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Killing the Competition Part 1

Their office rivalry was just beginning or at least for her it was. Maddie a twenty-three year old had an internship with a small successful up and coming software company like Google a very rich and fulfilling company whom loved their employees to death. Her competition was a twenty-eight year old man named Roger or as people called him “Rodge” they were both the top candidates to hire on but only one could make it regardless of being told another spot would probably open, but they knew this to be a lie. The company really had a connection with Roger “He had really turned his life around” executives would say. Rodger was a little heavier than others but was steadily losing weight. Incredibly likeable someone always had a viral video to share with him they loved his reactions. He was doing well he began taking the stairs to his tenth floor community office taking charge of his life and future.


If Maddie was the troll under the bridge Roger was the smallest of the three billy goats gruff. A good looking troll at that Maddie was athletic, her blond hair was a light creamy color that complemented her fair white skin nicely. Her blue eyes stood out like two sapphires in snow. She was an innocent looking girl mostly because of her slightly upturned nose.

Maddie hated Roger, though she did hate most secretly. His labored breathing was a nuisance as he waddled past her office on the ninth it was disturbing for her. She herself was a health nut everything she ate needed a purpose not just empty calories would due. Maddie was a bully and she confronted Roger in the stairs that day.

“Why don't you just stop Roger?”

Roger smiled sincerely “I apologize for any commotion Maddie. This Stairwell is... or can be awfully echoey. I'll change the route up for you.”

Roger began up the stars again. Her hand intercept him quickly grabbing the handrail.

“No Roger use elevator.” Her eyes flashed over his body. All discussing pigs take that route.

Roger was speechless. His eyebrows rose.


“Shhh.” Maddie pushed herself against him her hand grabed his collar. “You see I'm dangerous like an addiction Rodge.”

She looked down slightly in shyness and returned to his eyes. “And just like an addiction I’m going to slowly ruin your life.” Her innocent smile teetered from the corner of her lip.

She continued to push him precariously against the railing with her body. He looked back and began to grow nervous. Rodger sank in defense with his back against the railing. The mental bars now forced the side of his face against her toned stomach. He inhaled in the smell of Maddie's milky white skin through her light t-shirt. Her Stomach than crushed his face, all breathing stopped.

Rogers pushed back against her in revolt but Maddie continued push her toned stomach against his face more harshly.

“You know what I love about suffocation? It's painful, but leaves no evidence...”

Maddie's eyes wander for a second, she grabbed a tuft of his hair and stared him down. “No matter how long you fucking do it.”

“Mmm!” Rogers tried to free his head in desperation but Maddie rolled every direction he turned smothering him. He began tugging on her white cotton shirt in desperation his face turned bright red.

Maddie released.

Rodgers fell over onto his right side and gasped.


“You'll be fired for this!” Said Roger.

“Who's going to believe you? Adorable innocent little Maddie beat you up in the stairwell? Tried to kill you?”

Maddie scribbles something on a piece of paper. This is my address you will be there tonight. She pressed her running shoe against Rogers face. “Or I will continue to torture you here. Either Way you will suffer it's just there is a whole lot less suffering involved when you do what I say.”

“Remember be there,” Said Maddie as she began to walk away. “Or pray to God I don't ever find you alone,” She said over her shoulder.

That Friday night Rogers did not show up at Maddie’s house nor on Monday did he use either of the stairs. He showed up in rush hour and stepped into a crowded elevator.

Safe the thought he had made it to his cubicle and sat with a sigh of relief. He was not sure if Maddie was joking, had forgot or was fucking crazy but Roger was going to take no chances.

“Sam, over here! Said Roger in a whispered.

Sam skidded to a halt and bounded into the cubicle, they huddled. What's up?”

“Look!” Rogers pointed at Maddie from across the office. Their noses barely pressed over the cubicle divider.

"So what?"

"She is legitimately the devil."

"Oh shit!" Maddie caught sight of them snooping.

She made a huge smile and leaned back waving with her arm straight out. The same kind of smile you make in school pictures when you are seven.

“What a cutiepie.” Said Sam.

Sam leaned his head towards Roger’s and raised his eyebrows. "Little sweet pea Maddie?" Sam slapped Rogers back and laughed “You have much bigger things to worry about.” Sam walked away.

Roger looked back to Maddie there was an unhealthy amount of hatred in her sweet eyes now, it chilled him. An employee passed in front of Maddie and she was gone. Roger looked around frantically He sat back in his chair slowly slowly hugging himself and shook his head. Immediate he felt cold hands on his shoulders.

“Hi.” said Maddie in an emotionless voice.

Maddie began rubbing his shoulders. And laughed softly.

Roger caught sight of the tight grey long sleeve shirt she was wearing pulled taut against the curves of her toned arms. Roger immediately stiffened and closed his eyes.

She put her lips against his ear “Closing your eyes won't make me fucking disappear.” Her hands felt as if they siphoned the warmth from his body.

Hey Rodge Maddie! Get the lead out meeting time!

Maddie exhaled and rolled her neck to the side clenching her teeth. Her nails dug into his shoulders.

Rogers managed to avoid any contact with Maddie and all events of isolation he regained his confidence. Maddie was furious it's affected her negatively she has been late twice and is behind in paperwork her beautiful blond hair became more frizzy with every day. Justice at work Rogers thought. Maddie has underestimated him.

“Yes, fuck you Maddie!” Roger said to himself.

Friday Rogers decided to come in early to knock out some extra work. Fifteen minutes in the office and it's still a ghost town. Roger is startled by the sound of a crackling water bottle and a sigh of relief. Maddie entered his cubicle and lifted herself onto his desk his papers fell behind it and stuck to her sweaty thighs and hands. The twenty-three year old was wearing blue running shorts as silky as her creamy thighs.

“I was beginning to think I would never have a good day this week.” She pulled her knee to her chest and hugged it chin resting on top.

“Early day? Getting ahead in your paperwork? Hmmm. You know...I could probably do with a couple of those since I've been late a couple times this week. Ever since last Friday things have been so shity for me.” Maddie extended one of her toned creamy legs and hovered her running shoe above his lap.

Maddie bit her lower lip slightly as she stared at her shoe. She sat back, papers crackled and her shy blue eyes now looked to Roger.

“Go ahead and take my shoe off.”

He pushed her foot away.

Maddie kicked his chest. “Now!”


Rodgers watched the room flip upside down He partially remembers stairs. He woke in the twenty-three year old's cubicle two dazed to efficiently fight from being crushed beneath her desk. And soon he was looking up two sweaty milky white thighs from his cramped prison.

Maddie peeked under the desk

Rodger made a groan.

She pulled a shredder between her legs.“Remember what I said about doing what I say? That it's less painful.”

Rodgers hands felt numb the twenty-three year old sadist had rope binding them behind his back a black leash lead from his neck to Maddie's hand.

“Hello?” She placed a foot on his chest and yanked back with her fist on the leash it sank into his neck.

Rogers began to struggle.

“You have some very nice pictures on your desk, hmm?” Maddie said dangling one in front of him.

Rogers forces out a croak from his crushed throat. He looked up in terror, his bulging red eyes jumped randomly between picture, Maddie's clutch on his leash, and to her sadistic smile.

“Just think, you could have avoided this if you would have just taken a few minutes to play with my feet.”

The shredder made a wailing grinding sound.

Rodgers slammed his back against the desk a few times and let out a screeching gargle As he watched his picture disappear forever.

She raises her eyebrows “You don't like that? Hmm how about you clean my shoes while you watch pig.” Maddie pulls on the leash harder Rodgers tongue protruded grossly from his mouth. He began to make choking sounds.

Maddie curled her tongue around her upper lip and lowered her eyebrows. She carefully rested the heel of her running shoe on his tongue.


The twenty-three year old dragged it down the length of his tongue. She shredded some more of his memories, one item at a time taking a few seconds to be sure he saw the picture and that he was getting all the filth off the bottom of her shoe.

Maddie paused and released his neck.
She worked her sweaty running shoes off of her feet they made a hollow thud on the ground. Maddie showcased the bottoms of her worn ankle socks in front of his face. I’ve ran more this week in these socks than you probably have in your entire life. She stretched and wiggled her toes. He could tell by how they moved that she was proud of the fact that they were so worn out and pungent.

"Smell between my fucking toes."

Rogers watched Maddie slowly work his nose into the grey moist fabric of her sock pulling back on the leash. His breathing turned horse and his nose produced a whistling sound with its limited air flow.

“Tonight my house fucker!”

Roger took a long sniff of vinegar and sweat as he watched the rest of his favorite memories disappear.

“Now when you try to remember any of these you'll just think of my sweaty feet!”

Maddie wiggled her toes and smiled.

Maddie was ruining his chances of getting the dream career. He had to go to her house and confront her and see what her deal was.

Rodger knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

Maddie seemed extra excited. Roger walked in he heard the deadbolt lock. Fear grips him. Maddie jumped on his back a cloth was pushed against his face He could not reach Maddie and fell to his knees dizzily.

Maddie Dragged his unconscious body into the basement then to the middle of the concrete floor where restraints were fastened. She locked both his legs down and secured his arms with rope with enough slack where they could still move somewhat.

Rogers came through. He blinked his eyes slowly and began to raise his eyebrows. “Ughhh.”

Maddie stood over him an orange bucket. It puzzled him. Such an unusual bucket with a toilet seat attached to the top. Rogers lethargically rolled his head to the side and made a small laugh at the silly contraption. He shakes his head with a smile.

"Comon’ fatness snap out of it! Hello?" Maddie presses her shoe against his face.

Roger regained his composure and returned to examine the device in confusion. “Ugh.”

Maddies shoes made a rough rubbery squeak against the floor as she bent down with the bucket. The hard plastic made a steady rumble against the cement floor as it was pulled over his head. The bucket was smaller than he had expected. Roger had about one inch to turn his head in any direction so he was forced to look up in cramped confines. He was put at ease as Maddie's soft warm hands worked around his neck it was calming to watch and see her in concentration. He even caught a warm smile from the fair skin blonde for a second as she worked. His fear soon returned however as the layers of plastic tightened uncomfortably around his neck sealing him in.

Rogers looked up at Maddie. She slowly lowered the toilet seat. His palms pressed against the cold floor. “Oh my God no.”

Maddie unzipped her pants she kept her eye contact with Roger as she turned around playfully showing off her tight blue jean clad ass. A quick shimmied and her milky white butt cheeks pop out of her jeans. She looked over her shoulder and smiled down on Roger.

“Do you honestly think you are going to get away with this? People will look for me. I didn't think you were that fucking stupid” Said Roger.

“You’re calling me stupid? Wow okay?” Maddie cocked her eyebrows and made a confused face. “You’re fucking looking up from a toilet at girl who just showed you her bare ass and you are fine with calling her stupid?”

Maddie bit the first knuckle on her finger, She shook her head and began to lower her butt.


Maddie’s butt pressed against the toilet seat. The plastic creaked and moaned under the weight of her firm milky white butt cheeks. Her ass bulged through the seat slightly leaving a whiteish ring where the seat pressed against her ass. Maddie allowed a small gap between her creamy thighs. It cast a ray of light into the otherwise orange hue glow of the bucket. He caught a blue eye and part of a curious smile through her gap.

“Apologize and fucking tell me you’re stupid.”

Roger looked up through maddie's creamy thighs. His voice shook Maddie I-I’m incredibly fucking stupid I'm very sorry.

“Perfect and I completely agree. Now smell my fucking farts loser.”


An incredibly short piercing fart left maddie's ass. The seat creaked again as the twenty-three year old’s solid ass leaned to one side. A high squeal came from her ass. She quickly reached back and pulled her right butt cheek to the side increasing the humid breeze across rodgers face and filling his prison with her sulfuric stench.

Rogers eyes bulged as his fight or flight response kicked in. He coughed and choked violently on Maddie's rot his stomach heaving in and out. Nails scratched the floor and his feet kicked fruitlessly against the restraints.

Maddie rolled back onto both cheeks

“What can you do? And where can you go to escape the foul stench of my ass.”

Rodgers coughed and lasheed out.


The inside of the bucket darkened slightly only the orange glow remained.

Roger breathed heavily he felt revitalized after dealing such a devastating blow to Maddie.

Roger looks up with satisfaction Maddie's strong creamy legs were crossed now. He felt one of her feet planted on his chest and saw the rough silhouette of her other leg crossed over steadily bouncing impatiently. It was incredibly quiet with her thigh gap closed. He heard Maddie quickly thumbing through her book to find where she had left off.

Roger eyes quickly darted around nervously on the inside of the orange bucket’s walls his breathing increased and his hands nervously surveyed as much of the exterior which the restraints allowed.

Roger’s hearts jumped as the seat above him began to creak loudly and bend. Maddie was rocking her intimidating ass back and forth slowly to part her cheeks thus exposed her pink asshole to him. Short curly light blond hairs randomly surround its edges. Her ass made a disgusting gurgling sound.

Rodgers squeezes his eyes shut and his nails dug into the hard plastic. Book pages continued to crackle above him.

He couldn't take the silence she was playing with his head.

“Maddie I'm… it's just I don't-”

Maddie's asshole began to bulge at the sound of his voice.

Rodgers turned his head and squeezed his eyes.

Her asshole slowly contracted back and relief came over Roger. A faint rumble again emanated from her ass.

“What did I ever fucking do!”

A small wet fart was followed by steady expanding and contracting of the twenty-three year old's anus. It produced a wet brown sheen over her tender pink hole.

Rodger whimpered, tears rolled down his cheeks. The brown liquid from the asshole of the hearty twenty-three year old athlete began to steadily ooze onto rogers forehead.
Roger hollered, he scratched at the outside of the bucket like a rabid animal. He widened his eyes and shrieked, shaking his head around in an attempt to avoid Maddies dribbles in the confines of her bucket, But there wasn't room.

The twenty-three year old girl patiently continued to turn the page of her book. Goosebumps erupt around Maddy's asshole.

After a few minutes Rogers tantrum faded. He cried, his voice was high and pathetic. “Maddie!” Rodgers sniffles “You're gonna make me sick.

Immediately after his words Maddie's stomach made a long bubbling gurgle. He felt Maddie put both feet on his chest. Her asshole bulged violently. The brown liquid around her asshole began to bubble and froth.

As Rodger began to scream a steady watery hiss began to leave through the athletes asshole it sprayed the brown ooze across his face until the hiss dissipated into a nauseating bubbling sound. The tips of Maddie's shoes dug into his chest. A long high pitched wailing fart began leave her ass.

Roger threw up slightly in his mouth.

The squeal abruptly stopped as her asshole began to stretch around a brown mass. Her muscles began to slowly work shit out of her butt it began to slide out and landed on the side of rogers face.

Rogers cried and shouted he slammed his fists against the sides of the bucket. Suddenly they turned into coughs and wheezes. Maddie had begun to piss, the stream danced aimlessly around his face. His eyes and sinuses burned as he breathed in Maddie’s vapors. The pain was unbearable so he was forced to open his mouth to breath. Piss trickled into his mouth, the stream stopped.

Maddie opened her legs and reached between her butt cheeks with toilet paper.

Rodger began coughing up piss into the air. “Please!”

She showed him the brown shit stuck her toilet paper and pushed it to the side of his head. She went for another wipe but her hand stopped short Maddie looked down at roger with a stern face. “Taste my fucking piss and breath in my wet farts faggot. A low wet bubbling guttural fart quickly followed her voice.

Maddie thoroughly wiped her ass. The space around Rogers head is now filled with piss and shit caked toilet paper.

The seat slowly peeled from her ass and landed with a hard plastic thud. She turns around and buttoned her tight jeans. Maddie looks revitalized and refreshed. As she lowers the toilet seat for the night the cries from roger became muffled.

You awake? Hey! I would say good morning but It looks like you spent all night sniffin’ shit. Maddie said holding up her Greek yogurt and smiling.

Roger was greeted early that morning by two creamy white butt cheeks. Maddie was already sitting above him with her grey sweat pants pulled down to her knees.
She pulled the tinfoil top of her yogurt and dropped her spoon in.

"You know when we first started this."Maddie pulled her spoon out of the yogurt and examined it she hovered it in front of her mouth.

“This whole ahh… toilet thing. I really wanted to impress you.” The plastic clicks against her teeth.

“I thought you know... I needed to eat beans or whatever.” Maddie rolled her eyes and shook her head. “I guess I was thinking of a diet to really maximize your suffering.” I really failed to realize how much-” Maddie paused abruptly.

She leaned to the left and her asshole let out a shrill squeak across rodgers face.

"How much more is to this, that eating anything healthy combined with exercising I have noticed…” Maddie's lips smacked against her Greek yogurt “hmm yea” she said with a full mouth than twirling her spoon down towards Roger. “That wet farts really do get the most groans from you. There is a lot to do with the sound itself and that's really when I notice a difference between your cries. It fills you with fear. Is it just another fart? Or is it just the beginning of one long steamy fucking toilet session?

With two fingers Maddie scoops a mound of yogurt and pushes it between he but cheeks.

"What do you think rodge?"

"Please Maddie!"

I asked you a fucking question?

It sounded like you need to shit…

“Thats fucking right.”



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