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Sisters' new toilet Part 4

Lisa entered her room and plopped on her bed. Having just finished her dinner, she wanted to take a small break to let her food settle in her tummy, before continuing with her late night study.
She stretched her feet and hands in her queen sized bed and closed her eyes. Her mind drifted away. She recalled last weekend at her friend Nicole’s house party.
Jamie, the new boy Lisa has been seeing recently, and who she really liked, had finally kissed her that night. The two of them seemed to get along very well. They had similar interests and even common friends.
Jamie was tall and well-built handsome young man. He was two years older than her and was an Electrical Engineering student in his second year at the local University.


She wiggled comfortably in her bed, covered herself with one end of the bed cover and dozed off thinking of him.

Twenty minutes had passed when suddenly Lisa’s phone rang and woke her up. She stretched a hand towards the nightstand where her phone was placed and took it.
It was Jamie’s number.

“Hello”, she answered a bit drowsy.
-“Hey Lisa!”, he answered with a cheer in his tone.
She could hear music and people chatting in the background.
“What are you doing tonight?”.
“Oh, hey Jamie. Nothing exciting I am afraid. I am at home studying for my finals…”.
- “Are you serious? It’s Saturday night. Some friends and I are going out on a pub crawl.
Come with us!”.
“I don’t know… I have my finals in less than two weeks”.
-“Please, I want to see you. You’ll have plenty of time to revise. Besides, it’s 21:40. Can you even remember anything that you study this late?”
“Well, I guess you’re right. I can call it a day”.
-“Great, I’ll come and pick you up in say 40 minutes. Is that OK?”
“Yeah, it is fine”.
-“OK, I’ll see you shortly”.
Lisa hung up and got out of her bed to get ready.

Back in the bathroom Amy was taking her bath. She lifted her right leg above the foamy water and rubbed the wet sponge along its silky smooth skin, causing a chain of foaming bubbles to drizzle down her leg. She repeated with her left leg and then moved the sponge to her perky breasts which were partly visible from beneath a layer of foamy cover.
The hot water was doing wonders to take away the tension off of her body. The feeling was almost as good as when Nick was giving her a nice relaxing body massage. She thought of him.

Her boyfriend was out of town for a few days to help his father with repairs of their holiday house up in the mountain. If their work was going as planned he should be back by Wednesday.

Amy looked at her firm breasts and gave them a light squeeze. She was certain that he will do whatever was needed to finish his job on time, knowing how much he liked to fondle with her boobs.

When she was done bathing, Amy stepped out of the tub, removed the bath plug, allowing the water to drain and toweled off.
She covered herself with the robe and headed to leave the room.

Just as she pressed the door handle her sister opened the door and bumped into her.

“Ughh… what’s with the rush?”.
“Sorry Amy. I am going out tonight and need to get ready”, her body was covered with a towel and she had a smile on her face.
“Seems like someone is in good mood”, Amy remarked.
“Let me guess, you’re going out with the new guy, what was his name… Jamie”.
“Maybe…”, Lisa smirked and entered the bathroom.

Once inside, she closed the door and walked to the shower, removing her towel and putting it on the nearby hanger.
She turned the water on and grabbed a bottle of body wash.


Daniel could hear the shower running. From his point of view he couldn’t see who was there, but minutes earlier he heard the two sisters talking, and presumed that Lisa was now in the bathroom.

“I hope she had already talked with her dad about me. I don’t want to spend another day like this”, he thought.
The top left side of his back was itching. He tried to wiggle his body in an attempt to scratch it against the box floor, but with no success.
“Come on Lisa, let me out of here”, he begged her in his mind.

Ten minutes later the water stopped. He heard footstep and the sound of the door being opened and closed, followed by the lights going off.

“What happened? Did she just leave without coming to see me”?
Suddenly he felt nervous in the pit of his stomach. What if she had decided to leave things the way they are? The very thought scared him to death.


In her room, Lisa was almost ready to go out. She had put on a nice short blue dress and her favorite pair of high-heeled sandals. A well balanced makeup further enhanced her seductive appearance.
She wanted to look good for Jamie, but without overdoing it. Besides, they were going to a pub crawl. When she was done, she glanced at herself in the desk mirror and smiled with approval.

Lisa looked at her watch. It’s been 15 minutes since Amy came knocking on her door to let her know that Jamie was waiting for her in the lobby.
She stroked her hair one last time and headed downstairs.

In the lobby she saw Jamie inspecting a large picture of a ship in stormy weather, which was hanged on one of the walls.
She approached him from behind as quietly as she could, not to alert him, and covered his yes with her hands.

“Guess who?”, she giggled.
“Uhmm, judging by the Jasmine scented perfume I can smell, I’d say it is Amy’s attractive but slightly annoying at times sister”, he said laughing.
“Hmm is that so. Maybe you picked the wrong sister then?”, she replied still playfully but with a bit more serious tone in her voice.
“No I didn’t. I like her exactly the way she is”.

He turned around and locked his hands around her waist, pulling her slightly towards him. His face centimeters away from hers. He moistened his lips and leaned to kiss her.

As their lips touched she closed her eyes, to savor the moment.
A moment later she looked contently at him.

“So, you’re inviting me to a bar crawl? You won’t have any hidden intentions behind this now, would you”?, she teased him.
“Of course not! I am just worried about you studying too much for your exams and wanted you to have some fun”.
“Hmmm, very well then. Lead the way Mr Wells”, she smiled.
They went outside and got in the taxi that was waiting for them.


Hours passed. Despite the myriad of questions that were on Daniel’s mind he fell asleep in the small hours of the night. He slept relatively well. The negative thoughts when he was awake were gone and his mind was finally at rest.

In early sunrise about 5:30 am, a taxi parked outside the Anderson’s house. A couple of birds were chirping in a nearby tree, lured out of their nest, in the chilly morning, by the early rays of sunlight.
Lisa and Jamie stepped out of the car and walked towards the house, holding hands together. His thin cotton jacket was placed over her shoulders to keep her warm.

“Steady. One step at a time”. Jamie was guiding her up the stairs. She was visibly drunk and was holding him tightly by his hand to keep her balance.

When they got outside Lisa’s room, she pushed the door open, causing it to bump in the wall with an audible knock.
“Careful, Lisa. We might wake someone up”.
-“Nah, it’s fine. In this part of the house there are only Amy and I, and she tends to sleep like a log”, she giggled.
She walked towards her bed and plopped on her back, in the middle, stretching her hands on the bed cover.

“Best night ever”! She spoke excited while staring at the ceiling.
“Thanks for inviting me, Jamie. I really needed something like this”.
“Come and lay down with me”, she patted one hand on the bed, invitingly.
-“You are drunk Lisa. It won’t be wise. I shouldn’t have let you drink so much”.
He helped her take off her sandals and put them down by her bed.
“No, it’s OK. I really like you and I want to…”, a nauseating feeling in her tummy interrupted her mid-sentence and she put a hand on her mouth.
She paused for a second and continued.
“I think I might throw up. Could you help me go to the bathroom?”

Lisa and Jamie stormed in the bathroom. She quickly opened the toilet seat and knelt down in front of the bowl, resting her hands on the seat.

Daniel was in complete shock. Moment ago he was sleeping and now in split seconds his mouth was painfully stretched wide open. His heart was beating fast.
He opened his eyes, still not well adjusted to the light and barely saw Lisa’s face centimeters above him. Unable to think anything of it at that moment, he saw a stream of liquid coming out of her mouth.
It landed mostly in his throat, but some of it splashed on his face, chin and even in his eyes.
It burned him. He squirmed as strongly as he could. The smelly acid burned his tongue and throat on its way down to his stomach.
She kept throwing up at intervals, partly digested food soaked in her putrid stomach acids.

His face reddened from his attempts to wiggle his body free of the straps. He even tried to force the braces to close, despite the amount of pain it was causing him. He wanted all of this to end.

Lisa looked at him from above. Long and sticky saliva drooled off the side of her mouth.
“I am sorry buddy. I don’t like this either”.
She took a pause and then spat another portion of vomit in his throat.
When she was done, she stood up and took a towel which Jamie handed her to wipe her mouth with.

“I feel better now, thank you”, she told Jamie.
“Is that the guy who tried to rape your sister?”, he asked her.
She paused for a second and then answered with a smile. “Yeah, that’s him”.
“Wow, how pathetic. To be reduced to a mere toilet. Serves him right though…”
“Yeah it really does”.

Lisa walked to the sink and filled a glass of water from the tap. Then she brought it to the toilet, pressed on the seat to open his mouth again and emptied some of it on his face and the rest in his throat.

Jamie hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder.
“You are mean”.
- “You don’t know how much you are right about that”, she smirked.
-“I hope you won’t give me any reason to show you personally”, she patted him on his head.
She closed the lid and they headed back to her room.

“I’ll be going now. Have some sleep and I’ll call you later in the day”.
They kissed one last time before he called a taxi to pick him up and left the house.

Lisa yawned, put her soft pajamas on and tucked herself comfortably under the bed covers, ready to sleep.


At 9:00 am in the morning, Amy was woken up by her full bladder. She sat on the edge of her bed and put her bare feet in her cushioned slippers. She stood up and went to open the curtains, which she normally kept closed when she went to bed. As she did so, the room filled with sunlight. She opened the window to let some fresh air in and headed to the bathroom.

On her way there, she saw a high heel sandal tossed outside her sister’s room.
“Now, what she’s been up to”, she thought.
She slowly opened the door and peeked inside. There, Lisa was lying on her abdomen in the middle of her bed. Her cover had partially slipped on the floor and her left leg was sticking out of bed while the other one was flexed in her knee.
She seemed to be sound asleep.
Amy put the sandal inside her room and quietly closed the door.

Inside the bathroom she stepped to the toilet bowl and lifted the seat cover. The smell of vomit hit her.
In the bowl Daniel’s face was partially covered in vomit. She could distinguish what appeared to be partially chewed up bits of green olives and shrimps.
Daniel was looking at her with pleading eyes.

“It looks like my little sister had given you a hard time last night. Let’s clean up this mess”.
She went to the sink cabinet and took a fresh towel, a pair of cleaning gloves and a sponge.
She put on the gloves and damped the sponge in the sink. Then knelt down at the bowl and started to wipe the vomit off of his face.
When she was done she squirted some scented disinfectant on the towel and wiped his face with it one last time.
“That’s better”, she remarked.
Now if you excuse me, I need to pee.

She sat comfortably on the seat and started emptying her bladder in his mouth.
The familiar warm and salty taste of urine washed his taste buds on its way to his stomach.
When she was done she wiped her vagina and tossed the paper in the bin. She washed her hands with scented soap and left.



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