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From Husband to Toilet

I cannot believe how quickly my life changed in just a couple of months. It all started after my beautiful 24 -year-old wife Amy and I had been married for just a few weeks, and we met Ben, a young black guy the same age as me who had moved in next door with his mother and two sisters.

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Amy invited them in to welcome them all to the area, and we had a few drinks with them. I noticed on that occasion that Amy seemed really impressed with Ben. He is a tall, good looking, well built guy, unlike me, a rather short weedy kind of guy. It did not go unnoticed by me either that he was eyeing up my wife and liking what he saw. After they had left, Amy made no secret of the fact that she thought he was gorgeous, and mentioned the fact several times over the next few days, I think enjoying that it clearly made me jealous. I had a very bad feeling about it.

It only took a couple of weeks for my fears to be realised. I came home from work a little early, to hear the sound of my wife clearly being enthusiastically fucked in our bedroom. I got there just in time to hear her screaming out a powerful orgasm. I left it a moment, and then went upstairs to confront them.

That was a big mistake. The big guy immediately began to rough me up, and to my surprise my wife encouraged him in this, clearly enjoying his treatment of me. After this he continued to humiliate me by forcing my head between Amy’s legs and making me suck up the cum he had just shot into my wife’s unfaithful pussy. She laughed at me as I was doing it, telling me that was the closest I would ever get to her pussy in future.

Things moved incredibly quickly after that. They bought a cock cage, and the two of them forced it on to my small cock, with Ben telling me Amy was his girl now, and my wife assuring my I would never fuck her, or anyone else again. She clearly found her nasty streak having found out that is was obviously an inadequate husband to her.

The next stage was for Amy to tell her mother Beth of the situation. She is 44, rather plump but very curvy and sexy. She never wanted Amy to marry me, and on several occasions had called me a pathetic wimp, who was not man enough to take care of her daughter. She was of course delighted to hear Amy had found herself a real man, and told Amy she would love to come round and help deal with me. Amy was more than happy for that, as she knew her Mom scared me a little.

Beth came round the next afternoon while Amy and Ben were home, having had spoken to Amy earlier. When she had settled in, she ordered me to remove my clothes, and explained what she had planned.

“Now that we all know what a useless husband and pathetic cuck you are,” she began. “You are going to be treated the way you deserve. Amy and I took a laxative earlier on, and the two of us are going to make you eat our shit, because being a toilet is about all you are useful for.”

“You can’t mean that!” I pleaded. “That is disgusting. Amy, why would you do that to me?”

“Because we can wimp,” she laughed. “And we are really going to enjoy doing it!”

“No,” I replied emphatically. “There is no way you are going to make me eat shit!”

“Oh dear,” Beth said. “Ben dear, do you think you can persuade him?”

Ben got up and began to undo his thick leather belt. I was taken over to the table and laid on my front. Beth took hold of my ankles, as Amy stood close by to watch. The next thing Ben viciously brought his belt down on to my back. I screamed in pain, but before I could say anything he laid another dozen strokes all along my back, each one seeming harder than the last. When he stopped, I spoke quickly.

“OK, I will do it,” I cried.

“Yes you will,” Amy told me. “But not yet, Ben, hit him again baby, harder if you can this time!”

I got another dozen strokes over the ones I had already been given, begging all the time, as the two women laughed at my agony.

“I bet you thought it was all over,” Beth told me when he stopped. “But he hasn’t started on you ass yet!”

I was given another two dozen strokes, and by the end I was sobbing with the pain.

“Are you ready to eat shit now wimp?” Amy asked me, and I just nodded.

Ben said he was going to leave them to at. Before he left he put me on my back on the rubber sheet Amy had laid down, and told me to open my mouth. When I did he took out his cock and made me drink his piss, as the women again laughed at me. Then they both kissed him warmly as he left.

Without giving me time to recover from drinking Ben’s piss, Beth slid off her panties and squatted over my face.

“Get that mouth wide open toilet boy,” she grinned. “You really are not going to enjoy this, but I am. Here it comes!”

I saw the thick turd quickly slide into my mouth. I retched violently as the awful smell and even worse taste assaulted my senses. The two of them laughed out loud.

“Look at his face,” my wife giggled. “He really doesn’t like the taste of your shit Mom!”

“Good,” she replied. “ because he is going to be eat a lot of it in future. Let me see my shit in your mouth wimp, and then start chewing it!”

I began eating, retching continually, wondering how I was going to manage to get it down. Eventually I did, and she then followed it up with her piss to wash the mess down. Amy then ordered me to get up and lick her Mom’s asshole clean. I can’t describe the humiliation of completing this act in front of my wife. I did not have time to dwell on it, as I was put on my back once again, as Amy announced it was her turn.

“Can we leave it a while honey,” I pleaded. “I feel so sick.”

“I need to shit right now you prick,” she cried, slapping my wife several times. “Now get your sissy mouth open, and prepare to swallow my shit!”

I did as I was told, and chewed on my wife’s waste as she and her Mom laughed at me and called me derogatory names. Finally, after swallowing her piss and licking her asshole clean, I was allowed to sit by them as they poured themselves a drink, and laughed about how much fun they were going to have using me as their permanent toilet.

I thought my ordeal was now over but unknown to me Amy had called my sister Emma over while her Mom was shitting in my mouth. Amy knows Emma really hates me, and she was sure she would enjoy seeing what had happened to me. She arrived just as I was starting to feel a little better.

“Wow!” she said, seeing me naked with weals all down my back and ass. “Looks like he has had a real beating,”

“My boyfriend had to discipline him,” Amy explained.

“Aw, I wish I had been here to see that,” Emma added. “I would really have enjoyed that!”

“Sorry,” Amy told her. “Next time he gets a thrashing I will call you.”

“Thanks,” Emma replied. “Also, he looks very sick.”

“It was something he ate,” Beth explained. “Tell your sister what you ate.”

“No, please,” I begged.

“Do it!” Beth insisted.

“I ate Amy and her Mom’s shit,” I explained, red faced.

“Oh, I love it!” Emma cried.

“Care to join in?” Amy asked her.

“I don’t need to shit just now,” Emma said. “But never mind. On your back wimp, mouth open, now!”

As I did so my sister knelt over my face and pushed two fingers down her throat. Seconds later a huge gush of vomit was forced into my mouth. I coughed, spluttered and retched as most of it found its way down my throat.

“I wonder,” she laughed. “Does that taste worse than shit?”

“God, it was awful,” I complained.

“Oh good,” she replied. “Because I think I have more for you!”

She did, a couple of loads actually, and it really was awful. Unfortunately, Amy and her Mom thought that was a great idea, and unloaded three lots of vomit of their own. My stomach had never felt so full, and I had never felt so sick. I realised what sadists these three women are getting so much pleasure from the distress they had caused me.

After they had a good chat, Beth and Emma decided to leave. Before they did, they came over to me.

“Well little brother,” Emma said. “Sorry I was not able to let you have my shit today, but I promise next time I see you, you will be swallowing my piss, shit, snot and spit.” With that she spat in my face twice.

“All that goes for me,” Beth added, giving me two loads of her own saliva.

Amy showed the two women out, with them all laughing about all the fun they had had at my expense.

I was not at all surprised that my sister Emma told our stepmother at what happened to me when she called round. Jane is 43 years-old, a good looking buxom women who came to live with us when she married my late father eight years ago. She has a great relationship with my sister, but she has never taken to me, so I was pretty sure she would have enjoyed hearing about the treatment I had endured. I was to find out how much after I was summoned to her house the following Saturday evening.

When I called the door was answered by my sister Emma, who was wearing only a short slip, which immediately made me worried about what was going to happen that evening.

“Hey toilet,” she grinned. “Welcome to your nightmare. Come and say hello to the ladies.”

I entered the lounge to be confronted by three women in their forties sitting side by side on the sofa, dressed exactly the same way as my sister. I might have been able to enjoy the gorgeous flesh that was on display, if I had not been so worried about what the evening would bring. You see the women were my stepmother, Ben’s black mother Sheena and mother in law Beth. As I came in stepmother called me over so they could give me a kiss. As I got close to her she spat in my face, and the other two did exactly the same.

“Well,” Emma said. “Know you know just what the ladies think of you, I think you can assume tonight is not going to be much fun for You.”

“Yes,” Jane agreed. “You had better take all your clothes off, it will get pretty messy when we all start pissing, shitting and puking in your mouth tonight.” I started to cry as I endured the humiliation of stripping in front of all of them.

“Oh dear,” Emma said with mock sympathy. “Little brother is crying already.”

“I don’t blame him,” stepmother said. “He will be crying a lot more before we have finished with him.” Then she stood up and cupped my balls in her hand. “You are here to be abused and degraded for our pleasure and enjoyment. If you don’t do just as you are told you will not get a beating like the one Ben gave you, but you will wish you had not been born with a pair of balls, do you understand?” I just nodded, and she suddenly squeezed my balls viciously and hard, causing me to scream out, to the enjoyment of the other women.

“Do you understand?” she repeated, still squeezing hard.

“Yes, yes!” I called out quickly. “I will do whatever you say!”

“Right,” said Emma, handing all the ladies a tissue. “Shall we start by giving my little brother an appetiser?” The four of them all blew their noses very hard in the tissues, and they were then all forced into my mouth.

I gagged violently as the slimy snot slid down my throat accompanied my their laughter, and was nearly sick twice.

“My brother seems to be a very fussy eater,” she announced. “He doesn’t seem to like the taste of snot either!” More laughter.

“Time for a drink ladies,” step mother announced.

As she went to pour drinks, Emma went to the kitchen and came back with a large jug with disgusting looking contents.

“Stepmom and I have prepared a nice cocktail for you toilet,” she told me. “The contents of our stomachs from yesterday. Nothing like starting the evening with a huge jug of cold puke, eh?”

She handed me the jug and told me to start pouring the mess into my mouth. I retched on the first mouthful, and Emma slapped me hard, telling me how ungrateful I was for pulling a face at the delicious cocktail they had taking the trouble to make for me. Then she and the others watched giggling, as I constantly retched as each mouthful started filling up my reluctant stomach. After I finally emptied the jug Sheena stood up and told me the puke needed to be washed down, She made me sat and open my mouth, then let go a strong stream of foul smelling piss that seemed to go on forever. I spluttered and gagged, but managed to swallow it all.

“How are you feeling now?” stepmother asked me.

“Awful,” I replied honestly. “I feel so sick.”

“That is a shame,” she replied. “Because my ass is telling me it is time you started to eat shit. Get on your back wimp!” She squatted down, and very quickly I saw a large turd sliding out of her ass and into my mouth.

“I never realised taking a shit could be such fun,” she laughed, as she forced the whole turd into my retching mouth.

“It helps when you are using the mouth of someone you despise to shit in,” Emma laughed.

I struggled badly trying to get her shit down, still feeling terrible with the snot and puke from earlier swilling around in my stomach. I told the unsympathetic group how awfully sick I felt afterwards.

“Never mind about moaning about your feelings,” Emma told me. “Get up and lick your dear stepmom’s asshole clean, and then get ready to drink her piss!”

I did as I was told, and as I finished I noticed that Sheena was preparing to follow stepmother in shitting I my mouth. I explained to her that I felt so full and so sick. I respectfully asked her if I could at least have a break.

“Of course you can toilet,” she said very sweetly. “Just as soon as you have swallowed all the stinking black woman’s shit I have for you. Get on your back, and open your sissy mouth wide!” Resignedly, I lay down and watched her lower her big black ass over my mouth.

“I love it,” my mother in law laughed. “Ben is in his bed at this moment fucking his wife in his bed, and he is on the floor here about to eat Ben’s mother’s shit. You really are such a fucking loser, toilet!” They all laughed at me.

Sheena released a pile of soft shit that not only filled my mouth, but kept on covering my face. I had to push a load off before starting to eat what was filling my mouth. It took ages to swallow that lot, before being ordered to pick up the rest and eat that too. Again this was followed by humiliating ass hole cleaning and another drink of piss, and then at least I was allowed a rest, as I tried to keep down all I had been forced to swallow.

As you can probably imagine yourselves that Emma and my mother in law took great pleasure after this in adding to the shit and piss from the others. They made it as humiliating as possible, calling me names, and letting me know that I will never have my wife again, after all, who would want to fuck a man who has eaten the shit of all the women in his family? Having cleaned them both up, and been made to thank them all for what they had given me, I was allowed to sit down quietly. I asked if they had now finished with me.

“You won’t have to eat any more shit,” stepmother told me. “But I hope you have left room for a whole lot of nice warm puke, because we are all looking forward to throwing up in your mouth!”

“Oh please,” I begged them. That is so awful. Don’t you think I have eaten enough, how could you be such bitches?”

“Not only will you swallow every drop of vomit we can give you,” stepmother assured me. “But you are really going to pay for calling us bitches!”

Emma decided she would like to go first when it was time for me to start swallowing vomit. Because there would be so much of it, she thought I would need to make room for it in my stomach. She took me into the bathroom, and told me to kneel before the toilet with my legs apart. Then she stood behind me, and a couple of seconds later kicked me viciously in the balls. It had the effect she desired, as I threw up violently as the pain hit my stomach. She then took me back to the lounge and had me lay down.

Then it began. Emma knelt with her face just above my mouth, and made herself throw up directly into it. She continued this three more times to ensure She had emptied her stomach. Most of it went down my throat, but quite a lot finished on my face, as it did when each one of the other women emptied their own stomachs. Of course I now felt even more sick than I had previously, much to the enjoyment of them all. When they were finished I was hauled back to my feet, and stepmother announced I was now to be punished. Sheen spoke.

“I know Emma did a good job of whacking his balls,” she began. “But I have some experience of ballbusting, in fact one wimp I worked on will never have children!”

“Oh you sound perfect Sheena,” my mother in law told her. “This pathetic wimp deserves to be taken out of the gene pool. You go for it honey!”

So I was made to stand in front of Sheena and spread my legs. Taking off her shoes, she kicked my legs further apart and took aim. I had never experienced such awful pain, as her leg came up and she smashed her foot into my balls. I screamed out and dropped to the floor, writhing and clutching my balls. All I could hear was loud applause from the other women, as they encouraged her to kick me again. She did of course, another four times as I yelled in agony, and they all laughed and applauded.

After a great evening of fun for them, I was allowed to clean up before being sent home, with the promise I would be seeing them all again soon.

My wife was alone when I got back to my bedroom, and she could see with amusement the women had really worked me over. She laughed out loud as I had to tell her everything that had happened to me. Then with no hint of sympathy, she made me get between her legs and lick up all the cum her lover had left in her earlier. After that, I asked if I could now get into bed and get to sleep.

“Of course you can,” she told me. “Just as soon as you have been to the bathroom, and eaten all the shit I left for you in the toilet!”

I left for the toilet crying, with my wife’s derisive laughter behind me.

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