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It started as a game Part 1

It started as a game, I'd always been into bondage and my wife was well aware of some of my kinks but not all.

I loved orally servicing her, and did this at every opportunity. One night I told her I'd like to try some cock and ball torture whilst I licked her to orgasm. She's wasn't massively keen at first but said she'd give it a try but then warned she may get carried away with an evil gleam in her eyes.

I lay down on the lounge floor and she slowly sat down onto my face. Tentatively at first as I licked every inch I could. Slowly nibbling my way around as she played with my cock. As it hardened quickly to her touch I upped my pace.
She started rolling my balls through her fingers and noticed my cock get even harder, flinching as softly tapped my balls. By now she was very wet and her breathing starting to speed up.

The more she got turned on the rougher she became and thus the more I wriggled and squirmed under her. After a few minutes she suddenly got up and ran to the bedroom stating I was moving far too much.

We have a small bondage collection the bottom drawer of our dresser and age returned with a large roll of duct tape.
She started at my feet with 5 or 6 turns, they were now immobile and she then made me fold my arms across my chest before taping both forearms together. She raised my arms above my head and sat back down pinning my arms above my head.

I was now at her mercy. We continued where we left off and she mused I would be punished for moving around much to my excitement. As she neared her climax her treatment got a whole lot rougher, my poor cock and balls were being slapped, scratched, her manicured finger nails digging into my tender balls.

She was now panting and really grinding on my tongue as I squirmed under the torment. She reached orgasm with a sudden squirt of her juices. I wasn't quite ready for this as it was the first time she'd ever ejaculated. She then collapsed onto of me in a heap leaving me still hard and now frustrated. When she did recover I was still slowly licking her sensitive clit.
Now that was amazing but we can improve things further I think. You still moved around far too much so we need a solution to stop you rolling around. Just then the doorbell rang and she looked at me before grabbing her dressing gown and chuckling to herself. She quickly rolled me under our large couch out of sight and threw a large blanket onto the couch hanging off to hide me.
She opened the door to her best friend Suzie who ran the local daycare and immediately invited her in. I couldn't move an inch and lay perfectly still as the two of them chatted without a care. I couldn't believe this was happening but after discussing how useless she thought I was and how much better she thought my wife could do she left with a hug.

I thought my wife would come and get me straight out from under the couch but she didn't.

I'm lying there whilst I can here her dragging something in from the garage. She sits herself down on the couch right above me with a giggle. I hope you realise what you've started little man. That was far too good so things are going to change. Some of it you may enjoy some you may not but I'm in charge now.

When she's had a cigarette and a drink she eventually uncovers me and the old travellers chest we had in the garage comes into view. Heavy set wooden case with reinforced corners and heavy leather straps accross the flat lid. As yet I'm still taped up wondering why she hasn't released me. She helps me to my feet but still doesn't go top remove the multiple layers of tape she applied.

She opens the chest and places the dogs old blanket in the bottom and hops me round to the side. I'm looking thinking there's no way I would fit in there being 5ft 6 inches tall.

Next thing I know my wife has wrapped 6 or 7 layers of the strong tape around my mouth and pushed me backwards. I've tumbled straight into the case on my back and she's now folding my legs upto my chin.

I'm possibly still in shock as I see the lid close above me and the light disappear. Then 2 heavy clicks as the latches seal me fate. Being in the position I'm in folded up in now completely helpless. From a little fun to packaged away out of sight.

I'm not going to lie I thought my cock was going to explode right there and then. My balls were aching from the earlier abuse as I heard my wife taking to herself.

She warned I'd be spending a lot of time in my new home, she was tired of my demands and expectations and it was now her turn to enjoy herself.

I had no idea how much time had passed but I was desperate for the toilet from both ends. I tried to shuffle or call her but that came out was a mmmmmppphhhh.
What's up I heard her say? Well speak up? Ah well it can't be that important so I'm off to bed she chuckled but remember it was you who wanted bondage but now it's on my terms. Don't worry tomorrow is Saturday so I think I'll have a lie in.
After good knows how long I could hold back the cramps no longer and I exploded from both ends. The hot piss drenched me and shit flowed from my rear end. The case now stank and I could hardly breath from the pressure on my position and smell from bodily fluids.
I must have dosed off to be awoken by my wife screaming that I was disgusting, a disgrace and no better that a baby. She dragged me from the case and released my legs. Chasing me into our rear yard.

Thankfully where we lived was fairly secluded. Next thing I know I'm getting hosed down with cold water as our dog dived around the yard playing happily. My wife warned maybe I should sleep in the yard with the dog from now on if I can't control my self. Knowing our horny dog this wasn't something I wanted at all.

I was then made to remove the chest and clean it thoroughly with nothing but my hands and cold water warning than next time she'd only permit me to use my tongue.

For the rest of the day my wife went shopping with Suzie whilst I was instructed to clean the house from top to bottom and prepare a nice meal for later.

Steak and vegetables my favourite meal was almost ready when my wife returned dropping numerous shopping bags on her way. I was instructed to strip and fetch the roll of strong tape. I tried to protest but she warned I'd be sorry. I trudged away to fetch the tape and as I returned I noticed her unpacking certain items from her shopping bags.

I was told to lie down as she applied to adult diapers to my now engorged nether regions Incase of any accident she said, then the words that haunted me saying Suzie had provided them from some stock she'd wrongly received.

Again I protested hoping that she hasn't told Suzie what they were for, as my wife's knee shot up into my balls. Don't worry I tell Suzie everything that's why she tells me I can do better.

Sometimes I think she maybe right.

The words were like a dagger to my heart.

Crippled on the floor trying to hold my broken balls through two large diapers she then took the chance to retape my ankles and my arms were taped behind my back this time to make me uncomfortable in my home.

The blanket was removed and 2 large black plastic construction sacks were placed inside the case. Now I'm worried, infact scared. I'm taped up, diapered and going to be secured inside a chest inside these strong black plastic bags.

She removed her panties which were nothing short of soaked and roughly pushed inside my mouth before more tape is applied. There you go my baby all secure for night just need to put you to bed before Suzie gets here.

I'm now tumbling backwards again crashing onto my arms beneath me. My legs again folding up and lid clamped shut.
Ah peace and quiet whilst your all wrapped up in your garbage bags. You did say you enjoyed bondage didn't you? Ah you can't reply but I must say I'm loving this. I feel so free to enjoy my self again.

Now don't get dirty in there baby or you'll be outside with Rex but still in bondage mind, he needs a new bitch I think as she walks away laughing.

As the evening slowly passes I hear the door go and Suzie arrives. I hear the odd mumbled word and plenty of laughter. They then come into the lounge and sit down placing their feet on the trunk. I try to stay quiet before Suzie asks where is the useless husband tonight and is he diapered like the baby he is.

More laughter before my wife replies he may be closer than you think.
Oh please tell me you know we share everything apart from your trashy husband. I hear the words I've been dreading, "I'll show you how trashy he is" the chest is unlocked and the lid lifted to raucous laughter from both women. Suzie says she's got to run to the bathroom before she pees herself, but before she moves my so called loving wife said just use him instead.

He begged me years ago to pee on him but I couldn't at the time but now seeing him lying there helpless and bagged up had changed my mind. Don't worry nothing should leak with those bags so feel free.
Are you sure because I won't stop once I start. Go right ahead he's almost trash now anyway haha.

I just closed my eyes in time before Suzie's piss splashed all over me to more laughter. I think he enjoyed it Suzie said but I think I need a poo. Well go ahead he shit himself yesterday so yours will be no different.

Okay shit head I hope your ready as first log landed on my chest. Ah you missed my wife giggled you did say shit head didn't you. Don't worry there's more and she repositioned her self.

This time was a perfect hit right on my face I tried to move but my wife threatened me again. Two more softer logs fell out one right on my nose.
My wife returned with 2 old towels and i thought she'd come to her senses but she just pushed 1 folded towel either side to stop me moving my head. My wife at this point decided much to the amusement of Suzie to join the game. She released a huge load of shit onto my head before pissing on my chest. Her reasoning was that i deserved to smell their shit all night and didnt want to wash it off. 2 hysterical ladies who then threatened to make me eat it all before they released me/ if they decided to release me.

My wife disappeared for a moment before returning with our large ashtray. She giggled again as she upended the large glass with probably 50-60 buttends and ash directly into my face. The ash burned my eyes and I couldn't breath at all.
Since you look so snug on those trash bags I think we should use them properly and the next thing i see is the kitchen bin is now emptied on top of me. All the days waste from food scraps to old cartons and soggy tissues. This was followed by the bathroom bin with dental floss, toenail clippings, dirty snotty tissues and used tampons.
I've never heard my wife laugh so much and they took a few photos for insurance purposes they said.
Well it looks as though the bin is full so and it stinks. Time to close the lid I think trash boy or is it shit head. They threw pile of old newspapers on top on me laying down the length until I was completely buried from sight. Folding the edges of the trash bags over to keep the smell in before sitting on the lid to squash it all down onto me. See ya shit head but I think we're out all day tomorrow so don't go anywhere will you. More laughter as they disappeared.
I'm lying there wondering what happened to my lovely, did I really ask or deserve this. What happens next? Surely it can't get any worse can it?


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