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Sisters' new toilet Part 8

*Two weeks later at the girls’ party*

Matilda opened the oven and took out the tray with freshly baked cupcakes and put it on the kitchen board to cool down.
She took a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped off the droplets of sweat that had formed on her forehead and let a sigh.


The night was promising to be very busy as the girls were holding a party.
She was in excellent terms with the family and loved the girls very much, but nights like these she hated, and she had her good reasons - drunk boys and girls who always managed to break valuable items around the house, despite being warned to be careful; many of them ending up drinking too much and vomiting, loud music, stains from wine and food on the carpets, you name it.
Of course, such behaviour was to be expected from the youth, and as a maid, it was part of her job to tend to such matters so she kept it all to herself and hoped for a quick end of the night.

Just as she moved her attention to the next dish on the list, Matilda heard someone ringing the bell at the front door.
She was hesitant whether to go and greet the guests, as she was hoping the other maid – Elena would open the door instead, but then remembered that she was upstairs cleaning after the first mess of the few early guests.

*Ding* *ding*, the bell rung again.

“I am coming, I am coming”, she murmured to herself and took off the plastic gloves that she used to handle the food and headed to the front door.

As she reached it, she heard the heavy footsteps of Lisa running down the stairs and shouting “I’ll get the door, I’ll get the door…”.

“Get back with your work, Matilda. I’ll meet the guests, thank you!”
-“As you wish, Lisa”, Matilda excused herself and left.

Lisa opened the door, visibly excited.
“Hey Nina! I am glad you made it…” She hugged a girl that was standing among two boys and two girls.
-“What do you know, I almost missed the last bus coming from my boyfriend’s town, but luckily they were running 5 minutes late.”
“It’s not like you being late. What happened?” Lisa asked.
-“Well… when your boyfriend lives in different town you try to make the most out of your time when you see each other, you know ”, Nina answered with a smirk.
“I see” Lisa replied with a smile.

“So Liz, you already know my sister and her boyfriend Adam…” She pointed at them.
“…and these two are my good friends Anita and Thomas.”
They all greeted Lisa.
“Alright, let’s head upstairs” Lisa urged them to get in and closed the door behind them.

On their way up the stairs Mary felt an urge to pee.
-“Uhmm Liz…? Could you show me to the toilet? It’s been a long way to get here and I need to go”.
“Sure. Let’s get the others to the living room first and I’ll come with you. I’ll show you your room too, as you’re staying with us for the night.”


*Heavy breathing*
*Tud, tud, tud, tud…* Daniel’s heartbeat was on the rise again as he was having another anxiety crisis.
The inability to move and the extended periods with no human interaction (if one could call human interaction the occasional visits of the women in the house to relieve themselves in his mouth) were taking their toll. Despite his best effort, it was very difficult to keep his mind at peace.
There were not many things that a motionless person can occupy his mind with for such a long period of time, and many of those thoughts, were inevitably bringing him back to the topic of his helpless and unfair situation… torturing him over and over again.
However, this time the reason for his elevated heartbeat was not the predominant silence, but the lack of it.
For close to an hour he could hear unfamiliar voices in the distance, both males and females laughing and screaming of joy. He could also hear music playing in the background.
It didn’t take long for him to figure out that the girls must have invited some friends over for the night.

For the past week his situation as a toilet was getting even worse. After Amy’s boyfriend appeared, she started to lose interest in interacting with him. Not even teasing him as she liked to do from time to time. It seemed like he was just a temporary toy to keep her entertained until her boyfriend came back.
Lisa’s new boyfriend was also staying over for a few days now and even if there was no difference in Lisa’s apathy towards Daniel’s existence, she still managed to “stab” him in his heart, by being visibly happier from Jamie’s presence.
At least their mother, Jennifer, was still eager to tease and mock him, which despite the nature of their meetings, he felt it was better than being completely ignored.

However, tonight he was hopeful that someone from the guests could recognise him, perhaps a classmate or maybe someone curious enough to free his mouth and hear his side of the story. Especially with the new modifications they made to the toilet two days ago, he thought this was the opportunity he had been waiting for.

The entire old ceramic toilet bowl was replaced with a new crystal clear one. He wasn’t sure what material it was made from but it was shiny, it was very stylish looking and most importantly it was completely transparent. Even the toilet lid was made of the same material and was all see-through.
He overheard one of the workers, during the installation, mentioning that the whole toilet upgrade cost was the staggering 8000£.
Daniel couldn’t believe why they would spend so much money on a toilet bowl, even if it was this good looking, but eventually he figured one purpose was to further humiliate him in front of any guests, looking at him like a museum display, a display of contemporary living toilet art.

Another reason seemed to be purely out of practicality. At the back of the toilet, where in normal toilets the water tanks are placed, there was a small block that consisted of three compartments. There was a water tank, which was connected to the water system like a normal toilet. He noticed that after use and at fixed intervals, small amount of water was released from the sides of the bowl to flush any remaining residues or toilet paper and to keep him hydrated.
He didn’t know how it all worked, but he guessed that it required several sensors placed at specific angles at the toilet bowl’s edge which monitored for anything dropped and for any remaining solids or liquid in the toilet bowl. That meant, there was no need for a flush button at all.It was all taken care of automatically.

There was also a food compartment where an unflavoured protein powder, mixed with vitamins was stored and released in small portions in the bowl with some water, twice a day, to balance the main diet the girls and their guests were putting him through.
The final compartment contained liquid medicine which was released twice a week to prevent possible infections and such, caused by the regular quantities of shit and urine which he was consuming.

There was another significant addition. On the inside, the toilet bowl looked almost indistinguishable from a normal toilet. Instead of Daniel’s face being exposed at the bottom of the bowl, there was now an oval shaped, clear bowl with a hole in its centre that was fitting perfectly inside the toilet, so it was preventing any waste from getting down to Daniel in other way than draining through the plastic tube in the centre. Daniel’s mouth was now attached to the bottom of the tube and only his lips were visible through the hole. When his mouth was forcefully opened to drain anything coming through the pipe his lips parted and made a seal around it.

Some of these improvements such as clear view of the bathroom, water and a little bit of protein powder he was happy for, but there were also additions he didn’t like at all.
One such addition was the new air ventilation system. Yes, the girls went as far as installing an air ventilation system on the toilet, so what felt as a light, pleasant air draft that tickled their bare bottoms when using him, was actually carrying away the unpleasant smell of their pee and poo.
It was nice addition for the girls but for him it was hell. The ventilation system was designed so the smell was absorbed through vents on the side of the toilet bowl and was carried through a pipe that blasted right at Daniel’s face. That made all the nasty smell much more intense for him when someone was using the toilet.

Right after the workers have finished installing the new toilet he was taken aback by the stronger smell of his first user’s shit – Amy. Looking at her mushy poo sliding down the tube and having the strong smell blasting in his nose was too much for him to take and he threw up. It was horrible. His vomit made it out of the tube, only to be pressed back down in his throat by the rest of Amy’s semi-liquid poop.

The vents were providing him with plenty of air, but essentially his lungs were being used to filter the nasty smell.

He knew that this was not a random overlook on the design of the ventilation system but rather its intended purpose. To make his suffering even worse.

All of these improvements, together with the girls’ lack of interest in him hinted towards something frightening. The improvements were not for him, but for them. He was actually being transformed into a low maintenance toilet, which required no attention from the girls when being used. All they need to do was to do their business, wipe and leave. Food, water and cleaning were all taken care of automatically. He was turning so quickly into a toilet that required no special attention.
The maids didn’t even need to clean the toilet bowl, as its surface was coated with a special layer that prevented anything from sticking to it. No liquids or solids. Anything dropped inside easily drained inside the tube in Daniel’s mouth and into his stomach.
The food compartment needed to be refilled once a month and the medicine was enough to cover him for the whole planned stay as a toilet.



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