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It started as a game Part 4

She walked in saying it was feeding time, suddenly my stomach growled. I'd not eaten anything really in days. She removed the smelly old blanket and smiled with a devilish grin.

Ah dont worry you'll get the same food as the rest of dogs but you probably won't like it very much she stated. It's the cheapest food we can find, but don't worry you'll taste much worse things this week she chuckled.

With that she disappeared from view as I frantically looked around the small room I was in. Nothing I could see would aid my escape and things looked bleak.

She returned a little carrying a few items in her hands. First she opened the cage but not before attaching the shock collar to the roof. I was then made to place my hands on padded leather mitts. Just round balls that turned my hands into useless fists. I now had no way of releasing the collar or straps binding me.

She then pulled me backwards and opened the rear door of the cage and secured my heals to my thighs/bum with strong black pvc tape preventing me from standing.
I'm now stuck on all fours which was all her idea apparently. Don't worry she said I just thought you may aswell feel like a dog too and stop you from having any ideas of escaping.
I tried to whine and beg but a quick bolt of electricity through the collar had me writhing around in pain.

This was your idea she reminded me.

I wanted to scream, plead and beg. I wanted to explain this wasn't my idea at all, it was her evil relation Suzie behind all this.
I couldnt see her behind me but i jumped as she placed a bag of ice on my genitals. Once she had successfully shrank them to the smallest I've ever seen as i looked through my legs.
Suzie had left a present for me apparently as she now fitted a scary looking device over my cock n balls. I heard a padlock click and knew this was now locked in place.

Suzie told me that you should serve us without any pleasure from that little clit down there distracting you. Those little spikes will cause great pain I'd imagine if you do try and get hard.

She then tilted my head back and dropped two blue pills in my mouth before turning me on to my back. She told me to swallow but I tried to spit them out knowing they were probably viagra.

This made her laugh and she returned with a funnel, I tried to move but she picked up her remote for the evil shock collar. I stopped in my tracks not wanting to feel my throat being zapped again.
I roll over and she twists the screw on my gag opening my mouth wider as I hear my jaw creak.

The funnel is quickly placed in my open mouth and I feel the tablets hit my tongue. She then squats over me and pulls her dress up and panties to one side. I'm expecting her to piss on me but she moves forward letting out a torrent of soft wet shit. Diarrhoea in its wettest form is pouring into my mouth as I gag n splutter almost choking. Swallow it bitch now or you'll choke to death right here. I swallowed best I could nearly throwing it all back up.

I'm warning you now if you throw that back up you'll lick every last bit of this floor and eat nothing but dog shit for the rest of the week. I managed to swallow it all down much to her amusement and my disgust. You should be thanking me for your liquid lunch as you can't chew i thought I'd make it easy for you.
Now there's a good bitch, you shouldn't have made me punish you and maybe now you'll behave and be a good little puppy.
I felt my cock starting to stir and I tried to fight the feeling then excruciating pain hit me. Oh I forgot to tell you that's called the gates of hell. If you get hard little spikes dig into cock so those two viagra you've just had may torture you further as she smiled.

It's nearly time for your first sitting with our other guests. Just be grateful your plugged at present or you'll really be their bitch in no time.

Just then 2 other ladies walked in with great delight on their faces. This is our newest puppy pointing towards me as i cowered in the corner. Puppy this Tina, she was tall and slim with white work dress on and black plimsole type shoes. She then pointed towards the other girl, she was around 5 ft 2 inches with short spikey blonde hair and tattoos down each arm. Robin meet bitch boi our guest for the week.

Oh what fun we have in mind for you, we've heard you've no limits and we're free to use you as we see fit.

I hadn't noticed they were smoking at first until they surrounded me. The taller lady picked up a leash and attached it too the shock collar. Tip your head back bitch she commanded, they took a long draw from the cigarettes before blowing smoke into my eyes and face. My eyes burned and i coughed as i choked on the nasty fumes.

Ohh look the bitch doesn't like our smoke as they flicked their ash into my open mouth. The dry still warm embers tasted fowl but i darent spit it out. Our own mobile ashtray they mused as they continued to circle me like a predator circles its prey.
One kicked out at my balls as the other was finishing her cigarette.
On your back now she commanded, i quickly turned over as lowered her cigarette towards me with a malicious smile. I tried to summon some saliva but i was arid dry.

The cigarette sizzled as it landed landed on my tongue. She laughed as coughed up sone phlegm from her throat and spat into my mouth.
Swallow my trash slave as her girlfriend followed her lead and a second cigarette was dripped into my open mouth. Swallowing wasnt possible as my mouth was dry and my gag reflex again kicked in.

Lisa again warned of her shit reappeared that I'd have every cigarette and bodily function all week down my throat.
The girls then spotted the funnel and gave each other a wink, here bitch boy let us help you........
The funnel was reinstated and trickle of warm salty piss splashed into my mouth. It slowly filled the funnel as i struggled to keep up with the flow.

Lisa placed her shoe onto my trapped balls slowly trying to arouse me. The inevitable happened as i began to grow hard and the spikes quickly tried to pierce my tender organ.
As one girl finshed the second removed the funnel. Unluckily for you its my time off the month.
As she slowly pulled her panties down i saw the heavy kotex pad emerge with large red clumps of monthly discharge. She carefully removed the pad and placed it directly over my mouth....... bloody clumps down over. I was just about to shake my head when Lisa increased the pressure on my balls. Robin then pushed directly in the middle of the sodden pad folding it into my mouth. Tina then wrapped several layers of the strong tape around my head sealing the pad in.
I tried to plead and beg almost emptying my stomach contents yet again.
They swiftly directed me back to my travelling case still lined with the heavy trash bags but thankfully the diapers had gone.
I crawled over and in as they appeared over head. Yes we'll have great fun this week so don't get to comfortable in there. We need to go make some plans for the upcoming week so enjoy til later. Oh and puppy i expect that pad clean when we return.....

I lay there in the dark tight confines of my wooden prison, bound and plugged with my mouth wide open and jaw aching beyond all comprehension.
My mind flooded with happy memories of our beautiful wedding, first holidays, house and honeymoon. All those scenes seem a million miles from here.

Suddenly my day dream is broken by the sound of footsteps approaching. All i can do is listen intently to hushed tones then intermittent laughter and gasps.
My eyes quickly close as lid abruptly opens and the bright lights above shine straight into my eyes. Stranding above me is Lisa, Tina, Robin and a new face obscured partly by a tissue as she sneezed twice.
Puppy I'd like you meet your newest mistress that you'll serve, this is Letisha. A young black girl maybe 20 years old with a cute face looked down upon me before sneezing again.
Lisa spoke again, puppy our lovely Letisha has climbed from her sick bed to come and visit you, isn't she kind? You better nod now or things will only get worse for you........ if that's possible.
My mouth was still stuffed with the soiled kotex pad and taped over, i nodded as best as i could.

I've gone from fun and games with my wife to serving her, then 2 of them when Suzie joined in and now 4 women.

My thoughts were interrupted as Lisa went on to tell me that Letisha was the cleaner here but she's been off with the flu. Thankfully your here now to pick up the slack and catch up on her work.

Letisha sneezed yet again before opening the now well sodden tissue full of boogers and slimy snot, she turned to bin the wet tissue and grab a fresh one when Lisa stopped her, the bin is right there pointing to my mouth. Won't he get sick she asked innocently? And? was Lisa's reply.

The girl's all burst out laughing as Robin bent down ripping off the wide tape and pulling the wet pad out from my mouth quickly examining it before tossing it back into the box as it lands on my chest. Good try slave but you missed some so that's another punishment.

This is going to be so much fun Tina stated.
Letisha bent down but not before opening the used tissue to show me the green snotty contents and slowly pushing it into my own mouth.
Again my gag reflex kicked in as i bucked and jerked alnost gagging. Dont worry if your hungry we have plenty of food for you puppy although our bodies have digested most of the good stuff I'm sure theres still a small amount of nutrients in there.
They took turns spitting on me until all 4 now lit cigarettes whilst idily chatting, ignoring the bound captive man in a box.
I finally managed to swallow the snotty tissue as they casually flicked their collective ash into my mouth. One by one they dropped the used cigarette ends into my mouth but not before blowing any loose ash off so only the glowing embers remained. They listened quietly as each end sizzles on my tongue.
Letisha and girls then took turns blowing their noses and stuffing the 4 nasty tissues into my mouth. I hasn't yet managed to swallow the cigarettes at that point. They stood watching over me as the tissues slowly but surely disappeared. They took great delight in this before discussing what other things i could be used for.
I tried too zone out for fear of what maybe next.
I was helped from my wooden trunk before they attached a large cone around my neck. I could only see a very small amount above my head.
I'm now being dragged via the leash around my neck into another larger room. Tina then decided to explain what was happening, the cone around your neck is what we put on our dogs who've had surgery to prevent them from chewing the stitches out.
Your helpfull cone will become a shovel....... a collective laughter.
If you dont already know this is the exercise room but as with most dogs they won't mess where they sleep so this area tends to be their toilet. You have one hour to collect all the shit using your cone and place it into the waste bin in the corner. We don't expect you to eat any as we want your mouth as our toilet but if your hungry feel free they mused.

1 hour slave so get going........
I slumped almost defeated but knew i had to somehow get through this week and back to my wife and convince her this wasn't what i wanted. I wanted things back to normal and i realised only at that point that i was meant to be in an important meeting this morning. I could even lose my job...... then what....... I'm totally at her mercy then aswell.
I started crawling around on my hands and knees until i found the first pile of shit. I scooped it up quite easily but too quickly as it shot straight into my mouth. I shook my head quickly again trying to prevent vomiting. I found the bin and tipped the dog poo in quite easily.
After 30 mins or so i heard the door open and someone approach from behind, i felt something cold being applied to my cock and balls then a strange feeling in my arse.

Tina thought you needed some encouragement so that's a little bengay/deepheat to push you quicker she chuckled. I remember the open plug so it's also inside my anal passage. It begins to get warmer and warmer, I'm sweating profusely by this point almost charging round the room wimpering and crying.
I can find no more shit thankfully, as i wimpered at the door they came out and lead me outside to a chorus of barks from the other residents.
A hose is turned and I'm washed down including a rather high powered enema as they aim directly at the gaping ass plug.

I looked around to see around 15 dogs all in individual pens who were all barking, probably at the new strange looking hairless dog.
Awww does puppy want to play with her new friends? Yes i did say her as we only have male dogs at present and your no where near a man. Your much lower in the food chain sòmewhere below toilet and bin she laughed.
If your not well behaved we can always introduce you to some of the bigger males, it may even calm them down if we introduced a new bitch........again all 4 girls were now laughing. It was almost a game
who could push things the furthest. You'd need diapers for good then especially as 3 or 4 have about 12 inches and knots like tennis balls.
I tried to crawl away but i was tethered by that darn leash.
Thankfully Lisa led me back into the original room and back towards my trunk. I climbed in and onto my back as they placed what looked like a toilet seat above followed by the large funnel. Robin reappeared with large stacks of old newspapers folded in half. We keep these as spares for new dogs for messes but i think they'll be perfect for keeping you head exactly where we want it.......... under our asses.
I closed my eyes as darkness decented and all i could see was the outline of the clear plastic funnel.

The first torrent of piss with slight acid taste followed by a large burst of gas and a laugh. After that a squirt of watery shit filled my mouth as i tried to swallow. Non stop as it filled the funnel half way up the spout. As she lifted i could see how high the shit had filled the funnel. I saw a bleary figure then wipe n drop the dirty tissues in aswell. I couldnt keep up and my stomach burbled and gargled away. It seeped from my mouth towards my nose and down my chin.
Letisha must have noticed this and tore her now snotty tissue in half before rolling and twisting it and pushing 1 piece per side as far up my nostrils as possible. Looking quite pleased with herself, now it can only breath through his mouth it'll have to swallow faster.
I'm sure they were high fiving as i heard the flick of a lighter.
Gulp after gulp and it was gone although the tissue was stuck in the spout. Another ass lowered before some clumpy mess dropped in. Robin said dont worry puppy there's plenty left on the pad for you to suck on. Period blood was somehow even worse shit but not much.
The girls all took their turn with added cigarette ends.
I was then sick everywhere, all over myself and back up the funnel which came straight back down again.
At this point one of girls was also sick aiming directly at the funnel.
You'll pay for that bitch boi..........


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