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Sisters' new toilet Part 10

It took Daniel ten minutes to get his breathing and heart beat down to a normal pace again after he swallowed the last portion of Natalie’s shit, mixed with Irene’s vomit.
The teenager’s stomach was not pleased with the choice of food his owner was consuming and on several occasions was on the brink of sending it back up his throat accompanied by loud and wet gurgling sounds, but Daniel managed to suppress it. And it was the wise thing to do.
His mouth was held firmly shut and if he was to throw up, the only exit would be through his nostrils, thus making his misery even worse. Having to deal with the constant stench of shit and vomit beneath the toilet bowl until maybe days or weeks later they decided to check on him and clean him up, if ever.


He thought back of the girl who was forced by her girlfriends to use him just a while ago.
Her name was Natalie or so they called her, he remembered. He wondered if she would come back and see him later tonight. There was no way to know if she was still at the party, but he hoped she was. He saw how guilty and upset the young girl looked for having to use him and that was giving him hope that despite all possible lies the girls had told their guests about him, or the complete lack of empathy shown by others, there were still some decent and compassionate people who could help him. And right now, that was enough for him. That little hope that freedom was not impossible.

A delicate smile formed on his dreamy face. Thinking of a scenario in which Natalie had come back to see him and managed to open the toilet bowl and to detach him from the system.
Then she tells her the truth. Like in a film, red and blue lights from police cars are flashing outside the house, while the police question the girls and their guests. And Daniel, he’s covered his naked body with a blanket and holds a hot cup of coffee in his hands, sitting on the stairs in front of the house, while explaining everything to an officer.

He took deep breath and slowly exhaled against the cold surface of the toilet bowl above him, causing short-lived vapour to form on it.
He had mixed feelings for the people at the party who would eventually use him.
On one hand, he was anxious to see more of them come to the bathroom, as this was his only chance for freedom. Someone to notice him and get them to talk.
On the other hand, the very reason for them to come to the toilet in the first place was very obvious. Yet, he was determined to endure every bit of shit and every mouthful of piss he was forced to swallow. Unless his body was to fail him, it was worth it.


Minutes later the lights in the bathroom turned on and two girls, a redhead and a black haired one made their way in. Both of them were young, about 18-19 years old and were smartly dressed.
They were both very pretty - beautiful faces, fit bodies and had shiny looking long straight hair.
The redhead was a bit taller than her friend and was carrying a handbag over her shoulder that matched well with the colours of her attire.

“Lock the door, Jenny” the redhead said to her friend while she walked towards the toilet.
Her friend complied and twisted the doorknob to the right, which was followed by a clicking sound.

Daniel watched as the girl in front of him lifted the cover and looked down at him with glee in her eyes. Her lips parted in a smile, revealing a perfect set of shiny, white teeth.

“Hello there, scumbag! What are you doing in the dark, all by yourself? Her cheeks were a bit reddened and she looked tipsy.
“I bet you are dying to be with all those hotties in the living room right now, don’t you? ”
She spoke in a mocking voice as if she was talking to a child, which made her friend who were standing beside her to laugh.
“... to slip a roofie in some unsuspecting girls’ drink and get some, huh?” she continued.
“Too bad they don’t allow rapists there” she grinned.
“Anyway, the party is great, but my girlfriend and I are actually here to see you” she winked at him playfully.

In a more serious tone, she continued.
“We work in a centre for victims of rape and wanted to make a short clip on human toilet trash like you in use, and upload it on our website for victims, their relatives or anyone interested to see”.
She made a short pause.

“A couple of days ago we spoke with your owner Amy and when we told her about our cause, she happily agreed to let us make a clip with you. So, here we are.”

Daniel looked at her in frustration.
“Oh, is that so? Poor Ms fucking Amy, the victim of an imaginary rape had happily agreed for me to get more abuse for the kicks of some feminist, male hating mob or fucking white knights, desperately hoping to score some pussy. And none of you fucks would even ask to speak with me! Maybe hear if I have something new to say, but no, why bother? You are perfectly happy with the way things are. You’ve already found someone to blame, and give meaning to the pathetic excuse for a life you all have.”

He vented his accumulated anger into an imaginary argument with the two girls looking from above.

“You know what, I hope both of those bitches Lisa and Amy would get raped for real. If there is any justice in this world, they will pay for what they are doing to me.I should have never helped them in the first place. Maybe that cunt Lisa and her perfect little life would’ve been ruined for good now”.

“When I get out, you will all pay for this!” he started to squirm and moan in his straps in anger.
“What are you waiting for? Get on with your fucking crap already!”

“I think he’s as excited about the clip as we are” Jenny told her girlfriend with a giggle.
-“Yeah, it seems so. He’s been eating shit for a while now so it might be that he already started to like the taste. Well, let’s get started”.

She unzipped her handbag and grabbed from one of its compartments two small compact cameras, which she handed to Jenny, and a pack of blue-tack which she hold onto herself. Then put her handbag on the sink plot.

She took a strip of blue-tack in her hand and gestured to Jenny to hand her the first camera.

“We want to film it all professionally and cover different angles”, she spoke to Daniel while placing the first camera on the back of the seat, about 10 cm to the left off its centre.
She powered it on, and while looking at the display, she carefully positioned it to aim straight down where his mouth was. She zoomed in a bit to get a perfect view, and when she was happy the way it looked, proceeded to hold the camera in place on the toilet seat with the help of blue-tack.

She tested that the camera will not fall out of place and then grabbed the second one from her friend’s hands. She held it in place with blue-tack, but 10 cm to the right, and this time it was facing not his mouth but a little bit at an angle, looking straight at the front side of the bowl.

“Would you sit your lovely bum down sweetie, so I can align the view?” She spoke to Jenny.
-“Sure” she answered.

The young girl removed her skirt and underwear and placed them next to the handbag, revealing her well toned bare butt cheeks and without hesitation plopped on the seat.

Standing by the side of the toilet her girlfriend pushed a few buttons and adjusted the view of the camera to face directly at her butt hole.
Pleased with the result, she pinched Jenny’s left butt cheek lightly. “That’s good. Off you go!”.
Then she took her smart-phone from her handbag and switched to video mode.
“Alright we are good to go. Are you ready Jen?”
-“Yep” Jenny replied with excitement.

She pointed the front camera at their faces and pressed the button to start the recording.
“Hello everyone! It’s Milena and Jenny again, and tonight we are at the house of another unfortunate victim of a rapist, who luckily got caught and is now serving a three years sentence as a human toilet”.

Milena pointed the camera at the toilet.
“As you can see he is blending in very well” she moved the camera to show the inside of the toilet bowl and then zoomed in on his mouth. After giving a few seconds for the viewers to see his mouth well she turned the camera back at her and Jenny.

“I know a lot of you watching this, whether you are victims of rape or relatives of such, are hoping that low-lives such as this one will suffer greatly for their deeds, and that is the exact reason we are filming it. To show you that there is justice and they are paying dearly for what they’ve done to many innocent women”.

“This rapist right there has been consuming the victims’ and her friends’ and family’s shit and pee for over two weeks now. His only source of nourishment has practically been their body waste.
And believe me when I tell you, this is hell of a punishment”.

“Those of you who follow our series on rapists turned into human toilets, know what I am talking about, and those of you who haven’t seen our previous work, please do so. You’ll be pleasantly surprised”.

“Just two weeks ago, we did a clip on the human trash by the name of Matthew Wilson, who was in his second year of service as a personal toilet to Ms Dasy Sanders. Some of you might remember seeing her brutal rape case in the news back at that time”.

“When we went to film him he looked terrible. He didn’t seem like a normal person anymore. In his eyes, you couldn’t see any emotion or will to live. He appeared like a well oiled machine that was just trained to swallow human body waste. His skin was pale, chapped and wrinkled by the lack of sunlight and possibly by the large amount of pee he was consuming. His muscles were literally gone due to lack of activity. And on top of that, he had gained a lot of weight around his waist. Who knew that eating human waste would be that much nutritious”.

“The moment we saw him, Jen and I were sure that the fucker was at the end of his days.
We made a bet on how much he got left to live and lucky for me I won”.
Milena smiled with content.

-“Arrggh, don’t remind me. That scum cost me 100£ that day” Jenny added with frustration.
“Oh sweetie, you are just terrible at this. You saw him choking on my log of shit for good 10 minutes, before he managed to swallow it. How could you give him a whole month to live?!
I was surprised he even made it that long, to be honest”.

“Anyway, he died two days ago, but don’t worry, Dasy is not going to get in trouble. In the documents of ownership it was clearly stated that unless it is proven that the user killed him with intent, which by the way is difficult to prove, she cannot be held responsible”.

“What I naturally anticipated happened, and one morning he couldn’t keep up with his usual meal from the lovely bums of Dasy and her two sisters”.

“In fact, it was Dasy’s mushy diarrhoea that suffocated him. She told us that she was casually surfing the net on her phone as usual that day, while taking her morning dump, when she heard her toilet choking violently at one point. She got startled at first, but then switched her phone camera on and even managed to record his last minutes, a copy of which she gladly sent to us. His body was convulsing uncontrollably, barely held in place by the straps around it and he was frantically gasping for air.His cheeks were stained by dribbles of shit. Powerful stuff…”

“So, the good news… finally Dasy and her family got their closure and can move on with their lives. In fact, she is getting married next month to her lovely fiancé and has never been happier, so getting rid of that toilet scum was just in time for a fresh new start.
You are welcome to check out the video of his death, but be warned, it is not for the squeamish”.

Milena cleared her throat and continued.

“Anyway, back to the trash we got here.
Tonight the girl and her sister, are hosting a party in their house and this piece of shit is going to get a lot of action” she grinned.
“And it wouldn’t be us if we don’t give it a proper test ourselves, isn’t that right Jen?” Both girls laughed.
-“That’s right Milena. I’ve been saving him a nice and warm, filling meal for the past two days” Jen wiggled her toned bum in the camera and smiled.

“Mmmm, he’s quite lucky. To get his dinner out of your luscious, little butt”.

Milena pushed her girlfriend gently to step in front of the toilet bowl and leaned close to her ass, while holding the camera fixed at it.
She squeezed Jenny’s tanned butt cheeks with her free hand and smiled for the camera. Then planted a kiss on the left cheek with a smooch, leaving an imprint of her glossy, bright red lipstick.
“Mmmm, it is so soft and kissable, and smells of coconut body milk”. She grinned at Daniel.
“You’re probably dying to get your filthy hands on my girl’s butt, don’t you? “
Jenny giggled.
-“I bet he has a hard on right now”
“Ha-ha. I am sure of it”.
“Too bad this lovely butt is all mine, toilet. But you can have the leftovers… so to speak”.
Milena enjoyed to tease the rapists they got to film immensely.

-“Uhmm, love, I think it’ll be better to edit out the last few parts of the video” Jenny added.
“Yeah, you’re probably right. I got a bit carried away”.

She stood up and pointed the camera back at her face.

“So, without further ado we’ll get to test him ourselves. We hope you enjoy the video.
By the way, we are making use of two cameras set at different angles for better viewing.” She smiled one last time at the camera and turned it off.

Daniel looked at Jenny wink at him before turning her back.
He could see the white outlines on her skin of the V-strings panties she had worn at the beach, which contrasted with the rest of her attractively tanned skin.
She playfully wiggled her butt to tease him before she lowered herself comfortably on the seat.

In the few seconds that followed, Daniel tried to prepare mentally for what was coming.
From previous experience he knew that having his eyes on the girls’ butts and vulvae while waiting for the exact moment the first dribble of pee or the moment the tip of the first log emerged through their anus, no matter how gross it looked, outweighed the negatives of having his eyes closed.

Not knowing when the girls will start emptying their bladders and rectums or how much of their waste has been left to for him to swallow, while struggling to ignore the horrible smell and taste was much worse.

So naturally he kept his eyes open and shifted his sight between their vulva and anus, wondering what will come out first.

Having spent by now a lot of time looking at girls’ intimate regions he started to notice the uniqueness in all of them.

Apart from the obvious differences such as smaller or larger labia, skin colour around the anus and vulva, birth marks, moles or external characteristics like presence of pubic hair or colour, Daniel noticed that even the folds of their anus muscle were all different.The way their butt holes open up and close. All unique as their fingerprints.

He was ashamed to admit that by now he could tell with complete certainty which one of Lisa, Amy or Jennifer was using him by just glancing at the butt hole hovering above him.

“Pshhhhhhhhh” a long and loud fart escaped through the relaxed muscles of Jenny’s anus which brought a big smile across her friend’s face.

“Oh, I can feel it thick and hard in there. Brace yourself toilet. It might be a bit rough on your throat” she chuckled.

Daniel gulped nervously. His eyes were fixed on the girl’s butt hole and watched as her sphincter gradually relaxed and formed a small, black hole that began to expand in size. Soon the tip of a dark brown log began to emerge.

“Hey stop!” Milena shouted.

Startled by the sudden scream of her friend, Jenny clenched her anus tight, forcing her log back inside her rectum.


“I just remembered. Last time you went first, so this time it is my turn”.
-“Oh, yeah, you’re right” Jenny sounded somewhat disappointed.
“Hey, that was our agreement. Don’t look at me like that”.
-“I know, I know. I just wanted to be the one to break that one in” she smiled.

Daniel watched as the two girls swapped places and Milena undressed her pink panties to her knees and sat down.
Her naked butt was a bit larger than Jenny’s but she still looked fit.

She didn’t feel comfortable at first, so she lifted her butt up slightly and sat down once again.
Daniel’s attention was caught by a white string that was coming out of her vagina.

“Oh, I almost forgot” he heard Milena’s voice from above, and shortly after, a hand with bright pink polished nails emerged between her legs and slowly pulled out of her vagina a tampon soaked in blood.
She stood up, holding it in her hand and turned back to face the camera that was filming at the level of her anus.
She grinned and dangled the bloody tampon in front of it.

“Girls, you should never throw your tampons in the toilet. It might get clogged up”.
“Unless of course, you have one of these living toilets at home. I know some of you already do”. She let a wicked smiled.
“In that case you shouldn’t concern yourselves too much with it”.
Then she dropped the tampon which landed in the middle of the bowl with a wet plopping noise and began to slide slowly towards his mouth, leaving a trail of blood behind it.

Almost instantly the sensors detected the presence of the soaked tampon inside the bowl and signalled the system to open the toilet’s mouth.
Whimpering in pain, while his mouth was stretched open and positioned around the tube, he broke sight with the sliding tampon and looked back at the redhead lowering herself one last time.

Without any warning, her sphincter opened up quickly, and a torrent of foul smelling liquid shit splattered inside the bowl, part of which swept the tampon away and caused it to move further up the oval surface.

The continuous flow of shit was only interrupted by occasional wet farts, sending bits of her former food flying in all directions.

A moment later the first wave of shit made it to the opening of the tube and rushed inside it.
Beginning as a weak stream it reached Daniel’s tongue and used its natural slope to trickle down the middle, while saturating its taste buds with the sickening taste of fresh and warm bitter poo.

Soon the young girl let go of her bladder and a healthy looking, bright yellow stream of urine added to the rising level of her waste in the bowl.
Within seconds the bowl was already a 1/4 filled up. Tiny bits and pieces of digested food saturated the diluted substance, all floating at random. It resembled the murky and slimy stagnant waters of a pond seen from below its surface.

Watching helplessly at the amount of waste floating in the bowl Daniel panicked. Less than half an hour ago, he barely managed to swallow Natalie’s diarrhoea and now he was in an equally dire situation.

Silent witnesses to the ongoing cruel torture, the two cameras diligently recorded every bit of it, ensuring that the intended viewers were not going to be spared any details. From the moment the attractive redhead’s butt hole opened up to the areal view of the fecal pond, steadily draining away in the innocent living toilet deep below.

Each gulp was putting more strain on his body. Because of the large amount of shit he had to swallow his breathing became heavier and more difficult to control. By now the air around the little space he had, got warmer and saturated by the terribly strong and sour smell of Milena’s shit. Tiny droplets of sweat formed on his forehead indicative of his struggles to swallow all that was coming in through that tube.
To make things worse, he soon sensed a solid object scraping on the surface of his tongue and then suddenly got stuck at an angle near the entrance of his throat.
He tried hard to swallow but the object didn’t move.He tried again and again, but to no avail. Just a thin dribble of the liquid above was able to pass through.

Above Milena had finished defecating and peeing and was already wiping herself with a wad of toilet paper, which discarded in the bowl.

“That’s better”. She patted her belly in content and turned to face the toilet.
“Oh, there’s still some of it left”. She noticed a chain of tiny bubbles forming on the now, maybe a few centimetres deep, still surface.
Wait, why isn’t it draining away. Did it get clogged up? Milena asked visibly excited.
-“Uhmm, yeah it seems so. Haha” Jenny stepped closer for inspection.
-“You know, that’s probably your tampon that got stuck”.
“Yeah I think so”.

Jenny pulled her away from the toilet and the cameras and spoke in low voice.
-“Well what should we do? Do we leave him like this to suffocate and call it an accident or help him?” Jenny said in a more serious tone.
“As much as I’d like this rapist scum to die, right now that would be an easy escape for him. He’d been a human toilet for just two weeks. That’s barely anything. He needs to suffer like this for months, even years, and then, with the little sanity he has left, to beg the girls to let him die.
“We should save him”. she concluded.
“Yeah, I guess you are right” Jenny agreed.
“And I got an idea how to do it with style. Watch!” she grinned at Milena and walked back to the toilet.

Daniel was in panic. The little air he got left in his lungs had been used up seconds ago and now the only thing he could do was pray that the girl would be merciful and help him, despite his attempt to look tough earlier.

“Please don’t let me die like this. I am not who you think I am. I am not a rapist”.
He was trying to attract the girls attention by whimpering and wiggling in his straps. That made his body to use up the oxygen floating in his bloodstream even faster, but he had to do something. Waiting quietly to die, but 15-20 seconds later was not a better alternative and he knew it.

-“What is wrong toilet? You are having difficulties breathing, huh?” he heard Jenny speaking.
-“I wonder what goes through your puny little head, in your last moments to live?
Do you regret raping that innocent girl or perhaps you are only thinking of yourself, and the pathetic way your life is going to end? Suffocating in human waste”.

“Mmmmm… mmmm…” she could hear his last muffled cries for help. She imagined him all in tears right now. That very thought made her feel so powerful and horny in the same time.
Just like previous human toilets she had used. They were all nothing. And she… she was a goddess. She had full control of what would happen to them, even whether they live or die.

“Jenny... Jen!” her thoughts were interrupted by Milena.
“He’s going to suffocate. You better do what you were planning to do now”
-“Uhmm sorry. I got distracted” she blushed a little bit.

She turned around and spread her legs on both sides of the toilet bowl and squatted, carefully positioning her butt hole right over the tube.

She grinned at her girlfriend and started to push out the contents of her rectum.

Almost instantly a thick and solid, huge piece of shit about 20 cm long slid out of her butt hole and broke off. It landed with a splash in the small fecal pond and disappeared out of sight.

Below the toilet bowl, Daniel’s vision was becoming foggy. His lungs were aching for air.
Suddenly, he felt pressure build up in his mouth and a moment later a huge and solid object pushed on the stuck tampon in his throat, managing to free it and send it to his stomach, clearing a path for the remaining contents of the bowl to drain away.

Involuntary, Daniel took a deep breath of air making him slightly choke on the liquid shit flowing in his throat.

Jenny pushed two more similarly thick pieces of shit out before her rectum was empty, and as the previous one, they landed right into the tube.
Soon the bowl was all empty and only the crumpled pieces of toilet paper Jenny used to wipe her butt with, were still in it.

“Wow. You really did it”. Milena said with excitement while inspecting the toilet.
-“Well I have some experience. Do you remember Amber. My ex-colleague from work?
She used to own a human toilet. She would usually toss in his mouth all kinds of waste - tampons, nail clippings, dirt, tissues, you name it. The poor bastard used to clog up every other day. Eventually he died from the build up of waste and objects in his stomach and intestines. The pathologists were amazed to find so much garbage inside him”.

“Anyway, a couple of times she unblocked his throat the same way I did by dumping a solid shit down his throat from a distance, so I decided to give it a try, too”.

They watched as the system flushed the remaining toilet paper with some water and then closed Daniel’s mouth.

“Well, we are done”. Milena proclaimed with content.
She pushed the buttons to stop the recordings on both cameras and removed them from the seat, along with the blue-tack and replaced the toilet lid.
While doing so, she felt Jenny put her arms around her waist and leaned to her head.
She whispered something in her ear, making her smile and then kissed her softly on the lips.

“Mmmm, give me just a second”.
Milena put the cameras back in her handbag and grabbed her phone from the sink plot, turning its camera on.
“Alright, Ladies and gentlemen, we are done for tonight. We hope you enjoyed watching our little toilet in action as much as we enjoyed using him.We’ll give him a little break to get on with digesting his new meal and make room for more ‘cause the night has only just started and there’s plenty of girls waiting to use him”.
The girls blew kisses to the camera and waved goodbye. Then Milena turned it off.

“I am all yours sweetie”.
Jenny kissed her softly once again. Her eyes sparkled. She grabbed Milena’s hand and led her out of the bathroom, already forgotten about the human toilet who had swallowed their waste.



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