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Sisters' new toilet Part 7

Monday morning – 9:10 am. Lisa was peacefully sleeping in her bed. It was the last official week of school before the start of the finals, and technically she needed to be in class, but the teachers were lenient about it and didn’t require students to attend classes during that time, unless they wanted to (Usually students who needed help on a particular topic and such).


*Knock*… *knock*….
Jennifer was outside Lisa’s door.
“Liz? I am coming in" she continued, after a few seconds passed with no response.
She opened the door and peeked inside. The curtains were closed and her daughter was soundly asleep in her bed.
Jennifer frowned and made her way in.
“Why are you setting up meetings if you’re not going to stick with them”, she murmured in disapproval while walking towards the window to open the curtains.
“Rise and shine sweetie”

The sun shone on Lisa’s face which made her uncomfortable, so she turned on her other side.
“Oh, no! You’re getting up now!” her mother pinched her on her butt.
“Jesus, mum! What is the matter?” she squirmed and looked at her upset.
-“Do you know what time it is?”

Lisa rubbed her eyes and turned to the clock on her nightstand.
It was 9:12 am.
“I don’t have to go to school. It’s not mandatory and I am better off studying at home”.
-“So you don’t have anything planned for the morning?”
Lisa lay on her back and put one hand to her forehead.
“Oh dammit. I had a meeting with Betty at 9:00!”
-“There you have it. She is waiting for you in the living room”.

“Uhmm, mum? Could you ask Matilda to show her to my room? I’ll be ready in a minute.”
-“Sure, but next time set up an alarm to wake you up. I am not your servant” her mother said on her way out.
“I did set it up. I don’t know why it didn’t go off”, Lisa tried to excuse herself.
She got off her bed and opened the wardrobe to pick her clothes.


“Hey Betty!” Lisa greeted her classmate with a hug. “Come on in”
-“It’s nice to see you Lisa!”.
Lisa turned to the maid. “Matilda, could you bring us two cups of coffee and some biscuits, please?”
“Of course Lisa! I’ll be right back”
Lisa closed the door and joined Betty at the coffee table by the window.

“So, how are you feeling now? I’ve heard you were in a car accident, how long was it… a month and a half ago?” Lisa initiated a conversation.
-“Yeah, that is correct. I had to spend so long in the hospital. By the time I was due for release I was starting to get crazy”. She smiled.
-“The doctors wanted me to stay one more week, but I told them, that would only happen over my dead body”. Both girls giggled.
-“Besides the finals are next week, you know. I need to prepare”

“Yeah, everyone is freaking out about the exams the past couple of weeks”.
“But you are healed now, right?”
-“Yeah, I am all good. Lesson learned. Don’t cross the street without looking both ways” Betty smiled.

-“By the way, thank you for offering me a copy of your history notes. I greatly appreciate it.
I tried to call Daniel first, you know, having been sitting together in class for the past three years, but his phone was switched off. Have you heard from him or seen him recently?”

“Daniel Stone? Sorry, no. I haven’t seen him for weeks. I’ve had some problems with my family lately, and I didn’t go to school for some time. But I am sure he’s fine and maybe just busy revising for exams, like the rest of us”.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too, it’s just that it’s not like him not calling me for so long”.

At this moment they heard Matilda knock on the door and after a small pause she let herself in, carrying a tray with two cups of coffee, a sugar bowl and a plate with oatmeal biscuits. She served them gently in front of the young girls and excused herself out.

“Thank you Matilda!” Lisa said to the maid.

Betty put a spoon of sugar in her cup and with controlled, clockwise motion stirred the coffee, and rested the spoon on the edge of her plate when she was done.

“You said you’ve had problems in your family. Are things better now, if you don’t mind me asking?”
-"Yeah, you can say so. You know, I have told only a few people about this, so just don’t tell anyone, ok?"
-“About a month ago, my sister Amy nearly got raped one night while we were out clubbing”.
“My gosh!” Betty exclaimed.

-“Luckily the bastard couldn’t do anything but tear her clothes and scare her. He got caught and eventually was found guilty of attempted rape”.
“I hope that son of a bitch rots in hell” Betty spoke in anger.
-“You’re not far from the truth Betty”, Lisa grinned.
-“Do you know what his punishment was?”
-“He was sentenced to three years of being a full-time human toilet. Here in our home”.

“Errr, what do you mean by a full-time human toilet?” Betty asked confused.
Broad smile formed on Lisa’s face.
-“Apparently some psychologists that work with rape victims came up with the idea of having the rapists be used as a personal toilet, like an actual toilet which you use to pee and shit. They say that this helps the victim to recover faster from her trauma”.
“Ha-ha. I’m loving this. That is such a mean and fitting punishment”.

-“Yep. So, the jury, not without some pressure from a feminist group, I forgot to mention, there were some feminists allowed on trial day, they decided that having him serve as a toilet would be best”.
Lisa sipped some of her coffee and added. “So now we get to use him every day”.

“And how is Amy holding up?” Betty asked with concerned voice.
- “Oh, she is fine. Don’t worry. She vaguely remembers bits of what happened. But she decided to make this scumbag regret he ever laid a finger on her.”

The girls finished off their biscuits and coffee and eventually shifted the topic of conversation to the upcoming exams.

About thirty minutes in their conversation Betty felt the urge to empty her bowels.

“Uhmm Lisa? I am sorry about that, but I haven’t been to the toilet this morning and drinking coffee always makes me go, you know…” She blushed.
“Could you point me to the bathroom?”
-“Sure, Betty. You could actually try the living toilet yourself. However, I’ll need to get you something first”.

Lisa went to her nightstand and retrieved a black, silky sleeping mask out of the drawer and showed it to Betty.
“I want you to wear this while using him, for safety reasons”.
“In three years this guy is supposed to be released and I don’t want him to remember any faces, and go looking for vengeance for those who used him, other than my family that is. It’s only a slim chance of that happening, but still…”
-“I understand“ Betty agreed.


Daniel was woken up by the urge to pee. He relaxed the muscles keeping the urine in his bladder and waited for his body to do its job.
He tried to keep his limbs active for a few minutes by flexing the fingers of his hands, followed by twisting motions in his wrists.
Next he flexed his toes, and slowly moved his ankles as much as the straps allowed him. He finished his exercise by stretching his neck using circular motions.
When he was done he exhaled soundly.

Last night he couldn’t get a good sleep. He had nightmares and woke up several times during the night. As a result, he was tired, but his mind would still not let him fall asleep.

He was tormented by the memories of the night at that club again, the abuse he was getting by the girls and the dire situation he was in, as a whole. He was supposed to take his exams in a couple of weeks and get on with his future plans. Instead, he was strapped tightly under a toilet and forced to consume the bodily waste of Lisa and her twisted relatives, and god knows who else, for the next three years. Three whole years…!

The bathroom door opened and the lights were switched on, leaving him temporary blinded by the sharp transition from complete darkness.

“Ok. Put your mask on before I open the toilet lid”.
-“Alright, I am ready, Liz”.

Daniel was listening intently. This time he could hear two voices in the bathroom. One was clearly of Lisa, but the other one sounded so familiar, yet it was neither Amy’s nor Jennifer’s.

His vision started to adjust to the light, and he saw two pairs of legs step on the platform in front of him, one wearing yellow flip-flops, showing nicely painted toes in light pink, and the other wearing black flats.

“Hold my hand. I’ll guide you”, he heard Lisa’s voice again.

Moment later the cover above him was lifted and more light entered into the toilet bowl.
Towering above him, he saw Lisa and another white girl with shoulder length, straight black hair who was wearing a sleeping mask. She was visibly shorter than Lisa, despite the odd angle from which he was looking at them.

“Am I facing him, Liz?”, Betty asked.
She leaned a bit forward, towards Daniel and spoke.
“I have something for you, you filthy son of a bitch”. Her hair fell freely over her shoulders.

“Oh my god! This is Betty” Daniel was completely shocked.
Was his mind playing him tricks or was that another torture by Lisa and her sister? What was she doing here? The last time he heard from her, she was at the hospital, recovering from a car accident.

He started squirming and trying to attract her attention.
“Mmmmm, mmmmm….”
“Betty, Look down here. Remove the mask and look down here. It’s me, Daniel!” He screamed in his mind.

“Aww, he seems excited to see someone new” Lisa commented.
“Betty, Nooooo… Look at me! That bitch lied to me. I am innocent. Help me!”

“Let’s not keep him waiting. Turn around and remove your jeans and underwear”. Lisa told Betty.
Daniel looked at his friend turning her back on him to unbutton her jeans, revealing her smooth bare bottom.

“Now slowly lower yourself to the toilet seat. His mouth will open automatically when you apply weight to the seat”.

He watched nervously as Betty started to lower her butt towards his face. Betty, his closest friend in school was completely unaware that he was tied up helplessly, mere centimeters below her. Even worse, she was about to use him as a toilet, thinking that she was punishing some deserving rapist.
And Lisa… That twisted bitch, was not only aware of this, she seemed to enjoy torturing him.
After all he had done for her, this is how she repays him?!

As the girl sat down she heard a muffled squeal coming from below, no doubt from the pain caused by the braces stretching his mouth.

“Could you open your legs a bit so I can tell you how to position yourself?”
-“This is so exciting!”, Betty grinned.
“Ok, move slightly backwards and you’re good to go”.

Daniel closed his eyes. He didn’t want to watch how his friend was about to empty her bladder and bowels in his mouth. The very thought made him quiver.

While firmly holding his eyes shut, he felt the first trickle of urine splash on his lower lip and then flow in his mouth. The stream picked up speed and moved slightly left and right for a brief moment as Betty wiggled herself to get comfortable on the seat above.

The rate at which she was peeing was so high that his mouth quickly overflowed, causing trickles of urine to flow from the sides of his mouth over his cheeks.
When she finished she sighed with relieve.

“That felt good” he heard Betty speak with excitement in her voice.

Next, she took deep breath and started to push her poo out of her colon, flexing her abdominal muscles.

Light-brown creamy poo was quickly squeezed out of her anus, and on contact with his nose collapsed over its weight, and started to spread all over it, like in those machines, squeezing out the ice cream in a waffle cone, sealing his nostrils.

“Betty, stop! You’re not aiming in his mouth.” Lisa warned her.
She stopped flexing her muscles and clenched her anus instantly, leaving the remaining shit stuck on his face.

Daniel felt the warm and smelly mass, cover his nose and enter into his nostrils.
He opened his eyes in panic.
The smell was terrible, but that wasn’t what had him worried. Suddenly he couldn’t breathe through his nose. He tried to exhale swiftly in an attempt to clear his blocked nostrils, but the thick paste was too heavy to remove.

“I am sorry”, Betty apologised. “I thought it was going to slide directly in his mouth”.
-“Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault. You couldn’t see where it was going with the sleeping mask on. Just shift your butt a bit forward”.

“I think a piece of my poo broke off already”.
-“Oh, it’s ok. It got stuck to his nose. We’ll leave it there until you are done pooping”.

He watched in horror, as the young, eighteen years old girl, proceeded to adjust her butt hole over his open mouth.

When she was to start pooping in his mouth, he wouldn’t be able to breathe completely.

Frantically, he started to inhale air through his throat, to fill his lungs, before his last source of oxygen was cut off.

“Stop right there. That’s fine” he heard Lisa say.

A second later, Daniel heard the wet sound of her poo grinding against the inner walls of her colon, before exiting through her anus and filling his mouth.

The warm and bitter paste filled the entire room in his mouth and started to slowly move deep towards his throat.

Above, Betty was enjoying the pleasant feeling that was coming from vacating the contents of her bowels. She felt slightly aroused by the thought of what she was doing. It was so naughty, yet it felt so good. She was actually shitting in the mouth of a helpless person below her. This thought made her blush. She felt so empowered.

She kept pushing rhythmically the contents out of her colon, deeper and deeper in the toilet’s throat.

For a brief moment she felt bad about what she was doing, but then she remembered what this person had done to Lisa’s sister. She must have felt so helpless, screaming and unable to stop him, while he was tearing her clothes off and forcing himself on her.

“Yes, he deserved to feel the same way. He deserved to suffer” she thought.

Daniel squirmed desperately in his straps. Only if Betty would remove her mask and look at him for a moment. No doubt, she would like to hear his side of the story, despite what lies Lisa will tell her. But what could he do?

He felt the weight of Betty’s poo, pressing painfully on the walls of his esophagus before entering his belly.

When she was done, Lisa handed her a roll of toilet paper to wipe herself.
She pulled her jeans back up and stepped down from the toilet platform.

“Oh my god! This was so exciting!” Her face gleamed.
She felt a pleasant, tingling sensation in her tummy.

“You really seem to enjoy it, Betty!” Lisa giggled.
“Be careful, it is addictive. You might want to come to use him over and over again. Not that I mind. You are welcome to come whenever you like”.

His nose and mouth was now completely blocked, leaving Daniel to rely on the limited amount of air which was passing through the small safety tube attached to the plastic tube inside of his mouth. Time passed so slowly, and the limited supply of air didn’t seem to be enough to meet his needs, but only to prolong the inevitable. His lungs started to gradually burn.

“Come on, please! Unblock my nose. I can’t breathe” He implored the girls.
The thick and sticky pile of shit in his mouth was slowly sliding in his throat, but it was still preventing him from breathing through his mouth.

He looked at the girls above. They were giggling and chatting, completely oblivious to his critical condition. And why wouldn’t they be. He was just a toilet after all.

Finally Lisa turned back to Daniel and looked at him with amusement. His face was all red and there was a pile of shit covering his nose. He had a look on his face as if he was going to faint.

She took a piece of toilet paper and wiped part of the shit off his nose, before tossing the dirty paper in his mouth. Then she took another piece of paper and removed the rest of it, which also threw in his mouth.

Now, able to remove the poo in his nose, he exhaled his last air from his nostrils, in an attempt to unblock them. And it worked. Small pieces of poo shot out of his nostrils and landed in his mouth.
Lisa burst laughing. “Did you see that?”
She looked back at Betty who had already removed her mask, but was now standing safe distance away from the toilet to prevent the prisoner from seeing her.

“Uhmm, no. What happened?”
-“Never mind” she kept giggling.

Lisa went to the sink and filled a glass of water and emptied it in Daniel’s mouth, to soften the toilet paper inside, and flush it all down in his throat.

Never in his life had he drawn such a deep breath. The vile smell of Betty’s poo filled his lungs, but he was relieved. He was safe.

“Uhmm, sorry about the smell, Liz” Betty blushed embarrassed.
-“Don’t be. Soon we’ll be out of here and only the poor bastard will have to endure it” I’ll just spray some air freshener in the room, but first I need to go too” she grinned.

“Poor guy…” Betty said with a smile.

Daniel had almost managed to get his breathing to a steady pace when he saw Lisa stepping in front of the toilet. She turned her back on him, stripped her jeans and sat down.

“Please, not one after another” he begged.
He felt pretty full after Betty and now his belly needed to make room for Lisa’s waste too.

While peeing she proceeded to chat with her friend.
“So Betty, do you have any plans for the night after our last exam?”
-“Uhmm, I have nothing special planned really. The last exam finishes at 14:00, so I am meeting some friends for a small celebration in a local pub right after, but as for the evening I am free. Why?”

Lisa finished peeing and wiggled on the seat forward, to shit.
“Well, I am having a house party and…” she panted, while trying to force a large lump of poo, out of her anus “… excuse me… so I’d be happy if you come” she continued.

The log broke off and fell down in the toilet below, leaving the rest of her poo to retract back in her butt hole. She flexed her muscles once more, forcing the tip of her poo to emerge again and begin to come out.

“You can bring some friend with you if you like. Katy and Nicole from our class will come. It will be fun. There will be lots of boys too". She winked playfully at Betty, causing her friend to blush.

Another piece of smelly poo landed in Daniel’s mouth and pushed the one previously in his throat, further down into his esophagus.

“Oh, I am sorry. You liked Daniel Stone, didn’t you?”
-“Yes”. Her face reddened even more.
-“Would it be ok if I invite him too?“
Lisa pushed out one last small piece of soft poo, which landed on Daniel’s tongue and leaned to grab the roll of toilet paper.
“Of course. I’ll be happy to see him around” she smiled.
-“I will gladly come, Lisa. Thank you”.

She watched as Lisa wiped her bottom and then tossed the dirty toilet paper in the bin.
They were having such a casual conversation, that Betty almost forgot about the living toilet, which had just consumed their waste.

She looked back at Lisa, who closed the lid nonchalantly, and without even looking back at the guy inside, she stepped to the sink to wash her hands.
Everything she did was so routine, as if she didn’t think of the guy below, as anything more than a normal toilet.

“Alright, I am done”

Lisa joined Betty, and both girls exited the bathroom, switching the lights off as they did so.S



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