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Toilet Slavery With A Work Mate

It was just as a regular day of work at the pharmacy store, until the tall, beautiful, long black-haired cosmetics seller, Carolina, looked at me with a strange face.

She always looked to me like a little bit crazy woman, but I haven't got the chance to state my mind, as I haven't talked to her very much at work.


She had green eyes and was well-make-up.

I was used at that time, to watch femdom scat videos on the web, and could classify her as a woman who would fit to act as a dominant girl in such a movie.

It was a long time that I had a fantasy that a beautiful, mean girl would use me as a toilet, and I thought to myself - maybe I can make this fantasy come true with Carolina.

A few days before, another worker returned from a vacation and brought sweets for all the workers. She served me a candy and I said gently that I don't like such candies and that I prefer not to eat this. She said, "It's OK, just put it in your mouth and swallow it".

Carolina just passed near us and shouted at me "Open your mouth and put it in! Fast!".

Everyone around was shocked.

But when looking back to the past, it makes my opinion about her as a femdom, much much better. Especially when it's about toilet slavery.

At 10pm, my shift at the pharmacy store was ended, and so Carolina's. I thought it might be the correct time to talk to her. Maybe we can do something even tonight.

We met at the elevator that leads to the parking.

With my heart beating very hard, I smiled at her and asked "How are you?"

She answered with her strange face "Fine. What about you? What are you doing tonight?"

I was shocked and got excited at the same time. Is it going to be so easy...?

"Well, I have no plans for today" I answered. "What about you?" I asked, a little bit scared of what could happen this evening.

She answered with her strange face "Well, I also have no plans. You look to me like a very nice man that I would like to spend my evening with".

My heart was beating very hard. I said "OK. Do you want to come to my apartment?"

She answered "I prefer that we go to my apartment"

We got each one to his car, and I went after her to her home. I was excited during the whole drive, I am going to meet a real dominant girl.

We parked at her home and went in.

She said "Let's go to my room" We went to her room and had a seat on her bed.

She started touching me hard at my hands, with the top of her fingers. She moved to the leg, then went up back to the hand, and then moved to my face.

She was playing with my face as I was a doll.

Then, she started trying to insert her fingers to my mouth. She played with her fingers inside my mouth, and then, with to fingers, she forced me to open it.

She held my mouth open with her to fingers and asked cruelly "Do you like it when I force you to open your mouth?"

I tried to say "yes" with my open mouth.

"Good" She said. "Now, take off your clothes and lie on the floor"

My heart was beating very very hard. I removed all my clothes as fast as I could, expecting for her next commands to come.

She pushed my breast and said "lie down"

I got closer and closer to the floor while she us pushing me, until I lied down on it.

"Good slave!" She said with mean face. "Now, open your mouth! Wide!"

I opened my mouth as wide as I could.

"Keep it open" she said, taking off her pants.

She took off her panties and got down, sitting with her pussy above my face, looking at me with a pleased face.

She touched my mouth again with her fingers, ensuring that it is open, and said "Do you want to drink my pee?"

I answered with my open mouth "Yes!!"

She asked me again "I can't hear you. Do you want me to pee inside your mouth?"

I made my best to shout with my open mouth "Yes!! Yes!!"

She said "Good" an started touching her pussy.

A little stream of pee started getting out of her pussy. It touched my breast.

The stream got stronger and she directed it to my mouth.

I started feeling a warm, salty liquid in my mouth. It was exciting. My mouth started becoming full. She stopped peeing, touched my mouth with her fingers and said "Now, swallow it!"

I hesitated for 2 seconds, and she yelled at me "Drink!"

I drank the pee in one shot, feeling shocked of what just happened.

She opened my mouth again with her fingers, and continued peeing. When she finished peeing, I swallowed the pee instantly, without her commanding me.

"Good Boy!" she said with a mean smile.

She started sitting on my face with her pussy inside my mouth, while I licked her pussy and cleaned the rest of the drops from her pussy.

She got a little bit up and said with a mean smile "We haven't finished yet..."

My heart started beating hard again, thinking to myself "Is she really going to shit into my mouth?"

She moved a little bit forward, setting her asshole to be just above my mouth.

Again, she touched my mouth with her fingers and opened it. "Keep it open" she said.

I looked at her asshole starting to move.

It moved and moved, until I finally could recognize a something brown on the edge of her ass whole.

She continued pushing and I started feeling a stink, sticky and wet object being heaped in my mouth.

It was about 10 seconds until she finished shitting. My mouth was totally full of shit, and the was even a heap of shit on my face.

"Good slave!" she said, looking at my face with a pleased smile.

"Start chewing it" she said. "You will need to swallow all before you leave. A toilet is a toilet!"

I chewed the shit for about a minute. She again touched my face painfully and said "Swallow!".

I swallowed a large piece of her shit and was shocked again. I thought to myself "I've just eaten shit!"

I saw her cruel smiling face looking at me and got very horney with the think that I've just swallowed her shit, and that I have more shit to eat.

I continued chewing the rest of the shit I got in my mouth and on my face and swallowed everything, until finally there was no shit on me anymore.

"Good Toilet!" she said.

"Now, I want you to clean my ass" she said, pushing her ass to my face.

I opened her ass with my hands and started licking her asshole.

I got more of her shit spread on my tongue and swallowed it.

I continued licking her asshole for about another 30 magical minutes. It was just like a dream...



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