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Under Her: An Extreme Femdom Descent into Depravity by Dominant Divas

  Part 1: As Alex sauntered through Westfield College's bustling campus, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the sea of faces that swarmed around him. His heart raced as he tried to navigate the ever-changing tides of a student body rushing to class, the insecurity that gripped him as tightly as the worn strap of his backpack. Although surrounded by so much life, he couldn't help but feel alone. As a sophomore majoring in English Literature, the thoughts trapped in his head were his only solace, the emotions burning within him longing for release. It was on this particular day that his life would change forever. As he rounded the corner of the Humanities Building, he collided into a young woman, both of them losing their balance and falling to the ground in an untidy, entangled mess. Her eyes, dark and inescapable, met his sheepish gaze. "I'm so sorry... I-I didn't see you," Alex stammered, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Mayumi, her name slidi