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It started as a game Part 3

My mind slips away and time fades again. I drift in and out of sleep, in between cramps and aches from all over my body but the diapers keep well squeezed from all angles.
The temperature slowly rises again and the traffic noise increases. That must mean it's morning and the garbage truck may be due any time now.

I'm listening intently to every motor hoping to hear my wife's car arrive. But I hear more of my own heart beat than anything else. Slowly i notice a deeper engine note approaching, the sound of clanging metal and hydraulic wines.
I'm scared and yet strangely excited, this can't be happening she promised to come.

The noise gets louder and I know it's near now.
Am I next? Where are they? Why aren't they here?

Suddenly my head is spinning and I'm trying to scream and shout, a loud bang on the side of the dumpster and a clunk. Please no, I scream and shout as best I can over the engine but no-one would hear anything.
I feel the dumpster lift and slowly tip. Everything is going in slow motion now. Up and over I go and the lid is unlocked now. The pressure is easing as the diapers slowly fall into the hooper.

I'm going to die here buried in dirty diapers. I can't quite believe what's happening as I tumble out landing in the pile of diapers.
Suddenly I hear laughter from more than one women.

I'm face down now so I can't see. My head has fallen right into a dirty diaper that's opened. The breathing tube has fallen out and I'm so stiff after 2 days I can barely move.
I lift my head but the diapers comes with me. Stuck to my face, my open ring gag means shit is now inside my mouth.
I shake my head to dislodge it but it just smears all over my face.

Now hysterical laughter before I feel a cold blade snip away the tape binding my legs.
My legs slowly straighten and I hear my wife so laughing for a second before warning I have 2 minutes to get out our they'll cover me over and bury me in the truck for good. That's the first time I realised it was all a setup and she was here watching.
I'm on the yard instead of in the truck as I'd thought surrounded by a huge pile of diapers.
My eyes are stinging from the bright sun light and disgusting mixture now plastered to my face. I still can't speak but only make undetectable moans and groans.
I fight to my feet on weary legs whilst slipping about on the unsteady ground.

I look out to see my wife (Sarah), Suzie and her sister Toni who's garbage truck it was.
Hurry up she shouted or we'll compact you with the rest of the trash ready for the incinerator.

I scrambled out but not before falling once or twice into soggy diapers pile. My legs and arms were still stiff and sore from being bound. I was instructed to remove my diapers but leave the hollow plug and cock ring. As I removed the soiled diaper my hard cock sprang free much to the amusement of Suzie and toni but my wife looked a little shocked and disappointed.
I told you he was a sick little pervert, how could any man get turned on buried in dirty diapers and covered in shit.
My heads now bowed towards the floor, I tried to reason but the ring gag made any sound turn into mumbles no-one could understand.
I was trying to say viagra and pointing at the cock ring but it was too late.
My wife walked almost solemnly back towards Suzie's pickup truck.

I don't think he's learned his lesson yet, Toni can you help me please. A cold water hose was turned on and mainly aimed at my cock n balls and strangely avoiding my shit covered face.

As we walked towards the truck I noticed the old chest I had been locked in previously, now on the truck bed. I tried to struggle but after 2 days and little food they quickly over powered me. The lid was opened to see the chest had been lined with the strong garbage bags again.
A swift knee to my tender balls and I was curled up in the fetal position. I was quickly bound with strong tape and lifted into bags.
Bitch I shouted and her face quickly changed to anger. You've seen nothing yet shit head, but you've just made a big mistake. I guess I'll have to teach you a lesson who the bitch is, but I don't think you'll like the answer.
Toni remarked that there looked to be some room in the bags maybe we should pack him in for the journey just incase he hurts himself.
Great idea toni now what can we use? Well he did seem fond on the diapers they both laughed.
Next thing I know the dirty diapers are raining down on me. Suzie reached down and cleared a few away from my head only to see Toni opening a huge diaper full of shit before turning it over and slapping it down on my face. Enjoy your ride shit head she quipped and the bags cinched closed before the lid slammed shut with a clunk.
I felt the truck move off into traffic. I had no idea what was really happening i was just trying to breath and survive. The truck came to a stop and a door opened and closed before we started moving again. I tried the shout but I was covered by the dirty diapers noone heard me.

Where am I going? Surely that was Sarah getting out so why am I still moving? My mind raced at a million miles an hour.
We drove for about 10 minutes before coming to a stop. I heard muffled voices then laughter. I didn't recognise the voice but it was definitely female and sounded shocked in-between laughing.

Really? No way? Are you sure? I won't get in trouble will I?

Not with the videos and pictures we have of him he wouldn't dare said Suzie.
5 days? I may want to keep him after that long haha the strange voice said.

The lid flipped open but I couldn't yet see due to the diaper over my face but I heard laughter.
Again the tape is cut from my ankles and I'm helped from the trunk. "I can't believe this" the new voice exclaimed. I can't believe he actually enjoys this but look at his little hard cock.

Suzie then introduced us.....shit head this is my cousin Lisa, she runs this dog pound for strays and such like. But lately the male dogs of which there about 10 have been very aggressive and constantly barking.
Here's where you can help........your staying here till Friday now as Lisa's helper as they both sniggered.
Now shit head do you remember calling me a bitch? ....I'm sure you do but it's you who is going to be the bitch. The dogs bitch to be exact as I started to struggle, scream and begging but only noise came out nothing understandable.

Ah look he's excited to get started. Suzie dragged the trunk from the pickup as Lisa fitted a strange collar round my neck. A lightening strike in my neck dropped me to the floor in excruciating pain. I think I blacked out as I'm now locked into a small dog cage. My neck and jaw are on fire as I look up to see Lisa sitting watching me.
Now I need to go through some rules Suzie wants me to follow and I must say they're extreme but she said she promised you she'd follow your plan. She said you may plead and begging for your gag to be removed and butt plug but you begged her for this with no mercy and she promised she'd pay me well for doing this for her.
First rule she said I had to turn the screw on your gag once a day which opens your mouth wider and wider. It already looks painful to me and I dread to think what long term damage it may do but if that's what you want I'll do it.

I shook my head vigorously but she just laughed and said this is what you wanted no mercy remember?. Your mouth can be used for what ever I want so that's good news for me. Whether it's my ashtray, garbage bin or toilet I'm sure you'll regret that decision too.
Your my slave to use as i wish so guess who's on clean up duty and there'll be severe punishment for any indiscretions.
Your to be plugged at all times.
I can't believe you'd pay someone to do this to you with no way out but I'll follow your plan. Your trunk is here with your disgusting diapers and that's where you'll sleep each night locked away as you wanted. Your wife thinks your here helping me aswell so she doesn't know your little fantasy either.
My head was spinning.....I couldn't believe my ears.
This wasn't my idea or plan. That bitch Suzie is trying to destroy me so she can have Sarah to herself. My jaw was so painful how could I survive it opening further.
Oh and don't worry about the other staff either, they won't help you at all. Infact they're all feminists and lesbian who hate men with a passion so if anything they'll take great pleasure in your humiliation.
Now if your good you'll get away with just helping me out but if you dare act up in anyway Suzie said i can use you as a spunk toy/bitch for the dogs. You'll be torn for good and probably need diapers for real.
She covered the cage with an old blanket and i heard her walking away chuckling to herself.

How? Why? Where will it end........all the questions spinning through my mind


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