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The Night That He Will Never Forget!

 I was lying on my bed, reading some porn thinking about tonight and how much fun its going to be with my slave. Oh this time, he is going to wish that he was never born! I chuckled a little. I looked at the time he was already 3 minutes late. Oh, this is going to cost him big time. Than my other domina friends called me up about the plans for tonight and I told them to come in about 30 minutes.


 Than I heard the front door open my slave boy came. He was waiting for me on the rug with my shopping bags with his collar. I came to him and he greeted me.
 Hello Mistress Christy, he said.
 Youre late! But we will take care of that in a second! Strip yourself, quick, I answered without even greeting him. He immediately took his clothes off completely.
 We are going to have some fun today with you, you little piggy boy. Now follow me piggy, I ordered. He crawled right along with his head bent down not even daring to stare up at my beautiful long legs covered with my black pantyhose.
 Now come here and lay down across the bed. You deserve some slaps across your slutty little ass, I ordered. He laid across the bed as I tied him down tightly.
 Hard enough for you, I asked as I tied his hands and legs across the edges of the bed tightly.
 Yes, my mistress, the little bitch finally answered.
 Good, I answered as I tied them even tighter and chuckled as he made a small little whimper.
 Now, stop crying, if you think that this is bad just wait for later tonight. You will be crying like a baby with a red burned up ass and a cock so blue that you will not be able to sit down for days!, I answered with a chuckle. At the thought of that I heard another little whimper and I saw his eyes widen a little. I took the cane from the drawer and told him to count the spanks. He whimpered after every single one of them and even if he wasnt ready for the next one I doubled up the speed.
 Oh, is my poor little baby piggy starting to cry? Are there tears starting to fall down his little puffy cheeks? Aw, how sweet? tehe, I said in a sweet little voice with chuckling. I gave him about 15 more hits, as I watched that slutty little ass redden. Than, the doorbell rang. I saw his eyes pop out as he was relived that I finally stopped but also surprised about the doorbell ringing.
 Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that we are having guests tonight, I answered to his surprised face with a smile. Than I went to open the front door.
 Oh Mistress Karen and Mistress Lucy! Come in, I told them loudly enough for my slave boy to hear.
 Hello Mistress Christy! You have a beautiful home, Mistress Karen said.
 Oh Hello, and yes you do have a beautiful home, Mistress Lucy said with a big smile.
 You can follow me down to the dungeon and than Ill bring my slave down, I told them as we walked downstairs to the large rooms with many chairs, tables and many, many torture devices. Ill be right back; you can make your self comfortable in the big sofas, I told them. Than, I walked upstairs into my room and untied my slave as he looked at me, not daring to meet my eyes though.
 I expect for you to be on your best behave you little slut. I dont want my guests thinking that I can not train my own slave into the little pig that you are in front of me. If you misbehave in anyway tomorrow will be the day that you will regret all your mistakes and you will be beaten till you wont be able to move anymore. And you will not be able to cum until 3 more months. So you better make the right decisions tonight my little piggy boy. Now its time to go you little bitch, I ordered with a little chuckle. I hooked him up to the leash and made him follow me down to the dungeon I could see his eyes beginning to water. When we came downstairs I sat on the big couch and ordered him to sit. The mistresses already made themselves comfortable while smoking some cigarettes.
 Well this is the worthless piece of pig scum that I told you about. He is nothing special but when you tease him to your likings he can be useful, I told the mistresses.
 Ok than lets test this little son of a bitch. Can I spit in him? Use him as a ash tray? Use him as a toilet? Or Human foot stool? Mistress Karen asked.
 He is fully trained. As I said you can do whatever you want with him! I do all that all the time anyway so thats nothing new to him, I said. The doorbell rang again. At that my little slave boy popped his eyes out again, scared and humiliated that more guests would come.
 Oh that must be the Chinese food that I ordered for us. I thought we might be hungry. I said. Looked at my slave as I knew that he hasnt eaten since morning when I gave him my leftovers.
 Oh yes we are pretty hungry, since we didnt have a big lunch, Mistress Lucy answered. I went downstairs to collect the food from the delivery man. Than I came upstairs with drinks and loads of chicken and fried rice. I could see how hungry my slave was.
 Dont worry little slut, well give you a little something after our dinner, I looked at my slave pretending that I care. I knew that the mistresses knew what I was talking about as they immediately smiled at me. The little slut just looked down and led out a little whimper.
 Oh did the little baby just cry a little! Aw, how sweet but we will take care of him girls, Mistress Karen said. We started digging out on the food as we ordered our little slave boy to lick our sweaty tired feet, while he watched as eating and drinking the incredibly great smelling food. He was so hungry; he started to cry a little bit. Mistress Lucy smiled and Mistress Karen chuckled. After we finished I put the leftovers into the trash can, not even thinking about letting my slave eat.
 Here, you little slut face, come here. You can lick the sauce of my fingers, Mistress Lucy ordered the slave. The slave used his tongue to clear every single spot on Mistress Lucys nails and long beautiful fingers.
 Oh mine too, slut face. Come here! Mistress Karen ordered. He licked her fingers too, sucking them with his lips to get everything off. Mistress Karen laughed at his humiliation.
 Im so full from all this food! It was so good, Mistress Karen said, holding her stomach.
 Oh yes me too, Christy. Can we give some Chinese food to our little piggy now, Mistress Lucy asked.
 Sure. Im full too. Slave get you ugly ass over here and lay on the big towel I prepared for you. You are going to have a delicious feast, which you will never forget I told Karen, Lucy and my slave. The little piggy crawled over to the towel and lied on his back, knowing what to expect next. With tears in his eyes and his poor sore ass and back his struggled to lie down on the towel.
 Im going to go first; I cant hold it in anymore. We will give him 7 minutes after every meal to digest all of it and than one of you can go, Mistress Karen explained quickly. After we all agreed on this Mistress Karen took of her pantyhose and her little pink panties and she ordered our little slave boy to open his mouth.
 If you even dare to close it for a little second Mistress Lucy and Mistress Christy will hit your cock with this paddle so hard it will turn blue! You will eat all my creamy brown shit, every single little wet delicious piece of it, Mistress Karen ordered while me and Mistress Lucy both picked up paddles from our supply drawer and we sat right next to his legs on two tall chairs making ourselves comfortable.
 Mistress Karen started to pee a stream of golden shower and salty wet like liquid into the slaves mouth. As it was overflowing she yelled at him and he quickly swallowed every mouthful as he whimpered. Than she finally stopped. The slaves mouth was covered with yellow liquid.
 Good boy you whimpering slut. Now lick that mouth of yours clean so you can get ready for dessert, Mistress Karen ordered as I hit him across his nuts so hard that he immediately started to lick his mouth clean. After he was finished 3 minutes have already passed.
 Now you have only 4 minutes left for your dessert. You better hurry up or your face will be full of overflowing creamy shit Mistress Karen ordered strictly. Mistress Lucy hit him in the balls as he let out a whimper and immediately I hit him in the balls three times. Mistress Karen just laughed.
 Oh, I have an idea. While I shit into his face, each of you trade turns to hit him in the balls. He deserves it Mistress Karen said. We all agreed. Than, Mistress Karen let out her first brown creamy wet turd that fell straight into the slaves mouth. We kept hitting him in the balls as he whimpered and was ordered to smell and eat all the wet shit. Than two big ones came out. These ones were nasty and spread across his whole mouth and nose area. It was disgusting.
 This is exactly what you deserve, now eat them with an appetite, I ordered him. Mistress let out 3 more medium turds that were middle sized and very creamy. He coughed a little as the shit was overflowing and we all just spurted into laughter. After 7 minutes he still didnt eat all the shit, but Mistress Lucy stepped up and peed and farted out shit so fast that he still had three big turds left on him when it was my turn. And we all took turns hitting him in the balls as he whimpered and his salty tears mixed with the salty pee and creamy shit. It was disgusting. After all of us took turns making our bellies empty on him his balls were so blue and he was covered with shit. We made him lick it all off of his face by kicking his balls and squishing them so hard. Than he licked our asses clean from the remaining shit.
 Did you like your feast tonight? You would like some more wont you? Mistress Lucy asked. He said nothing.
 Wont you, you little pig answer to Mistress Lucy. You are being so rude, after all that we have given you. Like sharing our dinner with you. You are such a lucky slave! Now answer to Mistress Lucy. It was delicious wasnt it and you would like much, much more right, Mistress Karen asked smacking his balls. He immediately answered with a twitch, and I just had to laugh at him.
 Yes, thank you for sharing your meal tonight with my worthless slutface, I will always remember the salty creamy meal that I had been given tonight, he answered with tears in his eyes.
 You worthless piece of pig scum, we asked you if you wanted some more now answer you ugly slutface we want to feel appreciated. Now what would you like, I asked him strictly and we all started kicking him so hard with our boots. He just whimpered and Mistress Lucy and I both stepped on his cock. He screamed and crunched his teeth together.
 More please, the little slave pig answered. We started to laugh and kick his balls even harder and he pushed his legs up. Mistress Karen with her strong body slapped them down and spread them so far while Mistress Lucy and I just kicked his balls and stepped on him.
 Oh yes tomorrow night, there will be much more, you just wait. You little lucky shit eater. Just you wait and maybe you can get a feast every night. And dont even think about throwing up tonight, Mistress Lucy told him while me and Karen smiled at him and agreed.
 Now, grab that towel over there and go take a shower. You have 10 minutes. And dont touch your cock! Than we will continue with watching a good movie while we play with your cock a little. I Think Mistress Lucy and Karen will spend the night. Wont you, I asked them.
 Of course! How about you Mistress Lucy? We are having so much fun, Mistress Karen asked Mistress Lucy.
 Sure. I dont have any more plans tonight anyway. And we are having so much fun with this little slut face so I would hate for the fun to stop tonight, Mistress Lucy answered.
 Good, Ill get us some beers. Pig, you are excused go get cleaned up, I ordered him. Mistress Karen and Lucy made themselves comfortable and turned on the TV. I went upstairs and got some cold beers. I thought to myself how happy I was that I found this stupid little pig on the internet. I loved shitting all over his face, it was like I threw all my problems and everything else out on him. Than I came downstairs and I found Mistress Karen and Lucy staring through the key whole spying on my slave and I joined them as we made fun of his little ugly cock. And I though to myself oh, how much fun we had tonight!

More of our latest adventures will be posted up later. To be continued!



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