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Lady Octavia

Once upon a time, in a land riddled with taboos and dark secrets, there lived a powerful and cruel Mistress named Lady Octavia. This ice-hearted woman was celebrated for her beauty and feared for her unwavering control over the unfortunate souls who entered her realm. No one dared to question her, for Lady Octavia had a taste for punishment and humiliation like no other. One could only survive in her service if they were willing to become submissive, vulnerable, and ready for degradation.


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Amongst her servants, there was one young man named Benedict, who was pathetically and desperately devoted to Lady Octavia. Benedict's greatest desire was to serve his Mistress in every possible way and gain her approval, even if it meant descending into new depths of debasement. Lady Octavia, aware of Benedict's devotion and his eagerness to please, derived great pleasure in testing his limits and seeing how far she could push his boundaries.

One day, after growing weary of Benedict's utter devotion and apparent lack of shame, Lady Octavia decided she would come up with a task for him that would be more humiliating than any other. As she sat upon her throne, scheming, a wicked idea began to form in her mind – an idea she believed would truly break any illusion of dignity that Benedict may have clung to in his servitude.

The following morning, Benedict awoke to a summons from his Mistress. Eager to please her, he dressed in the simple clothes he was permitted to wear and hurried to the main hall, where Lady Octavia awaited.

"Lady Octavia, I am here to serve," he said, bowing low. She looked down at him with a cruel smile as she sipped her tea.

"Very well. You wish to prove your devotion to me, don't you, Benedict?" she asked.

"Yes, my Mistress. I am here to do whatever you command," he replied, still keeping his eyes downcast and subservient.

"Good. Then today, you will be serving me in a way that I know you will find quite… unpleasant. You will be my personal toilet servant for the entire day," she proclaimed, her smile growing ever more sinister as she watched Benedict's face shift through shock, confusion, and a hint of fear.

"What do you mean, my Mistress?" Benedict asked hesitantly, not quite believing what he had heard.

"Do I need to spell it out for you, fool? You will be responsible for attending to all my needs when I use the bathroom. And should you perform this duty disgracefully, or if I find that your service is less than perfect, your punishment will be one that you will never forget," Lady Octavia threatened, her icy gaze piercing through Benedict's soul.

Benedict swallowed nervously, understanding the gravity of what had just been asked of him. In that moment, he realized that his ultimate devotion to Lady Octavia would be fully tested. Despite his fears and the indignity of the task, he managed to gather his resolve and bowed deeply to his Mistress.

"I will serve you in whatever way you require, my Mistress. I am but a lowly servant, and if it is your wish for me to take on this role, I shall do so to the best of my abilities," he said, a resolutely determined expression on his face.

Lady Octavia's smile widened in satisfaction. She knew that Benedict's devotion to her had reached a new level as he accepted his new role in servitude. She reveled in the joy of breaking his dignity while maintaining his complete submission to her.

Each time Lady Octavia needed to use the bathroom, Benedict would bow deeply and follow her into the lavatory, his heart pounding with a mix of nerves and a strange sense of duty. Lady Octavia would elegantly enter the room, her demeanor icy and commanding, while Benedict trailed closely behind.

With each visit to the bathroom, Benedict's task was to assist her in disrobing, ensuring every garment and accessory was carefully removed and placed aside. The soft rustle of luxurious fabric being set aside was almost deafening in the otherwise quiet room. His hands trembled as he delicately unfastened the buttons or untied the ribbons that held her attire together, revealing more and more of her delicate porcelain skin.

Once Lady Octavia was fully undressed, her regal figure exposed for his eyes to behold, Benedict would assume his position on the floor. His gaze remained fixed on the ceiling, never daring to stray his eyes to meet hers. His cheeks burned, a mixture of embarrassment and awe washing over him.

As Lady Octavia took her position over him, and attended to her bodily functions, an awkward silence would engulf the room. A torrent of urine flowed from her, into his mouth. He quickly swallowed the acridic liquid.

As the day progressed, Lady Octavia seemed to become increasingly uncomfortable, clutching her abdomen from time to time and grimacing slightly. Acknowledging her discomfort, Benedict grew concerned and inquired, "Mistress, are you feeling unwell?"

Lady Octavia hesitated for a moment, not wishing to expose any vulnerability. However, the pain in her stomach continued to intensify, forcing her to concede, "It appears I am experiencing some form of stomachache, Benedict. This is most displeasing."

Realizing the potential implications of this situation, Benedict's apprehension only grew, but he maintained a veneer of steadfast composure. "I'm sorry to hear that, Mistress. Is there anything I can do to ease your discomfort?"

Without answering, Lady Octavia waved him to follow her back to the lavatory, his heart sinking even further. As they entered, the routine took on a more urgent tone. Benedict assisted her in disrobing more quickly, noticing the beads of perspiration on her brow and the distressed expression on her face.

"Lay down, now!" She ordered.

Benedict quickly complied, and Lady Octavia disrobed and took her position over his horrified face.


Read the full story here



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