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Lady Octavia

Once upon a time, in a land riddled with taboos and dark secrets, there lived a powerful and cruel Mistress named Lady Octavia. This ice-hearted woman was celebrated for her beauty and feared for her unwavering control over the unfortunate souls who entered her realm. No one dared to question her, for Lady Octavia had a taste for punishment and humiliation like no other. One could only survive in her service if they were willing to become submissive, vulnerable, and ready for degradation. ------------------ Read the full story here ------------------ Amongst her servants, there was one young man named Benedict, who was pathetically and desperately devoted to Lady Octavia. Benedict's greatest desire was to serve his Mistress in every possible way and gain her approval, even if it meant descending into new depths of debasement. Lady Octavia, aware of Benedict's devotion and his eagerness to please, derived great pleasure in testing his limits and seeing how far she could push his

Forced into toilet slavery by my student part 1

"I might be late for dinner," my wife announced through the speakerphone nestled among the supplies in the small storage nook next to my classroom. I could hear the rustle of papers on her desk as we spoke. Preoccupied with work, she seemed to be distracted enough that I might be able to navigate the situation without any suspicion on her end. "I might not even make it home until quite late. Go ahead and have something on your own. You're always eating at your desk anyways, so that'll be fine. I just wanted to let you know before you thought anything bad happened." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow for more at ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unbeknownst to her, something very bad was, in fact, happening on my end of the conversation. A soft grunt, thankfully inaudible over the phone lying on the floor beside my head, accompanied the slow emerge