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Sisters' new toilet Part 5

Lisa woke up with dryness in her mouth. She rolled on her back and looked at the clock mounted on the wall. It was 11:20.
She wasn’t well rested and felt she could sleep for another hour or so, but it was getting too late. Skipping breakfast was somewhat fine on a weekend, but skipping lunch too was not going to be taken well by her parents. Living with her family had its perks, but also its restrictions.


She put her slippers on and poured herself a glass of water from a jug, which she normally kept on her nightstand. She drank the water eagerly, replaced the empty glass and headed for the bathroom to freshen up.

Passing by the dresser’s mirror she took a glance of herself and stopped. Her hair was a mess. She had a tired look in her eyes and on her chin there was a small patch of dried out white crust, of what she presumed was a trace of vomit.

She lifted her left arm slightly and tilted her head to sniff her armpit through her pajamas. An unpleasant smell of sweat filed her nostrils, forcing her to back her head away.
She decided it was best to take a quick shower first, before joining her family for lunch. She grabbed a towel and left the room.

Inside the bathroom, she locked the door and stripped down her pajamas and underwear, putting them in the laundry bin by the door.
She turned around, all naked, and looked at the toilet with somewhat displeased expression on her face.

“Hey” she greeted the prisoner after lifting the lid with one hand.
Daniel looked at her with glazed eyes.

“Yesterday I’ve been thinking about our situation. In fact, I’ve been considering what to do, for the past few weeks…” For better or worse, last night I made my final decision.”

“You saved me from a lot of trouble that night, and I had all the best intentions of keeping my word, and tell the truth so you can get free. Believe me, I really did.
The thing is, right now, everything is going well for me and I don’t want to ruin it”.

Daniel’s heart sank. He knew where this was going. Suddenly his hearing diminished, as if his mind intentionally attempted to shield him from the bad news.

“…Luckily my dad accepted that what happened that night was not my and Amy’s fault and decided not to punish us for it and I’d like it to stay that way. If I tell him I lied about it, I don’t think that would be the case.

Another problem would be with my boyfriend. Imagine what he will think of me if he learns that I had agreed to let you take the blame and be turned into a human toilet as a result. I feel he is the one and I don’t want to risk losing him over that.

Then, there is the moral dilemma with my sister… It is very wrong to let someone innocent be tortured, especially you, who actually saved her, but for the same reason I don’t want to let her learn the truth. She is one of the nicest people I know and if she learns that what she already did to you was so unjust she would be devastated. I just can’t do that to her.

Not to mention any repercussions I might face. They could quite possibly press charges against me.

All of that could simply be avoided if I just keep my mouth shut. By the time you get out, even if you decide to tell the truth, no one will believe you, and how could they? You’d have spent years as a toilet slave, angry and humiliated. They’d expect you to say anything out of frustration.

I am sorry but you should only blame yourself. Why would anyone in his right mind take responsibility for such a serious crime, and all of that for a stranger you barely even know from your class? Didn’t you consider how that would affect your family, friends or maybe a girlfriend?
Maybe next time you’ll think twice before doing something that stupid”.

Daniel was in shock. He couldn’t believe how Lisa was explaining her reasoning in such a calm manner.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…”, he cursed at his past self.
“What was I thinking?!” His mind shifted focus on his family – his mother and younger sister who lived in the southern part of the country. He didn’t even tell them about the trial, as he had hoped to sort things out quickly. They would eventually find out, but at what cost? He wouldn’t be able to deny his guilt until he is released at the end of his service, and as Lisa said, who would believe him then?
His world was quickly falling apart…

The image of Lisa above him started to blur as tears filled his eyes. How could a girl so perfect and feminine do something so horrible to him without feeling a bit of remorse?

He wished he could turn back time to that cursed night, and just walk away the moment he saw the two sisters in the back alley.

Lisa continued after a few seconds of silence.

“I needed to get this off of my chest, so I can move on with my normal life. Most likely this is the last time I am talking to you. From now on I’ll be looking at you just as another piece of furniture. After all, that’s what you are…”

She looked him one last time in his eyes with blank expression on her face and turned around to sit down.

Musky odor coming from her intimate region above filled his nostrils. She positioned herself comfortable above his open mouth, which was ready to accommodate her unwanted bodily excretions and relaxed her urethral muscles, forcing a stream of pee to flow in the toilet.
The saline warm piss rushed through his throat on its way to add more strain to the already overloaded kidneys of their host.

Daniel shivered from the taste in his mouth. Liters of that pungent liquid had passed through his throat since yesterday, but the taste was not getting any better.
When she was done, she waited still for any reaming drops of piss to fall, and repositioned her asshole over his mouth next.

“How could you be doing this to me, Lisa? I helped you because I love you! How could you be so cruel?” He screamed in his mind.

Her butthole slowly started to open. The solid tip of a dark brown log of shit emerged through the puckered flesh, accompanied by a short sound of gas escaping. Pfft.

Then it started to come out faster, changing its consistency into softer and smoother lightly coloured lump.

The strong smell of shit quickly filled the space around him. Together with the feeling of the warm lump sliding in his mouth, made his throat muscles to involuntary spasm. The plastic tube in his mouth however, prevented him from blocking his throat and pressed painfully against his flesh.

Lisa kept pushing until all of it slid out in one medium sized log, letting her anus to close unobstructed. She shook her bum lightly sideways for any remaining piece of shit to fall and stood up.

Part of the soft shit had stuck on the inner tube’s wall, unwilling to go down. She stepped to the sink and filled half a glass of tap water and poured it in the toilet’s mouth, dislodging most of it. She let his mouth close and walked away to take a shower, leaving him with the bitter taste in his mouth and the stench in his sealed prison.


Amy was lying comfortable in her sunlounger by the family’s backyard swimming pool. She couldn’t pass on the opportunity to sunbathe in this lovely summer day. She wore a pair of matching strappy black and white bikini, leaving the rest of her bare sunscreen covered skin sparkling in the sunshine.

In her hands she was holding a romantic novel which she has been reading for a while and her head was covered in the shadow of an adjustable umbrella that was built-in in the front side of the sunlounger.

She leafed through another page, let the book rest on her tummy and grabbed the chilled glass of strawberry and banana smoothie, which she kept along with her smart phone on a short elegant table beside her and drank from the straw.
She took her phone next and dialed her boyfriend.

“Hey sweetie. What have you been up to this morning?”, she asked.
-“Hey gorgeous! It’s been good. We’ve started work at 7:00 and we’re already ahead of schedule. I am thinking I could be back earlier than anticipated”.
“That’s wonderful news. I miss you already”.
- “Me too. What about you? You’re not still in bed, are you? ”.
“Mmm, close but not quite”, she giggled.
“I am sunbathing by the pool. It is very relaxing. The only thing better would be if you were here, giving me a nice massage”.

They kept talking for ten more minutes and eventually finished their conversation. Amy put her phone back on the table and turned over, face down on the lounger to tan her other side.


Lisa has dressed up and went for a walk outside; having twenty more minutes to kill before coming back for lunch. She strolled along the garden pathways made of smooth and flat stones.

Eventually she made her way to the backyard where she saw her sister sunbathing in the distance.
She approached her stealthily with mischievous smile on her face and slowly scooped water from the pool in her hands and poured it on Amy’s bare back.

“Aaarghh…”. Amy quivered and jumped off, looking back at her sister.
“Liz, I am going to kill you!”.

Lisa ran off towards the other side of the pool with a child-like giggle.
“Get back here you little shit!” Amy chased her barefooted around the swimming pool edges; her shapely boobs bouncing with each step.
Unable to catch up with her because of the head start Lisa had, they eventually stopped, facing each other on opposite sides of the pool.
“Calm down sis, it was a joke”, Lisa spoke.
“Ooh, I am calm…”, her sister smirked.
“If we call a truce I’ll show you something special in my room which I am sure you’ll love to see. It will be all yours. What do you say?”
“Hmm… OK, but if it’s something lame I am drowning you in the pool”.
“Sure, but it is not. Come to my room after lunch. By the way, you should probably head back and dress up. You’ll be late”.


“Omg, the roasted beef is amazing”. Amy put the last bite in her mouth and set aside the empty plate.
“…So, as I was saying, that’s why Annie doesn’t want her at her wedding…”
“Well, nobody likes people who try to split you up with your fiancée... isn’t that right honey?”, her dad asked Jennifer.
“Oh give it a rest Christian. My father was just overprotective…”.
-“He really was alright…”.
“Oh come on you two. Don’t start this all over again”, Lisa interrupted.

She looked at Amy who was munching on her dessert.
“Psst. Don’t overstuffs yourself. I need you to leave some room for my surprise”.
-“Uhmm, OK…” she replied quizzically.

When lunch was over the girls headed to Lisa’s room as planned.
Thirty minutes later, Lisa’s door opened and Amy stepped out, giggling.

“I need to pee. I’ll leave you up to your revision and catch up with you later, OK?”
She closed the door and hurried to the bathroom.


Daniel’s mind was restless. It’s been more than 90 minutes since Lisa told him that he practically meant nothing to her.
He still couldn’t believe that the girl who had been his crush for so long was capable of such indifference to what was happening to him. He wished to think that this was all a tasteless joke to scare him, and that every minute she would come back and set him free.

Yes, that seemed plausible. She herself pointed out his obvious lack of insight for any consequences when he offered to help, and maybe she was just teaching him a lesson.

While he was contemplating Lisa’s motives for saying all of those words, his stomach was working in full capacity, eagerly digesting her shit so it can pass it down to his intestines for further absorption.

The lights turned on again. He heard the sound of the door being opened, then closed and that of footsteps coming his way.
He tilted his head forward just in time to see a girl’s feet stepping on the toilet platform. She was wearing pink flip-flops and her toenails were painted in bright red.
“Hello in there!”, he saw Amy towering from above, with a broad smile on her face.
She was wearing a floral skirt and a white short sleeved top leaving her midriff bare.

“My stomach is so full right now. It is busy preparing your special breakfast for tomorrow as we speak”, she giggled patting her tummy with one hand. “I am sure you’ll love it”.

She pulled down her skirt and black lace panties and positioned herself to pee.

“You know, I believe that apart from that one incident between us, you are a good boy, and your close friends and relatives see you as such”. She started talking while peeing in his mouth.

“At your age, with all these hormones rushing through your body it is possible to lose control of your urges. However let's agree that you should be taught a lesson which will help you to prevent that from happening in the future.
What is happening to you right now is that you are being taught that valuable lesson…”

When she finished peeing she wiped off and tossed the piece of crumpled paper in the bin, then pulled her panties and skirt back up and smiled at him one last time, before leaving him again in darkness.



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