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Jewelry For My Wife

Since my wife Beth began to cuckold me six months ago I have had to give her several items of jewelry which convey the stages of our changing relationship. The first was when we were out at a local mall and she led me into a shop that specializes in accessories. I followed her meekly, as always. Beth is sexy in a voluptuous way and nearly six feet tall. She turns men's heads wherever we go. I stand a modest five feet, three inches and am slender, so you can imagine what a sight we make alongside each other. As I said, I followed her without question. Besides being bigger (and stronger) than me, she is much more assertive. When we shop I'm with her to pay for everything and then carry the bags.

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Anyway, we went into that accessory shop and she headed straight for a rack of earrings. I was surprised because they were the flashy, oversized gold ones usually worn by Black girls. She picked several pairs and plunked them down in front of the cute young cashier. While I got out my wallet the two of them began to chat. To my horror, Beth announced that she had a boyfriend who wanted to see her wearing earrings like those -- and nothing else! The clerk glanced at me and then back at my wife.

"Oh no," she explained. "HE'S not my boyfriend. This shrimp is my husband. My boyfriend is a big Black stud who is really going to keep me happy in bed. This one..." She eyed me up and down and shook her head. "he couldn't satisfy any woman with his puny equipment."

I felt myself blush furiously at her public description of my sexual inadequacy. And what was she saying about having a Black stud boyfriend? I numbly paid for her purchase and accepted it afterward. To the cashier my wife said, "So long, Abby."

I understood at once that they already knew each other. That did a little to soften the blow of being 'outed' as a bedroom failure, but not much. And I still didn't know if Beth was serious about having a boyfriend. I hurried to keep up with my wife's long-legged stride through the mall, constantly aware that men were enjoying the sight of her and that she was appreciating their lustful looks. Even I, despite my upset, couldn't take my eyes off her broad, jutting backside as it swayed in front of me. Beth kept walking until she turned into one of the restaurants the mall features. We sat down in a back booth and a pretty waitress took her order. When the girl with the pad turned to me my wife announced that I would just have a glass of milk and a hot dog. The waitress managed not to snicker at my obiviously subservient role.

When she had gone I turned questioningly to my wife. "What?" Beth said impatiently. "Didn't I tell you about Jimmy?" She sighed with exasperation. "Listen, stupid, what did you think I was going to do? You know you can't please me between the sheets with that little boy dick of yours that shoots before you can get it all the way into me. The only thing you're any good at is using your mouth on my pussy. Isn't that right?" I had to nod reluctant agreement. "Well then, that's why I started seeing Jimmy. He's a guy who works for a company my boss is starting to deal with. I came on to him at the office and he was as turned on by me as I was by him. In fact, we're going on our first date tonight and I expect to get laid. Do you have a problem with that?"

I tried to answer but couldn’t form words. At last I just bowed my head and mumbled that I guessed she had to get it out of her system.

"Out of my system? You've got it wrong, idiot. I have to get something INTO my system. Something about triple the size of your three inch dick." Beth laughed at me and took out her cellphone to call one of her girlfriends.

When we got home my wife went upstairs to get changed. She told me to sit on the couch and wait. I fidgeted nervously for almost an hour, trying to think of some way to prevent her from seeing another man. She finally returned, wearing a brief clinging black dress, dark stockings, and heels. It was impossible to miss the large heavy rings swinging from her ears. I got up and stood uneasily, still at a total loss for words. A knock sounded at our front door and she snapped at me to go answer it. I opened the door and was paralyzed to confront a tall, broad shouldered Black man, wearing casual but expensive shirt and slacks.

He grinned wryly down at me. "You must be Beth's loser of a husband. Get out of my way, wimp."

I just about jumped aside and heard Beth laugh from behind me. By the time I closed the door and turned around they were in a hot embrace, sharing a deep kiss. I nearly started to cry. They stepped away from each other but were still close enough for Jimmy to run his hands up and down my wife's body, enjoying her substantial curves.

Then he strode up to me, so close that I cringed. One of his big powerful hands came up and settled on my shoulder. "Listen, sucker," he told me. "We'll be out for a couple hours. I've decided we'll come back here and have sex right in your own bed. And you're going to watch. That ought to make it clear even to a jerk like you that your wife is mine now. When we get back you're going to have Beth's sexiest nightie laid out on the bed so she can wear it for me. Right now you can strip, because a hopeless mess like you doesn't deserve to wear anything. Besides, I want to see if your cock is as tiny and laughable as Beth keeps telling me it is."

For a moment I was too stunned to react. Then Jimmy gave my shoulder a sharp squeeze. I yelped and began unbuttoning my shirt. He went back to Beth and resumed fondling her. When I was naked he checked me over and let out a deep scornful chuckle. He told Beth he wasn't surprised she needed a real man to fill her bed... and her pussy.

As they swept out the door I stood there without a stitch on, fearful someone might see me from the street. They got into Jimmy's new expensive car and were gone. In a daze I went upstairs and sorted through my wife's lingerie. I couldn't believe I was selecting her hottest bedroomwear to turn on the man who was going to make a cuckold of me. I got aroused just handling her silky underthings. My undersized cock stood at attention as I settled on a supershort pink nightie with matching crotchless panties. I arranged them on the bed and began to sob.

As Jimmy had said, they were gone for several hours. When they returned I had to let them in, still naked. The sight of me triggered fresh laughter. I followed them upstairs to the bedroom and then was sent down to fetch a bottle of chilled wine and two glasses. I returned to find Beth wearing only those earrings, as Jimmy had wanted her. They stood there with their arms around each other while I struggled to twist the cap off the wine and then poured for them. Beth made a toast "To finally having some fantastic sex in this house". They drained their glasses and, as I refilled them, she put on the scanty outfit. Jimmy made a comment about how much I must want her to get laid if I picked out something that hot. I could only stare at my tantalizing wife and wish it was me she was being so seductive for. Of course, that wasn't going to happen. It had been two weeks since I had even had sex with her. Since then she had just been making me go down on her every few days, so that now I was extremely horny and couldn't help but get an erection. That provoked more amusement. And then they got into bed.

It's painful even to go into the details, so let me just say that he was indeed three times as large as me where it counts and had endless stamina. They completed one long bout of lovemaking, rested for fifteen minutes, had another glass of wine, and went at it again. By the time they were done their second, much longer and more drawn out session, I knew I had lost my wife to this other man.

Three weeks later Beth got her next piece of jewelry. She made me go with her to a jeweler, took off her gold wedding band, and handed it to him. My wife explained that she wanted to have it re-sized, reduced to a toe ring. I was stunned. After nearly a month of her having sex with Jimmy, in every room of our home it seemed, I could still be shocked. A few days later she sent me in to pick it up. The jeweler peered closely at me. Had she told him about our new arrangement? When I returned home she made me kneel before her, remove her shoes, and ceremoniously place the ring on her toe. Then she announced that I could 'kiss the bride'. When I rose and tried to take her in my arms she pushed me away.

"Not like that, you jerk. You can kiss my foot. In fact, you can kiss my feet everyday. It'll be a good way to remind you of your status in this marriage."

Trembling, I got down and kissed her toes. She kept me down there for over ten minutes. When I was at last allowed to stand I had an unwanted hard-on and there was a small wet spot on the crotch of my trousers.

"What a pervert!" she said. "Now you're getting off on having your mouth on my toes. And they weren't even washed. Well, if that's the way you like them, Kinky Boy, I'll try to keep them dirty for you to kiss and lick and suck clean. Anything to keep my husband happy." I wanted to explain that my physical reaction was because I still hadn't had any sexual relief. I was in need all the time. But I had learned since she started seeing Jimmy that I wasn't to speak unless told to. Instead I simply stood there, the front of my pants still tented out, biting my lower lip. Beth made a disgusted snorting sound and said she was going to have to do something about my inability to keep my little dick down.

Ten days later a small package arrived in the mail. I was on tenterhooks until Jimmy came over the next night and they opened it in front of me. It was a male chastity tube. Beth had gotten the smallest size, she made a point to tell me, to fit my miniscule member. They made me get an icepack from the fridge, strip, and hold the freezing container against my penis until until I had shrunk to even smaller than usual dimensions. Then Beth slipped the device on and -- to my dismay -- locked it. After all that time without an orgasm I was being put into a state where I had absolutely no chance of gaining relief without being freed. She sat on the couch with Jimmy and, while they made out, I had to orally serve her feet to 'thank' her for helping me control my erections.

When I was allowed to stand again my penis had swollen the little bit it could in its confinement, so that the tube was sticking straight out. The head of my organ wasn't in the tube, so it was the only part that could enlarge -- and be touched. Beth reached under her short skirt and removed her panties. She stroked my face with them, brushed the satiny material over my receptive nipples, and then used them to tease the end of my cock without actually touching it herself. I nearly went crazy with frustration. She got so turned on by my suffering that the two of them had sex right there on the carpet in front of me, while my yearning continued to mount. Then, when Jimmy pulled out, I was introduced to a new humiliation. The powerfully built Black man told me to get my face between my wife's thighs and lick her pussy until it was completely clean. I gagged but, by that time so used to obeying, got down there and performed the disgusting task. That became a regular duty for me. My wife wanted to think up something similar on her own and decided I should kiss her ass on command. That quickly escalated to French kissing her there.

The most recent piece of jewelry Beth has gotten, after the earrings and the wedding-band toe-ring, managed to surprise me once again. It was just last week. I was feeling miserable because my frustration had mounted so terribly that all I could think of was release. Going to work and seeing the secretaries in my office, shopping and seeing women in pretty clothes, even watching television had become torture for me. Beth had been out on a date with Jimmy. She came home alone and I was waiting, naked as ordered, inside the door. I followed her upstairs, knowing that she was going to tease me to the limits of frustration and make me use my mouth on her. First she sat on the edge of the bed and made me remove her shoes for a prolonged session of foot worship. Then she stood and turned her back to me. As she undressed I couldn't contain a moan of need. She bent forward and 'allowed' me to kiss her ass, long and deep. But it was when she turned around and fell back onto the bed that I saw what she had done and got the cruelest surprise of all.

Beth had gotten her navel pierced. There was a ring through the piercing. And hung on the ring was the key to my chastity tube. So now, every time I have to go down on her, whether because she's not seeing Jimmy that night, or to get her extra wet for sex when she is seeing him, or to lap her clean of their combined fluids, the key that prevents me from gaining any relief week after week will be right there where I'll be aware of it and still unable to use it, to add to my torment at being a hopeless cuckold, the laughingstock plaything of my wife and her Black lover. And I have a dreadful feeling that the key I'll be staring at so longingly every day will never be used. NEVER.

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  1. I would do anything to be a cuckold man. I really want to be a full human toilet for both the bull and her. I want to clean both her and the bull after sex. I want to be a sissy as well.
    It is what it is. I am really Most Envious of you men with that life stile.
    Signed by Most Envious


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