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It started as a game Part 2

Here i am trapped, bound and diapered covered in filth, trash and bodily excretions and yet my body is betraying me. My cock is taped inside 2 thick and now wet diapers and is hard as steel. I've never been so turned on in my life, I can't imagine what I smell like as I've now grown accustomed to the stench inside my personal prison.

I eventually fall asleep before the cramps again set in. I awake with a jolt and feel my self moving and the being dragged accross the floor. The lid is thrown open and both girls take a few steps back covering their noses.
Eeeewwwww Suzie says are you sure we have to get him out, I say we close it back up and dump your trash for good.
I must admit its tempting but no, I'm quite enjoying my new power over him, my wife stated much to my relief.

The chest was then tipped over and I topple out into the yard before that hose is directed onto me again. Once satisfied I'm clean enough my wife releases my bonds and I'm ordered to clean the yard and garbage up. By the time I'm finished the girls have disappeared.

On the table I find a little note from wife,
"love you trash boy
I'm loving this I hope your are too if not tough luck xxx"

My heart races and I can't deny I love this new dominant side to her but also a little scared. With Suzie at her side I can see my treatment getting worse.
Things thankfully return to normal for the weekdays apart from a couple of devilish smiles saying she has plans for the weekend but I may be indisposed.

The week passed ever so slowly with barely a mention of what happened. 

My wife's phone was busier than normal with text messages and little smiles making me feel slightly nervous. 
I asked a couple of times but the only response was "you'll see don't worry" then by Thursday I got scared when she replied saying her plans had now changed and it was all my fault for asking constantly. 

My mind was now in overdrive wondering what she had planned for me. Friday morning and as I rose from my slumber my wife had already gone. A small note wars lying on the table which read " meet me at Suzie's work at 5 pm sharp"
The day dragged slowly, I checked my watch every ten minutes or so. I tried to keep my brain occupied but it was hard, very hard. I excited week and drive to the daycare centre to see only Suzies car in the parking lot. 
As I approach Suzie directs me round the back. I walk slowly into the rear entrance of the day care past several large dumpsters and a compactor. Just then both my wife and Suzie appear just inside the door telling me to strip. I start to tremble as I slowly remove my clothes. You won't be needing these for ........ well we haven't decided yet as they both giggled.

I was told to lay down as they fitted fitted a cock ring over my rapidly hardening tool and then rolled over to force a large plug into my arse. The pain was unbelievable as it popped past the point of no return. This time 3 large diapers were fitted and duct taped in place. My arms were taped behind my back then my ankles forced up towards my hands into a hog tie.

My muscles are screaming already from the uncomfortable position. My wife bends down and fits an open ring gag behind my teeth before turning screws to open it further. My jaw is now feeling like it's being ripped open. Suzie bought you this present, she gave the gag one last tweek before reusing to get feet with that devilish smile. I love this woman so much but I'll admit I'm scared right now. I begin to tremble as she reaches down and tips 4 small pills into my mouth, now i can see your confused did let me explain, 2 are viagra to keep your little thing excited and 2 are super strength laxatives to ensure I'm in torture. 
She now tells me the huge plug is actually hollow but with 3 diapers taped tightly it still won't be easy to release. Both girls are now laughing at my helpless predicament.

Well trash boy I guess it's time to put you away for the weekend. I'm now very scared as they heave my hog tied body from the floor and waddle outside towards the dumpster marked soiled waste.

I'm now struggling as best I can but to no avail. I'm unceremoniously dropped into the dumpster and a soft squishy landing. Suddenly the smell hits me at once as the girls retreat to a safer distance.

Soiled waste it said suddenly I realise in surrounded and covered by dirty shifty diapers. My wife reaches in quickly a places a tube into my ring gag and hangs it over the side, we don't want you suffocating trash baby. As they both appear with heavy looking bags. Pearing over the edge of the dumpster they split the bags and hundreds more diapers begin to cover me over.

Suzie saved all these for you isn't she kind?. She said she didn't want you getting cold and they'll keep you nice and warm, to more laughter. 
The diapers got heavier and heavier as the sounds now faded away. The pressure then increased massively as they faintly chuckled that the dumpster was too full. They've both sat on the lid to close the lock sealing my fate till they decide otherwise.

See ya trash baby, well we might if we get here before the garbage truck and again more laughter. I am lying completely packed in tight with only a tube to breath, my cock strained with the viagra and added cock ring. 
My guts started to rumble from the laxatives.

I love my wife so much I do hope she rescues me. Strangely I'm now hugely turned on by the total helplessness of my situation. I wonder what else they have planned for me or is this the plan to dump me..........

Lying here the cramps are really painful in my muscles, hog tied securely and compressed by god knows how many stinking, cold, soggy diapers.

I'm soaking as they all leak slowly towards the bottom of the dumpster. The worse part is the cramps in my bowls as the laxatives work through my system. I feel they cramps increase but i had no control what so ever with the hollow plug firmly inserted and trapped via the diaper. It got warm then cold as my shit leaks through the hollow plug and passes slowly through the layers.

I have no idea of time as I drift in and out of sleep. My cock is still hard and I try and slowly masterbate myself by wriggling and squirming but to no avail the cock ring keeps me hard but the lack of stimulation and movement prevent my orgasm.
Time lingers by the temperature drops then starts to rise again. I can hear the feint tweet of the many birds and the odd car horn beeping. Quite surreal but i had little option. 

I hear a car pull up nearby and a door closing. Feint footsteps as my senses come alive I'm preying my wife has come to release me. 
Suddenly it's harder to breath and I'm sucking for all my worth then i hear a giggle. 

Hey trashy babe just checking your still alive. I try to mumble and plead but she can't hear me under 3 feet of diapers that are compressed above me. 

Suddenly something wet enters my mouth but it doesn't taste like a normal drink. Slightly bitter taste but I have no choice but to swallow or drown.

I hope you enjoyed our morning piss we saved for you. 
Next I feel some lumpy cold substance dropping and it doesn't taste like anything I've had before. It slowly fills my mouth but i don't like the consistency. Something tells me i don't really want to know what it is . 

Suzie was dissatisfied you didn't taste her precious gift so she's prepared this for you. She took 2 of the same laxatives that we gave you and you just swallowed the result. 
She went silent as i tried to regurgitate Suzie's watery shit. Our came up but had no where to go but back down again. This happened about 4 or 5 times before i managed to control myself. The taste for worse with every time. 

I wouldn't do that if i were you as you need to learn to accept our generous gifts that we're offering you. 
I've given you this generous gift as Suzie said you'd been fine without food. 
But i suppose it's food or nourishment of a kind, or it was originally she laughed.
At least you can swallow as you cant chew can you she mused with a giggle. 

I must admit I thought you were mad at first when we started this but I'm loving it. Admittedly thing's have progressed much quicker than you or i had dreamed. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying having my weekends back. My freedom and no selfish demands from you. 

I still love you very much, but I'm falling for Suzie too. We've now became lovers and I'm hers from Friday to Monday. She didn't want you around spoiling things so we'll keep finding ways of hiding you. She wants rid of you for good but I can't do that.........(a long pause) well just yet i suppose....... another giggle as she hears a few sight moans from deep within.

Well I've got to go now but she said the garbage truck is coming in the morning so we'll try and get you out before then if we wake up in time......
And with that she's gone. I'm still hungry and thirsty but I darent being that disgusting shit back up again. I'm also scared tomake to much noise and be found buried in here.
Surely she'll get me unless Suzie distracts her......I'm going to try my best to win my gorgeous wife back when I get out of here.
How has it gone so wrong so quickly, i just wanted a little extra spice in the bedroom......


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