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Sisters' new toilet Part 9

“…Alright, this is the bathroom” Lisa switched on the lights and pushed the door open.
-“Thanks, Liz. I won’t be long.” Nina entered, locked the door behind her and hurried to the toilet.

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Daniel looked at the approaching girl from his transparent prison.
She was a young, fit looking brunette with long hair, wearing a short black and blue striped dress with elegant, slim fitted white shirt and high-heel black sandals. He couldn’t miss her beautiful feminine face and large and well-shaped breasts bulging out of her shirt. It wasn’t difficult to tell that she must be turning a lot of men’s heads in public.

Daniel’s heart started beating fast again when he saw the girl lifting the toilet lid up and looked inside. She paused for a moment and looked down at him.
“Thank god! She’s looking at me” he cheered in his mind.
“Please, help me out of here” he squirmed in his straps. “I want to talk to you…” he continued his monologue in his mind.
However the girl didn’t seemed moved at all by his begging expression on his face and as if she didn’t even see him, proceeded to lift her dress up and let her red laced panties drop on the floor before lowering her well-toned butt on the seat behind her.
“Mmm mmm... please, I am innocent…turn back...” his heart started to hurt again.
By instinct he looked up at her butt hole and pussy, awaiting the inevitable. His next portion of never ending humiliation.
“I don’t deserve this...” his eyes moistened with tears.
The few drops of urine coming out between Nina’s pussy lips quickly turned into a strong torrent, hitting with force the transparent cover above Daniel.
Myriad of droplets scattered on its surface only to slide moments later back towards the entrance of the tube, forming a small pond.
Below, Daniel was swallowing the salty, yellow liquid at his limit, but he was still overwhelmed by the amount of pee that girl was expelling. “She must’ve been holding it for quite some time”, he thought.

Moments after she was done peeing, there was no traces of any liquid being spilled in the toilet bowl. All of it had drained and he had now a clear view of Nina taking a handful of toilet paper and thoroughly wiping herself dry. When she finished, she dropped the crumpled paper in the bowl and stood up, pulling her panties up.

Shortly, a small amount of water was released automatically in the bowl and she watched as it spun the wad of paper a couple of times around the whole before disappearing in it.
Then she replaced the lid and washed her hands before joining Lisa outside.

Daniel kept his eyes fixed on her until she left. She didn’t even look a second time at him. As if he wasn’t worthy of that privilege.
“At least she didn’t shit” he consoled himself, still having the sick taste of her urine in his mouth.


In the next hour two more girls visited the bathroom to pee, both of whom didn’t even seem remotely moved by the sight of him laying beneath the transparent toilet bowl.
They just sat down casually, emptied their bladders and left.
He didn’t know why they would act all that casual about the whole thing when it was clearly visible that there was a human being strapped beneath the toilet bowl.
Were they instructed by the two sisters to disregard him completely when using him or maybe were told even more terrifying lies about what he had done to justify not to feel any pity for him?
Whatever the reasons, his hopes of getting someone to hear his end of the story were slowly and painfully getting crushed.

As time passed, more guests arrived at the party and with that the chances of people using him started to increase.

Fifteen minutes after his third visitor, another girl entered the bathroom.
She had medium long, blond hair, kept as pony tail and was casually dressed in blue jeans, vans shoes and light, long sleeved white top.
She had freckles on her cheeks and was rather attractive looking girl in her early twenties.
The girl locked the door behind her and walked towards the toilet with excitement on her face.
She stopped in front of it and started to inspect it. She looked at it from different angles, then opened the lid and looked inside.
“Wow! You could hardly tell the difference...” she spoke.
“What? What difference? Why was this girl interested in the toilet itself” he thought.
The girl looked once more inside of it and grinned. Then she quickly unbuttoned her jeans and sat down to pee.
The familiar sound of urine tapping on the transparent bowl above him echoed in his ears while he flinched at the concentrated sickening taste of it.
His stomach gurgled loudly, rioting against the further intake of this poisonous liquid. It has already accommodated close to two liters of pee from the previous girls. However, the decision of how much more of it to drink was not Daniel’s to make.

“So, how are you doing there, sweetie?” the girl spoke while she was peeing.
Daniel wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or maybe someone on the phone as he couldn’t see from his position.
“I am talking to you, toilet.” She wiggled her butt more to the inside of the seat and looked with a smile at him between her legs.
There was no response. Only the diminishing noise of her pee tapping on the bowl could still be heard.
“Oh, you can’t speak like that, can you...? Well then, I’ll do the talking”.
“I and my girlfriends are having a great time at the party and decided to provide you with some entertainment yourself, as we all figured, it must be really boring for you having to stay like this for hours, not being able to talk to anyone and wait for the next girl to use you, most likely not acknowledging your existence at all”.

She wiped with a piece of toilet paper and discarded it in the toilet bowl, stood up and turned at the bowl to have a final look at him.
She leaned over the bowl and spat a piece of chewing gum, which she had in her mouth the whole time. The gum rolled down the walls of the bowl and eventually fell down in his mouth.
“It lost its flavour” she looked at him with a grin.
“So... I’ll see you a bit later sweetie”.
Daniel saw the blurred silhouette of the girl leaving the bathroom after the toilet was automatically flushed.


“ So, how long do you think it will take for the laxative to kick in?”
-“Very soon I’d say. I’ve put such a high dose in her drinks that she’ll shit her insides out” her friend replied with a giggle.
The two girls were stalking from a distance their shy girlfriend who was sitting on the sofa.
Natalie, the 20 years old, short girl was visibly at some discomfort, keeping her hands over her lower abdomen and groaning.
-“God, we’re such mean bitches... Where’s Vicky, by the way?”
“She decided to check the toilet out for herself. Should be back any moment” Silvia replied and sipped some more sparkling wine from the glass in her hand.

A couple of minutes later they saw her coming across the room to join them.
“Hey girls. Missed me”. She giggled.
“You wouldn’t believe what I saw. Just as Amy told us, the guy who tried to rape her is used as their personal living toilet.”
“Can you imagine how fucked up that is. To have some poor guy eat your shit, drink your pee and pretty much everything you throw at him, every single day...” She couldn’t hide her excitement.
-“Yeah, that’s hell of a punishment...” Silvia added.
There’s more. The sisters haven’t told about him almost anyone. Just a few close friends. Nobody even knows who he is. And the cherry on top is that just as Amy said, the whole toilet bowl is transparent, BUT only from the inside! Can you imagine, the guy inside can see everyone, clear as day, thinking they could see him too, but on the outside, the bowl is sparkling, light purple.Very stylish looking. I’d definitely want one like it myself.
So pretty much, no one using the toilet, knows they are actually using a real human for a toilet.
It is still possible to hear faint muffled noises when he tries to attract attention, or see his lips at the hole of the bowl, but most people would miss it. The toilet looks exactly like normal one from the inside and outside. Why would they assume there’s anything wrong with it.”

Her friends both looked at her talk about the toilet with such passion, that it was obvious that she wanted to get her hands, or quite literally her butt on a living toilet similar to this one. Just for herself.

“Oh, crap!” Silvia interrupted.
“Natalie is leaving. Don’t let her go to the wrong toilet.” The three friends quickly walked to her.
“Hey Natalie. Is something wrong? You don’t look well”. Vicky spoke first, trying to sound concerned.
-“Hey girls. I don’t feel that well. Maybe I ate something spoiled. I urgently need to go to the toilet.
Could you help me get there?I am not familiar with the house.”
Irene giggled softly, somewhere behind her, but quickly got pinched by Silvia as a warning to stop.

“Of course we’ll do.” Vicky answered firmly.
-“But I don’t want to use that living toilet. I heard what Amy said about that guy she uses as a toilet. I want to use the normal one.Please! ”.
Vicky put her hand on Natalie’s shoulder.
“I promise. We’ll go to the normal toilet.”
“Ohhh... Please, hurry...” Natalie squirmed, holding her hand against her lower abdomen.
The girls quickly navigated out of the crowded and nosy room and headed to the bathroom.

When they arrived, Vicky turned on the lights and pushed the door wide open.
“See, here’s the normal toilet”. She pointed at the shiny, purple toilet bowl in the near distance.
“We’ll wait for you in the hallway in case you need something”.

-“Thank you” Natalie replied and closed the door behind her and rushed to the toilet.
She unzipped her knee length skirt and let it fall down freely, revealing her small and round butt covered in white bikini.
Next, she lifted the cover seat. It all looked normal at first glance and she swiftly removed her panties too.
Still she wanted to make sure there were no surprises and started to inspect the toilet bowl on the outside and inside.

Meanwhile, Daniel was staring at the naked girl, squatting outside the toilet bowl.
He had a perfect look at the young girls’ intimate parts.
She had kept her pubic hair untrimmed and bushy, hiding her labia beneath a dark and fluffy hairy blanket.

She quickly looked on the outside and determined that it looked indeed normal. Then she leaned to inspect the inside of the bowl. The walls seem fine, there were some vents on the inner sides of the bowl, but nothing to tell it wasn’t just the design. The draining hole was narrower than usual and deeper but it looked fine at first glance. However, just as she was scanning the bowl, her peripheral vision picked a slight movement coming from the drain hole.
Then another movement...

It seemed strange to Daniel why she would inspect the toilet, but wouldn’t say anything to him, if she knew about him.
Unlike Vicky, who was clearly fine with using and humiliating him, this girl didn’t strike him as such. She seemed like a good person. Maybe that was it? His chance to get rescued?
He moved his lips once again and tried to make some noise to get her attention.

“Oh my god!” Natalie screamed and stepped back, when she saw a pair of human lips, squirming at the bottom of the hole.
“There is a live person in there!” she spoke aloud.
“Vicky, this is not the normal toilet.” She quickly pulled her bikini and her skirt up, holding it with one hand to prevent from falling, as she didn’t zip it and rushed to the door.
“Vicky, you lied to me!”
She heard the girls laughing outside the door.
Natalie reached for the door handle and pulled to open it, but something was preventing that.
She pulled the handle once again, applying more force, but the result was the same. There was some resistance.
“Girls, come on, it is not funny! I need to go to the toilet badly. Please let me out!”
The girls kept giggling.
-“I am sorry Natalie, but we had no other choice. We knew you wouldn’t agree willingly to use this rapist and we took the matter in our own hands.
-You know we all agreed to have a go at him”.
“I didn’t agree on such thing. Let me out. I can’t hold it anymore”.
-“My point exactly” Vicky spoke through the door.
“Come on Nat! Don’t be such a baby. That piece of shit in there deserves every mouthful of shit he gets to swallow, for what he did. How could you feel any pity for him?” Silvia joined in.
“Nooooo... No, no, no.. I don’t want to. Let me out, please” Natalie banged several times against the door with her fists.
-“We are sorry, but we can’t. And you don’t have much time. Do you see that carpet on the floor.
It is very expensive. If you crap on it, I’ll tell you on Amy”. Vicky continued.

Daniel was watching from his transparent prison at the scared girl, desperately banging against the door hoping to get out.
He admired her determination, and it seemed like she was indeed a kind, human being, but he knew her friends wouldn’t let her leave before she emptied her bowels somewhere in this room. And looking at the possible places to do it in the bathroom, his mouth was the best option for her not to get in some kind of trouble with the hosts.

“Ohhh... Damn you all” she squirmed by the increasing pressure in her rectum.
She decided to walk back to the toilet.
“I am very sorry. I didn’t want to use you” she spoke to Daniel with regret in her voice.
She let go of her skirt, removed her panties and plopped her bottom on the toilet seat.

Daniel looked up at her pussy and ass and almost instantly her butt hole opened and a stream of dark brown, mushy diarrhoea splatted in the bowl above him.
The smelly, liquid soup with semi-digested bits of food quickly began to fill the bowl and blocked any light reaching to him. It was as if he was buried alive, but in shit.
He could hear loud, wet farting sounds as Natalie was emptying her colon with great relieve.

Then the worst part hit him almost instantly. The smell. That wretched, indescribable, unholy stench, accompanying the cute looking, timid girl bowel’s movement.
If the ventilation system seemed to be doing its job well the previous days, right now it seemed to be working at its best. Efficiently taking away all the smell from the bowl and blasting it right at his face.
That, combined with the warm and bitter, mushy diarrhoea, drowning all of his taste buds and flowing in his throat, hit him hard .He couldn’t keep himself from throwing up.
His stomach contracted, sending a portion of his previous “meal” to battle a way out of his throat against the endless inflow of shit.

Moment later a wave of vomit shoot through the dark-brown surface and even stained Natalie’s left butt cheek.
She swiftly looked down between her legs only to see a light-brown coloured circle among the sea of her shit expanding in diameter and forming bubbles on its surface.
“Oh my god! He threw up!” Natalie screamed frantically.
“I so wish I didn’t see that” she started crying, while the girls outside were laughing uncontrollably.
Natalie wanted to leave as soon as possible and in her panic she pushed harder to get the remaining shit out of her rectum.
Plop, plop, plop... Like a cannon, the powerful stream of liquid shit formed temporal craters on the surface of the partially filled toilet bowl and caused some of its content to splatter on the surrounding walls.

Beneath the surface, Daniel was fighting a losing battle.The nasty content of the toilet bowl was going to end up in his stomach whether he liked it or not.
Once the portion of Daniel’s vomit surfaced, it was mixed up with Natalie’s shit and immediately forced back in his throat by gravity.
In an involuntary attempt to take a deep breath he choked on it, sending another forced wave of shit out of his throat.
There was a burning pain in his stomach and throat. He was struggling to breath properly and was scared that he might not make it alive. Above him there was still not even a speck of light making it through the sea of liquid shit, meaning there was still a lot of it waiting to go down in his stomach.

“What a pathetic way to die. To drown in some unknown girl’s diarrhoea” he thought.

He was very much scared of dying. He was so young and there was so many things he wanted to do, yet the prospect of dying seemed like a get away from this endless torture.
He had been a human toilet for over two weeks and was already broken inside. There was no way he would make it sane or alive for three whole years.

As soon as Natalie finished shitting, she wiped her anus quickly, dressed up and rushed towards the door, all in tears.
This time she opened the door effortlessly and saw the three girls lined up in front of her.
“I hate you. I hate you all!” she screamed and pushed them away so she could leave.
-“Natalie, wait!It was just a harmless joke. Where are you going?” Vicky spoke.
“I am going to bleach my eyes out. I so wish I didn’t see him throw up and choke on my diarrhoea”.
They watched as Natalie run down the hallway.
“Uhmm girls, I am all for good fun, but don’t you think we went too far this time?” Irene broke the silence.
-“Nah, it’s fine. It’s Natalie. She’ll forgive us in no time.” Vicky replied.
“I don’t know, she seemed very upset”.
-“Don’t worry Irene. I’ll go and talk to her later. Now lets see how the toilet is doing.”

There was still a small pond of shit left in the toilet bowl and a couple of wads of paper floating on top.
“Ewwww... Is that what he had to swallow? That’s so disgusting!” Irene frowned and put a hand in front of her mouth, as if she was about to throw up.
Seeing her reaction, a mischievous smile formed on Vicky’s face.
“Mmmm, it looks delish”. Vicky added.
The girls were all looking at the contents of the bowl gradually draining through the tube.

-“It kinda looks like the slush Irene was having today, doesn’t it, Silvia?It’s only missing a straw” Vicky continued to tease Irene and even made a slurping sound.
“Yeah it really does. One can wonder what was in it?” Silvia joined in the tease.
“Shut up both of you!It was chocolate mix flavoured” Irene told them, almost failing to keep her last meal in her stomach.
“Sure, sure”. Vicky kept teasing her.
“And the secret ingredients at the bottom of the cup definitely did not look like these.” she pointed at a brown, grainy lump floating above the tube, which suddenly got sucked in with audible slurping sound.

“Oh, crap...”
Irene’s imagination finally gave in to their mind games and she threw up a large portion on top of the remaining shit in the bowl. Then followed with another mouthful.
Vicky and Silvia burst out laughing.
-“Show some mercy, Irene! Don’t you see that the poor guy has already enough shit on his plate to deal with”.
“Fuck you both!” Irene answered back, while rinsing her mouth with water in the sink.
Beneath the toilet bowl, Daniel’s vision started to clear, as more and more of the disgusting sludge disappeared in his belly.
He saw Vicky and Silvia watching it all happen with interest until ten seconds later it was all gone.

The straps around his torso were cutting painfully in his now full belly. Just the thought of what was soon going to digest in his stomach was sending a painful sensation in his tormented throat.
He took deep breath before the system flushed some water, and after letting it drain, shut his mouth closed. Getting him ready for his next user.

“Well, that was good fun. Thank you for the entertainment, toilet.” Vicky spoke before replacing the lid and joining her friends on the way out.

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