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Sisters' new toilet Part 2

Daniel was alone in the dark again. Just a moment ago Lisa’s attractive sister had used his mouth as a toilet. He had never felt so degraded in his life. The same girl who was always smiling and cheerful in her photos on Facebook and who commented on how cute and snugly kittens are on YouTube clips. Now, she had revealed a completely different side of her. 


Not only she did not show any remorse of what she was doing, but she seemed to enjoy humiliating him. 
He collected a bit of saliva and wiggled his tongue around in an attempt to remove the sickening taste of piss and shit in his mouth. Then he swallowed.
The mere thought of what was now inside his stomach was making him shiver in disgust.
One thing seemed clear; Amy was determined to get back at him for what he supposedly did to her.

“Dad, could you pass me the strawberry marmalade, please?”, Amy spoke with a cheerful tone in her voice.
Her Dad handed her the jar and she scooped up some of it with her knife and spread it on her toasted bread. 
“So Liz, have you seen the new toilet yet?”, Amy asked her sister with excitement.
- “Umm, not yet Amy, no”. She replied somewhat absent minded. 
- “Well, you should. You should’ve seen his face at the end as I finished peeing and shitting in his mouth. I felt so empowered. I think he was even crying”, she giggled. 
She looked at the marmalade toast in her hand and added. Can you imagine that when I am done digesting this, he will be eating what remains of it, hours later.

“Amy, could you please not talk about this on the table?”, her dad scolded her. 
- “I am sorry, dad.”
“Christian, leave her be! After all this bastard put her through, she deserves some justice”, her mother interrupted.
- Jennifer, you know that I don’t condone this kind of “justice”, be it for rape. And I certainly don’t approve of it being the topic of discussion while I have my breakfast. In my opinion he should’ve been sent to prison. That’s where criminals go.

Don’t listen to your father honey; I think this rapist deserves every bit of his punishment. 

The family continued with their breakfast and when they finished, everyone went on with their plans for the day. The maids cleared the table and stacked the used tableware in the dishwasher.

Amy went into her room to get dressed for going out. She was meeting with two of her girlfriends at 13:00 to do some shopping, as they were all invited to the wedding of a very close friend a week from today, and they wanted to dress fancy.

Lisa used the opportunity to check on Daniel and headed to the bathroom they both shared with her sister.

Daniel was trying to collect himself and not think of what happened to him 30-40 minutes ago. His palate started to accept the taste in his mouth. It was a good thing his mouth was sealed, thus limiting the smell of piss and excrement picked up by his nose, he thought. 
Initially his stomach was churning, but now it was actively processing Amy’s waste in search of nutrients.

The lights in the bathroom turned on again, illuminating through the small Plexiglas opening of his prison.
Startled, his body jumped instinctively, but the straps were holding him tightly in his place. 
He nervously looked through the small Plexiglas windows around him, expecting Amy to show up again.
On top of his box he saw girl’s bare feet in flip-flops stepping in front of the toilet bowl. Her toenails were painted in black and her legs were smoothly shaved, up to the point he was able to see. 
“Hey Daniel”, Lisa spoke, removing the lid. 
Looming over him, she was wearing a light blue strapped short dress and her long blonde hair was falling down freely over her shoulders. 
He was so relieved to see her.

“I’ve heard what my sister did to you and I am really sorry”, she continued. 
“Considering that you supposedly attempted to rape her I can’t blame her for taking the opportunity for revenge, although she seems a bit too much excited about all of this. 
I know that she isn’t affected by the accident though. She told me that she hardly remember anything at all from that night. Besides she is one of the most resilient people I know”. 

At that moment they heard Amy talking on the phone in the hallway and seconds later she opened the door and entered.
“…ha-ha, you bet, Linda…”, she was only wearing her matching set of grey and pink striped bikini and bra. She walked towards Lisa and the toilet and while still on the phone, she lifted her left bare foot and rested it on the rim of toilet seat. Suddenly the braces in Dan’s mouth started retracting and seconds later his mouth was wide open. 
Lisa, smiled at her sister, cleared her throat and nose from mucus, and leaned over the gaping mouth below, and let it all drip down off her tongue. 
Then she left the room, continuing her conversation with Linda.

The sticky greenish spit landed at the back of Daniels tongue, slowly making its way down to his throat.
Lisa stood up and walked to the sink cabinet. She picked up a glass out of one of the compartments and filled it with water from the tap. Then returned to the toilet and spoke. 

“Let me pour some water and clean that for you”. She pressed the toilet seat with one hand and when his mouth opened, she slowly poured the content of the glass in his mouth, making sure she covered every bit inside. 
“That’s better”, she spoke. 
Their eyes met. 

“We share this bathroom with my sister, so essentially you’re my toilet too, but I’ll try not to use you unless I don’t have a choice. I’ll try and use my parents’ toilet instead.” 
“I promise I’ll make things right. Just have some patience”. Then she paused for a while, not knowing what else to say.
“I have to go now. My finals are coming up and I have to study. I’ll come back to see you later, OK”.
He blinked his eyes to signal he understands. She closed the lid and left the room, turning the lights off.

“How do I look in this one Amy? Am I going to overshadow the bride or what? ”, one of Amy’s girlfriends was trying on a new dress in the mall. 
“I am afraid so, sweetie. Annie is going to kill you if you steal her moment”, Amy giggled; “Go and find something more in line with your style”, she poked fun at her friend.
-Hey, are you saying there’s something wrong with the way I dress?
-“Ha-ha, I am just teasing you. You always look good”. 

Amy and Emily kept browsing the store for dresses and shoes. 
“Wow. Look at those gems”, Amy exclaimed pointing at a pair of black and gold high heel sandals displayed on the window shelf. 
“They are amazing”; she took one of the sandals in her hands for inspection. 
"Yeah, they truly are, and so is their price tag at only 500 Euros", Emily commented sarcastically. 
“Oh come on, is not like I am buying shoes every day”. 
Amy waved at one of the store assistants to ask for the sandals in her size to try them on. 

After a few hours of shopping, the girls got tired and hungry and decided to go to a favorite restaurant at the top level of the mall.
They ordered their drinks and food and started chatting. 

So Amy, you haven’t told us anything yet about that new human toilet of yours. How does it feel using him?, Linda asked curiously.
Amy smiled broadly. “It feels amazing!”. Today after I woke up I was so excited to use this piece of shit. When I entered the bathroom and saw the new toilet box set up it gave me goose bumps. 
I lifted up the toilet lid and he was looking at me all scared and miserable. 
“Then what happened? Did you really do it”, Emily interrupted. 
“You bet I did, Ems!”. I’ve been holding my bowel movement for three days as a welcome gift for him. She laughed a bit loud, which attracted the attention of people seated in the nearby tables.

You should’ve seen his face in the end. After I pissed and took a massive dump in his throat he was crying. And the best thing is he cannot do anything about it. Whenever I sit on the toilet seat, his mouth opens automatically by a mechanism, and is kept open until I decide to stand up. 
He’s kind of like one of those small trash bins you rest your foot on a pedal to open the lid, and then throw your waste in it. It is really amusing. 

There is also another modification. A small tube inserted in his throat that prevents him from gagging on my waste.
It feels great. In fact, you should all come home sometimes to try him yourselves. 

“Wow I didn’t know you are so twisted, Amy”, Linda giggled.
I know that it was attempted rape, but still. The guy got caught before he can do anything to you, right”?

“Yeah, well, I don’t remember much of what happened that night. I was so drunk. I remember going outside “Rouge” to meet my boyfriend and then some guy started pestering me, and at some point he pinned me to the ground. Next thing I remember, some doctor was asking me questions and my sister was nearby talking to the police.
The thing is, this bastard is a rapist and he deserves to be punished. I am just having some fun while he serves his sentence”.

The waitress arrived with the food and drinks and served them to the girls.
Amy directed her attention to the food in front of her. “Mmm it looks so nice. I am starving”.
She started eating from the meat and vegetable salad. 

Isn’t that a bit too much food for you?, Emily remarked looking at the plates in front of Amy.

There was a large bowl of meat and vegetable salad, a big juicy steak with French fries, a plate of baked trout with lemon and herbs and for dessert a large piece of cheese cake and a large sized ice-cream Melba with fruits, covered generously with chocolate syrup.

Amy looked back at her and smiled, “No I don’t think so. I am eating for two people after all, if you know what I mean". 
The girls giggled and continued with their meal, changing the topic of their conversation to gossips about their boyfriends and the upcoming wedding.



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