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Sally Enjoys Breaking her Wimp Cuckold

My name is Sally, and I thought you might enjoy hearing about how I treat my weak, wimpy piece of shit husband John, or cunt as I refer to him now. We are both 22 years old, and were married around six months ago. You may guess that I did not marry him for love, and certainly not for his tiny dick or his pathetic performance in bed. No, his late father was a very rich man, and in the terms of his will John is due to receive a large sum of money when he reaches the age of 30, so I was very happy to marry him and wait for that money to come.

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It did not take me long to find myself a lover and make the wimp a cuckold. I had a ready made one in the shape of Tony, a tall, good looking muscular guy who lived just two doors down from us. I was delighted to find he also has a nice long, fat cock which he really know how to use. When he started fucking me, I made no secret of the fact to my husband, who had no choice but to accept it. This really started to change after I had been refusing him any sex for three months. I found out that he had been seeing a woman at his work. How dare he cheat on me, right? I decided then that he was really going to pay.

Firstly I threatened to divorce him, knowing that firstly he was obsessed with me, but also that under the terms of the will, if he got divorced he would lose his inheritance completely. Knowing that was the case, I told him my terms for staying with him, as Tony sat beside me.
Firstly, he would no longer have any sex, from me or anyone else.
Second, he would wear a cock cage, to prevent him having sex.
Third, he would be a servant to me and my boyfriend
Finally, he would have to perform full toilet service to me.

“What does that mean?” John asked me when I mentioned the last one.

“It means cunt,” I explained. “That every time I take a piss or a shit, I will do it in your mouth, and you will swallow it!”

“You can’t be serious,” he protested. “That would be disgusting!”

“I know,” I laughed. “And very unpleasant for you, or you will do it, or lose your Dad’s money!” He knew he was beaten.

I told him that he needed to be punished, for being a lousy husband and for cheating on me. I told him we were going to take him to a quiet spot, where Tony would give him the beating of his life, which would also ensure he did exactly as he was told in future.

On the car journey my husband was shaking, thinking about what was about to happen to him, and pleading with me to stop it happening, begging that he was sorry, and that he would do as he was told. I just laughed at him, and assured him I was looking forward to him getting just what he deserved. The whole idea was making me so wet!

We found a spot, and Tony dragged the wimp out of the car and began his savage beating, with me laughing and urging Tony to keep hitting him harder. His face was left alone, but everywhere else was fair game. By the time we threw John back into the car to drive home, he had bruises all over his body, and he was in agony from the kickings to his balls Tony had inflicted on him at my request. I was so turned on by the whole event, that I got Tony to take me up to bed and fuck me, as my husband tried to recover from his beating in the spare room.

Tony fucked me beautifully twice, and I am sure that my husband lay there listening to my loud cries of pleasure suffering a lot of jealousy, I certainly hope so! After we had done Tony called to my husband.

“Get in here cunt!” he yelled at him, and he scurried into the room and Tony grabbed him by the neck.

“One of your jobs from now on is to suck my cum out of your wife’s pussy every time I have fucked her,” He told him. “So get your faggot face between her legs and start swallowing!” He forced his face in there and the wimp started licking.

“That is the nearest you get to my pussy now cunt,” I told him. “Sucking out cum out of it, and drinking piss from it!”

Just to emphasise what I said to him, after He had swallowed to cum I had him sit on the floor and I pissed right into his mouth. I had not known how enjoyable taking a piss could be, as I saw his face and watched him gag as he tried to swallow it all. I was really going to love having him as my toilet. To humiliate even further, I got Tony to piss into his mouth as well. After that we told John to got to bed and bring breakfast up to us the next morning. I spat in his face as he went to bed feeling very sick from the piss swilling round in his belly.

As it happened, it was my husband’s birthday the next day, and when he brought up breakfast Tony told him he had a present for him, and that he could have it a little later after he had sucked up the cum from my pussy. As he was taking care of that, Tony got dressed and kissed me goodbye.

“OK,” I said to John after my pussy was clean. “Come with me.

I took him to the bathroom and forced him on his knees in front of the toilet.

“There is your birthday present,” I told him. “My boyfriend’s shit! That has got to be the ultimate humiliation, hasn’t it? He is fucking your wife and making you a cuckold, and now your wife is making you eat his shit, I love it!”

“Please don’t make me do this,” he begged pathetically.

“Can you imagine what he will do to you if you refuse his gift?” I told him. “Just pick up the first of those two turds and start eating!”

Oh, it was some much fun seeing his face, and watching him retch and gag violently as he struggled to eat his enemy’s waste. It was clearly the nastiest thing to ever hit his taste buds, and he was really suffering. It could not wait until it was my turn to use him. It was a terrible effort to eat that turd, and he begged me not to make him eat the other one. I just laughed in his face, and threatened him with Tony again, and insisted he pick up the last log. The wimp actually started sobbing as he picked it up, and that really had me laughing with pleasure.

“It is a pity I don’t need to shit myself at the moment,” I told him. “But you will get mine later this evening. In the mean time, I can wash down that shit you have just eaten.” He opened his mouth again, and I forced my piss down his throat.

I was allowing him to recover from his disgusting meal as the doorbell rang, and my Mom and my younger sister Julia arrived. I had told Mom all about my plans for my husband, which she thoroughly approved of, so she decided to come over and see him on his birthday. When he came over, she asked why my husband was looking so ill.

“Oh, he has not long ago finished eating my boyfriend’s shit,” I explained, and the two women laughed.

“Let me get this straight,” my sister began. “The guy is fucking your wife, and now you are made to eat his shit. You must me really scared of him!”

“Oh, he is,” I assured her. “He gave him a fantastic beating a little while ago, and he doesn’t dare disobey him now!”

“I am sorry you feel unwell,” Mom said to John. “But I have to ask you to come to the bathroom with me.”

“Honey?” John looked at me pleadingly.

“Mom needs to take a shit,” I informed him. “Go with her.”

“But I feel so ill,” he whined.

“How can I put this?” Mom said. “I don’t care! Get upstairs!”

We followed them upstairs, and Mom ordered John on to his back. With great enjoyment, Mom slid off her panties, lowered her generous ass above his mouth and prepared to feed him her shit.

“Fill his mouth Mom,” Julia encouraged Mom. “Make him take all your stinking shit and make him feel even more ill!”

Mom had a big surprise for my husband however. She had not told him she had a touch if diarrhoea. When she let go, a huge amount of dark brown liquid shit slid into his mouth and down his throat. He retched and groaned, and told her it was so awful.

“At least you did not have to chew,” she laughed. “Oh, look out, here is some more!” Another huge load followed. The three of us were laughing hysterically as my husband spluttered retched and gagged. Finally it was done, and you can imagine what a job he had licking her asshole clean after that lot sprayed out. Finally he finished, and I asked my sister if she needed to shit.

“No,” she replied. “But I do have an idea for something he will hate, something I saw in a Japanese video. I will get a big jug.”

She came back with a huge jug, and explained that she would puke in the jug and then feed it to him mouthful by mouthful. She asked if the two of us wished to join her, and we were immediately up for it. A short time later the jug was full of our combined puke, and Julia got ready to make him swallow it.

“If you hate shit John,” she laughed. “You are really going to hate this. There are some nice big junk in there!” John groaned loudly.

Julia laid John on the floor and tipped some vomit in the jug until his mouth was full. She told him to hold it in his mouth and get the full taste before swallowing. After two loads he was begging not to have to swallow any more. We all laughed, and she assured him she would not stop until the jug was empty. He did swallow it all, but the rushed to throw up afterwards, much to our enjoyment.

When he had cleaned up Mom and Julia announced they were leaving. They told John they hoped he enjoyed the birthday presents they had given him, and Julia promised the next time they met he would be eating her shit.

I showed the ladies to the door, with the three of us laughing about the fun we would be having with the wimp in the future.

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