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Killing the competition Part 2

“Ughh…” Rogers eyes opened to the sight of a fresh twenty-three year old athletes tight asshole.

Her freakishly large shit from yesterday still stretched from below his left eye directly under his nose to his chin. It had softened slightly and flattened out against his face. She could not have been waiting long, Maddie was a busy girl.

“Open your mouth.” She grabbed one of his fingers and raised her eyebrows. “Now.”

“Please, Maddie” His finger began to bend. “Ahh!”

“Good pig... now, I can't speak from experience here but If my farts smell as bad at they sound, which they most definitely do.Then I bet my shit tastes just as stale as the air you breath when I fart in your face.” The seat creaked under her weight as she adjusted.”You know what, just go ahead and tell me in a couple of seconds fag.”

“I don't wa-” A hearty squeal emanated from her toned ass. It was a heavy stale smell.

Rodger squinted his eyes and raised the left corner of his lip. “Uhh, God Madd-” He made a hard cough.

“Taste shit fag.”

A brown bead began to slowly emerge from Maddie’s ass it continually grew larger. Rogers whimpered pathetically as it began to work its way into his mouth and settle in the back of his throat. Maddie’s asshole seemed to continually squeeze out more. The mass finally fell out limply and hung outside the corner of his mouth but its weight continued to push against the back of his throat.

Maddie looked down between her legs. “I'm sure you can tell I'm big into nutrition and health by the fact I nearly just buried you alive with a single shit huh? A nice big shit for an even bigger loser.

The seat creaked as she stood Roger gasped and watched her jeans stretch around her toned butt. The lid slammed in his exhausted face. Sleep no longer came; he could not tell time just that he had been shat on multiple times. It must have been at least a couple of days.

Maddie lifted the seat. She wore a pair of tight dark grey workout tights with a light grey hexagonal pattern. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail off slightly to her right side. It was the most beautiful he had seen her.

Rogers squinted, his left eye had swollen shut “Houh meny ays, Roger said in a weak voice.

“Days? It's only been about seven hours.You're only my toilet for 2 more days.”

He raised his eyebrows and looked up at Maddie with wide eyes.

“Surprised by how frequently I shit on your face? Don't be.” She flexed her arms. “See I'm a growing girl, it's normal. I can't maintain this with just a few salads right?” Maddie looked to her arms. “I mean look at those muscles.”

Maddie’s enthusiastic smile made Rodger forget about the shit he was festering. His lips stretched and pulled around the athlete's massive shit as he jockeyed it to a more comfortable position. It made a wet clicking sound as it moved.

“Lets see em’ Rodge she nudged his sleeve up with a shoe.” Maddie laughed yep nothing, my girls definitely put your flabby arms to shame huh? feel pathetic yet?”

Rodgers lowered his eyes away and made a small cough that shot a spurt of brown filth into the air it splatter back onto his face. Maddies massive shit was solid and dense like clay. The end sharply pressed against the back of his throat as it became more slippery. His lips tightened around its girth for support which made it seem like he was sucking.

“Tastes good huh loser?” Maddie raised an eyebrow and her smile grew larger. She rested one foot on the rim of his bucket and massaged calf muscle. Her teeth scratched against her lower lip. “Feel my calf Roger.” His hand grasped around her slender ankle right above her white ankle sock. He felt her smooth skin as his hand progressed up her leg. His fingers stretched open as her calf seemed to abruptly bulge it felt strong and solid. Roger finally reached the border of her tights stretched around her mid calf. He felt weak not just because how strong Maddie was but how much she had to consume to maintain it. Now that he smelled and tasted everything that came out of her ass feeling her muscular legs was a sick form of torture. The more he suffered the stronger and more beautiful she would become.

“Your interactions with me should have always been like they are now. limited to staring at my asshole, tasting my shit. listening to wet farts and smelling my rancid gas. You don't shake my fucking hand you fucking crawl pathetically to my ass on your hands and knees press your nose against my asshole and wait for me to decide how sick I want to make you. That's why you have been spending so much time staring up at my pretty pink asshole loser.”

Rodger couldn't help but laugh at how stupid what she said sounded, how crazy this bitch was to believe in such logic.

Maddie opened her mouth slightly and raised an eyebrow, her breath grew louder. “Did you just fucking mock me?” Maddie's tongue pushed against the tip of her upper lip. “I’ve got just the thing for putting disgusting pigs in their place you know.” She began to daintily pack the rest of her shit deep into his mouth with the tip of her running shoe. “You want to die down there Rodge?”

His cheeks stretch. Roger became teary eyed he sniffled and attempt to shake his head in his bucket.

“You already regret pissing me off, hmm? I'm not very forgiving though.” Maddie looked down to her protein shake in one hand. Protein is one of my favorite tools for punishment too. It builds muscle but for anyone unfortunate enough to be on the other end it's just a series of long, hot, and wet unbearable farts.

Rogers eyes followed nervously.

Her teeth pulled back on her lower lip. “Does it make you sick to think about me drinking this now? She began shaking her protein.

Roger watched it turn thick with bubbles. His eyes grew wide. “Mmm?”

She looked at her drink with that innocent Maddie smile for a moment and raised it near the tips of her lips.

Roger frantically grasped her ankle. “Mmm!”

She looked down at his hand clutching her ankle. “I'm going to make you watch me drink every last fucking drop now pig.”

She tipped her drink back and started a large swallow. Rogers grip tightened and his head frantically slid around in his bucket.

She continued guzzling.

“Mmm! MMMM!!!”

Maddie made an awkward snort as she laughed. A few drops of her shake shot from her nose. She quickly lowered the drink and squeegeed the corner of her lip with the back of her hand. She couldn't hide her smile or blushing face. “Start swallowing shit fag or I’m going to bury you alive next time we meet.” Maddie ran her hand across the contours of her ass. “You don't want your last achievement in life to have been knowing where every last, individual freckle was on my little pale white ass, huh loser?”


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