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Sisters' new toilet Part 3

Lisa was studying for her upcoming History exam in her room. She had a hot cup of coffee and a chocolate bar on the desk beside her.
She was going through her notes, and with the help of a marker pen was highlighting what was important.
She heard a quiet know on the door.

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“Come in”, Lisa answered, still focused on her task.
- “Hey sweetie. I am just checking on you. How are you doing with your revision?”, her mother asked through the slightly opened door.
“I am good, mum, thanks. I am preparing my notes for my History exam”, she turned towards her mother.
- “Do you need me to get you anything?”.
“No, I am fine. I’ve got a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate bar to keep me focused. That’s all I need”, she smiled.
- “OK, I’ll leave you to your work then”. She paused for a second and then continued, “…oh, by the way, your aunt Debbie called. She sends you her regards”.
“Thanks mum. I’ll see you all for dinner”.

Her mother closed the door and continued walking down the hallway. She intended to finally pay a visit to their house “guest”.
When she got outside the bathroom she switched the lights on and entered.
Jennifer made her way to the toilet and stopped in front of it, adjusting her narrow dark-blue skirt.
She lifted the cover and let it rest in its upright position and peeked inside.
From inside the bowl, Daniel could see a good-looking woman in her late-thirties, with light-brown hair kept at shoulder length, looking right down at him with a grin on her face.
He swallowed nervously. The look in her hazel eyes was making him uneasy.

“I haven’t seen you since the trial, young man”, Jennifer spoke in a silvery voice.
“As the lady of the house, I thought I should welcome you as our guest… the boy who tried to get intimate with my older daughter against her will”, she added with reprimand in her voice.

“I understand that you are in the same class in school with my Lisa. I don’t want to imagine what filth like you could have done to her too.
When you get out… no, IF you get out of here, I’ll make sure you don’t find a job much different than the one you do now…
As for your stay in this house, I’ll do my share to keep you from getting bored as much as I can”, she smiled wickedly.

“What the hell!” Daniel thought, looking at the woman above.
“Wasn’t I supposed to be only used by Amy? No, I can’t put up with this. I’ll tell her the truth. Maybe she would understand Lisa’s motivation to conceal what really happened, and help her to convince her father why she did it”.

Anything seemed better than being wrongfully tortured as a human toilet, but how was he going to do it? Unable to speak, he tried to make noise as if he wanted to say something, while wiggling his head.

“Aww, you know what is coming next and you want to free yourself, huh”?, the woman giggled.
“No, you stupid bitch! I want to talk to you. I am innocent” He was screaming in his mind.
- “Save your strength instead. You’ll need it”.

She then turned around and unzipped her skirt, slowly stripping it down to her thighs. Her pear shaped mature bottom was facing him from above.
She lowered herself on the seat and adjusted her hairy pussy right on his nose, forcing him to breath in her slightly musky odor with hints of pee. She sat still for about 10 seconds. Her hands gripped firmly on the side of the toilet seat and then started rubbing her clit back and forth on his Grecian type of nose, slightly tickling him with her pubic hair. When his nose was all covered in her fluids she stopped and positioned her pussy over his open mouth and started peeing.

The warm liquid drenched his tongue, alerting its taste receptors to determine what was it flowing towards his throat. Her piss was clear, and not as salty as Amy’s. When she finished peeing, she commanded.
“Now lick my pussy clean!”
“I said lick it clean or I’ll block your throat, shit in your mouth and make you stay like that, until someone comes to unclog you, hours later”.

Not having much of a choice, he stuck out his tongue from within his open mouth, and started swirling its tip. Her pussy was a bit far, so he only managed to collect a drop of piss that was about to fall off her inner labia. In doing so, he tickled the flaps of skin which made Jennifer quiver.
She lowered herself once more, resting on the toilet’s face and let him work.
Daniel flipped his tongue, left and right through her lips, collecting all remaining drops of piss. He kept wiggling it over her clitoris which made her clench her thighs together, up above.
“Don’t stop, toilet! Don’t stop!”, she said gasping.
Continuing his job in her nethers, his tongue was now covered in vaginal lubrication which was slowly flowing to his throat.
Jennifer curled her toes on the soft carpet in delight. She came…

She stood up and turned around, looking at him.
“Oh my! You are really good at this job. I can see why my daughter was so excited about you today at breakfast”, she had a wide smile on her face.
She replaced her skirt.
Daniel tried to scream, but through his tightly shut mouth he was only able to make an indistinguishable noise.
“I have to go now. I too look forward to our next meeting”, she grinned and replaced the lid.


“See you on Monday, Linda. Bye!”, Amy waved at her girlfriend.
“See you, Amy. Thanks for driving me home”.
“No probs!”
Amy drove off in her cabriolet sports car.

It was 19:15 and she wanted to get home in time for dinner.
She was quite content with the way her day had been. She managed to buy everything she needed for the wedding. Perhaps too many things, but she didn’t care. Money wasn’t really an issue and as long as it was making her excited that was all that mattered.
She stepped on the gas pedal. Her long hair was floating in the summer wind.

Twenty minutes later she entered their estate and parked in her spot outside the house.
She pushed on a button to open the boot and stepped out of the car.

“Hey Matilda!”, Amy spoke in a cheerful tone to the maid who was approaching.
- “Good evening, Ms Anderson! How was your shopping today?”
“It was a good day, thank you. I managed to get myself a few things”, she said with a smile.
Matilda looked at the open boot. It was packed.
- “Yeah, so it seems Ms Anderson”, she said giggling.
“Hey, don’t judge me. It’s not my fault they sell so many good things in the stores. Just bring them to my room, will you”?, she said trying to sound serous but cracked a smile.
- “Of course Ms Anderson”.

Amy had always been kind to the maids and considered them part of the family. She liked to joke with them and keep their relation informal, and the maids were quite happy about it. They all had respect for each other.

“Hey mum, dad!”
Now, inside the house, Amy greeted her parents in the living room.
“I made it just in time for dinner”.
“How was your day sweetie”, her mother asked.
- “It was quite good. I and the girls went shopping at the new store that opened last week. They have some really good shoes and clothes there. Wait until I show you the killer sandals I bought today!
After shopping we went to a restaurant. I ate so much, I could hardly move afterwards”.

“I hope that doesn’t mean you are skipping dinner. I want you at the dinner table with us”.
- “Oh, not at all mum. That was hours ago and besides, you know I never miss a meal. In fact I am already hungry”.
“Good! Now go freshen up and come back in fifteen minutes. Oh, and bring your sister too”.
- “Sure mum. See you in a bit”.
Amy headed to her room upstairs.

Her shopping bags were neatly placed beside her bed.
She opened her wardrobe and retrieved a fresh pair of jeans and a shirt. She changed her clothes, put on some light scented perfume and headed to Lisa’s room.

She knocked on her door. “Liz, dinner is ready”.
-“I’ll be downstairs in five minutes”.
“OK, don’t be late”, Amy replied loudly and headed to the bathroom.


“Hey handsome! How was your day”?, Amy held the toilet seat open.
She quickly pulled down her jeans and underwear and sat down.
Before Daniel knew what was going on his mouth was stretched open and a fast stream of urine filled his mouth. His eyes were fixed at her well-toned butt cheeks, hovering centimeters above his face.
The warm piss was not pleasant, but somewhat temporarily hydrated his mouth which had gotten a bit dry after Jennifer’s pee earlier.
Seconds later the stream stopped. Amy took a wad of toilet paper and wiped herself dry, and then tossed it in the bin.
“Thanks. See you later”, she said with a smile, pulled her jeans up and closed the cover.


Another hour or maybe two have passed since Amy had last used him. It was hard to tell, really. Lying motionless in the darkness skewed his perception of time.
His stomach gurgled. He hadn’t eaten anything for the whole day, apart from the early breakfast he had at his place, before the police brought him here.
Still, he wasn’t feeling hungry but rather thirsty from all the piss he had swallowed.
He wished for a nice and cold glass of coke. He imagined licking off the condensed droplets of water on the cold surface of the glass, and then slowly moving his lips to its rim and taking a gulp after gulp until his thirst was satiated.

The lights in the room turned on again, waking him out of his dream.
His peripheral vision picked up a movement to his left. He shifted his head in that direction and saw Amy’s bare feet, with the distinctive flowers tattoo on her left foot and the bottom end of a pink bath robe covering 20-30 cm below her knees.
Daniel saw her bend down in front of the sink cabinet to retrieve a small cylindrical plastic box. She stood up and made her way towards the bath tub, placing the container on a small silver tray beside it.
Where she was standing, Daniel could see her whole body now. She was indeed wearing a pink cotton bath robe. She leaned over the far end of the tub and turned on the tap of water, fiddling with the knob until she was happy with the water temperature and let it fill the tub.
Then she stood up and removed the robe, revealing her fit and naked body. She put the garment on a hanger, which was mounted on the wall and made her way back to the toilet and removed the lid.

“Did my kinky toilet miss me”?, Amy giggled.
She was standing naked in front of him.
“I’ll have a nice hot bath after the long day. You can watch me bathe through your peephole if you like. I don’t mind”, she grinned.
“But first, I need to feed you. Poor thing, you must be starving by now”, she used a voice of fake concern.

Amy opened one of the cabinet drawers and took a small bottle of vitamin pills.
“The doctor said that you’ll need to take one of these daily, with your food”. She took out one pill in her hand and showed it to him.
“Now, open wide!”
She pressed one hand on the seat and when his mouth opened she dropped it inside.
Then she turned back and sat her bare bottom on the toilet seat. She wiggled herself comfortable on his face and positioned her butt hole over his gaping mouth, relaxing her sphincter.

Daniel sensed a change in pressure in his mouth that moved towards his throat.
“Oops, sorry. I farted. Not very lady like I know”.
“By the way, I don’t know if I can ever let you go, now that you know every girl’s secret. That despite the popular believe we actually fart and poop”, she chuckled.

Her poo started to come out. This time it was soft and creamy, bitter to the taste and with no difficulty it slid to the back of his throat.
She flexed her stomach muscles to squeeze out the rest of her poo, and after that clenched her butt hole to cut off any remains.
She stood up and wiped with a piece of toilet paper which she threw in the bin.
“I am ready for my bath now. Bye, bye pervert”, she waved her hand and closed the cover.
Dan gulped several times in an attempt to clear his throat of any residues and tracked her movement to the tub.
She leaned her left foot on the rim and turned the faucet off. Her soft sole was lightly dark from walking barefoot in the house.
After that she took the plastic bottle from the tray and emptied the bath salts that were inside, in the tub.
She dipped one foot in the water and then followed with the other. Then submerged her body in the hot water and rested her head at one end that was padded with a towel.
Amy sighed contently and closed her eyes.
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