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It started as a game Part 5

How could my life have changed so quickly within the space of a few weeks? where was my wife? How could she believe the lies Suzie has told her? Can I survive this week and if so I must try and reconcile with her by any mean necessary.

This is currently the only thought that keeps me both sane and the time passing albeit very slowly.

I was still trapped within my wooden trunk, the funnel no longer attached but the putrid stench and taste still lingered in my throat. From time to time one of the girls would visit if only to laugh at my sad predicament or maybe extinguish their cigarette or empty their bladders directly into my mouth.
Strangely I became slightly pleased just to see someone as the monotomy of just lying there was torture in itself.
That first day I have zero idea how I got through, only the vision in my mind replaying happy memories aided my quest for survival.
That evening the girls decided my trunk would make an excellent waste bin for piles of dog shit I'd earlier scooped up.
They aimed most of it my head until my vision was obscured completely but thankfully only a very small amount entered my mouth. I heard them laughing as they closed the lid again stating I stank. I have no doubt I did but it wasn't my own doing that's for sure.
I drifted in and out of sleep in the uncomfortable smelly prison, my head unable to move trapped between the mounds of newspapers and covered in dog shit.
I awoke with a jump as i nearly choked, my mouth filling with disgusting fluid or sludge. I realised it may now be morning and time for morning piss. Gagging as my mouth filled with slurry and i tried to raise my head and shake free from disgusting shit flooding in.
The girls were laughing as they sarcastically told me they were just washing me as if doing me a favour.
Shit is shit my little pig boi, you best get used to it.
By Thursday I had been forced eat every cigarette, dirty tissue, piss and shit the 4 could muster but I had survived everything so far I only needed to last one more day. Suzie had told Lisa I was hers for 5 days and tomorrow was the fifth day.

I awoke on the Friday morning feeling happy believe it or not, I knew I only had to get through the day and I'd be home. I could eventually remove the gag and speak to my wife. I'll plead, beg and reason with her to end this game. I didn't want to play any more, I just wanted my old life back. No matter what it took I was willing to try anything to win back her heart.

The morning passed without any of the girls even speaking near me or using me in anyway.
Eventually I was helped from the trunk and a black garbage sack pulled down over my head blacking out my vision as I was led through a series of doors and down corridors then outside into the open air.
I could only take small shallow breaths or the bag glued itself to my face stopping me from breathing.
I was then instructed to sit then lie down. My bum was low to the ground with my back and head reclined at a shallow angle. I could feel straps being applied around my waist, hands, ankles, thighs and chest until i could no longer move. The bag was then removed as I looked skywards.
The view was beautiful blue skies with the odd cloud passing by, but somehow I knew this would'nt last.
Lisa appeared overhead along with Tina and Robin.

Today shit head, your our guest of honour so to speak, as today is our monthly meeting but unfortunately for you its a feminist meeting, and shall we just say that men aren't fondly thought of. Letisha has informed us that our toilets are broken inside the building so we've had to make other arrangements. Thankfully Robin is a semiskilled DIY enthusiast and she built a new outdoor toilet. We've tested the internal plumbing this past week and....... well your still here aren't you they chuckled.

Needless to say you will be our toilet but Robin also thought that your old funnel leaked too much so shes found a new tubing section directly from the toilet bowl to nicely stretched mouth and with some added tape we hope to see zero leakage.

Now normally there's only 6-8 at these meetings but with you as our special guest the number have boosted to 12 today. You best be on your best behaviour and swallow every precious gifts and because there'll be no leaks, well anything that comes up goes back down so you'll only make things worse for yourself.
We've also left one of our flexible dongs to help push down any left overs or free any blockages.

A lid above me was then slowly closed with a large clear bowl type funnel attached underneath and the plumbing tube she mentioned was lowered towards my open mouth.
I couldn't quite believe what was happening as the tube pressed lower and lower, It was made to measure and fit snuggly into the gag before continuing down another inch to ensure nothing could leak.

Well we must get on my little toilet boi as the guests shall be arriving shortly. I hope you enjoy the party as much as we do.


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