No man would let his wife make him lick her feet clean they way you're doing now would they? And what man would lick out and clean his wife's ass?" Andrew felt ashamed when Carol said that. He was licking her feet because she told him to and he thought it was pleasing her sort of - well sexually but now she said he was cleaning her feet - with his mouth. Ugh!

"Sweetie, in time you'll come to accept that your mouth - and your nose are your sexual tools. Actually sweetheart, your life won't be that different than what it was before. It's been years since I respected you as a man. We're still going to have your four times a year cum days because I found out that it's important for your health that we release your built up sperm but it just won't spurt out anymore and give you pleasure. No more ejaculations. It will just dribble out like a little boy having a wet dream. But sweetie, if you think about it, there's some good in that. You're next cum day is April 30 - that's almost five months away. Wouldn't it be harder for you to have to look forward five months to get a pleasurable hand job? Isn't it better not to have something so pleasurable to have to look forward to?"

Carol smiled as she looked down at her husband, her right foot stuffing his mouth and tears coming out of his eyes. Oh life was wonderful.

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