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Slave to My Little Sister

It was summer and my parents took their annual vacation with each other, this time they're spending a month in the Caribbean, which left my younger sister and I at home and me in charge for the month. 

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I'm 21 6'2" and basically run the high school, I'm quarterback on the football team and have a pretty killer six-pack. My sister, Ally short for Allison, is 18 5'4" and she has a pretty athletic body, long blond hair, and is overall very attractive. She's a typical teenage girl with her iPhone and Starbucks, and she also acts like a total bitch sometimes. 

We were on the couch watching tv, Ally was lying down on one side and I was sitting on the other. Ally put her feet on my shoulder, I and nudged them off. This repeated a few times and I finally gave up and let her rest her feet on me. This was fairly typical, she'll try to annoy me or see what she can get away with doing to me sometimes, it's what younger siblings do.

After a while she began to rub one of her feet on my face, starting on my cheek then eventually moving around my face until she grabbed my nose between her big toe and second toe. This forced me to turn my face towards her and as she wasn't letting go I had to open my mouth to breath. 

I don't know why I didn't move or protest what she was doing, I guess I was just mesmerized by her beautiful size 4 1/2 feet. 

After I opened my mouth she moved her foot down from my nose and into my mouth, in a motion so swift and fluid that I hardly had any time to react. 

She said, "Suck!" And I began to suck on the first part of her foot and at the same time moved my tongue around and between each toe.

"Did I say to do that with your tongue?" she asked. I began to stop, then she not to stop anything unless she said I could. So I continued to lick and suck her foot.

While I was doing so, she started to move her foot just so that I was forced to get off the couch and stay on my hands and knees in order to continue sucking her foot.

Ally then pushed me onto my back with my face under her feet, and she then pulled her foot out of my mouth, but I kept licking. She hadn't said to stop so I just kept licking her sole, then the heel, and continued all over her foot. While I did this, Ally sat back and watched tv. The only work she put into the whole ordeal was switching the foot over my mouth every once in a while.

This kept up for a few hours until my sister lifted her foot off my face and I began to follow after it with my tongue, but she put her foot on my stomach stopping me from doing so. She looked at my crotch and remarked, "Well, looks like somebody is pretty excited to be under my feet." I blushed realizing I had a blatant hard on. "From now on" she continued, "you will do whatever I say no matter what it is, you will call me goddess from now on, and furthermore you will be my loyal slave whenever mom and dad aren't here" 

I wasn't in any position to argue with her considering she could always just go and tell everyone about what happened just now, so I nodded and said "yes goddess."

She giggled at the fact that I was now completely subservient to her, and then she commanded me to strip naked in front of her. I did, and blushed again as she laughed at how small my dick was, only 6 inches while fully erect. 

My new owner told me to get on my hands and knees as a sign of my obedience, I did so and she said "whenever we are together you will present yourself to me like this, naked and on all fours, like the dog you are, which shouldn't be too hard" she smirked "you won't need to put on clothes anytime soon since mom and dad are gonna be gone for a whole month."

To punctuate this she jammed her foot in my mouth and I quickly began sucking. Ally smiled and got out her phone, probably texting her friends. 

About a half hour later the doorbell rang and Ally told me to wait in the corner while she went and answered it. She came back with her friend Riley. Riley is also 18 and 5'2" with brown hair, and an athletic body. 

Riley saw me and exclaimed "Oh my gosh, you weren't lying in those texts" to which Ally responded "Yep, and he has to do anything we tell him."

"Well what are you waiting for?" Said Riley "Let's use him"

Ally called me over, and I crawled to them on all fours. Ally told me to remove Riley's shoes and socks for her and then kiss her feet. 

When I took off Riley's socks I realized from the smell that she must not have showered after field hockey practice. Riley must have noticed my reaction because she shoved her foot in my mouth and forced me on my back then continued to sit on my stomach and place both feet over my face.

It felt like I'd been licking her feet for hours, Ally left partway through and when she came back Riley surrendered my body to Ally. I got on my hands and knees and faced Ally and quickly realized what she had left for, as she put a collar on me and clipped on a leash. She punctuated this action by saying, "Okay it's time that Riley and I have dinner"

They started walking towards the kitchen and Ally pulled my leash indicating that I was to follow.

The two of them ate dinner at the table while I was under the table forced to smell their feet. Then after they finished eating Riley said, "I think it's time for the doggies to eat"

I began to think about why she said "doggies" as we only had one husky, but I soon found out after they fed our dog, that I was the second dog.

They opened a can of dog food and put it in a bowl, they then pushed me down and began feeding it to me with their feet. The food wasn't actually that bad just a bit salty. Once I finished eating my meal I cleaned off each of their toes, and then Ally asked, "Do you need something to drink?" Before I had a chance to answer she pulled down her pants and sat on my face beginning to pee in my mouth.

I didn't know what to do so I started swallowing as fast as I could as to keep from spilling any on the carpet. Once she finished pissing in my mouth Riley and her quickly traded places, and Riley pissed in my mouth too!

Riley continued to sit on me even after she was finished, then she just started talking to Ally. The two decided that I should be used as a seat for them as they played board games.

So Riley shifted as to force me to smell her asshole, and then they started playing monopoly. Every so often they would switch whose ass I was smelling, and in the time they were switching I would gasp for air as I could barely get any oxygen while they sat on me, and to make matters worse they would fart forcing me to breath in their gas.

Eventually I ended up passing out from lack of oxygen.

When I awoke the next morning I was laying on the floor next to my sister's bed with my hands tied to the legs of the bed and two dirty pairs of panties in my mouth, I assume they were Riley's and Ally's.

Not too long after I was awake Riley got out of my sister's bed and went over to me, she must have spent the night. Riley said to me "come with me I've gotta go to the bathroom.

As she untied my hands and I got on all fours crawling after her towards the bathroom, there were two things I noticed, first that Ally was still asleep in her bed and next that both Ally and Riley were completely naked.

When Riley and I got in the bathroom, Riley had me lie on my back and she then sat on top of me and proceeded to shit in my mouth. It was a massive shit, it just kept coming, I tried to just hold it in my mouth and not swallow hoping that maybe somehow I'd just spit it out in the toilet, but my throat eventually gave way and I started swallowing her shit as fast as I could. It seemed endless but eventually she finished and shifted a bit and began to pee in my mouth. I quickly gulped it down and once she finished she told me to lick her asshole clean.

Slowly I began to stick my tongue out and move back and forth, she then turned around and hit me so hard it took a few seconds to reorient myself, and then she said, "Never hesitate when I tell you to do something!" To which I responded by immediately jamming my face into her asshole and licking as frantically as I could once she turned back around.

Once that was over with she stood up, I was still laying down, and her mood immediately changed and she looked me sheepishly and said "Don't tell Ally what I'm about to do to you"

Riley then got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. I was shocked she would do that considering how bratty she always acted but I was also ecstatic to have such a cute girl sucking me off. 

When I was about to cum she removed her mouth and finished me with her hand, then proceeded to have me lick my own cum off her hand and then off the floor.

Shortly after that she exited the bathroom, with me in tow.

Almost immediately after we got back to Ally's room, Ally was beginning to stir. She looked at me and said "Oh look my little slave boy is back, I'm glad he was such a loyal pet to me and slept by my bed all night." She then giggled and told me to come with her to the bathroom. 

In the bathroom she took her morning shit and piss in my mouth, then stood up and as she was walking to the door dragged her foot over my face, purposefully taunting me.

I crawled behind her back to her room wondering what the rest of the month was going to have in store.


The next day Ally told me to lick all of her shoes clean while she was out. I really didn't want to because she had hundreds of shoes, but I also felt compelled to follow her every instruction.

So I knelt down in her closet and began the painstaking task. What seemed like eternities later, I was taking a break from cleaning her sneakers and inhaling the sweet scent of my queens sweaty shoes she had worn during her morning run. While I was doing this, I got a text from Ally and was so startled that I immediately started licking her shoe all over, incase she found out that I was taking a break.

I leaned down and read the message, however, and it said "Be a good bitch and finish your job and then get under my bed and sniff my dirty socks. Do not move or make a sound until I tell you otherwise." 

I wasn't sure why she wanted me to do it, but I wasn't going to risk upsetting her. I followed every instruction to the letter.

After another hour of smelling her sweaty socks, I heard her stumble in (obviously quite drunk) and also heard the sound of a man's voice.

"Why did she bring a guy home?" I thought to myself. Well that question was answered when they came upstairs and were having really aggressive sex on the bed right on top of me. 

From the screams it sounded like they each came upwards of three times before he finally left and Ally told me to come out.

"Did you enjoy the show?" she asked "He's so much bigger than you... down there"

I knelt at her side and looked down at her feet, feeling both embarrassed and betrayed.

She kicked me lightly and scraped the bottom of her foot across my face then commanded me "now bitch, he didn't use a condom so I want you to suck all of his cum out of my vag and ass and swallow it; do a thorough job of it too, we can't have me getting pregnant"

As I was on the brink of tears, I kneeled under her pussy and began sucking his cum. In spite of how upset I was, I still maintained a massive erection as I was only ever happy when I could submit to my sister.

It took about thirty minutes to clean the enormous load out of my sister's vagina, and then she grabbed the back of my head, forcing me into her crotch, and commanding me to eat her out. I continued to pleasure her for four orgasms and then she finally loosened her grip and began to pee in my mouth.

I was startled and closed my mouth resulting in pee getting all over my shirt and face. Ally was furious and told me I would pay for that before she hit me twice, really hard, and told me to keep my mouth open to drink the rest of her pee.

She then hocked a huge ball of spit into my mouth, and pushed her foot on my chest bringing me to the floor, and straddled her ass over my face before sitting down.

"Now you can finish the job, there's still real man's cum in my ass"

I sucked and licked for hours after I had thought it was done, but she never told me I could stop, so I just continued to pleasure my sister. The Ally farted on my tongue and started giggling.

She farted three more loooong wet ones and completely replaced any oxygen that I was able to breath previously with her fart gas. 

She then started laughing and said "It's funny that you're always so hard like that cuz your penis is mine, and I'm never gonna let you cum since you're a bitch not a real man"

I didn't even stop, I was just so mesmerized by my sister's perfection.

Then she began shitting in my mouth. I gagged on the bitter taste and thought I was gonna throw up, but it just kept coming and started to overflow. The shit started to cover my nose, then I was scared. I couldn't breath at all, and was having trouble swallowing the shit. I gagged on it managing to choke it down little by little, but right as I was started to clear out some of the poop that covered my face, I felt myself drifting away as I had breathed in nearly three minutes.

I woke up disoriented with shit on my face, and as I looked around my sister's room for my goddess, I didn't see her, but saw a not in front of me that read "Eat all of the shit that's left on you and the floor before I come back or else."

I hurriedly choked down the cold slimy waste from my sister's heavenly ass, and thought about how I didn't deserve to be able to worship her like this. I am so far beneath her. I'm so lucky to be able to serve a princess like Ally.

Ally walked in right as I had finished and she was carrying a cock cage with her. She put the cage on me and I felt the squeeze as just one more reminder about who my queen is. Then she shoved me to ground and sat her perfect jean clad ass on my face suffocating me once again. All the while farting until I near passing out. 

Ally then started doing some things in her room while I struggled to regain my composure. I heard her talking over the phone to some friends about how she keeps me unable to fight back by suffocating me over and over again, and it triggered something in me telling me that this wasn't normal and I needed to get out.

So I frantically scrambled up to my hands and knees and started trying to crawl out of her room (I guess I forgot that I could walk, or maybe I really was unable to disobey and just couldn't walk because she told me not to) either way, she simply grabbed my leash and tugged, which started choking me, and I collapsed instantly. 

She then sat on my back and put her feet between my face and the floor and told me to kiss them to apologize for being bad.

I immediately showered her feet with a thousand kisses while she laughed at me.

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