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Sisters' New Toilet Part 1

It was Friday night and Daniel was at his small student accommodation surfing the internet on his computer.
It’s been a long day at school with finals coming up around the corner, and he was very much looking forward to the end of the week.
Not that he didn’t like school. On the contrary, he was one of the top students in his class, who usually helped the popular students with their homework and exams.
All this hard work, being a student in his final year, and preparing applications to top universities across the country was draining him both physically and mentally.


Unlike the busy days at school, his free time during weekends was rather uneventful. His popularity among his classmates was mostly due to him helping them out with their studies, rather than his personality.
He was a shy, average looking 18 years old guy, with not many interesting stories to tell and who avoided being the centre of attention. His social life was almost non-existent, and despite trying not to think about that too much it was killing him on the inside.

He took another bite off a pizza slice he had order home and followed with a sip of coke.
Daniel opened a new tab in his browser and logged into his Facebook account.
*Sigh* No new messages. Only a bunch of annoying Facebook quiz and game invites that were piling up.
He took another sip of coke and clicked on the profile of Lisa Anderson. She was one of his classmates from school and had a crush on her for the past 4 years.

Lisa was a 170cm tall and athletic blonde, with long straight hair and blue eyes. She was half Swedish and half English. She had an equally attractive sister Amy, and their family was rather rich.

Daniel entered her folder with last year’s photos and clicked on his favorite of hers – Lisa, lying on the beach shore, alone and smiling, facing the camera with her bare feet crossed behind her back and her naked round boobs, slightly covered by strands of her golden hair, but very much visible.
So many times he had fantasized about holding this young 18 years old goddess in his embrace and pinning her on the very beach the photo was taken. Then slowly planting soft kisses all the way from her luscious lips down to her sweet pussy.
He had wanted to press “like” on that photo many times before, but didn’t want to seem like a creep. He considered himself extremely lucky that she had accepted his friend request two years ago, and didn’t want to make a wrong move somehow, and loose the privilege of access to her files.

Daniel switched to her Facebook wall to check if she’s going out tonight as usual and skimmed through the latest comments. Yes, a bunch of Lisa’s friends were posting about going out to club “Rouge” tonight. Lisa’s sister – Amy, had posted two hours ago about meeting her at 21:30 and going to “Rouge” after. 25 minutes later Lisa had confirmed.

“So she is going to be at Rouge, possibly around 22:00”, Dan thought to himself.
He wanted to see her there, even if it is for a short while. Maybe he can talk to her and steal a hug if he gets lucky.
He finished his last bite of pizza and looked at the clock. It was 20:15. Plenty of time for him to get ready and be there.


“So, how did it go last night with Tom? Did you do it?” Lisa asked her friend Sarah on the phone.
-“Hmmm, you bet Liz! All this time we were taking it slow and I didn’t know what to expect of him, but gosh… he is like a wild animal in bed! He was doing all the right things, as if he knew me so well”.
- “Good, good!”, Lisa replied cheerfully. “And how was little Tommy…? Not so, little I hope…”
- “Liz, you’ve seen his large shoes… you figure it out yourself”. Both girls giggled.
- “I am so happy for you Sarah! You deserve a nice man, especially after how badly that bastard Jake treated you all these years”.
- “Yeah, he’s in the past. I’ve heard that he is in prison now. He got caught for breaking in into some rich folks’ house and it seems he won’t be out any time soon”.
- “That serves him right”, Lisa answered enthusiastically. Anyway, are you coming tonight with us to “Rouge?” It’ll be fun. Besides, with finals coming up, you need some way to unwind, you know.”
- “Of course I am coming! You know me well; I wouldn’t miss a good time. I’ll see you there at 22:15. Give me a call when you get there, OK”.
- “Definitely! Bye, bye for now! “
- “Bye”.
Both girls ended their conversation.

Just as she hung up, Lisa’s phone rang again.
“Hey Juls! Where are you?”, she answered.
-“I am on my way”, Julie giggled.
- Lisa looked at her watch, it was 19:53. Just get your ass here ASAP, OK? I and the girls are having drinks at my place before we head out to pick my sister and then we go straight to the club.
- “Oh, so Amy is coming then?, she asked inquisitively. After the mess she got herself in last time, I thought your parents will surely ground her for a year at the least”, Julie laughed.
- “Don’t even ask! I had so much begging to do to convince my dad to give her a last chance. I even put my ass on the line, by taking full responsibility for everything she does or happens to her”.
- “And people say the elder siblings are usually the more responsible”, Julie replied giggling.
- “Yeah, tell me about it, at 21, you’d think she’ll act like an adult, but no… all she thinks about is parties, boys and alcohol. At least her new boyfriend Nick seems like a grown up and maybeee, just maybe, he will get her on the right tracks”.
Anyhow, I want you here in 5 minutes! Don’t be late! Bye. Then Lisa hung up the phone.


Daniel parked his car in the back alley close to “Rouge”. He looked nervously at his watch. It was 22:45. If it wasn’t for his old car that decided to stop out of nowhere, on his way to the club, he’d be on time to meet Lisa before she gets in. Now, it will be much more difficult to find her among the crowd of people.
He stepped out of his car and headed towards the entrance of “Rouge”.

There, a small group of people had had formed a line, waiting to get in. Some of them already drunk, struggled to keep their balance. The bouncer was checking everyone’s IDs and letting them in, one by one down the hallway, where loud music could be heard in the distance.

As he entered, the loud music vibrated in his chest. He couldn’t understand what people liked about clubs. Loud music, sticky floors, sweaty and drunken people all around you, constantly pushing you... he much rather preferred a more quiet environment like in a pub for example.

The main stage was packed with people. Laser beams flashed in the darkness.
On the upper level, there were lightly lit separate booths for people to enjoy the company of their friends.

“Gosh, I am not gonna find her easily”, he thought. He moved through the crowd of people on ground level and started looking around for her. As he made his way through the sea of people, he sensed a hand touching his butt and then a pinch on his butt’s cheek followed. He turned towards the source and found a cute black haired girl, visibly drunk, smiling at him and blowing him a kiss, while her friends were helping her to get out of the stage.
He circled the ground level for good 15 minutes, but couldn’t recognise Lisa or any of her friends.
He went to the bar and ordered a bottle of beer. “Maybe it’s a good idea to wait for her or any of her friends to pass by, instead of wandering around”, he thought. He took a sip and kept looking out for his crush.


“Amy, you’re not listening to me! We’ve been here for less than an hour and you’re already heavily drunk”, Lisa dragged her sister by her hand. “Do you know how much I had to beg Dad not to ground you? I don’t want you to do something stupid as usual. Promise me you won’t!”
- “Relax, sis! I won’t do anything stupid, I promise. Don’t worry about me and have some fun on the dance floor. We need to find you a man to worry about, not your sister…”, she giggled.
“Speaking of men, I’ll go out for a while and see where my boy is. He should’ve been here by now”. With that, Amy made her way downstairs to ground level to exit the club, while Lisa joined Sarah who was dancing with her Tom.


Daniel was finishing his beer and decided to go look for Lisa on the upper level. He approached the stairs when he thought he saw her sister making her way out of the club on the opposite side. He decided to follow her and started slowly making his way out through the crowd.
People, dancing all around him were making it difficult to pass. Half-way through the stage, someone pushed him from behind, causing him to bump into a short girl in front of him thus spill her drink all over her shirt. He apologised and turned towards the exit, but at this point the girl’s boyfriend punched him hard in the face, knocking him down.


He could hear faint music around him, not sure where it was coming from. The volume gradually getting higher when all of a sudden something cold splashed his face.
Daniel opened his eyes and saw a group of people in a circle around him. He was lying on the floor.
“What happened?”, he asked.
A blonde girl holding a half-empty plastic bottle of water answered:
“You got punched badly and passed out for couple of minutes. Better get out for a breath of fresh air”.
“That’s what I’ve been trying to do”, he replied somewhat sarcastically and moved towards the exit.

Now outside, there was no sign of Amy. He tidied up his hair and clothes and saw a drop of blood on his jacket. He rubbed his nose with one hand and removed for examination. There was a red line of blood across his fingers.
“Dammit! That guy must’ve broken my nose”, he told himself.
Remembering that he has a first aid kit in his car, he headed back to treat his wound.

Turning in the street where he had parked his car, he heard a cry for help. He rushed to the scene only to see Amy being pinned down to the ground by some guy, his pants were down. It seemed like he was trying to rape her. At the other side of the street, he saw Lisa running towards them, screaming at the man to get off of her sister.
Seeing both Amy and Daniel closing by, the man quickly pulled up his pants and escaped through a nearby alley.

Omg!, Amy are you OK?, Lisa held her sister. Her blouse was thorn and now she appeared to have passed out, probably due to shock.
Daniel approached the girls and spoke. “Hi Lisa. I’ve never hoped I’ll bump into you like that”, he said. “I heard the screams and rushed straight this way to see what is going on”.
- “Oh, hi… uhmm…” “Daniel…”, he interrupted her. Yes, hi Daniel, she replied.
Daniel stepped close to Amy to examine her. “She’s unconscious but has a steady pulse. She looks fine otherwise”, he added. Good thing we managed to get here in time. Do you know how this happened, he asked Lisa.
- “I don’t know… My sister called me on the phone and when I picked up I heard her scream “the back alley… help…” and then hung up. When I dialed her back she wasn’t answering, so I rushed here as fast as I could”. Lisa’s voice was trembling.

“Omg, what am I going to do? I am so dead. I am so dead”. She broke down in tears.
- It will be alright. We’ll call the police and explain them what happened. Your sister will be fine. It seems like that monster couldn’t… he took a pause and then continued, “You know what I mean…”.
- No, everything is not OK, she replied sobbing. You don’t know what my dad will do to me when he finds out that my sister got nearly raped, and all that happens right after I begged him to let her go out with me tonight. I hold full responsibility for her. My social life is over… I can’t… I just don’t know…, she continued sobbing.
“I wish I can help somehow”, Daniel said.
She looked back at him, her face all in tears. “I don’t know. My sister almost got raped and that bastard got away. It doesn’t look good for me. If we had him caught at least, it could’ve been different”.
- Daniel thought for a while and replied. “Well, I can take the blame.”
“What? Did I just say that?” He thought to himself.
Really?! He heard her say. Her face somewhat lit up.
“Uhmm, yeah, I guess”, he responded somewhat hesitantly.
She stood up and jumped in his embrace. “If I live through this, I’ll be forever grateful to you”. Daniel closed his hands around her waist. Her silky blonde hair curled up in his face. It smelled so nice and feminine. His heartbeat racing... He couldn’t wish for a better turn of events. “I really am holding this goddess in my hands”. That was the only thought occupying his mind at that moment.

- “Yes, I will help you”, he spoke again, but this time with more confidence in his voice.
-“Thank you so much Dan! I’ll find a way to sort this mess and get you out of this as soon as possible”. With that, she kissed him on his left cheek.
She dialed the police…


“Order..! Order!” The female judge demanded attention in the courtroom.
A woman sitting in the public stood up and shouted: “Rot in hell, you filthy rapist”, and then threw an egg towards the defendant and hit him in the back of his head.
A collective ‘boo’ ensued in the courtroom, coming from a large group of feminists.
Daniel removed a handkerchief out of his suit’s pocket and wiped the broken egg remains off his head.
The judge spoke again. “Are both sides ready?”
“Yes, your Honor”, replied the prosecutor.
“…and you Mr Stone…?”, the judge moved her attention to Daniel.
“Yes, your Honor”.

“OK, so let us proceed with the case. A decision has already been made by the jury and will be announced shortly.
The judge adjusted her glasses and skimmed through a sheet of paper in her hands. She cleared her throat and spoke again.
“To recap, in the case documents it said that you’ve been caught in the act of attempted rape of Ms Amy Anderson by her sister Ms Lisa Anderson, and subsequently apprehended by her. It also read that you have made full confessions and pleaded yourself guilty of attempted rape on Ms Amy Anderson. In the night of the accident Ms Amy Anderson couldn’t recognise your face as the attacker, which is attributed to the state of shock she must’ve been in”.
- “Yes your Honor. What I did was despicable and from the bottom of my soul I want to apologise to Ms Anderson. I don’t know what I was thinking back at that night. I am sure whatever the verdict is, it will be just”.
A collective ‘booo’ filled the room again. “You won’t get away that easily you filthy scum!” someone shouted.
“Silence!”, the judge, ordered.
“Very well, then. I am holding the verdict in my hands”. She opened a small envelope and took out a folded piece of paper.

“Mr Stone, you are found GUILTY of attempted rape on Ms Amy Anderson. The initial prosecution plead was for life time imprisonment. However, since it is your first crime and you pleaded guilty, and otherwise your academic record is exceptional, the sentence was reduced to the following:

“The punishment will be 3 years of full-time toilet servitude to Ms Amy Anderson.
This is a new method that is being used for rape criminals, developed by leading psychologists who suggest that the best way for the victim to recover of the shock, and be a productive member of society again is for her to vent all of her frustration at the criminal. Thus, you will be used whatever way she pleases in the comfort of her home”.

Cheerful screams filled the room, interrupting the judge.
“Quite please!”, she ordered. “I am not finished”.
“For the duration of your sentence, you will be stripped off of basic human rights, and be the PROPERTY of Ms Amy Anderson. In general, she will use you as an everyday full-time regular toilet. She should strive to keep you alive for the duration of the sentence”.
You will be installed in a special toilet bowl in her bathroom.

The sentence should be carried out not later than 24 hours”.
“Today’s session is over”. The judge rang the bell on her desk and left the court room.

The feminist group started cheering. They seemed extremely happy by that decision. Although, the method of toilet slave punishment was rather new, they knew of a few similar cases in which the criminals couldn’t live through that horrible torture and were begging to be killed.

Daniel still tried to process what was happening to him. What kind of sick punishment was that? Being used as a toilet for years by the girl you supposedly attempted to rape. There seemed like a lot of room for him to be abused, and nobody would care.

He sat on his chair and covered his ears with the palms of his hands, in attempt to block the cheerful cacophony in the courtroom.
“What will happen with my studies? How am I going to enroll in University? Did I make a huge mistake by agreeing to take the blame?”.
Suddenly, he realized that he didn’t think this through when he agreed to play part in all of this. He hoped that whatever Lisa was going to come up with to get him out of this mess, was going to be quick.


The next day, the prisoner was escorted handcuffed in a police car to the family home of Andersons.
The car passed through the front gate and made its way across well-kept gardens on each side of the road, up to the entrance of a three storey beautiful mansion.
Opposite the front door, there was a water fountain in the form of an angel statue. “Get off the car”, a policeman ordered him.
Two maids were waiting at the front door of the house, gesturing to the two policemen accompanying Daniel to enter in the lobby.

Inside, the room was very spacious. There were two corridors leading left and right to other parts of the house, and in the middle, there was a small circular garden with trees and plants positioned beneath a glass dome, that was letting through natural sunlight about 10 meters above it.
On the opposite sides of the garden, there were two wide staircases making their way to an upper floor filled with more rooms.

One of the Maids moved ahead and asked them to follow her up the left staircase.
This is the “wing” of Ms Amy and Ms Lisa, she explained, as they were walking along a corridor covered in high quality carpet, with statues, flowers and large paintings complementing the interior.
“It seems like Lisa’s family is quite rich”, Daniel thought.

They stopped in front of an open door painted in white, with golden ornaments completing its look.
Inside, there were two men working on the new toilet of which Daniel would be an essential part.
“The gentlemen are here”, the maid announced to the workers.
“We’re almost finished”, replied one of them, vaguely looking at the people standing at the door.
She excused herself with a bow and headed back down the corridor they just came.

Daniel started to shiver. This was the place he would spend his next three years eating the body waste of Lisa’s sister, unless she came up with a plan soon.

His gaze darted around the bathroom. The room itself was spacious, containing everything essential for a bathroom, a sink with cabinets, a shower and an elegant looking bathtub. The floor was covered in stylish marble tiles that seemed to be normally covered by a soft and cushy tiger stripped carpet, except for the shower, but now it was neatly rolled up aside by the workers, while they were preparing his new home.
The walls were painted in light pink and purple, imprinted with golden motifs throughout. Scented candles and pots of flowers complimented further the decor. The whole bathroom had a very light and feminine feel to it which Daniel liked.
He also noticed that except for the part on the floor on which the two men were working, there was no toilet. He thought that they must have removed the existing toilet already and were making readjustments for him to take its place.

“It’s all done”, one of the workers proclaimed.
The two workers stood up and stepped aside, thus revealing what was it they were working on.
Daniel closed in and looked at the place where the toilet should be, next to the bathroom sink.

Instead of having to go under the floor tiles as he had expected, there was a clear Plexiglas rectangle box, just the right size of a human body length, width and height. He guessed they have used his exact measurements to fit in perfectly inside it. At the end where his head should go, there was some gradual elevation, to rest his neck, which served to ease him in gulping down any fluids or solid matter.

“So, you’re the unlucky bastard who is going to go in there”, said one worker pointing to the box.
“Yes, I am”, Daniel replied nervously.
“Take your clothes off and get in there, your head on the side of the sink. We need to reattach you to the system”, the man continued.
“What is this hole in the middle of the box for, and why are there straps on the inside of the box”, Dan asked.
“The hole is for you to take a shit and the straps are for safety reasons, so you don’t escape and get funny ideas. The hole at the top side of the box is where that toilet bowl over there will be attached to”, he pointed to a porcelain toilet bowl next to the bathroom door. It was in light purple with silly drawn “piles of poop” with googly eyes, imprinted all over randomly, in golden paint. “This is where you will be getting your lunch and drinks from now on”, the two workers and policemen all laughed.
“Now remove your clothes and get in. We have other customers waiting for us too”.

One of the policemen uncuffed him; Daniel removed his clothes and lay in the box.
Inside it was very narrow, just enough room for him to get in. He positioned his naked body in the box and wiggled a few times to get more comfortable on its hard floor. He felt the outline of the hole beneath his ass.

The workers strapped him tight at several points along his body length, thus completely immobilising him except for his neck, and then inserted his penis into a flexible pipe coming through a small hole through the bottom of the box, that he didn’t see previously.
“That is for you to pee”, they explained.
Then closed the clear Plexiglas cover of the box and sealed it tight with electric screwdriver along the edges.
They mounted the toilet bowl at the top side above his head, and then pulled out a pair of electrical cables from beneath the toilet seat. “What is that for”, Daniel asked, puzzled.
-“It’s for opening your mouth”.
-“What?! Daniel panicked and tried to wiggle his body. I don’t want anything to open my mouth. I can do it on my own”.

“Your natural reaction when your mouth gets overflown with piss and are trying to gulp down shit will be to throw up. You will start coughing it up; you will make a big mess and might even choke to death. You might even feel like you don’t want to take whatever is offered to you.
To avoid all that, you will be equipped with braces connected to your jaws and hooked up to the toilet seat with the help of a little gadget. When someone sits down, by default, your jaws will open automatically, ready to receive whatever is sent down.
To avoid the gagging part, we will insert a flexible medical tube up to the length that overpasses your swallowing reflex, so your body won’t have a choice but to receive whatever is sent down your throat. Additionally, the tube is large enough to accommodate for relatively large and thick turds.

The downside of it to some extend is that you won’t be chewing anything. Everything will slide down your throat the way it enters. That will not greatly affect the digestion of shit by your stomach, but it will be somewhat painful experience for you, feeling a big lump sliding down your throat. On the other side, the process won’t last very long.
Not that it was made for your benefit. It’s just that the girl will not want to constantly hold her bowel movement for you to chew and gulp.

There is also a smaller safety tube that runs along the length of the large tube, which will supply you with air, in case the tube or your throat gets blocked.
That pretty much covers it I guess… In my opinion you will soon wish you didn’t do anything to that girl, buddy. Good luck, you’ll need it”.

Daniel wanted to protest, but what was the point. No matter what he will say, that won’t change a thing. They are just doing their job. His hope was now on Lisa to get him out of here as soon as possible.

One of the workers removed a short piece of flexible tube from a nearby suitcase. Removed the plastic wrapper and oiled it all up with some clear liquid. Then told Dan to keep his mouth wide open and keep steady to avoid damage to his throat during insertion.

Getting the tube positioned in his throat was very unpleasant and he wanted to throw up but the whole process took only a few seconds.
After the tube was in place they attached the braces to his jaws and let him close his mouth. They plugged the braces to the toilet seat cables and applied pressure to the seat to test if it works.
The prisoner’s mouth started to gradually open against his will. In a few seconds it stretched wide open and stopped, leaving him in pain but not such that was unbearable. The tube inside his mouth was well visible taking almost the whole space.
The man let go of the seat and the toilet’s mouth started to gradually close.

“OK, we’re done here”. His colleague cleaned one last time the sides of the Plexiglas box with a piece of cloth, closed the toilet lid and replaced the carpet. Then he took another carpet in the exact same tone as the large one, but it fit perfectly on top of the box the prisoner was in. He glued it to the box to avoid movement. With that, they gathered all of their belongings and left the bathroom together with the two policemen, turning the lights off on their way out.

Fifteen minutes had passed since Daniel was left alone in darkness. His body was motionless, but his mind was busy projecting possible scenarios of what was to come. He tried to recall what he knew of Lisa’s sister.
Amy was 21 years old, in her third year of studying master’s in business administration and management in one of the most prestigious universities in the country. She is a bit taller than her sister and has long and straight medium dark brown hair with hints of copper and beautiful hazel colour eyes.
He remembered that she has been practicing swimming for more than 10 years, which would explain her fit body, despite spending a lot of time partying and drinking with her friends.
Daniel had never had a conversation with her, and most likely she didn’t even know he existed, but from her regular posts on Facebook for the past couple of years, he gathered that she was a very popular, easy-going and confident young girl, whom people loved to spend their time with.

She didn’t strike him as someone who is going to treat others badly. The seemed like a person who was quite content with the way her life has been so far, to let negative emotions leave their marks on her. Still, people have their limits and not many would be willing to forgive a crime such as rape.

Daniel exhaled nervously. He didn’t want to reveal the truth about the real rapist in front of anyone, unless things get really dire for him. Doing so without good reason will only put Lisa in trouble. No, he had full confidence in her that she will keep her promise, and so he was determined to keep his end of the bargain.

More time has passed. He guessed that it must be close to an hour since he had been installed in his narrow confinement.
“So, what now”?, he thought. Is that how my days are going to be? Just lying motionless in this box until Amy feels the need to use me? That would be how many times, once or twice a day for her bowel movement and maybe 3-4 times to pee? I don’t know if I can take that even once.
He found himself burdened with questions again…
A few more minutes passed in silence. The elevation on which his head was rested was keeping him relatively comfortable. It acted as a pillow, and allowed him to keep his head faced either towards the ceiling of the toilet lid, or to lean his head a bit forward, in the direction of his feet and to shift his head to his left or right
When the workers tested the toilet seat, he felt that the braces opening his mouth were forcing his head to lock in one place - upwards. No doubt, for him to serve his intended purpose as a toilet. However, when the seat was down, he was able to move his head around.

Time was passing by and Dan wondered why no one has come to see him yet? Sure they should know when he was to arrive. When the police escorted him to Andersons it was 8:00 in the morning, and now it was maybe 10:30-11:00.

His thoughts were interrupted by faint noise outside, in the hallway. It seemed like people were talking. He tried to focus on what they were saying, but he couldn’t hear it well.
A minute later the conversation seemed to have ended and he heard the sound of footsteps coming his way. “See you downstairs mum”, he heard a girl’s voice, followed by the noise of the bathroom door being opened.
A moment later, the lights were on.

When he first got into the box he didn’t pay attention to a certain detail, and he certainly couldn’t see anything different on the inside when the lights were out, but now Daniel could clearly see light coming through the additional piece of Plexiglas used, which was to provide him with more room for his head, that was to be positioned at the desired angle for easier passage of piss and shit down his throat.

The piece of Plexiglas was about7-8cm in height and formed the junction between the toilet bowl and the box he was in. That enabled him to see some distance around the toilet.

To his left he could see the sink cabinet, finished in nice walnut colour, and the surrounding floor covered with the tiger stripe patterned carpet.
Next, he shifted his head in the direction of his body. At slightly higher than floor level, he could see the small carpet that covered his box and where people using the toilet would be stepping onto.
Finally, he looked to his right, where the bathtub was placed over the marble floor, about two meters away.
He didn’t know if that was intentional or not, but he was glad that he wasn’t going to rely on the toilet lid to be lifted for his only source of light.

The sound of the bathroom door being closed , followed by footsteps coming in his direction made him turn to his left, once again.
There, on the carpet, he saw the girl’s bare feet moving and then stopped in front of the sink.
Now at a halt, he looked at her white feet. Her toenails were painted in attractive red nail polish and on the side of her left foot he could see a tattoo with beautiful flower motifs.
He could see the sleeves of the jeans she was wearing, and on the long toes of both of her feet she had toe rings.
He saw her wiggle her toes comfortably in the soft carpet beneath her and heard her yawn as if she had recently woken up.
Daniel couldn’t see who the girl was because from his position he was only able to see up to her knees.

He heard the tap water running and then the sound of her brushing her teeth. As she was doing so, she leaned her left foot forward, its weight resting on her big toe and started playfully swinging it left and right.
When she was done, she rinsed her mouth and spat in the sink. Then she climbed onto the toilet carpet, above him.

Daniel got tense. In all likelihood she was about to use the toilet, before she continued on with her day. As she lifted the toilet lid more light entered the bowl.

“Well, well… isn’t that a nice surprise”, Amy spoke,towering above him.
She was wearing blue jeans and a white short sleeved top with pearls encrusted decoration.
Her appearance was completed with light foundation on her face, red lipstick and small pearl earrings.

“Sorry I was late. I need my beauty sleep on weekends, especially after a good night out”, she smiled. She proceeded to inspect her new toilet system and a moment later continued.
“It looks like the workers have done a marvelous job. They even told me that you couldn’t wait to get inside and start your new job, you kinky little toilet”, she giggled.
The good news is that you are in the right place. We will become very close with each other during our time together and I am sure you’ll love it.
Her tummy, gurgled.
I’d like to stay longer but I am hungry and need to join my family downstairs for a late breakfast. I am sure you must be starving too.
I have been saving you up for the past three days something special as a welcome gift, which I can hardly hold anymore.

Dan attempted to speak, but he couldn’t open his mouth. Even when there was no pressure applied to the seat, the braces were preventing him from having full control over his mouth, and kept it firmly shut.

“Well let’s not keep you waiting”.
With that, she turned her back around and unbuttoned her jeans, revealing her well-toned butt.
She slowly lowered it down and wiggled it a bit, blinking playfully at her prisoner.
When she sat on the toilet seat, the mechanism started to gradually open Daniel’s mouth and shifted his head to face upwards.
Amy wiggled her bottom to get comfortable on the seat and placed her neatly shaven pussy a couple of centimeters above his wide open mouth.

A few drops of urine fell on his tongue and trickled down on their way to his throat, passing through the plastic tube. The taste was quite salty, characteristic of the more concentrated morning urine.
Quickly, what started as few drops turned into a strong stream of hot, amber coloured pee, indicative of alcohol dehydration.
The toilet’s mouth quickly filled with Amy’s salty urine, and if it wasn’t for the plastic tube ensuring an uninterrupted passage down his throat, it would have easily overflown.

The taste of the hot and salty piss was sickening. Daniel felt like he was going to gag but somehow he couldn’t. All he could do was to pray for the seemingly endless stream of liquid to end.
Close to 600ml of piss had entered his stomach before the stream got weaker and eventually got reduced to few drops, trickling down passed her labia and waiting for gravity to play its part.

“How are you holding up down there, toilet?”, Amy spoke.
“Now that I’ve lubricated your throat nicely, here comes the main dish”, she giggled, causing few more drops to land in his mouth.

By the way, I have to warn you that the day before, I was on a fruit diet consisting of cherries and I usually swallow their pits too, so they might be a bit rough on your throat.

She shifted her weight and rested her asshole over his open mouth, sealing his lips completely.
His head was now painfully pressed against the Plexiglas beneath.

A few moments later, he heard the distinctive wet sound of poo sliding out through the confined space of her colon. Hard and thick mass of solid waste filled his mouth and started sliding towards his throat. When it touched the tip of his tongue, the lump of shit tasted somewhat sweet. As it continued further down, Dan sensed some solid bumps throughout the surface of the brown mass, which scraped his tongue.
He felt Amy, taking short breaks and rhythmically pushing her stomach muscles, to ease the shit out of her.
The tip of her one pieced log of thick shit passed through the plastic tube and entered into the now heavily breathing toilet’s throat.
It felt like as if someone was trying to ram a baseball bat down there.
He panicked and tried to wiggle his body free of the straps holding him in one place, but with no success. There was no other option for him but to take it all.

The walls of his esophagus expanded to their limit in order to accommodate the massive thick brown matter. The pits of cherries embedded on its surface made the pain even more agonizing for the unfortunate human toilet. After a minute, what seemed close to a meter long turd was successfully pushed down Daniel’s stomach.

Amy rolled up a good length of toilet paper around the fingers of her hand and lifted her bottom off his face to wipe.
When she was done, she stood up, buttoned her jeans and turned around for inspection.

His mouth gradually closed and allowed him to swallow the remains of shit in his throat.
His face was red and there were traces of tears running down his cheeks.

Amy sighed contently and patted her tummy. “God, I feel so relieved! I think I’ve lost 2 kg right there”, she smiled.
“See, what a good team we are! You did a wonderful job…” she paused and leaned towards him “…although your table manners are a bit lacking”, she giggled.  The girl scooped up some drops of piss off his chin with her index finger and put it passed his lips.

“Now that you are well fed, I need to feed my little belly, too.
See you some time later and don’t go anywhere”; she laughed and closed the lid.
She stepped down to the sink and washed her hands with lily of the valley scented liquid soap and left the bathroom, turning the lights off.



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