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The Ice Cream Shop - A Femdom Toilet Slave Story

Chapter 1: The Ice Cream Shop Kevin had always been drawn to Lucy, the gorgeous and vibrant young woman who worked at the local ice cream shop. He often found himself stopping in after work just to catch a glimpse of her alluring smile and mischievous glint in her eyes. Little did he know, Lucy held a secret, a twisted fetish that nobody knew about. Femme fatale, Lucy loved to exert dominance over her male customers by making them consume her depravities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow for more at ------------------------------------------------------------------------ One fateful Wednesday evening, Kevin reluctantly found himself with a sudden craving for some ice cream. Arriving at the shop just before closing time, he walked up to the counter, where Lucy greeted him with her enigmatic smile. "Hey, Kevin! Just in time. I was about to close up, but I've got one last batch of ice cream that I just ma