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Sisters' new toilet Part 6

The strong smell of urine filled Daniel’s nostrils again. Every time the girls used him to pee or defecate, the vile smell soaked in into his skin, hair and through the airways reached his lungs. Instinctively, he held his breath and took occasional small and short breaths of air, but eventually his brain, sensing the diminishing supply of oxygen in his blood, forced him to take a deep breath, making the smell even worse.
There was really no other choice for him, but to succumb. It was all part of a toilet’s job, and as such, he had to learn to live with it.

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He gradually returned back to his natural breathing pattern and exhaled slowly, trying to steer his thoughts away from his narrow prison, and think of something positive instead.
He closed his eyes and imagined himself lying comfortably on the warm, white sandy beach on one of the Seychelles islands.

When he was twelve years old, he went on a one week holiday with his parents and sister there, for what was the best time of his life.

He thought of the small, blonde haired girl of the same age as him, who he had met on the island with her family. They were from England, the same as his family, but they lived in a different city. Her name was Brittany and she had very beautiful facial features.

He remembered sharing his first kiss with her, on the last day before heading home. They wandered to a remote part of the beach and sat at the top of a boulder, hidden away from view by nearby vegetation. The sunset had painted the sky in vivid orange and purple colours, and the fading sun-rays sparkled on the almost still ocean’s surface.

They were playing stone skipping when all of a sudden Brittany, who was standing a slight distance behind him, turned Daniel by the shoulder and kissed him. It was hardly his best executed kiss, but it didn’t matter. The sudden rush of nervousness in his gut, the deafening beats of his heart in his eardrums and the fact the he was sharing a kiss with a girl he liked, made it all a very special moment.

They never saw each other again, but many times he wondered what it would have been like if they did. They both appeared to like one another, and maybe this first kiss could have led to a relationship, who knows.

While his mind was recreating past memories, back in his confinement, the stretch receptors in his rectal walls signaled him to empty his colon.
The bulk of his bowel movement comprised of the once more processed food of the two sisters. His digestive systems worked hard to recover any remaining valuable nutrients, and send them flowing through his body, to be used as necessary.
He relaxed, and let a stream of piss flow in the flexible tube, while at the same time started to empty his colon down the hole beneath him.

He exhaled impatiently. It’s been over a day of lying motionless, tightly strapped under the toilet.
The last time he was immobilized for so long was four years ago on a summer trip to Spain, organized by his school.

Daniel and some classmates, separated from the rest of the class and went to a site where people used to jump off a cliff in the sea water below.
Erik, a cocky guy from the group, dared him to jump off the cliff.
Seeing that Daniel had second thoughts about it, once he got to the ledge, he casually closed in and pushed him in the back. As a result, Daniel had to spend two long weeks in a hospital bed.

The tense moment when he plunged towards the water below came back to him. The initial panic of losing his footing, followed by fear that he was going to die. Then the sudden contact with the surface. Cold water splashing on his face… Wait! No, it wasn’t cold water. The water was pleasantly warm actually. What is going on?

“Hello, there”! He heard a voice coming from above.
He quickly opened his eyes and saw Amy’s mother holding an empty glass in her hand and looking down at him with a satisfied smile on her face. His face was all wet.
“Sorry about the rough wake up, but God, you are filthy and you stink”!
We’ll need to have you cleaned. I’ll tell the maids about it.

While blinking in an attempt to get rid of the droplets of water in his eyes, he saw Jennifer undress and then lowering her shapely butt cheeks towards him.

“Oh God, not this bitch again”, he feared she would force him to lick her hairy clit all clean, like last time.
He closed his eyes and tilted his head to one side, like a baby that didn’t want to be spoon fed, awaiting the inevitable.

A few seconds passed, but nothing happened. His mouth wasn’t stretched open as usual.
He heard a clicking sound and opened his eyes.
From above, he saw Jennifer pointing her smartphone at him, with a broad smile on her face and burst out laughing.
“Ha-ha-ha, you should have seen the look on your face, as if you don’t want to finish your meal. Take a look”.
She turned around the phone and put it in front of his face for him to see the picture she took.

“You look so cute, don’t you agree. I think I’ll have it as my new wallpaper. Every time I look at my phone it will remind me to pay you a visit”, she said with a smirk.

“How about I have my fist pay a visit to your face, you deranged psychopath”, he threatened her in his mind.
“What the fuck is wrong with this family…? And I am the one who is being locked up?!”

His eyes traced her butt on its way down one more time, but this time she sat herself comfortably on the seat, forcing his mouth wide open.
He watched nervously at her naked body as a trickle of urine exited her urethra, passed her vaginal lips and flowed down in his throat. Then the stream quickly picked up speed, and as a result hundreds of minute droplets of pee covered his face, while his throat was emptying the warm, golden liquid as quickly as it could to prevent his mouth from overflowing.

Daniel tried not to think of what was filling his mouth. Instead, he locked his sight on a lonely droplet of piss, which had gotten stuck to a pubic hair near Jennifer’s vaginal lips.

“It is so perfect, yet so simple” he thought.
”A tiny droplet of liquid, that struggles to decrease its surface area by maintain a spherical form.
Fascinating… “

The warm liquid continued to flow eagerly towards the depths of his stomach.

The pleasant, tingling sensation on the surface of his tongue stopped and moments later Jennifer’s body shifted a bit forward.
Daniel kept his sight on the droplet and ignored anything else. When Jennifer wiggled herself comfortably forward, the droplet stopped at an angle, which allowed for a beam of light coming from the electric bulb mounted on the ceiling, to pass right through it and make it sparkle.

“Pssssssstt”. He could hear noise, as if one of those light, colorful beach balls was being deflated, followed by distinctive wet sound. Quickly, strong and sour smell filled the space around him. He heard a faint voice telling him something from above, but he didn’t pay attention to it.

All that mattered was the sparkling droplet above.
It reminded him of his first visit to a planetarium. It was long time ago, when he was eight years old, but he still clearly remembered his astonishment, when he first saw the thousands of tiny blinking stars, covering the night sky up above. It was back then, when he got fascinated with outer space.

He felt a warm and bitter, semi-liquid substance splashing on his tongue and creeping its way towards the back of his throat and down into his esophagus, as if it was attracted by the natural warmth of his belly.

The tiny droplet moved periodically up and down, as Jennifer pushed the contents of her colon out of her body.

When she was done, she leaned to grab a piece of toilet paper beside her, causing a few drops of her runny poo, which were barely stuck to her anus, to fall on his left cheek, chin and even his neck.
She wiped, pulled her skirt up and turned around to look down at the toilet.

“Oh my, now you definitely need to be cleaned”, she said with a grin.
She grabbed her phone and took another picture of the aftermath.
“This one I’ll show to my friends at work” she said with a giggle.
She closed the lid, washed her hands in the sink and then left.


The strong smell of piss and shit was back to its highest. Minutes have passed since Jennifer had used him and the stench was nauseating. It was one thing to hold your breath while taking a smelly dump before storming out ASAP, but having nowhere to go but to endure it was something very different.
At least this time, the tactic of distracting himself, while he was being used, was somewhat successful, and the whole experience was not as bad as it had been previously.
Still, the bitter and salty taste in his mouth was strong, and there was some work to be done to get rid of it as much as possible.

He waited to collect a bit of saliva in his mouth and proceeded to clean thoroughly the leftovers of watery shit in his mouth with the tip of his tongue, and then letting it all drain in his throat.

Fifteen more minutes have passed, when suddenly the sound of the door being opened broke the silence.

“Oh, God! It stinks in here to high heaven” the maid, Matilda exclaimed with a frown on her face after she lifted the toilet cover.

“I am here to clean you and make you more presentable for the girls”.
She put on the floor a plastic basket full of cleaning products and a small bucket, which she filled with fresh water from the tap.
Next, she put on a pair of cleaning gloves and poured some lemon scented antibacterial detergent in the bucket, which was dermatologically safe. Then she soaked a sponge in the solution and started to clean the toilet.

Daniel closed his eyes and let the woman do her job. It felt so nice and refreshing to have all this filth washed off his face. The pleasant smell of lemon filled the toilet bowl and Daniel hurried to take deep breaths of this sweet, scented air in an attempt to replace that of shit and urine which was currently inside his lungs.
It had been less than two days since he was installed, but he felt so dirty and violated. He broke down in tears.

“There, there” The maid saw him cry and wiped his tears with a freshly rinsed sponge.
“Listen young man. What you did to Miss Anderson was horrible, although, personally I could never approve of such a way of retribution, even for rape.

As a mother of two men, now in their thirties, who gifted me with grandchildren, I can imagine how devastating all that must be for your mother, to torment herself with what her son must be going through. Let alone the shame…”

However, I can’t help you. But I’ll tell you this. Use the time you spend here to reflect on your actions and where you want to be when you get out. I am sure you didn’t hope to see yourself at the bottom of a ladies’ toilet.
The lady of the house is still very upset about what happened, but after some time, the family might decide that your punishment was enough, and let you free sooner. Have faith.

She fished out a partially dried piece of shrimp from between his neck and the toilet bowl and tossed it in the now dirty water in the bucket.

When she was done cleaning him on the outside, she toweled him off and grabbed a bottle of mouth wash next.
She damped a piece of cloth with it and pressed on the toilet seat to clean his mouth from the inside.
The nasty smell of his open mouth was overwhelming. Matilda hurried to clean it, and poured a little of the mouthwash in his throat when she was done.

She stood up and sighed. “That is it. I am done. You look and smell much better now”.

“Are you thirsty?” ,she looked at him expecting a reply.
“Oh silly me, you can’t talk with these braces on”, she smiled somewhat embarrassed.
“Blink once for “YES”, and twice for “NO”, ok?”
Daniel blinked once.
“So you are thirsty”.
She filled a glass full of water and emptied it slowly in his mouth.

Ok, I have to go now. I have other duties to attend to, but I guess I’ll see you again.
She then replaced the lid, picked her belongings with her and left the bathroom.


No one came to visit the bathroom for the rest of the day. Not that Daniel minded. He wasn’t very keen on drinking piss and eating shit, but the lack of anything happening bored the hell out of him.
Fortunately he had other source of entertainment to pass the time. They could take away his freedom, but they could never take away his imagination.
He closed his eyes and smiled.

In the evening just before going to sleep, the girls made their way into the bathroom.
First, around 21:45, Amy entered and made her way to the sink. She grabbed her toothbrush, applied some toothpaste on it and started brushing her white teeth.

The sound of the water running woke Daniel up who had fallen asleep sometime early in the evening. He looked through his Plexiglas window and saw Amy’s bare feet with the distinctive flower tattoo.

“Oh crap! So much for the good taste in my mouth” he thought. He hoped she would just brush her teeth and leave, but honestly, what were the odds? He sighed. “Just get it over with already”.

A minute later she rinsed her mouth and stepped in front of the toilet.

“Aww, something looks different. Who are you and what have you done with my toilet?”, she giggled.
“I almost feel bad for having to use you again, seeing you all nice and clean, but hey, nature calls”.
She pulled down her pajamas and wiggled herself comfortably on the seat and started peeing.
When she was done, about half a liter of urine entered into his stomach. She wiped her vagina dry and without saying another word, pulled her pajamas back up and left.

Not even five minutes had passed and the door opened again. Lisa headed straight towards the toilet and lifted its cover. She looked down at him indifferently and casually turned around and sat down to pee.
Just before the stream of urine diminished completely, she lifted herself off the seat, causing the remaining pee to splash on his face. She took a wad of paper and wiped herself dry. Then without even looking back at him, closed the lid, washed her hands in the sink and went to bed.

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