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Forced into toilet slavery by my student part 1

"I might be late for dinner," my wife announced through the speakerphone nestled among the supplies in the small storage nook next to my classroom. I could hear the rustle of papers on her desk as we spoke. Preoccupied with work, she seemed to be distracted enough that I might be able to navigate the situation without any suspicion on her end. "I might not even make it home until quite late. Go ahead and have something on your own. You're always eating at your desk anyways, so that'll be fine. I just wanted to let you know before you thought anything bad happened."

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Unbeknownst to her, something very bad was, in fact, happening on my end of the conversation. A soft grunt, thankfully inaudible over the phone lying on the floor beside my head, accompanied the slow emergence of a long, thick turd approaching my mouth - a surprising feat considering its origin, the petite young woman squatting inches above my face. As the monstrous log slid out of her, accompanied by the faint hiss of escaping gas, the lower tip entered my mouth. My eyes widened, unable to look away. Despite fervent prayers for some limit to its dimensions or for the teenager to be more subtle during the call, her fecal offering continued its slow, indefatigable journey. Slowly swaying her hips, she guided the dark mass in gentle arcs, silently demanding that I follow the path of her creation. I complied, carefully lifting my head and nudging the excrement into my mouth, desperate to avoid any sudden spills onto my hair and clothes.

Inches of the revolting mass passed into me, until at last it seemed the girl's colon had finally been purged of its contents. Chewing the horrid substance, I tried to swallow and breathe minimally so as to avoid gagging and drawing attention to the muffled sounds produced by the act. "Mmmmhmmm," I managed in response, as calmly as I could despite the overpowering taste and texture in my mouth. Swallowing what I could, I croaked out "I'll be fine" with a mouth half full of the fetid filth. I swayed slightly in my position beneath her.

My wife laughed. "I can hear you eating already. Don't have too much of that junk. It'll make you sick. I'm always telling you that you need to chew your food, sweetie. I'll see you when I get home. Love you, bye!"

My reply, muffled by the mouthful I still struggled with, came out as "Love you!" before the call disconnected and the teenage girl lowered herself fully onto my face, her smooth buttocks choking out the view of the floor below.

"Junk? We'll see about that. She has a point, though. You need to take your time and chew," she giggled mischievously, as her obscene rear orifice opened wider and expelled a loud, wet fart into my mouth, the seal I formed around her ensuring I captured every trace. "Ready for the main course? I kept it warm for you so you wouldn't be hungry later!" While those words might be comforting in another context, this time they carried with them a sinister menace that caused me to involuntarily shudder. Regardless of my readiness, I knew that more filth would soon snake its way from her into me. My captor, seemingly in control of her own production, filled my mouth faster than I could swallow, making it clear there would be no mercy afforded me. It was swallow or choke on her poisonous gift.

"Save some room," she teased, as her excited breaths gave way to the tremors of orgasm. "I've got loads more!"

It wasn't always like this.

My job as a high school science teacher at a generic public institution was never particularly eventful. My mostly teenage students, juniors and seniors for the most part, would cycle through begrudgingly in pursuit of a passing grade. Due to the advancements in technology and increasing scrutiny in schools, privacy was hard to come by, but my classroom remained relatively secluded - the storage nook near my classroom in particular escaped the silent watch of security cameras that lined the halls.

Despite my marriage of several years to a hardworking paralegal, I was not immune to the supposedly innocent charms of my female students. Maggie, a petite, intelligent girl I once tutored, had captivated me, her strong calves and sensually feminine movements drawing my attention. As I helped her study for our chemistry class, I couldn't help but be taken in by her enticing scent and the close proximity of her person. She claimed to need the help for college, but I suspected her motives went deeper than that.

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