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Mom dominates lazy son with ballbusting and scissors

Betty was fuming. The kitchen was a mess from where her 19-year-old lazy son Rob and his friends had eaten - after stumbling home drunk at 3 in the morning. She slipped into a t-shirt and knee-length shorts and set about cleaning up, barefoot, feeling the dirt on the floor grind under her soles, making her angrier still.

She was not pleased. The kid didn't work, didn't go to school and only thought about partying. As she loaded up plastic bags of crap and hauled them out to the trashcans in the dirt driveway, she got more pissed especially hearing her son's snoring come from his room. It was 10 a.m.

She finished and was just sitting down on a kitchen stool for a cup of coffee, looking in disgust at the filthy soles of her feet, when he stumbled into the kitchen in his underwear.

"Robbie, the mess you left last night was inexcusable," she growled.

Robbie scratched his balls and Betty caught a glimpse of the tiny nub of his cock. He yawned.

"Yeah, and your point is?" he wisecracked, walking to the 'fridge and opening it to bend over to look inside. "About time you cleaned up this fucking shithole anyway. It's your job."

Betty snapped. She got up calmly and walked behind Robbie, who was still bent into the 'fridge, his legs spread slightly. Betty smiled and let fly with her right foot, connecting between his legs with a sickening thud, the instep crashing into his balls.

"OWWWWWW!" he screamed, pitching headfirst inside the 'fridge and knocking aside its contents.

He flipped to his back, legs still spread, and before he could clutch his wounded nuts in pain, Betty stomped him solidly with her foot into his nuts, this time with her sole, grinding it hard, her teeth clenched in anger, her face a mask of determination. Randy's eyes shot open in terror, his hands clutching the amazingly muscular calf of the foot that was destroying his balls.

"Young man, you WILL respect me and you WILL do what you are told," Betty growled, twisting her foot into his battered balls, delighting in the expression of fear on his face. "Now since my feet became so filthy cleaning up your mess, you will now clean my feet! With your tongue!!"

"" Robbie hissed with labored breath, a hint of defiance left in his voice.

Betty smiled and stepped off his nuts, leaving him to grovel on the floor in a ball, his hands in his crotch. She backed off and sat down, crossing her sexy legs, wagging a dirty foot toward her moaning son. He slowly recovered and stood, angry now that the pain was subsiding, and stormed toward his mother.

"Why you fucking BITCH!!!" he screamed.

Betty calmly stood and delivered a brutal upward thrust of her thigh into his balls as he approached her. HE screamed in pain and tried to slump to the floor, but she held him up in her strong arms - and slammed that thigh up into his nuts again and again, four times in all until he went totally limp in her arms.

"You were saying, young man?" she growled, turning to lean him against the kitchen counter and slam his nuts again, taking great delight in feeling them mash flat against the plank-like hardness of her toned thigh.

She flipped him up onto the counter now, a stand-alone affair in the middle of the kitchen, his legs spread before her, his head hanging off the other side, lolling back and forth in delirious pain and humiliation. She held his knees apart, sat in the kitchen stool and drove her head down hard, her forehead connecting with his balls, mashing them flatter still. He was weak from pain and couldn't even bring his legs together, so Betty rammed a hand into his underwear and brutally gripped his wounded package, squeezing it viciously until she felt the meat of his balls ooze between her fingers. She stood and leaned over him, using her other hand to grip his hair and bring his tear-stained face to within inches of his.

"I said you WILL suck these feet clean, boy, do you understand?" she hissed, her hot breath in his face. "Or do you want Mommy to squeeze her little boy's little balls until they fucking POP!!!"

For emphasis, she squeezed hard, and Robbie's body went stiff in pain, his eyes bugging open.

"Please...Mommy...stop...." He begged.

Betty laughed in his face and squeezed harder.

"Hmmm, what's this I feel next to those bird balls of yours, Robbie? Is that a Slim Jim in your pants or are you glad to see me!"

She let go and stood back, laughing as Robbie slumped to the floor in pain. Betty hopped up on the counter and sat, crosslegged, waving the top foot in his direction.

"Sit in that stood and lick my foot clean," she growled. "Do it now or you'll never see your balls again."

Robbie groaned and weakly sat in the chair, looking in disgust at his mother's filthy sole of her right foot.

"Suck," she said.

Robbie moaned and put his mouth up to her foot, kissing the grimy bottom. Betty was incensed and brought up her other foot alongside his head, scissoring his neck in her meaty, muscular calves, legs honed by years of running and working out and looking not at all as sexy and young as the legs of a 51-year-old woman should look. She locked her feet behind his head and crushed his neck in her calves.

"Did I say KISS my foot, Robbie?" she seethed, taking pleasure in watching his face turn beet red in the clamp of her muscular, slender calves. "No, I said SUCK my foot, SUCK it and tongue it until it's clean!"

She unscissored his neck and he slumped to the chair. She lifted her foot and this time he obeyed to the letter, attaching his mouth to her dirty sole and licking it clean, sucking the wrinkled, filthy skin of the bottom of Betty's sexy foot, running his mouth up and down, snaking his tongue over the skin and between her toes until it shone with his saliva and was sparkling clean.

"Good, good," Betty hissed. "Now the other one. Do it."

She lifted her left foot and Robbie, in tears now, suckled and licked and lapped at the filthy sole, swabbing it with his tongue, cleaning it thoroughly until his mouth, lips and chin were a dirty mess from the filth on her foot. Betty smiled and rotated her foot, feeling the muscle in her calf bulge and flex as Robbie held it to support her foot for the cleansing worship.

"Good job, Robbie," Betty smiled, dropping her foot to his shoulder and bringing up the other for a brief renewal of her calf-scissoring abuse, squeezing until he groaned. "Now if you'd only cleaned up last night, you wouldn't have to be going through this now. Maybe you'll learn."

She hopped off the counter and stood in the middle of the kitchen, Robbie slumped in the chair, his face filthy with the dirt from his mother's feet. She snapped her fingers at him.

"Robbie, lie down, on your back, here, at my feet," she ordered him.

"Mom, please...enough...stop..." he begged, eyes imploring her.

She smiled and walked to him - and brutally dropped the point of one knobby knee into his crotch, pinning his balls in his underwear to the seat of the chair, twisting horribly from side to side, grinding his nuts under her weight. She grabbed his hair in both hands and bent his head back, his screaming face inches from her glare.

"I said lie the FUCK down on your back, at my feet!" she hissed, twisting his nuts harder under her knee. "What part don't you understand?"

She jumped back and Robbie fell like a dead man to his face on the kitchen floor, at Betty's feet. Using her foot, she flipped him to his back, and he lay,legs up and together, hands clenched between them.

"Now, let's see what you got, little boy," Betty hissed, using her feet to flatten him out on his back and leaning down to pull off his underwear, revealing the tiny nub of his cock and his very wounded balls. "Fuck me! That's ALL of it? You mean to tell me you satisfy your girlfriend with that thing? C'mon, let's see how big you can make it for me while Mommy racks your 'nads with her newly cleaned feet!!"

Robbie groaned in pain and humiliation as Betty stepped up onto his belly, then spreading her feet she stepped across his face with one and right onto his balls with the other. The sole of one foot ground down across his mouth and nearly covered his nose, making breathing a chore as she used the other to stand firmly on the flattened mess of his balls. His tiny cock stub stuck out on the side of her instep, rubbing against the silky smoothness of Betty's sexy foot.

"Use your hand, get hard, jack off for Mommy," she hissed, grinding both feet for emphasis. "I said get hard!!"

Robbie's hand trembled as he stroked his cock to life, using two fingers to wrap around the shaft and stroke it to its full length - of four inches. Betty spat in disgust.

"That's fucking amazing, that really is," she hissed, punching down hard with her foot on his balls until he spasmed in pain. "How can you satisfy your girlfriend Brenda with that puny prick? Christ, I have half a mind to send my boyfriend to her, both of you come here and I'll have Peter fuck Brenda blind with that monster cock of his, and show you how to REALLY make a woman happy! Of course, he's hung like a horse and you, you pathetic excuse for a man, you're hung like a flea! You sicken me! Now jack it off, I wanna see if something that small can spurt!"

Robbie's eyes were wide open, streaking tears, and loaded with terror as he looked up the muscular calf above the foot in his mouth and felt the other mash his balls to paste and he frantically, desperately stroked his tiny cock. The head glistened with pre-cum and soon, his body stiffened in pre-orgasmic shuddering.

"Good, good....come for Mommy, come for Mommy's foot on your balls, come for Mommy's foot on your face..." Betty growled,hands on her slim hips for balance. "COME FOR MOMMY!!"

Robbie groaned from under his mom's foot and jacked hard, his cock twitching and exploding a huge, goopy load that shot a foot in the air, lacing Betty's shin and muscular calf with a thick strip of boy jizz, the rest landing with a sizzling splat on the foot crushing his balls. Betty groaned with pleasure, clenching her cunt muscles until she herself shuddered out a small but intense orgasm, the juice of it moistening her panties and staining the crotch of her shorts. She watched Robbie's hand fall away and felt the heat of his boy cum trickle down her muscular calf and hard shin, and looked at the puddle of his stuff all over the top of her foot.

She stepped down, off her son,and hopped back onto the stool, crossing her legs, the comey top foot glistening in the sunlight streaking through the kitchen windows. Robbie groaned and stood, pulling on his underwear, his head hanging in humiliation, tears dripping off his face to the kitchen floor.

"Where the FUCK do you think you're going?" she barked at him. "On your knees and suck this mess you made off my calf, my shin, my foot! NOW!"

Robbied balked. Betty shot out her clean foot into his balls and Robbie hit his knees before her. She grabbed his hair and mashed his moaning mouth onto her come-streaked shin.

"Lick and eat it," she growled.

Robbie cried and obeyed, slathering his mother's shin with his tongue, sucking up his soup. She used his hair as a steering wheel, forcing his sucking mouth to the supple flesh of her hard calf and down to her foot, making him ingest every sticky, hot ounce of the jizz he'd shot there moments before, twisting his head in her hand. She lifted it up to face her and smiled; it was a mess, covered in tears, her foot filth and his jism.

"Just so you won't forget," she growled, lifting him to his feet to stand before her.

Betty's eyes glared into Robbie's as her hand shot to his crotch and latched onto his balls through his underwear. He let out a high-pitched scream as Betty squeezed with an intensity she'd not yet shown, holding both nuts in the palm of her hand,her fingers closing around them.

"Listen for it comes...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed.

One then the other nut popped in their sacs, exploding in her grip, meaty implosions that they both heard and felt as she ruptured her son in her hands. She squeezed again and let go, and Robbie hit the floor hard, rolling into a ball, hands on his crotch trying to feel for life. There was none and he screamed again, a horrible, guttural sound. And then he passed out cold.

Betty laughed and walked toward her room for a quick shower to get ready for work, leaving her son on the floor. His nuts would recover, she knew. They had to. She wanted to do this again and again.


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