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Naturally Demanding

Jennifer is one of three girls of wealthy parents. They are
blonde and beautiful. They have been pampered and spoiled all
of their lives. Jennifer, the oldest is nineteen.
Is it any wonder she is conceited? Is it a surprise that she
believes a guy should have a 10-90 relationship with her? She
receiving the 90 while giving the 10, of course. A new guy moves
to town. He falls for her instantly. She likes him a lot, but
remember, the percentage of give and take. To her surprised
enjoyment she quickly learns he is amicable to the relationship
she desires. To receive only 10 while giving 90 is very acceptable
to the guy who is average minus, and the girl, he believes to be
more beautiful than he ever dreamed possible.


This is a femdom story about severe use of the male by the female.
If you do not desire to read about severe treatment, pain, torture,
scatology, cbt, etc., do not read this version. Read,
"Naturally Demanding but Nice" instead.

This is an F/m, F+/m, M/m
story. Corrections are being made. Please be patient.

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Please do not send attachments.

                     Chapter One

Have you ever known a girl who knew she was beautiful?
I am. I was a pretty baby, a cute little girl and grew
through adolescence without ever being unattractive. At
my ugliest time, I was pretty, naw, make that beautiful.
Some have it, some do not. If you have it, flaunt it! I
buy the best cosmetics. I always dress appropriately, but
tasteful. I reveal a little of something once in a while.
Like to the owner of the pastry shop. I drive him mad
with lust while really doing nothing. I may reveal a
little extra of my 34b's, and on ocassion I will flash
my panties. Guys need to see something of a young lady.
Not enough to think she is cheap or easy, but enough to
make them interested, aroused, you know, makes them easy
to own. Ownership is what this story is about. Ownership
that may well be beyond your wildest dreams!

I love it when I am controlling a guy, truly love it. I
like the power so much that just thinking about it causes me
to cream my panties. I have sooo much control over men. They
are easy. They simply have no chance. I think that is so
cool, don't you? You may ask, "How can she do that"?  One
word, "Beauty". I may very well be the worlds most beautiful
creature. Am I conceited?. You bet your ass I am. I was
born conceited. I was born to be worshipped. I was born to
be served. Hey I am just naturally demanding.

I matured early. I am blessed with my pert little titties,
a 22 inch waist, and a gorgeous 36 inch ass. I like walking
by a group of men, pulling out my mirror,and watch them
watch me. I pretend to be looking at my hair. I always
know what they are looking at! So I wiggle it a little
for them. A man's brains is in his balls. They relocate
there while they are an adolescent and stay. That is why
it hurts them so much to get kicked there!
Did I tell you I have long blonde hair with natural light red
streaks, yep, a strawberry blonde, all natural. I use no color
or highlights on my hair. I have a lot of it too. Don't you
just hate blondes that are half bald, ugg. I am beautiful.
That, and just a little brains, is all that is required to own
a man's body and soul. Hey, I really like owning them, using

The noblest thing a guy can do is to serve me. The more
specialized the service he performs for me, the more special
he is to me! What all would you do for me?  Ha, I bet I
could use everyone of you for the most degrading things. And
the more I used you, the more you would love me!

Did I tell you that I only trim my bush a little. Now, I have
no hair on my pussy, gross! I have a good healthy blonde bush
and I am proud of it. I think it is sexy to have a few blonde
pubes creaping out from under a bikini. Not any other color
though! Dark pubes look cheap, red pubes make a girl look like
she has a rash! But blonde pubes, make guys drool. Hey, that is
where the saying comes from, "Blonde girls rule, boys drool,
drool, drool"!
I just started my senior year of high school. I had my 18th
birthday July 31th, yeah a Leo!. I am not the oldest in my
class but probably in the older 10 percent. That is good.
Younger kids tend to be "followers". There are more than 500
seniors in my class. 263 are girls. I have a few girlfriends.
There are a lot of students who like me. All of the guys like
me. Most girls think I am stuck up, to good for them, you know
the types. Wellll, I am. When I walk by them, I push my chest
out a little more, and tilt my head ever so slightly up and
to the side away from them. I am nice though. If they say
something to me, I always answer, even though what they say
is usually kinda silly. Know what? They still like me enough
to vote for me for all of the important stuff.

There are a lot of jocks in my school. I do not date jocks.
They all think they are gods gift to women.  Well they are
not. I do not waste my time with them. Just meaning I do not
date them. I am pleasant. They vote for me for everything.
They would just be to difficult to us. I could do it. I can
do anything. It would require to much training. To many fights.
Like I am going to go through all that.

Now about nerds. Give me a nerd anytime. They do what I want,
the way I want, for as long as I want. I am not interested
in marriage, not now anyway. I have a lot of school and a lot
of guys to go through.

There is this one guy, John. I think he is a smart in almost
everything, except girls. He seems to know nothing about the
fairer sex. I have been watching him watch me since I returned
from our summer cruise just before school started. I think he
even started following me after school started. Well maybe not
follow, he just times things so that our paths cross often.
Like he goes the long way around just for the chance of meeting
me. He says, "Hi Jennifer," when we meet. He looks at me until
we are close, then he looks down. Doesn't bend his head, but
his eyes don't meet mine either. Typical inferiority complex.

I have almost all of my classes with him. He sits as close
to me as he dares. I hope he is smart, well I know he is.
He spends a lot of school time looking at me. I caught him
looking at me in class several times on the first day. I
started smiling at him just so he would know that I know!
He would quickly look away and blush!
That is how you trap a guy you know. He keeps fantasising
about you, then, POW the trap closes. Boys are so stupid,
almost as stupid as men!

I just know we are going to meet as I walk to school today.
This is Friday and we have met right before I get to school
Tuesday through Thursday. He is walking away from school!
Yeah, see what I mean! He is so obvious. I have my watch
in my purse. I am going to ask him the time. He will have
to say more then, "Hi". I discarded my boy friend almost a
month ago. He was alright, I just got tired of him. I have
already told you that boys and men are created to be used
by pretty females, of all ages! He graduated high school
and is in college. Sooo, I dumpted him. I need a guy to be
my slave here. I need my stuff carried, homework done, car
washed, and other stuff too. He was used up. More about
that later, if I have the time.

Sometimes a guy expects more then I am going to give. I am
a virgin, though few think so. I will be when I get married
too. I believe in that. Also I like to be worshipped. A guy
does not worship the girl he is sticking his thing in.
He is using her. I am the user, the guy is the usee!
I have used guys a lot, some a whole lot! I have been
using males for about as long as I can remember.  That
is what they are for. If a guy has no girl to use him,
he simply is a waste. Just taking up space!

Here John comes, right on time.

"Hi Jennifer," he says shyly.

"Hi John, hey what time is it?" I asked before we passed.

He fumbled around looking at his wrist watch. If it had
been loose he would have dropped it. After much fumbling
and stuttering he told me the time.

"John, did you come this way just to meet me?"


"John, there is nothing I dispise more then being lied to.
Lies are not cool! Now did you walk this direction just
to meet me?"

"Yyyes, I did."

I smiled at him. He turned so red! He was going to be
fun. Makes me wish I had started sooner!

"You must think I am pretty, do you?" I teased.

"Yyyyes. you are pretty."

"John, I need some help in chemistry. Would you like to
come to my house about 1:00 Saturday?"

This made him light up! See how stupid they are!

"Yes, I would, I will be there at 1:00."

"You do know where I live, don't you?"
I knew he did. I have seen him go by my house several
times! He lives a block from the school in one direction, I
live two blocks from the school in the opposite direction.

"Would you like to walk me to class?"

"Oh yes, I would be honored, may I please?"

He was beside himself with joy, and should be!

"Yes, you may, but you have got to carry my stuff."

I said, as I handed him three subject books, my
notebook, and other school supplies in my backpack
as well as my gym bag. It was going to be nice to
have a guy carry all of my stuff, do my homework, even
help me with tests, not that I need much help with them.
I will start saving a seat for him behind me especially
in English. I will own him by our next test. I will let
him slip me answers. He will be in heaven. Can you
imagine me allowing him to talk to ME! I am only light
years out of his class. Oh, he will do a lot for me
before I am through with him.

"You can put some of this stuff in my locker."
I did not tell him which locker was mine, but he knew!
I am not surprised. He is going to make a good slave.
He is sooo lucky. By the way he looks at me, I am
sure he knows it. There is this, "worshipful", look on
his face when he looks at me.

I gave him a lot of really beautiful smiles. So he
got paid for carrying my stuff. I am sure he felt
very fortunate to be in the same area as me. He was
breathing almost the same air as ME!

I told you how close we lived together. I did not
tell you that the school is the dividing line of
property values. My house is worth at least ten
times what his is worth. Now are you seeing why
the guy is speechless. Like, I am WAY out of his
league, he is an ordinary guy, I am class.
Something else I have not told you. I was Prom Queen
last year. The first time in the history of the
school that a junior won that! I won Yearbook Queen
as a freshman, yep, another first. Both are
always won by seniors. Are you understanding how
lucky this nobody is? There is no way he can do
enough for me. I am Naturally demanding, so he will try.
I love for guys to do stuff for me. I have not tied my
shoes in school since 1st grade! A Goddess must have a
slave. I hardly see how any female can claim Goddess
status if she has no slave. Hey, I still may not bother
to get a guy like John to serve me if all I wanted to use
him for was a slave. It isn't. He will be my toy and I
will do things to him that is humiliating. He will do
anything to please me. I will do everything to him. He
will want me to. How do I know this, experience, much
experience. Could I tell you a lot of really cool
stories about my childhood? Maybe I will some day.

I allowed John to walk with me in the halls all day Friday.
He was in heaven. By the end of the day he was stooping
at least six inches to get through the doors!  He never
touched the floor! Had to duck to leave the school! You
know what I mean. I went the whole day and never put him
down one time. I love building guys up and then, wham, I
walk all over them.
I have a few unattractive traits, but you will find out
about those soon enough. I am just telling you the sweet
things about me.

We got a lot of curious looks. I have seen them before.
I get them everytime I change boy friends. I ignored them.
John was in heaven. Sometimes I could hardly keep from
laughing. I giggled a lot. I don't think he was like
totally sure I was not laughing at him. Boy was he
going to fall hard. He could be the best of all.  I
expect many a great sacrifice from him!

"Hey slave, would you like to carry my stuff home after
dance practice?" I asked him with a light giggle.  He
took the,"slave", part as a joke. Silly boy!

"Sure," he answered. "How long is dance practice?"

"It will just be 45 minutes today. Since you are with me,
you can sit in the bleachers."

That really made his day. He was being invited to
watch the dance/pom pom girls workout. The ony way
anyone watches practice is to be invited by one of
the varsity team members. I am Captain. The dance
routine we are working on was choreographed by
me. I have received several offers of interest
from universities. There are guys who would commit
murder for a real date with me.  Beginning to see
why this nobody is so lucky? Watch what I do to him.
Welll, really FOR him.

John watched us practice, believe me he was not bored!
Never in this guys wettest dream did he ever think he
would be sitting where he is now. Like there were six
students watching, he was one! There are sixteen
ladies in varsity dance, another sixteen in jv dance.
This was our joint session practice. We have joint
session practice every Friday.

When practice was over I changed, showered, and met
John in the gym. He was faithfully waiting for me.
I was the last girl to leave. I was last by design,
I am sure you know that! He had now been waiting
well over an hour.  Hey, he asked how long practice
would be, not how long I would be!
The instructor was still in her office. She was always
one of  the last to leave, besides the janitors.

I walked up to John and said.

"I forgot something, it will take five minutes or so.
I will be right back."
I set my unzipped gym bag on the floor at his feet. On
top, in plain site were my folded panties. They were
poised on top of the shorts I had worn in practice. I
walked away and did not look back. I knew I had creamed
them. I did that more then once thinking about my new
slave. I loved being worshipped!

After four minutes, I opened the door quickly that leads
to the locker and showers. His back was to me and to the
instructors office. My gym bag was in front of him at his
feet. I was certain that he hurriedly put something, my
panties, back in the gym bag. He was pretty slick at it
though. I am surprised he knew when I came back in the gym.

I nonchalantly strolled up to him.

"I always leave my bag open so my gym clothes will get air.
You do not mind carrying them for me, you know, open like
that, do you?"

My panties were on top and clearly visable.
Before he could answer I said, "Pick up my backpack too
and lets go."

He picked them up. His books were in his backpack on his
back. My gym bag was in one hand and my backpack in his
other hand. That is why guys have two hands!

We walked out of the gym. There had already been whispers
and gossip about us.  You know the usual stuff like, "Jen
has a new slave".  "There goes Jen and her boy toy". "She
is just using him". Well they are right, but really, boys
are made for pretty girls to use! They were just adolescent
remarks. They had no idea! I mean they are really naive.
None of them, on their highest day of imagination, could
dream of what I can do, and do, do, to boys! And I have
been doing unmentionable things to guys, yeah, men too for
several years. I know how to, "Care for the opposite sex"!

We met my cousin and some of her friends. I stopped to talk
to them. I already told you I am friendly. After about ten
minutes John started to put my bags on the sidewalk. I was
watching for such an inconsiderate act.

"John, I do not want my stuff on the ground." I told
him with the proper amount of animation and wide opened
eyes.  A couple of the girls snickered. That was more to
show my ownership of him than care for my bags.
"Sorry Jenn," he replied. I talked another five minutes or
so and we walked on.

"John, if you are going to pal around with me, you must
get stronger. When you come over Saturday, I will help
you with the strength thing. You will have to come over
and work out three to four times a week. Also I prefer to be
called Jennifer. I like all of my name. It is what the
worlds most wonderful parents named their princess! I know
some of the others call me Jen". The ones who do that don't
know me at all."

Carrying my bags made him so happy. He carried my stuff
with renued energy. I bet he would have tried to carry me
too if I had asked. Oh, he will get to! Boy Will he get to!

I could hardly sleep after I came back from the movies.
John wanted to come with us but I told him he did not want
to go to the movies with me and four chicks.  We would be
doing chick things, and talking about chick stuff. Guys
did not fit in conversations like that. It would be
boring to him. He almost insisted that he would not be
bored, but he got the message by my looks. I think I
could go through life and get what I wanted, without ever
saying a word. Just giving people my various,"looks".

I practiced in front of a mirror.  I practiced my various
smiles, my cute little twist, and my many looks. That
is the only real science a Goddess needs. Ask Mr. Rainey
one of my teachers. I could make good grades in his class
and know nothing. I have showed him my panties everyday
this week. He has to walk behind the desk when I do that!
I have still seen his thing get hard. Maybe I will use
him someday. Like really use him!

Do you wonder how I became the naturally demanding little
thing I am? I was born for it and raised in it. My mom
is naturally demanding. My dad understands and treats my
mom like the goddess she is. To look at him you would
think he is totally into himself because he is so good
looking. Not so, he lives for my mom, who is a real
Goddess. Even as a little girl boys would come to my
house to play. I insisted we play Princess/slave games.
If they did not want to, or tired of my favorite game,
they were not invited back and I did not play with them

I remember some of them, my mom has told me of others.
I remember the boy who live down the street. My mom told
me he was cute and really liked me. I started watching him
watch me. She was right, she always is. He was the first
one I used intimately. Mom had talked to me a lot. I knew
what he was supposed to do. He balked at a couple things
but I got him to do them. I used him for my special slave
until his parents moved to another state. I still miss him.
I do not know if I will ever find another boy so dedicated
to me. He did everything for me. Mom says he was a natural
slave. She hated to see them move too. He moved two thousand
miles away. He now lives in the midwest. We telephoned and
wrote to each other for a while.  Mom said Scott's mom said
he was really broken hearted. If she had known it would have
been that hard on him, she would never have let her husband
accept that promotion. She naturally assumed it was puppy
love. She never knew it was far more serious, it was goddess
worship. Yeah, he was my first real slave.

I am in bed thinking about Saturday, I will call John when
I get up. My parents are out of town until Sunday evening
My mom wants me to clean my room and some other stuff.
John triggered my thoughts of Scott. I will surprise mom
with all of the work. She will like that.

Yeah, I will call John. I went to sleep wet. I used my
vibrator, (Not the penetrating kind), fingered myself but,
mostly I thought about tomorrow. Hey, girls have wet dreams
too! I get off thinking about using guys! I really get off
when I use them!  My parents will be so proud of me. I know
I will have him cleaning our whole house, mowing our lawn,
and other stuff. It will be easy getting John to do stuff.
He worships me already and I am not even started! Everyday
I have been reassured of that, all week long. John wants
that which he is about to receive! I love being beautiful!

Chaper Two  Saturday

I woke up,looked at the clock, 8:26. I yawned,stretched and hit the
floor with both feet. I had to go pee. I was thinking,I must get moving.
I am looking forward to this whole weekend. I am pretty sure I have what
I want, but a lot of test are necessary. Hey, test can be fun, even
exhilerating, especially the, "Jennifer Test for Boys"! Or should I say
slaves! :)

Uhmmm, before I get in the shower I will call John. There is a lot for him
to do here to prove he loves me. I just love it when a boy is continually
proving his love for me. Ooooh, the things I will make him do with just a
smile, a toss of my beautiful blonde hair,and a wiggle of my ass! Males
are soooo stupid. But I adore them!

"Hi, this is Jennifer, may I speak with John, please?"

Was that good phone manners,or what. I looked in a mirror. As I turned
my bod around both ways I could see how beautiful I was. I felt so sorry
for ugly girls. Bless their little hearts.
A voice answers. "Hhhi Jennifer, this is John, what is it?"

"Hey, I thought you might want to come over now,.... unless you have
plans for this morning."

"I would love to, gee thanks, I will be right over!"

"Hey, not so fast!" I answered with a giggle. "You are the first thing I
thought of when I awoke. I am still in my pj's! I have to get dressed
and such! You would not want to come over and me not dressed!" I giggled
again. "Now would you?" How about 10:00, and John, know that pastry shop
on the corner. I just love their chocolate covered pastries! Could you
bring me one?"

A, "Yes Jennifer," came back immeadiately.

I just knew I was right about him! I just loved being right!

I got dressed, did my make up, hair brushed and put in a pony tail.
I wanted to be casual in my low shorts that you could almost see my
crack, little halter that just barely covered my titties and was tight
around the bottom. My  hair in a pony tail. All seemingly casual,
but at the  same time I wanted my makeup to be good and me look really
gorgeous. That is what gets them! They never see it coming! I have
told you how pretty I am. I never go out not being pretty, as if I
could. Today was special, John was going to see me as he had never
seen me before. There is a difference in wearing makeup, and being,
"Made up". John is going to see me, "Made uP"! That nerd won't even
be able to talk. I will have to say half his words for him. :) Well,
that way he will say the RIGHT things! I love me when I am planning
an attack like this, I giggled to myself. Males are sooooo stupid!

At 9:57 the door bell rang. I let it ring twice more before opening
it although I could have opened it after the first ring. I opened
the door wide so John could see all of me in my radiant beauty.
Ohhh the affect was greater than even I imagined. This guy just
stood there, mouth open nearly 1/2 inch, dropped my pastry, and was
still staring!

"Hi John, I think you dropped something." I said with a giggle.  I
was not going to make this easy for him. I was enjoying it to much!
"I am glad it did not fall out of the sack!"

He bend half way down still looking at my face! I loved it! Then
his eyes went to my shorts, making my titties jealous. His fingers
missed the sack three times before touching it, then he still
fumbled it! He was a wreck, and I had not EVEN started.

"Come in John, I am starved. I just love those things. I do not eat
them except one on Saturady morning and sometimes one on Sunday
morning. I have to maintain my bod you know! These things are pure
fattening. But they help keep me sweet!  Uhmmmm as if I need that!"

He was still speechless, he had not said a word! I love it!

"Did you bring something for you too?"

I already knew he would not. He would have to get used to eating
in my presence. He will. He will get used to a lot of things.
I just love having things done for me! We were going to be together
a whole lot.

Silence, as he handed me the sack.

I looked inside.

"No, I guess you didn't, there is only one in here, and John, I do
not share my chocolate pastry with ANYONE, not even you!"
I used my head movements, accentuted the words with my lips, and
kept my eyes on his face the whole time. He was putty! I loved it,
loved it!

"I had breakfast at home," he finally managed to say.

"Jennifer, you are really, well, uh, you look great."

I just gave him my warmest smile and said a simple, "Thank you".

I poured me a glass of milk. John will be doing all of that soon.
"Want something to drink, milk, soda, lemonade?  My mom makes
delish lemonade. She made it this morning early before they all

"I would love some."  He managed to say. He never even picked up
on the, "They all left".  This guys brain has not started to
function properly since he first saw me at the door. Now he was
in a dream state! I loved it!
I poured lemonade in a cheap glass for him. He was a bundle of
nerves. Never trust a guy with expensive glassware in moments l
ike these! Hey, I have like totally laid out guys before, but
none more then this.  He was ambushed big time!  Before this
weekend is over, I will own him body and soul. Just you watch.
And it won't even be hard. Hard to do that is, he will be hard
the whole time! :)

I ate my pastry, drink my milk, and chatted to John.  He did not
say much. When I was through, his glass was half full.

"You don't like?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

"Oh yes I do, it is very good, the best really. I know this is
going to come out all wrong, but Jennifer, all I can think about
is how beautiful you are. I sound like a dork, don't I?"

"No, and if you did, what is wrong with 'Dorks"?  I don't even
use the word. The guys that the girls at school call, dorks, are
the ones I like the most. So don't ever be afraid of sounding
like a, 'dork', to me.  Be your self, relax. Tell me how pretty
I am all you want!  In fact, I eat it up! So there, you know
something else about me!"

"You are great to be with, not much like I thought."

"Welll, what did you ever think I was like?"

"Just not as sweet as you are. You are the most beautiful girl
I have ever seen, and just nicer than I thought. Not that I
thought, it is just, well, you are just, just really nice!"

"Thank you John, I like you too." He was red, red, red!

I quietly inhaled, making my titties stick out even more, and
separate. He was looking right at them. I just watched him look.
He caught me watching him, (I wanted him to).
"I dddidn't mean to stare, sorry."

"Silly boy, you were not, 'staring'.  You were admiring! I know
the difference. What you were doing, I like!"

"John, I just have to tell you this so you will stop being
so self concious about looking at me, my bod, ok. If today
all of the guys stopped looking at me, no guys looked anymore,
I would cease to be ME. The me you know anyway. I know
I am very pretty. Did you see the mirrors in the house?
There are a lot more. I like looking at myself in mirrors.
I like for people, especially guys, to look at me. I like all
the smiles I get. I love the whistles. I even like the cat
calls as long as they are not to off color.  I like the
horns that honk and the waves I get when I look.  I always
wave back, even if the honker is old, ugly, or both."

"As you said, I am 'sweet', like that. I promise you will
become comfortable about looking at me, complimenting me,
and even staring at me, before very long!

"Now, for the reason I called you, other then to get breakfast!"

I giggled for him. I have a male killing giggle. I giggle a
lot. For simplicity in writing, lets let (g) represent my
giggles, ok, got it?   (g) = giggle!

"You noticed I am not driving." I told him. Yep, grounded!
I could not go to the movies with you. One of the girls was my
cousin. You know the blonde that looks a lot like me and
younger, and that kept checking you out.  My cousin, and she
is just 13 so, don't get any ideas!  Anyway, if she had not
been one in the group, my parents would never have let me go.
Also, if they knew you were here, they would  NEVER let me go
out for the remainder of my life! For punishment I am supposed
to clean the house, do the laundry and mow the lawn! John that
is a lot! I am not used to doing anything!----- Now, I need
your help.---- Well"?

"Sure, anything, what can I do."

Did I tell you I would own him? He was mine, he just did not know
it yet. He may never know just how much I own him, however, I
think he will get the idea, someday!

"My mom likes a totally clean house, yard, the whole nine yards.
If the house and lawn was like totally great when they come back
Sunday night, well --- I might get them to cut me some slack.
You know, time off for good behavior!"

"You want me to do your lawn?"

"Well yes, tomorrow, today, I want you to clean my house.
I really must keep up my tan times in the sun or lose my
gorgeous skin tones. By the way you have been admiring me,
I just know you want me to have gorgeous looking skin."

I gave him my best petulant look. You do know how to clean
house, I hope."

"Yeah, I know how. To well."

(g)  "Cool, I'll show you where everything is to get you started.
I simply have gotta get some sun. Follow me."
I walked away with John following me. I felt his eyes on my ass.
I know what a pretty sight it makes in these shorts. It has such
a great shape. I love me, I really do! He was mesmerized. I
glanced in the hall mirrors. His eyes were glued to my ass, as
they should be! If I told him to kiss my ass, it would be wet
with slobbers a sec afterwards! (g)

I do that! I get so involved in my thoughts for a boys future.
I just giggle! Seemingly, to everyone around me, for no reason!

"What is funny, Jennifer?" John asked.

"You are not laughing at me because I agreed to clean your house
are you?"

"Noooo, silly, of course not. I would not do that. How did
you get these low opinions of me?"  First you may as well said
that when you first met me, you did not think I would be a nice
person. And now, you think I am just using you. John, I am
nicer than that."

"I did not mean it like that." John answered.

"That is the way it sounded, I just let it pass the first time.
But unless you think I am really a special person, inside I mean,
this simply will not work. I want to be admired for my beauty.
I already told you that.  Admired more then what you are doing,
a lot more. But the bottom line is, I want you to like me for
what is inside me. All guys like me for what they see outside."

"Jennifer, I am sorry, it seems I am always saying stuff, well,
words come out wrong. You just do not know what you do to me. I
feel like a mortal in the presence of a Goddess when I am with

I giggled again. Putty, pure putty!

"But why were you laughing?"

"I was just thinking of what cuz said about you last night. She
said she thought you would be really sweet after you lost some of
your shyness."

I lied to him of course. But guess how it made him feel, yep,
about ten feet tall. Yeah he liked the part about being sweet.
Then he realized what an ass he made of himself for thinking
low thoughts about me.  ME, a perfect lady. (g) Opps, I did it
again. He did not challenge my giggle this time.

"There is where we keep the dusting stuff. There is the vacumn
head. The vacumn comes on when you lift a port cover." There was
one nearby. I lifted it and the central vacuming unit came alive.
"See? Under here is the cleaning stuff for the bathrooms. See, the
door is labeled, 'Bathroom'. The cleaning stuff for the kitchen
is behind door number Two! Properly labeled, 'kitchen'. My mom is
so organized, she is also a fanatic on cleanliness."

"Your house is so beautiful, and looks very clean to me."

"My mom would not share your views. It has not been cleaned this week.
Please do a good job for me, John. I am depending on you so much.
Just think of all this work you are doing, as being done for me. Just
because I am sooo beautiful!"  (g)

"Oh here is a two way.  We can talk while I am by the pool. If you have
any questions, just call me."

I walked away from him, well aware of his eyes. I loved being stared
at. Hey, you would like my cute little top too.  I wear it a lot. It
has words across my tits, "Thanks for staring"! I also have running
pants that says, "Attitude", in a half moon cresent across my ass.
Sometimes, well, a lot of the time I wear them together when I jog.
A couple days ago I was in the mall and I overheard a guy say, "That
is the cute blonde I see jogging a lot".  Guess what I did, yep,

I put on my string bikini, grabbed a towel and went to the pool,
with my flip flops making rythymic popping sounds. I opened the
cabinet by the pool and got my lotion. I buzzed the two way. John

"John, come to the pool, I need you." He was going to hear my sexy
voice say, "I need you", a lot in the near future!

"I am coming," he answered. (g) He will be!

"John, be a sweety and put this lotion on me."

I was laying on my tummy.

"Sure," he answered enthusiastically. Wouldn't you, every guys dream!

He started on my shoulders, I was helping him by just holding still.

"Here let me get this out of the way." I told him as I slipped the
loop over my head that helps my bathing top stay on top!.
Pause .... nothing is happening.

"John, oh JOHN!"

He starts putting lotion on me again.

"You are to uncomfortable around me. Losen up. Don't be so tense.
I am just an ordinary girl, that you have a great big ol crush on.
 (g)  Relax, I want you to be like, totally at ease around me."

He went to my legs, below my knees! I let him do them. Then I said.
"John are you missing any spots, I will burn if you do."

He started on my legs and moved to my thighes. When He got there I
spread my legs for him to do my inner thighes too.  I glanced at his
crotch, he had a boner alright. I bet he was in pain. (g)

"Why do I get the feeling you are laughing at me. I know you are
teasing me. Jennifer, I don't know if I can continue this or not."

"Silly, you are just putting lotion on me. Don't put something else
in to this. It is completely natural that you have, uhmmm, feelings.
 (g) Higher up, don't miss any spots. John you have to maintain
control of yourself to be with me. I am not into olympic wrestling!"

I know he could feel my heat. His face was red and he seemed to
have difficulty breathing  normally. I ignored both. Without being
told, he started putting lotion on my ass.

"Jennifer, don't you know what you are doing to me?"

 (g) "Of course. I told you, I know I am a tease. This is just me!"
I rolled over when I said that. Remember, no top! I thought he was
going to lose it right there.

"Please close your mouth honey." I said to him in my sexiest voice
with wicked grin.

"Oh Jennifer." He said with exclamation. He was reaching for his belt.

"No John, stop!" The way I said it he stopped.

"John, it is time you know something else about me. I am a virgin.
I am staying that way until I meet the guy I am going to marry.
No matter how many boy friends it cost me. It use to be really hard
for me, but I found a way around it. Now get control of yourself
and finish putting lotion on me, or leave. If you can't handle your
emotions, you sure can not be with me. Geee, John, I know how sexy I
am, I know, how  beautiful I am. I know how desirable I am. I am
wondering if you know it though. You have hardly told me hardly at

"John, I chose you. Of all the guys in school, I chose you! Don't you
think I could go out with any of them. Even the ones who are
attached I could have in a week. I thought it would really mean a lot
to you, that you are the one I chose. I guess maybe it doesn't.
Just leave.

I gave a, "sad little girl look", as I said the last words. I could
feel tears come in my eyes. I am soooo very, very good! I love me!
I gave him a quick glance.
Putty, pure putty! That is what boys are. I manipulate them like
putty! Ahh he was soooo easy. Can you believe he cried, I mean cried.
I was wondering if he would ever stop his blubbering, get my lotion
on and get back to his cleaning! He begged me for another chance.
He did not want to leave like this. I was the most beautiful girl
he had ever seen. You know the garbage! He was telling the truth
though. The truth as he honestly believed it.

"It is ok baby, I understand. I am different than anyone you ever
knew, and not at all like your preconceptions of me.  I will be
patient with you as long as you are trying really hard to learn
about me and what I want, what I like, what I expect from you."

I also told him that I knew he had had no prior experience with
girls. It was ok, I would teach him how to treat me. (Boy would
I ever!)

He told me how beautiful I am, what a great ass I have. Yeah, he
even got around to saying that. He just kinda poured his heart
out to me. I never giggled once. That should help him realize how
sweet I am. He told me that when I turned without my top and the
most beautiful tits in the world were but a few inches from his
face, he lost it. It looked to me like he found it! But hey, I did
not giggle. It was hard not to, but I exercised very good control.

He went back to applying lotion. He put the lotion on my titties
so gently. He admired the way my areola got smaller and my nipples
grew as he was applying lotion to my titties. I explained to him
that it was because I liked him and liked what he was doing. He
was very pleased with himself! He had never seen a nipple do that
before. I doubted if he had ever seen a girl's tit, not a real one!

He also confessed to me that he had never dated. I was his first
real date. He told me about being so thrilled that his first date
was with a Goddess. This guy was going to be even easier than I
imagined! I was sweet and told him in private, he could call me
"Godess Jennifer", if he wished. I am just sooo nice! I let him
take a lot of time putting on lotion. When he was finished I said.

"John, I am thirsty, go bring me an iced lemonaid. You can have
one too. Wait John, don't you want to kiss my titties before you

I pushed my breast up and watched his face. I watched him as he
lowered his head to my tits. He was in like, total awe. His look
was much more of worship than lust. When his lips touched my tits,
his body shuddered. I held his head and permitted him to pay homage
to my beautiful titties. He was going to earn that! After a little
bit I pushed his face back.

"Hey I am still thirsty, I bet you could kiss me all night!" (g)  I
gave him my closed lip grin where my chin is almost touching my chest
and I am looking up.

"Be right back," he said as he ran, RAN, to get our drinks.

He came back with our drinks. He did not know there was a wet spot
on his pants. Maybe he spilled some lemonaid!  (g)

"I love your giggle, it is just, well, I am always afraid you are
laughing at me?"

"No silly, I just giggle a lot. Hey, I am one of those giggling females
your mom always warned you about!"

"I never knew my mom, both my parents were killed in an auto accident
when I was a baby. My grandpa died last year, my grandma is old. I cared
for her. Now you know why I know how to clean. I am good at all
household chores. I can cook too. I put her in a nursing home last month."

"Sorry about your parents and grandparents, I did not know."

"That is alright. My parents were a long time ago. My granddad's death,
I could see coming for a few years. My grandma is almost dead. She no
longer knows me."

I almost felt sorry for him, but then I knew that the future was best
for him. He would get a lot of "special" feminine attention. I could
tell he craved it so much. Guys need feminine attention. No feminine
attention is worse than NO feminine attention. I hope John realizes
that now and  will remember it all his life. If he is not with me, some
other lady will require his services. I will teach him so much.

I was laying on my tummy siping my drink. John was sitting by me. When
we finished our drinks I said to him.

"Hey slave, (g) time to do my house! No slacking off, you hear!"  (g)
He got up and took our empty glasses back to the house.

"Slave driver!" He said back over his shoulder as I turned over to get
sun on me. I slipped my bathing suit off and was nude. John was back in
the house working. I was getting a good addition to my tan. I was
really going to enjoy John. I could hardly wait to start teaching him
what his mouth is really for.  He has so very much to learn and the
potential to be so good. He licked my nipples a couple times. I was
in awe of the length of his tongue. I bet you can guess what else I am
thinking! (g) He has a large mouth, that is an asset. Guys with large
mouths are just better at doing stuff, and long tongues, ooooh!

After about 45 minutes I buzzed John.

"John, I have need of you."  (g)

My voice is so sexy. My mom is French I have her accent, well not really,
but I practice it and I am pretty good. For living in the states I have a
great accent. Just another reason guys are like putty! I also speak fluent
French and Spanish. My knowledge of pure French and pure Spanish, Castilian,
is better than my pure English!  English is a difficult language to master.
I certainly do not have it mastered!

I put my bottom and my top on before he came out. I don't need a horse
with an extra leg! (g)

"Come over here John, I need you to do me a big favor." :) (g)

"Anything for a Goddess," he replied,laughing. He thought he was kidding,
boys are fools!

"Now don't laugh, ok, promise you won't laugh."

"Now who is afraid of being laught at." He said with a smile.

He has a really nice smile, I thought.

"Don't be a smart aleck, and don't laugh! I came out barefooted.
The concrete is hot. I want a piggyback ride to the house. I must
go pee."

A smile started forming on his lips.

I picked up my lotion bottle like I was going to throw it at him.

"Wipe that smile off your face slave! (g) That concrete is to hot
for my little tootsies. Please, slave.  Carrying me will be nothing
for a strong guy like you!"

My voice is so sexy especially when I am asking for favors, the
farther out the favor, the sexier the voice!

"O K, just because you are a Goddess! A very beautiful Goddess.
An incredibly sexy Goddess!"

Hey he was learning, no stuttering either. Must be the housework
agrees with him. That is good, he will get to do it a lot!

He came over to pick me up.

"Uh Uh, I want a piggyback ride, turn around!"

He smiled and turned around. I jumped on his back put my arms around
his neck. He put his arms around my legs.

"Wait this is not comfy. Put me down."

"What can I do to improve it." He asked.
I could tell he did not want to miss out on carrying me. Boys are
sooo stupid!

"I want to sit on your shoulders. Are you strong enough to squat
and raise up with me sitting up there?"

"I think so," he replied.

I was sure he would or brust a gut trying! (g)

I climed on and he raised up, quite easily in fact. He was a lot
stronger than he looked. He continues to surprise me. So I am sitting
on his shoulders with my toes pressing in his back. He loved it.
"Stick your hands up, piggy." I playfully ordered him.

"Piggies do not have hands." He laughted.

"Boy, you have a smart mouth. I will cure that you know! Then stick
your front legs up!"
He raised his hands up and I took one in each of mine.
"OK, smart aleck piggy, this is my guidance system. I bite this finger,
I bit a finger on his left hand, you go left!
"Hey, that hurt."

"Don't go whimpy on me, piggy! If I bite this finger, I put a finger of
his right hand in my mouth,

"Stop I get the message! I know the system!"

I ignored him and bit his finger. "You turn right."

"Oh, I knew the system already, you bite hard!"

I giggled.

"That will teach you to have a smart mouth! (g) Hey you are a lot
stronger than I ever thought."

"So you thought just because I am smart, and a nerd I must be weak.
You were sterotyping me.

"Yeah, but if you get smart with me, I'll make  you carry me all over
this back yard! I can do it just because I am a Goddess. You are but
a mere mortal! A mortal has to obey his Goddess, you know! So there!"

He was eating this Goddess/mortal stuff up. He was a natural for a
girl like me.

I let him have one of his hands to open the door. He opened the door.
He got down really low so not to bump my head. He was strong. I like
that as long as he accepts my superiorty. I think he will, if not, I
will have to hurt him. I would not like to do that in defense,
pleasure, hey that was different, as he would learn!

I have so much to teach him. A teacher once told me, "Teaching is
lifes most rewarding work". Well the finished product is rewarding

  Chapter Three

When we got inside I jumped forward over his head.
"Now slave get on your all fours and you can give me a ride to
the bathroom."

He hesitated.

"Now slave." I said that forcefully and pointed with emphasis
to the floor.
John dropped to the floor, visably puzzled. I jumped on his
back with a, "Let's go horsey".

He rode me to the hall toilet.
"Not here, this is the guest toilet. Take me to my bathroom,

Without a word he turned towards the stairs. He was trying to
figure me out. If he ever does, I hope he lets me in on the
secret! He started up the stairs.

"Hang on Goddess." He said.

I had a big smile at that. He was going to serve me very well!
I bet he could feel my heat, I certainly could. I squirmed on
his back. I wanted him to know I was hot. Hey, he may not know
anyway. I forget he has had little contact with girls.

"I have the downstairs cleaned but I haven't started up here yet."
"Hey this is where all the work is! My room is a mess. Downstairs
was easy!"

I bet he knew that when we got to my bathroom. My clothes hamper
was full, towels were on the floor, my waste basket was full,
there was makeup on the sink, even my toothpaste tube had no top
on it. Hey, so I am not a "neat freak". I look good thjough. I got
off of his back and went in by myself. I did not close the door.
 He did! I removed the toilet paper from the roller and placed it
in the back of the cabinet under towels.

"Slave, I have need of you, come in." I told you he would hear
that phrase a lot! (g)

I was already smiling at his embarassment. I bet his face was so
red. It was going to get a lot redder when he came in and I was
setting on the toilet!

"Are you decent?" John asked. I almost laughted out loud! Can you
believe that!

"John, get yourself in here, don't make me come out and get you!" (g)

He opened the door and was one step inside before he realized I was
on the stool. He stopped and turned away. Like I was not even
prepared for that!!!

"John, turn around. We are not going to have that discussion again,
now are we? Look at me. I said I needed you."

I was giving him my pouty voice again.

"There is no toilet paper."

"I will get you some out of another bathroom." He said, and started
outside. Can you believe this guy!

"Stop, come over here. I want your help in a much more intimate way.
I said in my sexiest voice.

He walked over to me, still not really looking at me. He did not know
what I wanted! I swear he didn't!

"You haven't ask what I want, are you afraid to?"

"How can I help you." He asked this almost reluctantly, well maybe not,
but very unsure!

"John, there is something special I must ask of you, it proves you
really like me.  Lick me."

Even John knew exactly what I was talking about.

"Jennifer, no way, that is disgusting! I can't believe you would ask
me to lick you there! It is not sanitary. No I am not going to.
Jennifer, that is almost disgusting! I never......."

I pointed towards my pussy for emphasis. I waited, wondering,
could it be he never imagined doing this. I think not. Surely he has
had fantasies. I had best handle this carefully.

"John why are you acting like that. Be natural with me. Don't put
on a show for me. I know you have thought about your tongue and my
pussy. I am an adult, not a child. If you are an adult, get on your
knees this second. Right here!"

I pointed to the floor in front of the commode. I glared at him.
John dropped to his knees. I giggled. He started to get up, he is
so sensitive!

"John, I am not laughing at you! I did not expect you to take so
long. Don't be like that. That is no fun. John, I am not trying to
embarrass you, but where have you spent your life?  Haven't you
seen any adult movies? Enjoy what you are about to do. I hope you
know how special it is. Do I need to tell you that all those guys
dying to date me would be on their knees instantly if I told them
they could lick my pussy. You are very special to me. I am treating
you like the special person you are."

"But Jennifer, you have just went pee!"

"I know that silly, that is why I need your tongue. My urine is clean,
don't you think my pussy is clean? Are you insulting me John? If you
are, get out! If you are not, then I will make a deal with you. You
lick my pussy right now, for five minutes, if you do not really love
it, you do not have to do it anymore and I will continue to date you."

John, looked at my pussy for a few seconds, I though he was trying to
decide if it was clean enough for his tongue to lick. Maybe he was
trying to decide if he was supposed to look at it. Who knows! It has
to be the first real one he has ever seen. (g) John ignored this
giggle and lowered his head, I leaned back, and his tongue found the
last remaining drops of my piss. There is something really special
about a boy licking a girls pussy for the first time. I place my
hands behind his head, prepared for an attempted quick withdrawal.
It never happened. His tongue was working like a dog that found a
long lost friend. We had made it past the first hurdle. I was
concerned for a minute.

"Carry me to my bed."
I whispered to him. He picked me up in his arms and carried me out
of the bathroom like a groom carries his bride over the threshold.
It is akin to the same you know. This ocassion was very intimate.
I held him close with my arms around his neck. He was about to take
me. He knew what we were going to do. It must be animal nature.
He laid me down gently and went straight to my pussy. That was so

"Wait john, let me put these on the bed." He helped me put the ramp,
incline, and wedge on the bed. I got on the ramp and laid back
against the wedge. This was a thousand times better than a pillow
under the ass!

"This will help both of us." I told him. I am sure he had never
seen anything like these before.

It would too. This position gave him full access to my pussy and
ass. It was designed for lots of access. John's only access was
going to be his mouth and tongue! I placed my hands on his head
and my nails on his neck. There has to be some pain associated
with a boys first time. The first time must be always remembered.
A little pain enforces that memory. He started licking my pussy
the way a cat laps milk.

"Ohh Jennifer, Goddess Jennifer, I would never have believed this
would taste so good." He said while in pause mode.

He started lapping again.

"May I teach you to do that the way I like it?" I sweetly asked him.

"Yes, please, I want to know how to please you. I have heard of
this, I never heard it was this good. Even if someone told me it
was, I would not have believed it. Jennifer, you are really good!"

"OK, this will be a training session. It will not be even close to
the pleasures we will each receive after you learn."

"Once your mouth is where it is now, over my pussy. There is nothing
vulgar about my pussy, my ass, my clit, or anything else about my
body. I go pee. I even take a dump. I do not want you ever again to
be, or act shocked when I use those words.  OK?"

"Now your first lick should always be the length of my pussy with a
WET tongue. The lick should be slow and gentle. That is a very
sensitive part of me. The inside is a lot more sensitive. You can
hurt me if you are not gentle."

"I would never hurt you, Jennifer. You are awesome. I am falling
in love with you."

Now run your tongue in circles around my lips."

I held his head just in case he would try to raise up to my mouth!

"Ohhh that is it. If you listen to my voice and to my breathing
you will know when you are doing it right. Feel my ass move and
my nails tighten on your neck? Those are also signals to you.
Stay intune to my body. Concentrate on giving me pleasure. That
is why you are there. Take my lips, one at a time between yours and
suck gently. Run your tongue over it as you suck. Oh, DON'T suck
hard. Be very gentle with me. Yess, now the other lip. Ummm that
feels good. It is time to put your tongue inside me. Push just the
tip in first and wiggle it around before pushing it in more. Ummm,
John I am already in love with your tongue. Push all of your tongue
inside, bring it back out, swallow if needed and put it in again."

"John, you are now eating my pussy! -----  Well"

"I love it, I really do! I love the taste of your cum, I adore your
scent! Can I leave my mouth here forever!"
"You have a great idea, we will work on that." I giggled. He tensed.

"John, I am going to bite you hard everytime you tense when I giggle!
I giggle when I am happy, when I am being pleased, and sometimes for
no reason at all! I am not laughing at you! Now eat me out!"

John went back to doing what I last told him to do. Ohhh I was sooo
hot. I needed to let go and really fuck his face. But I had to use
restraint and teach him how to properly serve me. How else would he
ever learn. If I dump him next month, which I doubt, he will have
acquired some awesome knowledge. Ladies will adore him!

"Now John, inside my pussy is a firm little bud, my clit. Find it with
your tongue. Ohhhh, that's it, that did not take you long!" I said

"When I am very wet, and your tongue is coated with my cum, you can
lick my clit with short fast licks. Circle it with the tip of your
tongue too. Ooooh that is good, that is very good. If this is really
your first time, you are going to be awesome. Ohhhh, keep doing that.
Don't ever stop.  Ohhh, see what I mean about being intune with my
body. Ohhh, John, you are awesome! Yeah, keep licking, sucking, and
swallowing, John, swallow, ohhhh John, I love you!"

I had not had any tongue for awhile, I love tongue.  Ohhh this is
dreamy.  He is so good, and his first time too. And when I am through
with him here, there is a week of panties he can eat. He will love
them They have my scent.  Ohhhh he is mine, the things I will do to
him. I will love using him. I gripped his head harder and squeezed
his face with my thighs.  He was starting to fight for air.  I sunk
my nails in a little and held on. He was fighting for air more now.
I released with my legs but held on with my nails. He could breathe.
His breath came in hard gasp. He was trying to talk.

"Ohhh don't stop. John, don't you dare stop, I am not going to
suffocate you. Keep eating my pussy. Ohhh that's it."

In a very short while I will have him so trained that I can have lots
of multiple orgasms. He will reach the point where he might choose
death over disappointing me. Boys are sooo stupid, but have such good
tongues! Ohhhh, I will just go for one orgasm this time. I made
myself a promise though that this is the last one orgasm tongue fuck.
Multis forever!

"Ohhhh, John, now tongue fuck me. Put your tongue in as far as you
can reach bring it back in your mouth and put it back in". "Yesss,
in and out, keep your mouth tightly over my pussy and keep swallowing".
"you are fantastic, oooh really great"!

He was giving me a really good tongue fuck.

When all my muscles tightened and my body shuddered so hard, I think
it scared him. This was the first female orgasm he had ever witnessed.
When I was breathing near normal again I told him how good he was.
Guys like to be told that. Sensory reinforcement!

"John, that was great, you did so good, I am so proud of you! You
never even complained when my nails cut you. You never complained
when I was squeezing your face so hard. You never complained about
your tongue being tired! You are teriffic! Now arn't you glad you
listened to me and did that? You almost missed out on a lot."

He wanted to say the reason he did not complain was because he
could barely breathe. What he did say was just the right thing.

"I was concentrating on pleasing my Goddess. I will always trust
you about things like this. You know so much. I know nothing.
Please be patient with me Jennifer. Please don't tell anyone
how inept I was."

"I would never talk to anyone about our lovemaking. That is very
intimate, and very private. Don't you ever forget that."

I looked at Johns pants, they were soaked. He had cum a lot and
never touched his thing. I would have, but, it is not needed. So
I won't mention it. He probably will sometimes in a future session.
"Now John if you really want to please me put your mouth tightly
over my pussy and suck. That proves to me that you like me a lot
and adore my bod."

"Oh John," was all I said while he was sucking and swallowing.
I think he really does like the taste of my gooey cum!
"At the end of a good love making session you should kiss my ass."

He just stared at me with his mouth opened. I could see cum in
his mouth! I will never know how I kept from laughing right in his
face. That would not have been cool! I turned over on my tummy.

"Well John, I am waiting. Remember you are trusting me in matters
of sex. You did just tell me that, did you not. If you have any
doubts about licking my asshole, then I am certainly not a
Goddess to you!"

"Jennifer do you have any idea how beautiful you are?"

"Of course, silly boy!" (g)

I felt his breath on my ass just seconds before I felt his lips
kissing my cheeks. I let him kiss me several times taking him
slow.  John, you are kissing all around the most important spot.
You do see it don't you?"

"Jennifer ------"

"John, kiss me, ahhhh that is it, that was not at all bad was it.
French kiss me John ----- John, you said remember ----?"

I felt the tip of his tongue.

"Love it just like you loved my pussy John. That gives me immense
pleasure. Ohhh yes, now put your tongue in all the way. The taste
will not be pleasant but get past the taste, you are giving me
pleasures that are special and extremely intimate. This is what
makes great lovers, John."

"Now lets go for a practice session, this is the way you should
have done it."

"I like my ass crack licked all the way with a wet tongue. We just
made passionate love, I am perspiring. You are going to taste my
sweat. Ummm that feels so good. Now is when you kiss my ass. Kiss
my cheeks then kiss my little brown hole. If you love me, you will
kiss it like you love it. Ohhhh, that is a sweet kiss, you do love
my ass!  French kiss my ass just as lovingly, yessss just like you
are doing it. Lick around and in my asshole. Put all of your tongue
up my ass. Bring in in and out and don't forget to swallow. That is
the beginning of proving love for a Goddess. Does my cute little ass
taste good?"

"Yes it does, Goddess. But in a strange way, not tasty good, but feel
good, good. Do you know what I am trying to say? It gives me funny
feelings too."

"Of course it does, you are licking the ass of someone you believe
to be a Goddess. As long as I am your Goddess, you will like licking
my ass. You will adore everything about my little pussy. Everything.
The more you love me the more you will want to do special things for
me, even without my asking you to. You will just want to please me
all of the time. That is true love. That is the kind of love a guy
must have for me."

"Oh John, look at the time, it is almost 4:00 o'clock! You have to get
this house cleaned up. Get up, put all of my dirty clothes in the hamper.
I need them washed too." I said with a petulant voice.

"I will do all of this. I know how to do laundry and I will love doing
yours". Just lay back, relax and look like a Goddess." John said.

I could handle that! I laid back."That is so sweet." I told him and
flashed him my best smile. The,"looking like a Goddess part", for me
was a piece of cake.

"John will you do my parents laundry too. They will think I did it and
be so pleased with me!"

That was not exactly true. My parents know that I know next to nothing
about doing laundry!

John turned and looked at me. I was laying back with my hands above my
head on the wedge. I was still on the ramp with my legs dangling over
the bed. I had put my panties on. He was mesmerized. I do not know what
I am to do with his mouth falling open. I smiled at him. Then I could
not help it, I giggled. He was instantly beet red! Can you imagine what
affect I was having on him! I threw my bra at him.

"Get to work slave!" I giggled again.
John returned to picking up my room. I laid on the bed and watched
him work. I wondered, should I let him bathe me after he gets my room
clean.  No, better not give him to much pleasure to quickly.

            Chapter Four  John's Thoughts

The previous three chapters have been from Jennifers point of view. This
chapter is from John's point of view.

I am currently resubmitting these chapters. You will find fewer errors
if you wait for the updated version. You may read the complete story
now but please ignore the errors.

My grandma and I just move here. We thought the climate would be better
for her health. It did not help. My parents died when I was very young.
My Grandpa died recently. My Grandma will not be alive much longer. She
has been moved back to the nursing home to die. The doctors have already
told me she is just old and everything is worn out. She does not know me
or anyone else. There is nothing that can be done for her. She is 93. I
have taken care of them for the last three years. They took care of me
when I was unable to care for myself. Now do not feel sorry for me. I
never knew my parents and my grandparents were wonderful to me. Enough
sad stuff.

I saw this unbelievable Goddess well, Goddesses the day after we moved
here. I had been working straightening up the house and was tired of
working. Grandma was feeling better,so I took a walk. I went by the
school,it was quite large but looked nice. There coming out of a
pastries shop were Goddesses. There was no other word for them. Three
of them!  At first I  thought they were triplets. They were all the
same height. All had strawberry blonde hair,all in pony tails. But on
closer scrutiny I could tell one was older than the other two. The
younger ones had to be twins. I have never imagined such beauty in the
flesh. I do not believe they noticed me at all. I stood on the corner
and watched these three Goddesses walking away. I was mesmerized. I
could not resist. My legs had a mind of their own and started walking,
Yeah, I followed them. Their asses were a sight to behold. They were
barely covered with cute very chic short shorts. I have watched and
fantasized about pretty girls for years now. I have seen nothing like
this. I hardly see how they can be from earth! Surely they dropped
from heaven, if heaven has anything that beautiful. I closed the
distance and could here them talk and giggle. They had extremely sexy
voices. The older one, well,I would have been content just to gaze upon
her beauty and listen to her voice forever.

Somehow I had to get to know her. I know she would never be interested
in me. I am no jock, no stud, not rich, and have no fancy car. Hell, I
don't even have a car. My only attribute is, I do make top grades and
do so easily. Please let her be as dumb as she is beautiful and have a
need for me. I would bathe in the glory of doing her home work, or any
work, and slipping her answers to test. To walk down the hall carrying
her books, ah, such is from which dreams are made. I'd even carry her!
Boy would I carry her, all over the school, to and from school,
everywhere. And be proud she was allowing me to do it too. I have always
had fantasies where a pretty girl I admired would "make" me do things
for her. You know, homework, wash her car,even clean her house. Not
just her room, but the whole house. I also did first her's then the
entire families laundry. If she had no sisters I would make some up in
my world of dreams. My fantasies would take me farther and deeper into
slavery and degradation for her to the point where I was just an object
to be used by her for her pleasure. Her use of me would began as minor
stuff but would always end in my serving her in unspeakable ways. First
her, then gradually her whole family would share in my humiliation.
I have cleaned more panties by mouth in my dreams than most Frederick
Stores sell in a week! I have always known that something must be
wrong with me. I worried about it a lot then one day I found the
solution. Just don't think about it anymore. Not the fantasies, but
the fear of being weird.

There was this pretty girl in school where I moved from. She was not
beautiful, just kinda pretty. Actually her waist was to large, her
neck to short and she had a few pimples on her face.

The day before I moved I forced myself to have the nerve to approach
her and let her know that I wanted to be her slave. I walked up to
her and said.

"Chrissy, I want to be your slave."
She smiled and said, "cool. The way you helped me with school last
year, I think you were."

"That is not what I mean. I mean I want to serve you. Do your housework,
laundry, I have fantasies about cleaning your panties with my mouth."

I will not soon forget that look.

She said, "Get away from me you freak! I thought you were a little
strange. I did not know you were a sicko! If you come near me again,
I'll scream!"

I never want to repeat that scene again.

These beautiful Goddesses turned in the sidewalk to their house. It was
a very beautiful home,large too. Looks like they have a pool in the back,
I mused. The whole back yard is enclosed by a nice tall wood fence. I
stopped and watched them.

Just before they got to the door it opened and another Goddess appeared,
only older. Now I am not in to the Mrs.Robinson syndrome. But with her
I would make an exception! She had the same hair, same golden complexion,
and her voice, like wow! Sexy and with a totally beautiful accent.  I was
almost sure it was French. I would have wet dreams for a week about
these ladies. Hey I would drink a gallon of their piss just to see where
it came from and would eat a pile of their shit for the pleasure of
kissing those divine asses.

She, an older sister whom I presumed to be under 30, waved to me. I was
caught standing there ogling her sister's asses. I waved back and
quickly walked by without looking anymore. I will have many wet dreams,
all while awake, about those four. Especially the one near my age. It
would be easy to imagine either of them as being a total Goddess but
she is the one I chose to worship in my fantasy dreams where I served
her in every way that can be imagined by a mind as warped as mine.
I don't even know if she is the prettiest. The older sister was
certainly beautiful, just to old for me.  Well not to old for me to
serve her. I would sure love her wet panties in my mouth!

I walked by their house often. I never seen either of them again until
school started. When School started I knew my special Dream Goddess
would drive, but I walked on past the school anyway. I could not believe
my good fortune, there she was walking straight towards me. She was so
pretty, god she was beautiful. This was the first day of school and she
was dressed for the ocassion. Her hair framed her face in ringlet curls
and hung down a few inches below her neck. What a Goddess! She was in
sandals, her feet were as perfect as the rest of her. Her nails were
painted a light color and were perfect as a light contrast with her skin.
I would suck those toes for hours in my dreams. She had an anklet braclet
on a beautiful slim ankle that must have cost a hundred dollars. Her
necklace and ear rings, more than a thousand. She also had some rings on
that looked like more than costume jewelry. But then I knew when I saw
her house that she was high dollar. That is ok, I could still dream about

I said hi just to hear her voice, not at all sure if she would speak.
This Goddess was way out of my class. To my surprise, she said "Hi",
and smiled. What teeth totally white and sparkling. She had the most
beautiful mouth I had ever seen. I would dream of those teeth biting
me. She could devour me one bite at a time and I would endure the pain
and slowly die for her as she ate away my flesh. I walked on, turned at
the corner and walked back to school.
I had her in every class! I am not sure what the teacher said in any
of them. I just looked at her. It was inevitable that she catch me
looking at her. I mean if you keep looking at anyone they will
eventually see you staring! She looked straight at me for a few
seconds and a big smile lit up her whole face, like I was doing
something for her by staring at her!

I knew I had to pay attention to the teacher's the second day.
Good thing, we were already into assignments. I quickly found
that this school believed in homework. It appeared to be as easy
as the one I left though. I was surprised and pleased when I found
that I could take classes that would count for both high school
and credit hours for college. I looked at her several times in
each class but I concentrated on schoolwork too. After all my
being good in the books was all I had going for me. If I could
ever get her attention, that had to be the way. Did I tell you
that everyday I walked past the school just to meet her. Now I
 meet her in the halls a lot, but the halls were full and there
were always a million people talking to her, mostly guys that
I could in no way compete with.

Friday before I met her. I had no idea that my life was about to
change dramatically forever in ways I had only dreamed. She picked
me up! I have never been shocked like that in my life, well maybe
once. Chrissy shocked me! This was a pleasant shock. Chrissy's was
not at all pleasant!

Jennifer was in total control of me from the time I said "Hi". I
never had a prayer. She had the poise of a life long movie star and
used it. Oh, I knew what she was doing, I was just powerless to
prevent it. Truth is, I did not want to prevent anything! I knew I
wanted to be used by her. She had me carrying her books, even her
gym clothes in seconds. I did more for her in one week than I have
ever done for a girl. Everything she had me doing came natural for
her. She was just naturally demanding.

She had me following her around, carrying stuff, getting stuff for
her, like in the cafeteria, she said.

"John, some of us always sit over there in the corner by big window,
bring my tray over."

Naturally demanding, that was Jennifer. There was no please, no will
you, she just knew I would. She may have known I was dying to do
stuff for her. She was a class act. I have observed a lot of girls.
Nothing in her league. She had to come to earth from somewhere else.
Even in this school of more beautiful girls than I have ever seen,
she is light years beyond any of them. Like I said there are beautiful
girls here of all colors. No one approches her class. They seem to
know it, she knows it and it appears, she knows they know it.

She can put them down and never say a word and she does it all the
time. Still, her popularity goes off the charts. Amazing, and I am
with her. I know she is using me. I am not stupid. She has no idea
I know I am being used. A girl like this does not go with guys like
me. But hey, I am along for the ride. Last night I was pretending
to be eating her, using my mouth on her panties, hell, I was even
cleaning her house and doing all of her laundry, panties by mouth
first. She even asked me to do her three sisters laundry, I did
their panties by mouth too. All of this was in my very awake, wet
dreams. Just being near her was paradise. I even got to hear her
speak to me. Although it usually was to tell me to do this, or get
that. I would do all of the things she wanted. Even if she made me
walk 10 spaces behind her.

She walks with me, and on several ocassions has taken my hand. Yes,
I have held the hand of the schools foremost Goddess. Schools! She
is the WORLDS foremost Goddess. She is rapidly owning me, she thinks
I don't know. She quickly started referring to me as, "slave". She
would giggle and make like it was a joke. She was not joking, not
really. She was taking ownership of me a lot, not a little, at a
time. She moved fast. I am not complaing at all. I am in heaven!
I have forever dreamed of such a thing. I have wanted to be with a
pretty girl who wanted me to do everything for her, wanted to use me.
I think my dreams have been answered. My grandma has told me lots of
times,"Be careful what you wish for". Well grandma, this is what I
have wished for. Jennifer, 100% pure Goddess.

She invited me to her house. I was in paradise. She even allowed me
to carry her stuff and walk with her to her house. She stopped to
talk to some very pretty girls, though obviously from junior high.
Not by looks, they looked like high school. But by the direction
they were going. She talked with them quite awhile. When I started
to put her bags down, she quickly excercised her authority. She
did that not for her, not for her bags, but for the girls she was
talking to. She wanted them to know I was her's. Not her's as in
boyfriend, but her's as in property. Yeah, I have found my dream!

I was so glad she called Saturday. I was ready to jump up and run
all the way to her house in hope of performing some task for her.
Just to see her, hear her voice, touch her, yeah, serve her.

She asked me to bring her a chocolate covered pastry. That was
what she went to get when I first saw her. The pastry I buy her
will be so lucky, it will get held by her hands and bit by her
teeth.  I wish I could be so lucky!

The clock move so slowly. I went to the pastry shop and got her
pastry. I waited five minutes at the bakery so as not to be to
early. I even told the guy behind the counter that the pastry
was Jennifer. He smiled and said.

"Jennifer Abdellaoui, she loves those alright, you are a very
lucky guy. She is extemely particular. Every guy tries to date
her but she chooses who she wants. Her sisters are going to be
just like her. The same pastry is their favorite too. You must
be new here. Have you met all her family?"

"No, just Jennifer," I replied.
"You will and soon, they are a very close family. Wonderful people.
Their mom used to be a top model. Looks like one of the girls."

"How many are in her family." I asked.
"Dr.Abdellaoui,and their Mom, Monica. The twins, Gillette and Jill,
and you know Jennifer." He answered. "A remarkable family, in more
ways than their looks. Everyone loves them. They have done a ton for
the community. If there was ever a perfect looking man, Dr.Abdellaoui
is it. And those ladies, hey, I would give them pastries just to see
them if I had to do that to get them to come in here. Don't you tell
them though!"
I knew then that the gorgeous creature I saw, whom I first believed
to be a sister, was their mom. Hard to believe. No wonder they are so
beautiful. Their mom is a Goddess. Maybe she is the one who fell from
heaven and mated with a mortal.

"I have seen Jill, Gillette, and Mrs.Abdellaoui at a distance." I said.

The counter man said.

"The closer you are to them, the better they look. The twins are
younger but carbon copies of Jennifer."

I will never forget her face when she met me at her door. I knew she
was beautiful, I just did not know how beautiful. I think her eyes
and mouth were what appeared a little different, god she was knock
down gorgeous. Her eyes were kinda almond shaped, her lips a little
pouty. I know she did that with make up. But she just enhanced what
she already had. She was so gorgeous, if she had said, "Eat my shit",
I would have shoveled it in by the handfuls. But she did not want me
to eat shit,she just wanted me to clean her house. That was alright,
hey, did I not dream of doing stuff for her. I was rewarded, big time.
I put lotion on her tits and on her ass. I would have killed for that
priviledge. I already knew, after that, I would do absolutely anything
for her. When she was eating her pastry, all I could do was look at
her. With every bite those teeth made into the pastry I dreamed
they were biting me. If after she finished her pastry, she would have
looked at me and in her sexy voice and said.

"I am still hungry, lay on the table, I am going to eat you up."
I would have bid this world goodby and laid on the table.

When she was giving me her lecture about bodies, language, etc., I was
shocked. Really shocked, especially after the Chrissy thing. Boy am
I glad Chrissy did not want me. Chrissy doesn't look good enough to kiss
a single ass in this family!

I worked hard cleaning her house. The first thing I did though was run
upstairs to find a pair of her panties. That was not hard, there were
two pair on her bathroom floor. I quickly put both to my mouth, I
inhaled from one and licked the other, pure heaven. I gave it several
licks, kissed the one I was inhaling, and laid them both back similar
to the way they were laying. I would have loved wearing one pair over
my face with the crotch covering my nose while I cleaned another pair
in my mouth. You know chew and squish my saliva in and out of the
crotch until my spit was concentrated with the natural juices of her
panties, then swallow and start over again. I would like to eat every
pair panties in this house!

I know she had planned for me to carry her to the house from the pool.
She had her sandals on when she went to sun! That was ok, really ok!
There is something special about carrying a girl, and when that girl
is a Goddess, well I would carry her everywhere for the rest of my
life and enjoy it so much I would wish to live forever.

When she called me from her bathroom, I was speechless. When she told
me what she wanted I could not believe my good fortune. I was reluctant
to show my true emotion because of the Chrissy thing. I certainly
wanted no repeat of that disaster. But Jennifer was asking me to do
something I have been fantasizing about all week. I knew I was going
to love this place. I loved the taste of her pee and her pussy.  Both
tasted far better than in my imagination. Her pussy already had cum in
it. When mixed with her pee, both were delicious!

Her scent was better than any dream could ever be. I will have a source
for my dreams now. Masturbation would be a much more accurate word than
"dream". Dream just evokes a better connotation. Then my Goddess asked
me to take her to her bed. I knew she wanted to be eaten out. My first
real chance to eat pussy. And what a pussy. A blonde Goddess of
indescribable beauty. I carried her the same way a bride is carried over
the threshold. It was a sacred moment for me. The way she held me it must
have been for her too. I had never seen anything like the things she had
by her bed. They were made especially to allow me better access to her
intimate parts. I was so clumsy. Hell, I had never eaten a woman's panties
before. I read about it and dreamed of it. Now I was actually eating pussy!

She was so patient with me. She knew this was my first time. When my tongue
brought back the first flow of her cum I was in ecstasy. Her soft words of
encouragement kept me there. Her nails hurt a lot. She squeezed my face with
her thighs so hard I wondered if she would crush my face. I think the only
thing that prevented that was the softness of her thighs. Her legs were
incredibly strong yet her inner thighs were soft as feathers.

When I could not breathe I started to panic. I should have known my Goddess
would take care of me. She was obviously very experienced. I am not jealous
of the other guys that have eaten her out. I am glad she had the experience.
Otherwise it would have been a disaster. I want to be the only one to do
that now though. I am not sure why even that is important. If it is ever a
share me or lose me situation, I will share her. Losing her is unacceptable.

When she told me to lick out her ass. I felt so stupid, I stared at her with
my mouth open and full of her cum. I was holding it in my mouth because I
loved the taste so much and wanted to prolong the sensation as long as I
could. She thought I did not want to lick her ass. Boy was she wrong about
She turned over. It took me a few seconds to start licking her. I had a lot
of Jennifer's cum in my mouth and it was really gooey. But tasted so good.
A nother quick swallow and it was a tasty memory. My lick up the crack of
her ass afforded me the salty taste of her sweat. I will remember that taste
always too. I have tasted sweat before but not like this. I can not describe
the difference so it must have been in my mind.
Then I started to wonder if all girls cum taste like that, or if she taste
that way to me because I loved her so much (infatuated with her). I hoped
to get the opportunity to taste the cum of her sisters and mom for
comparison. I had to get my hands on their panties although it is a long
ways from the same thing.
Jennifers panties were good, but her pussy taste thousands of time better!
Anyway, I inhaled from Jennifers ass. I could smell the unmistakable aroma
of shit. The aroma was much the same as any shit, but from her ass, it was
special.  Hey, I know I am a pervert! It did not repulse me, not at all.
It aroused me again even after I had hunched the bed a very short while
ago while eating her pussy. I licked her pretty brown ass hole. She told
me exactly how she wanted me to worship her. It is imprinted on my brain
forever. I will never forget how my Goddess wishes to have her beautiful
pussy eaten, nor will I ever forget how she wants her cute little brown
hole worshiped. I got my first taste of shit that day. I have tasted worse
things. I think celery is worse, cabbage smells worse than her ass smelled.
I savored the taste of her little pucker hole and lovingly licked it. I
must have done it to her satisfaction. I would clean her house and mow her
lawn a year for the ecstasy she has given me. So when she suggested,no told
me to go back to work I was ready.

She was staying on the bed. I simply have to eat those panties, her's and
the rest in the house too, I thought. How am I going to do it if she stays
up here.

"Jennifer, if you want to swim or something I don't mind, I will let you
know when I have finished with the cleaning and you can see if I have
missed anything. I want your mom to be really pleased."

"That is sweet of you, you are the best, really the very best. I am going
to swim, I have not done my laps for today. Ceya SLAVE!"

She said with that giggle. I did not think she was laughing at me. I did
think she was serious about the slave thing. I do not mind. In fact I
enjoy being her slave. Fate has dealt me the cards I have always dreamed
of holding. I will play out the hand.

   Chapter Five  The making of a Goddess

She went down the stairs still giggling. I heard her call back from the
bottom of the stairs.

"Do a really good job, slave, my mom is very particular!"

She always giggled after calling me "slave".

I picked up her panties and started to eat them in earnest as I cleaned
on her bathroom sink. Jennifer was certainly not a meticulous housekeeper!
Her bathroom was a lot dirtier than her bedroom. Her bedroom just needed
picked up, clothes, magazines, books, paper, etc., and vacuumed. Her
bathroom bordered on filthy. Wrong word, a Goddesses bathroom could never
be, "filthy". I also gathered her clothes sorted them and took a load to
the laundry room. I would save the undergarments until last. I wanted to
mouth wash the panties first. I had a pair in my mouth and a pair over my
face with my nose buried in the crotch. What a dream Goddess.
The laundry units were a lot fancier than I had seen but easy to figure out.
I started her clothes and went back up stairs.

I hope this is not construed as cheating on my beautiful Goddess but I
had to have a taste of her mom's panties. I went in the master bedroom,
spotless. Nothing out of place. I went in the master bath. Same. Very
exquisite. I spotted the clothes hamper. I was trembling as I walked
to it. What if Jennifer saw me, how would I explain? I looked in the
hamper, there were just a few articles of clothing. A pair of panties
was one of the articles. I picked them up like one would examine a
piece of expensive glass. I put them to my nose and inhaled deeply.
They were perfumed and I could tell nothing about her scent. There
was a lot of cum on them though. I used my nails to scrape it off
her panties and when I got all off I could, I put the scrapings
in my mouth. The sweet taste was present but also a other taste,
salty and something else. Not unpleasant. I would love to eat her

I left and went to the twins bedroom. Another disaster area. Finding
soiled panties was no problem in there. I experimented with their
panties the same way. Sweet taste again mixed with a piss taste.
Very good. I would adore eating these girls panties. I could only
hope Jennifer would have me over lots to clean and do laundry,
often and long. Oh well so much for dreams.

I went back to cleaning Jennifer's bathroom and sucking on her
panties. When I had everything spotless except her toilet, I knelt
down in front of her porcelain throne and lovingly licked her
wooden toilet seat. I licked every square inch of it and the
outside of the bowl. I was so hard. I put one hand on my dick
and put my head inside the bowl. This was where my beautiful
Goddess went potty I thought. I started licking the inside when
I heard a giggle.

Jennifer was standing there watching me and giggling. I felt
less than one inch tall. Never have I been so embarassed. I
immeadiately had hugh lumps in my throat, my chest, and my
stomach from fear. I knew everything was over. No Goddess Jennifer.
I blew it all for only a few moments of erotic pleasure.

"Ohh John, you look sooo funny with your head in my toilet! Stay
right there. Put your head back in the toilet and keep licking.
You WERE licking my toilet were you not?  Oooooh it is so dirty!"

She was giggling all of the time. I was not going to try lying to
her. She had been very adamant about what she thought of liars.
Would she think more of a guy with his head in her toilet.  A very
dirty toilet at that.

"Yes." Do you want me to leave?"

"Heck no! I want you to put your head back in there so I can get
my camera and take a pic!"

"I can't do that I am embarassed enough already."

"Hey slave, am I your Goddess or not? (g) I must be seeing where
your head was! uuuugh" She said this as her giggles turned to
laughter. She was definently laughing at me this time, for sure.

I did not know what to do or what to say. What could one possibly
say when the girl he wanted to worship had just caught him with
his head in her toilet, and licking it! I had fantasized about
such an event several times with different girls, even famous
performers. In my fantasy, I said the right things and they
accepted me as their permanent slave. This is no fantasy, and
I had no control over the ultimate outcome.
"I want you to be my Goddess and allow me to serve you, if you
will still have me." I answered the way I did in my fantasies.

"Silly boy, of course, this just makes me feel more special. It
makes me like you more. Hey, if you are so infatuated with me
that you will lick my dirty toilet, boy, you have it bad, like
really BAD! Awesome! Like you really worship me, don't you?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Awesome! Then, do not be ashamed that you were caught. I'm not.
I love it! (g) Your hair is wet from the water in the my toilet!
You look so comical. Let me get some pics! Don't look like you
just lost your best friend! I would never show them around school.
Not as long as you were serving me, I mean! (g)

There are some in the school who would understand. Maybe more than
you think. I understand, I really do. Do you think you are the first
guy that I have seen do this?  Hey slave that is why I came up here!
I told you after this weekend you would not be embarassed anymore,

She snapped pictures with my head down, and partially in her toilet.
She made it clear, no pictures, no Goddess slave relationship.

"Let me see my panties! I am going to bet you the crotch is clean
on almost all of them! uhmmm, I wonder how that happen!"
She giggled as she held up a pair of her mouth washed panties.

"You silly slave, it is ALRIGHT! I love you for this. Any girl in
her right mind would if they knew what I know!

Jennifer was staring straight at me, unblinking. Her eyes were large
and exuded power. She opened her mouth and then started a slow grin.

"You think so highly of me that you were licking my toilet after
sucking my panties clean. Now before you go bananas on me. I did this
same thing to a guy once except I had taken a dump and did not flush.
I stood right there and watched him eat my shit while jacking off!
How embarassed do you think he was! Would you eat my shit,John? Do
you worship me as much as he did?"

"Yes, Goddess I would try if you wished it."

"Uhmmm, I thought so. The next time I need to take a dump, I will
let you. Do you know that once you are my willing toilet, I will
really own you. I will own you body and soul. John, when I own some-
thing, I use it. Do you want to be used by me?"

"There are a lot worse thing than being owned and used by a true
Goddess."  I answered.

"Do not be so sure, my little toilet slave. I have to go pee, you
have not finished cleaning my toilet. I am going to use your mouth.
What do you think of that?"

I turned around facing her.

"Here, brush your teeth good and use mouthwash. After what I have
seen you doing I do not want your dirty mouth over my clean pussy!"

I did her bidding. And sat on the floor. She looked so radiant,so
powerful. She got some pills from the cabinet and handed them to me.
They were not small.

"Here take these pills. I do not want you getting sick from being my
toilet. After where your tongue has been, you probably need them
anyway she giggled.

She removed her clothes and stepped towards my kneeling body.

"Sit," she said. It was not a request. It was an order given by a much
superior person.

She placed a leg over each of my shoulders and squatted. The pussy I had
lovingly ate only a short time ago was rapidly coming toward my face for
a whole different purpose. Her hands went to my hair, she grabbed it and
pulled back as she lowered her cute little pee hole on my mouth. She
shifted her weight a little so that I was supporting her weight. My mouth
was opened wide, waiting for the flow of golden nectar. I inhaled deeply
and her feminine scent filled my nasal pathways. My fantasy was becoming
a reality.
"Right there slave. Press on my leg if you can't keep up, I will pee alot."

she started the flow, I started swallowing. It had happened already, I
was a toilet for a Goddess. I had no idea where it would end. She had
already said she expected me to eat her shit. Her piss was not pleasant.
In my fantasy, it was always pretty good. This was not good at all. It
had a slight taste of lemonade. But nothing like any lemonade I ever
tasted. It was so warm too, almost hot. I stopped her four times before
she finished. She giggled the whole time. When she finished and I licked
last drops, then licked the lips of her pussy all the way up. She stood
and looked down at me said in a very haughty tone.

"Put my clothes back up."

I had seen the look when she gave it to some girls at school. It looked
cuter then. Now in looked like a rich, very demanding, very spoiled girl,
ordering her slave.

"John I will still be sweet to you at school and all. You will still carry
my stuff. Everyone will think we are dating. But John, I can't neck with
my toilet! You do understand don't you."

She saw the dejected look on my face.

"It gets worse. My mom will have to know about us. When I tell her, she
will use you too. We are a very close family, we share everything. Do you

"You are saying I will be used by all of the family."

"Yep, everyone of us. We will use you and you will be a complete slave
for all five of us. The twins are wicked sometimes. They like to nibble,
just sit aroung listening to music, watching tv, or just talking. And
nibble on something. Hey, you will be that something! Let me show you
what a, nibble, is! (g)  Come over here. I will nibble your neck."

I obediently when to her, god she was beautiful! She smiled wickedly
and went for my neck just like a vampire. She giggled as her teeth
touched the side of my neck.

"Hold perfectly still or this will hurt a lot more. That is the
secret to surviving a nibbling session, hold still."

She giggled again, she was enjoying this. I felt her teeth. Slowly
she applied pressure on a very small part of my neck. The pain was
great. By far the most she had hurt me. It took all of my
concentration to avoid jerking away. I held still as she slowly
removed a tiny amount of the first layer of my skin. I yelled in
pain as her teeth went together, it hurt so much. My yell embarassed
me. It did not even bleed. Jennifer would think I was a whimp to cry
out over a little thing like that. I touched it, it was really sore.
My finger tip was moist when I took it off the bite. It was like the
skin under a blister when it burst.

"I am sorry I yelled, I am stronger than that."

"I knew you would, that is very painful. It is not the most painful
thing we will do to you, but, hey it hurts! Here, let me bite the
other side like that! She said giggling.
"I like symmetry." More giggles.

I turned for her as she again used the vampyre approach. Her mouth
was so gorgeous. She looked straight into my eyes and smiled. She
knew she was all powerful over me. I did not mind the pain. Hearing
her joyful laughter and giggles was worth enduring a thousand times
the pain of nibbles. The way she said "Nibbles",  made me realize I
was a part of something truly special.

"Hey since I know you can take it without jerking away, I will nibble
a lot slower this time. It is more pleasure for me. It is a lot more
painful for you though. Welll the pain is not greater, just last
longer." (g)

Her other hand went to her crotch. She was playing with herself. She
was getting off on hurting me. I had never met anyone remotely like
Jennifer before. I wanted to run away right then. At least I think I
did. I couldn't. Just like an animal charmed by a snake, I obeyed her.
I felt the pain as her beautiful teeth closed on a small part of my
neck. If my whole body would have been in her mouth and this would be
my last minutes to live, I would die happy. I thought as I looked at
her perfect tits as they jutted against the fabrick of her top. So
much for the thought of running away. The pain became so intense that
I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth to avoide crying out. Still a
little cry of pain escaped my lips as her teeth so skillfully removed
the tiniest amount of skin from my neck. Oh that hurt. Tears were in
my eyes. I felt like a whimp.

"Ohhh John, that was so sweet. I love you so much. I love you for all
you are doing for me, all you are going to do for me, and it is truly
special the way you stand there and let me nibble on you. I love you!
I like to nibble too! I never realized how much ubtil now! I guess it
is because it is you I am nibbling on! John, the power rush for me is
extremely great. Totally awesome! I am going to love doing things to
you. I am going to love watching as my family does stuff to you. You
are going to be my very best all time favorite!"

Her face was all aglow, her eyes were the deepest blue. Dark blue,
like crystal clear water with the sun shining on it that is so deep
you can not see the bottom. Her mouth was in a big smile, her face
was a picture of ecstasy.

"John, I just discovered, I Love nibbling on you! You are going to
be in a world of hurt!"

"Well beautiful Goddess, Would you like to bite me again?"

Did I just say that? Is this really what I want. I must think this
through as soon as I can think straight. This girl has me under a
spell of some sort that I do not understand. I stand here ready to
let her do anything that gives her pleasure, the hell with the cost
to me. I know that is dangerous and very hazzarous to my health.
When I asked her if she wanted to nibble again, she looked at me.
She must have stared at me for thirty seconds. Then her face went
into a serious smile, a complete look of love and adoration.

"Ohhhh yes I do,a lot! But the most important part, you actually
asked me to nibble on you. John, that is a lot sweeter than you
could possibly know. I will nibble on you. You will endure a lot of
pain for your Goddess. I am worth your pain, arn't I?"
I quickly answered, "Yes". I know I am not in my right mind.

"Would you give your life to me, John?"

"I think I already have my Goddess, I gave it to you when you first
said,'Hi', to me. You are just collecting it one day at a time."

"You are so sweet, and you say that so sincerely. Give me your finger,
no, the longest one on your left hand. It is the marking finger
showing my ownership of you anyway."

I did not ask what she meant by that, whatever, she could do anything
to me. She is a true Goddess. A Godddess has no boundaries.

"Lets sit over here, John, this will take to long to stand."

She smile very sweetly as she put her mouth on my finger. I could feel
her breath. She looked at me and smiled.

"This is really, really sweet of you, John. It helps to show your
devotion to me. I love you."

I started to say, I love you but the pain cut short my sentence. It
was more painful than the nibbles of my neck. She bit so slowly.
When her teeth removed the little piece of skin she reached in her
mouth with long perfectly shaped fingers and removed the skin from
her mouth.

"Here, you hold them." She said as she handed my skin to me.

I know I agreed to one more bite. I do not know where she came up
with multi nibbles. It is alright. The pain is excruciating though.
After each very slow nibble, she puts the skin in my hand. The pieces
are so tiny, the pain so great. She had three nibbles before stopping.
She was smiling again like when she nibbled on my neck.

"It hurts, doesn't it?"

"Yes, a lot, but it is a good pain."
"If you enjoy it, endure it".  (g)

"I know I exist to be used by you. I knew it the first time I saw you
coming out of the pastry shop. I followed you home."You are all I
thought about. I knew whatever it took, I was going to belong to you.
I knew I could never be in your class. So I prayed that I could be your
slave. All week in school everything you did made my hopes higher that
I would some day serve you forever. In only five days you have answered
my prayers. Please Goddess, keep me, use me until I am used up,let me
serve and worship you, but Goddess, please promise that you will never
throw me away."

"You ARE serious, John, this is not a game. I am very real, my family
is very real. We are dedicated to this lifestyle. We deserve a slave.
We have always had one. You are the only special one. I want you to be
our, very oral, slave. Real intimacy. The kind of intimacy that only
exist when your tongue is on us, in us, or we are in you. When my teeth
enter you, it is, well it is really special. Intimacy, our special kind.
Each of us will know that you have dedicated your life to our
convenience and pleasure. We will accept that gift one day at a time.
We will use you and we will love and cherish you, very much. You will be
our most prized pocession. I keep saying our, because all of us will
use you, but you belong to me, and only me. I am the one you will go
with when I leave home. The family will be almost as sad to see you go
as they will that I am leaving. But that is along time away, for now all
of us will use you and you will be my special john."
She brought my finger to her mouth again. There was a little spot of raw
skin exposed right at the nuckle on my hand. She looked at me, smiled,
and started her fourth, slow bite. She was a master at this, she seemed
to get the maxxum amount of pain from each of her nibbles. She looked
into my eyes, like she was bathing in my pain. All the times I had
fantasized about a girl biting me, I never dreamed for a second that it
would hurt so much. She bit me like that a couple more times. I now had
six tiny pieces of skin in my right hand. The raw spot on my finger was
growing larger. There was pain there, even when she was not biting.

"John, I love you for this, you are so awesome. I will confess something
to you. I was getting concerned. I thought I was a Goddess. But I knew
that no girl can really be a Goddess, unless she is a Goddess to someone.
See why I love you so much. I am now a Goddess, a real Goddess, I am your
Goddess, and you are my loyal slave. That is so sweet, so awesome!"

While she was saying this to me, her look was one of total admiration,
no girl has ever looked at me like that. I felt truly special. I was so
proud to be her slave and claim her as my Goddess. Her nibbles were
showing her love for me and mine for her. A slave and a Goddess were
being joined together one nibble at a time.

She smiled again and raised my hand to her gorgeous mouth. Her breath
felt hot on my raw skin. I felt the pain commence again, Jennifer had
started her seventh nibble.

Each time I tried to look at her all through the nibble. Each time I
failed, the pain was to great. Just before she removed the little piece
of skin, my eyes would close tightly and my teeth would grit in pain.
I was losing sight of my beautiful Goddess at the point where I most
wanted to see her face. She was so beautiful. She had explained the
beauty of this and I understood. I have always known it could be like
this, at least I prayed it could be, now it was. I was being harshly
used by a girl for no other purpose then to demonstrate my love and
devotion, to forever transform her into the Goddess she longs to be.
What is a little skin, a little pain?  Nothing, inconsequencial, I am
living the life I fantasized about. I must bear the pain and keep my
thoughts on her beauty, and my eyes on her's to admire my Goddess at
that point where she knows I am enduring the most pain for her. I now
had nine little bits of skin in my hand. She raised my hand to her
mouth again. I did not know how long she would continue, she could do
so as long as I had skin if she wished. I would do nothing to stop her.
If eating me up gave her pleasure, I would do my part and please my
gorgeous Goddess, after all, I was hers. The slow pain begin again.
She was so talented. I was looking into her eyes, they were starting
to dance. When she first started the nibbling on my neck she was all
giggles and laughter. When I asked if she wanted to bite me again,
she became very serious. With her teeth clamped tightly on my skin,
she pushed her lips out so I could see my skin trapped between her
pretty front teeth. She had her bottom jaw pushed forward so she
could nibble. Her lips were smiling. My finger was hurting. Through
my pain, I smiled back at her. She squinted her face and bit the rest
of the way through. I never closed my eyes. She had held her lips
open so I could see those gorgeous teeth as they extracted a little
piece of skin. She handed me the tenth piece of skin with a smile.

"You were great, you were really really tremendous John! Awesome is
the word!"

She was gushing, she was giggling, she was very happy. She threw
her arms around my neck, which hurt, and hugged me tight.

"Hold me slave, hold me so tight. That was sooo sweet of you. All
that pain, and just for me. We will do it again later, right now
my pussy is so wet. I need tongue now slave."
She pointed her finger down to her pussy. "Do your duty, pussy

She was giggling, I took no offense. I know nothing said by a
Goddess can ever be offensive to a slave.

                More Goddess Training

I got down, removed her clothes and licked the length of her pussy
the way she wanted. Well, I wanted too. Her lips were so puffed and
wet. Her cum was delicious. I would not trade it for the best food
in the world. I have never experienced anything like this, never
even dreamed it could be so good. I have the perfect life. My Goddess
has declared her love for me over and over. She took me through a
nibbling session and got me where I could look beyond my pain and
see her pleasure. I love Jennifer so much. I am the worlds luckest
guy. Don't forget, tomorrow night I will be in the presences of three
more Goddesses. I am looking forward to being used by them. I was
sucking lightly on one of her lips and tracing it with my tongue like
she taught me. She was in constant moans of pleasure. Her little ass
was moving in small circles and her thighs were holding me in place.
I put my tongue in, when it touched her clit I felt the pain in my
neck from her nails. She had grabbed my head and was positioning
her pussy and my face for, a Goddess to slave, experience. I love
her little bud, its growing is so neat!  It is kinda like watching
her nipples grow. Her clit taste better though. When I put my lips
on her clit and ever so gently tug at it, her nails really stab me.
Everytime I did something that intensified her pleasure she
intensified my pain. That is ok, I am glad she does that. I know
I am giving her more pleasure. I so love giving her pleasure.

"John, move your tongue in and out faster, deeper, Ohhh john, I love
YOUUUUU! Ohhh that's good, really good, keep doing that. You are so
good at that. I love your tongue."

She had already had her orgasm and was now just playing. She squeezed
my face while looking down at me smiling that Goddess smile. You know
the one that says, Your mouth is there, I am looking down at you,
using you, because I am a Goddess and you are my slave! When she smiled
like that, there could never be a doubt about, how much superior she was.
That was one of the reasons that made me want to be where I was. She was
naturally demanding. She was a true Goddess. I was proud to be her slave.

"I just got to call my Mom! I am so excited! Oh my family will be so
proud of me! I am, I really am!"

When Jennifer turned on her side towards the telephone I capitalized
on the moment to kiss her ass. I love kissing her ass. I like the
pressure her asshole puts on my tongue when I have it up her ass.
The stink, I don't mind that. It is a natural thing. Even a Goddess
has stinky shit! I just lick her pretty brown hole. To me the aroma
is just an additional sexual turn-on.

"Mom, Jennifer! Oh guess what,it is so cool. I am so happy. I am a
Goddess, mom, a real Goddess! I love him so much!

"Baby, we are so happy for you! How did you do it this quickly?"

The speaker was on, I could here all of the conversation.

"It is not just me mom, it is john too! I am what he has dreamed of!
Mom, I caught him with his head in my TOILET! He had mouth washed all
of my panties! He had them so clean with his little ol mouth! Oh mom
it is great, I am a Goddess! I am so happy I could cry! Mom he is so
sweet! Guess what else, I love to NIBBLE! I have been nibbling on the
ownership finger! I have taken ten little nibbles from it! While I am
nibbling he looks at me, he totally worships me. When his face is
between my legs he is in ecstasy, just like me! Oh I love him, mom,
I love him!"

"Hey baby, not so fast," I heard her dad say.

"Have you told him about us, how close the family is?"

"Yes dad, oh yesss! He knows, he agrees, he knows he is going to be a
slave for all of us! He knows all of us are going to use him, use him,
use him! Dad it is what he has always dreamed of! It is a match made in
heaven dad, it really is! Oh dad, he has told me he wants to be my slave
forever, he wants to be used by me, he even wants to be my TOILET!"
"Ohh dad, I am a Goddess!"

"I heard another voice.
"Does he know we like to nibble?"

"Yes he does Gillette!"

"I am Jill."

"Jill, you did that on purpose! Yes you will get to nibble a lot!
He has mouth washed all of your panties! Isn't it great!"

"Mine too," Gillette asked?

"Yes, yes, yours too! The whole house is spotless and tomorrow he is
doing the lawn. And mom, he knows how! He has washed all of my clothes,
he is doing the twins laundry, and tomorrow in addition to the lawn,
he is going to iron for us! He knows how! He knows how to do all that
stuff! I am so happy, I am a real Goddess!"

"Stop licking my ass, John! Mom, he would lick on me all the time if I
would let him! He is insatiatable, I swear he is! I have never had so
much tongue, and he loves it, he loves it, oh mom, he loves it! Just
you all wait until you use his mouth! I have trained him so good, and
he really wants to learn everything about serving us! He wants serving
us to be his life! I will be glad when you all get here. He is about
to wear me out with his tongue. You all can use him then. Maybe all of
us can give him all of the attention he craves so much. Oh mom, I am so
happy, I am a Goddess!"

"Go ahead and enjoy your slave sweetheart, we will see both of you

I heard a voice in the background say,"Oh I can't wait to nibble on him!"

The other twin said, "I can't wait to use his mouth!"

"Boy are you excited!" I never realized how much I meant to you!"
"John I have got to use you!"

Jennifer was bouncing.

"Now, I have got to go pee! John, you get to drink the pee of a real
Goddess, arn't you excited! Hurry get your mouth in place, I need you!'

Jennifer was so excited. She had me excited too. She confessed her love
for me and how special I was and she did it spontaneously. She was
bubbling over. Like a little girl at Christmas, but she had a much
better toy, I hope a long lasting one.

I got my mouth in place and she started peeing. She was looking at
me like I was the most important thing in the world. I felt like a
giant. I swallowed her piss with gusto. It was warm, did not taste
at all good, but I loved it because it was coming from a Goddess.
Just think, I would have done this for Chrissy, uuugh, that would
have been awful. I was out of my mind!

"John, you are so sweet, I love you. I need to take a dump too. You
can you handle it?"

"Hey, I can handle anything from a Goddess."

"Wait right there. Hold that position, toilet!"

Jennifer was giggling all the time, perpetual giggles. The giddles
were music coming from her beautiful mouth. No wonder I would promise
to consume her waste on a regular basis.

"The pills I gave you will keep you from getting sick. I told you I
would take care of you! You are never going to vomit. Isn't that
awesome? I knew you were probably concerned about making a mess
because you are so considerate."
She wrinkled her face all up and said, "I gotta poop!"

She acted so pleased that she was fixing to take a crap in my
mouth. I got my mouth over her asshole and waited. I knew that I
would be doing this a lot in the days and hopefully months to come.
While I was waiting, I pushed my tongue in that pretty brown hole.
There was something pushing back. No one had to explain to me what
that was. She put a covering over her ass and my face. It touched
the floor. I soon found out why she did that. The stink was
overpowering. The turd kept coming. I was determind to eat her shit,
with no complaints. I had fantasised about being her toilet for
a week. I had asked for this, she was just obliging.

I squished her shit in my mouth as fast as I could and swallowed my
first mouthful. Many more mouthfuls would follow. I swallowed, and I
swallowed. The phone rang, Jennifer answered and giggling as she talked
to someone. the speaker was off. She was using me just as casually
as she would have taken a dump in her commode. I doubt if it will see
much action in the near future. I fully expect this little Goddess to
make me the recipient of all her toilet delights. While she was still
on the phone she said.

"Lick me john," and returned to her phone conversation.

I asked no questions. A slave never has the right to question a Goddess
uninvited. Her shit was awful smelling. I could barely stand it. Only a
tremendous amount of will power got me through that ordeal. The taste
was bitter, but not that bad. She was envolved on the phone, did not talk
to me, gave me no praise. She just shit in my mouth. I have to believe
that will be my real future. Her dad is a Doctor, if he can keep me alive
for a few years I would only be kidding myself if I believed my future
would be anything but the lowest of slaves whom she used, maybe even with
contempt. I will have to be ready for that when it comes. I will hurt a
lot when my Goddess looks at me like I was something stuck to the bottom
of her pretty shoe and takes a shit in my mouth. Many times worse, should
I live that long and she tells her husband what I am, and what I am used
for, while she giggles and kisses him. and then he prepares to use me.
Maybe my future does not look so bright and cheery after all.

   Chapter Seven

"John, why the long face, you have just been used as a toilet by your
Goddess? Was it THAT bad? You were supposed to enjoy it. It was my
ultimate gift to you. You were proving your love for me." She asked
with her face all wrinkled.

I later learned that was her frown. The corners of her mouth still went
up instead of down.

"You know I love you. Go wash your mouth really good, come back and kiss
my pussy. John, I don't understand. You look so sad. You should be very
happy. You are not having second thoughts are you?  I would just die."

I did not tell him but My Dad and Uncle believe this medical prepration
that John has began is irreversible. I did not tell him that. :) If he
really intended to serve the rest of his life as my toilet, what
difference could it possibly make. I can hardly keep from giggling.
They are sure after a few dose of this medicine he has to eat shit and
drink piss to live. They believe there may well be other enormous
benefits too! We will feed him very well. (g)

"No Goddess, no second thoughts," John said. "If I had them they would
all be about my love for you, just like my first thoughts. You are to
beautiful to be true, I am the luckiest guy in the world.  If I forget
it for a second, you have my permission to nibble!

He smiled at me when he was saying these things. I went to the cabinet
and got his second dose. I also got the two sringes. It was time for
his two shots that he will receive twice a day for a week. I smiled
too but for a different reason. I still can not believe this guy.
He is willingly giving his life to me just because I am beautiful.
I will take it to, but over a very long time. I get so hot when I
have these thoughts!

I told him,"Silly boy, you were worrying me! Hurry and lets get back
to the bed, and yes, I am going to nibble! After your acting like you
were unhappy with being my toilet, I have a lot of nibbles coming.
If you don't act happier when I feed you, I may just nibble you all
up! Do you want to be nibbled all up, john? (g) I would miss you
terribly. But I would have fun nibbling! (g) Here let me give you
these shots. They are necessary to keep you well and healthy with
your new diet!"

I thought about what she said. Although she giggled all the time
she was talking about nibbling, I think she could do that. She
gets a lot of sexual enjoyment from giving me pain. I washed my
mouth out good, brushed my teeth, then used the mouthwash again.
I hope my mouth did not stink like her shit. I could not smell it
anymore, but I may be used to it.

I went back to her, knelt down with my left hand extended to her,
and kissed her beautiful lips. I buried my nose in her blonde bush
and inhaled deeply. I had her pubes in my nose tickling me. I
loved her more then could ever be put in words. I let her give me
the shots. I trusted her completely. No matter what she does to me,
when I look into her eyes I can tell I mean a lot to her. I know
the shots are necessary for my health. Her dad is a Doctor. Still
I can not help but wonder what they will do to me and if there are
any side effects. I have never heard of any such medication. I will
attempt to hide my concern from her. I do not want to disappoint my
beautiful Goddess Jennifer.

"I am sorry Goddess, you are right, you do have lots of nibbles
coming. Nibble all you want, I will lick your pretty pussy."

With that I started playing with her pussy. I felt her breath just
a second before the pain. She would bite so slowly, get to the point
of removal and hold that position. She was driving me out of my mind
with pain. I concentrated on licking and worshipping her pussy all
I could. She was hurting me so much. Each time she would remove a
little piece of skin she would say, "Hold your hand out." She would
put the skin in my hand. I lost count. Between her pussy in my face
and all the pain from her teeth, I could not keep count. It did not
matter anyway. What makes the difference if she bites me once or a
thousand. I belong to her. All I could think of was how beautiful
she was, her deep blue eyes, her gorgeous tits, and that ass, true
perfection. I withstood the pain and licked her pussy. Her cum taste
even better than before. Her feminine aroma was overpowering. I
found myself looking forward to when she would use me as her toilet
again. By being her toilet I would be proving my devotion to her.

"Have you suffered enough for now or are you a masochist? Look at
your finger."

I looked at it. All the skin was missing from the top of my finger
from the knuckle on my hand to the main knuckle on my finger. It
really hurt. My hand was trembling and I could not hold it still.

"I am not going to tell you that I am sorry, john. Goddesses never
appologize. I know you are in pain. Pain is something you learn to live
with here. It is just part of being with us.

She said that like she was scolding a child. The "us" came out as a hiss.

I held up my left hand to her.

"Goddess nibble some more if you want. Nibble until you are happy.
I can stand the pain from your teeth much easier than I can stand the
pain from your anger."

She looked at me with her mouth tightly closed, and said, OK", without
opening her mouth, just through her teeth. I was not even sure why she
was angry. But my finger and I paid dearly. She was down to the next
knuckle before she started to giggle between nibbles. She quit. My
pain was intense. Surely this was worse than a burn that had removed the
first layer of skin. Jennifer was playful. She made no mention of my
finger. She had left the skin on my knuckle though.

"How is the laundry coming slave?" She giggled.

"I am drying the last load now." I answered

"I am hungry! All this using you has made me hungry. You said you
cooked, do you do burgers on the grill?"

"Yeah, I would enjoy fixing your food. Anything to please a Goddess."

Come I will show you where everything is. Goddesses do not cook, they
sizzle!" She said with a giggle.

She was bouncy, animated, happy, and extremely sexy. She showed me
where stuff was and I fixed hamburgers. The heat from the fire burned
my raw skin. Jennifer kept telling me to use my left hand to turn the
burgers. She knew what the heat was doing to my raw skin. She was
playing her, "Goddess Games". She was very adept at playing Goddess
Games. I think I just endured all that nibbling because she like
showing off her power. She knows I can refuse her nothing so she
delights in seeing me in pain just because I am enduring it for her.

The burgers were very good, she was surprised. She advised me not
to eat any. She said real food and the natural food she had fed
me did not mix well. I ate one though. She also said my diet should
consist of all natural food for the future. I knew what,
"natural food", was.  It taste badly and smelled a lot worse.
"I love you for your culinary arts too, she giggled. I find something
new to love you for all the time."

"The difference is, you love me for all the things I do for you.
I am deeply in love with you."

"I know that slave! I am simply irresistible to you. That is why I
own you.  (g)  It is what you wanted, to serve me, you said so. Are
you sure there are no second thoughts. It would not be good for you
to change your mind. Your medication is complicated. My dad will
explain it to you. You have to continue with it.  I do not know how
to treat you nor with what if you changed your mind."

She had concerned a look on her face. But I already know her well
enough to know the look meant nothing. She could have on any face
she chose. She was in to "faces". She did them all on command.

"Goddess, I fully made my mind up. I want to serve you for the rest
of my life. Please never concern your self about my loyalty. Use me
anyway you want and I will always be ready for more use by you. Jennifer,
you are what I have always dreamed of, no my dreams never went that high,
how could they, I never dreamed anything like you existed. I will tell
you why I looked sad. I was looking into the future when your using me
was purely automatic. I was nothing to you, just something to use.
You felt nothing for me except contempt for me.

"John, how could you think such a thing? That is awful! I have done
nothing to cause you to have such thouths. I know I haven't! Hey,
you knew I planned to do stuff to you, but I do it in love. I love
my portable john!" (g)

"No, but while you were using me as your toilet, you were on the phone.
You gave an order for me to lick you, and hardly missed a word on the

"You are to sensitive! Get use to it. I talk on the phone a lot while
I use the toilet. I have told you about being sensitive! I thought you
were over that already. I was talking to one of my girlfriends, and of
course I pressed this button, see, she could not hear me. It doesn't
even click. She never knew I said anything. John you can not do this
to me. That is so uncool. That is not the way Goddesses are treated.
Don't do that again. I'm glad no one knows how you treated me. That
would be so embarassing to me. I am your Goddess, john. I can do no
wrong in your eyes. If you see any wrong doing by me, I simply am not
your Goddess. If I am not your Goddess, I am not a Goddess at all.
Don't you see. Don't you remember how excited I was at being your
Goddess? You were thinking of taking that from me. No one has that
right, john, no one. If I told my girlfriend, hey,know john, well
he is one. Would you like to come over and take a crap in his mouth?
That would be my right. You had best get use to it. Like I am going
to change!"

"I am so sorry Jennifer, I just never thought about it like that. You
are right of course. I am just insecure. If I ever do anything like
that again, do anything to me you want, but get my attention. I want
to serve you, more then I have ever wanted anything in my life. I
wanted to be your slave when I first saw you, but since I have been
your toilet, well, I can not explain it. I have the need to be used
by you."

"OK, we will leave it like that, but john, your punishment will be severe.
If my parents had seen that, I don't know what they would have done. Don't
ever do that again, that is the worse thing you can do. It is the same as
disobeying me. John, I am alone with you right now, I am vulnerable.
I am little, you are big and strong. I trust you. Just do not ever do
anything to cause me not to trust you.  If I can not trust you, then you
are nothing to me. I had rather strap you to the table downstairs eat you
up, and tell my parents you begged me to, then have to tell them you no
longer wanted me for a Goddess."

I had never imagined what she just said. I was treating our relationship
to casually I guess. I don't know. I do know it will never happen again.
I think I convinced her of that. I felt so bad, I had really hurt my
Goddesses feelings. She was not acting, she was sincere. I was an ass
and did not even know it. It made no difference who she was talking or
who she tells. If she broadcast to the world that she took all of her
shits in my mouth, I have no right to care. I belong to her. I can say
only that her shit is very good and I love her eating it. I love her for
using me. Everything that comes from her body is sacred and I am the
luckiest guy in the world because she chose me to consume it. I really
must bare down and live totally for her every second. It is so easy to
get sidetracked and think of myself. I do not matter, only my Goddess
and her family matter. Please let me always remember that.

I told Jennifer I would rather be on that table and her eat me up, than
to ever make her sad. I told her that nothing about me mattered.
Everything about her mattered.

My stomach does not feel very good. Maybe the hamburger and her shit did
not mix very well. Perhaps I should not have had the hamburger.

I told her I had to go home and we had not even studied.

"NO, you can not leave me, you are staying here."

I explained about my grandma, I had to check on her. I told her my grandma
was not expected to live very long, she did not know me when I went to see
her. I told her I should be with my grandma. That look was coming on her
face. I had done it again. I was thinking of myself. I had best get my
priorities in order. There were no priorities! Jennifer was the one and
only. It was clear she meant for it to be that way too.

"May I use the phone, Goddess?"

"yes," she said, no smile, no giggle, no happy face.

I called the home, they said my grandma died an hour ago they were trying
to reach me. I explained this to Jennifer the best I could. I told her
I had already arranged for cremation. I had no living relatives. There
was a will to attend to. I asked her permission to handle it Monday. It
would be at 1:00.
"You go to class Monday. You go withdraw from school. I will pick you up at
your attorney's office."

"Withdraw from school!" I was surprised.

"Yes john, we need you here, there is a house and lawn to care for, five
people to care for. You have no time to go to school. You have no use for
school. You already know how to eat shit."

She was not very nice when she said that. Jennifer could be such a bitch.
No matter what she said, what she did, or how much it hurt, she did not
seem to care. She thought only of herself. I looked at her, she did not
look nice. She was giving me that look that cut me to the bone.

"John, you are so stupid! I know your only relative died. John you same
as said she died sometime ago. You knew it would happen any day, you knew
the sooner the better for her and for you. WE are your family, duh. You
now have five family members. Very alive, very active, and very demanding
family members!"

"Follow me."

She walked away, I followed her to the basement.

"Over there john."
She pointed to a cross.

"Give me your hand." she fastened it above my head to the cross.
"Now the other hand." She fastened it also.
She stepped away from me. I watched her pick up a whip. I pivoted on my
toes. The cross turned. I was stretched up and my toes is all that
touched the floor. It took effort to stop going in a circle.

"Please Goddess, Please, I am trying so hard to learn to serve you properly.
Please don't use that on me. I love you."

"Will you love me at the end of one hundred lashes? Will you love me when
all of the skin has been cut from your back with this whip?  Will you love
me when I put on those boxing gloves and beat you until you pass out, bring
you to, and put a pin through your balls and pull you all over this room?
Will you still love me, john?"

"Yes, I will still love you Goddess and I will still want to serve you with
all my being. As long as I live, I will want you as my Goddess."

She looked at me and her expression begin softening. She stepped up on the
portable steps and unfastened my wrist. I fell down and kissed her feet.
I buried my face in her shorts and kissed her. She unfastened her shorts and
I started kissing her pussy. It was wet with cum. I could see cum on her
panties. I looked up and her face was a face of love. Did she ever intend
to do all that, or any of that to me? I could not tell. At least she was
not doing it now. I was very grateful for that. I showed how grateful I was
by the way I eat her pussy. She stradled my face and put her legs over my
shoulders. She put her nails in my neck. I gave her my best performance.
She gave me a tremendous amount of cum. Everytime I eat her I like her cum
more. Everything I do for her causes me to love her more. All the time I
think I could not possibly love her more, but I do. I know she is
brainwashing me, I know I am being trained by her to serve her without
question. She is training me to think of her and her wants all of the time.
I am being prepared for her use in the most extreme way. I have no doubt,
the other members of this family will be equally skilled, and I will be
trained to serve them in the most extreme ways possible. She was right, I
have no need for education. I have enough to do what I will be doing for
my lifetime. I am doing it again, I am thinking of me. I must quit doing
that. Only my Goddess matters.

My servicing her had become automatic. I was guilty of the very thing I
acused her of. She has that right. I do not. I will ask her to nibble
on my finger some more when she is through using me for her pleasure.
Perhaps nibbling on me will further her pleasure. And the pain will
teach me more about my responsibilities to my Goddess. My Goddess deserves
more pleasured because of my unthoughtfullness. My pain will provide her
that pleasure.

The way she was moving and moaning, my automatic mode must be pretty good.
She was certainly cumming alot. I will also ask her if she needs to pee when
she is finished and I have worshipped her lovely brown hole. How could I
ever think of anything except the pleasures of my Goddess.

She semmed to be really enjoying using me for her sexual release. I like
anything Jennifer uses me for, but this is my favorite. Her cum is
delicious. I can't get enough. I look forward to the arrival of three more
women to receive cum from. They will all be here in just one more day.

"Ohhh john, you are soooo good at that. I am so lucky to have found you.
I love you john! I love using you! I think I love your mouth and tongue
most of all! Ohhhh what pleasure you give me. More tongue john,"
Jennifer said as she dug her nails in and cut me again. The more pleasure
I gave Jennifer, the more pain she gave me. I will never complain about
the way she uses me again. Sometimes I would think, this is the one I will
not survive but she always lets me breathe befor I pass out. She is such
a sweet Goddess.

I was not going back to my house tonight. I was staying with my Goddess.
Jennifer would need the company of her slave. She would need to use me
and if I were lucky I would get to eat her a few more times tonight.
I hoped she planned to ride my face all night.
"Slave, come over here."
I crawled behind her, my eyes wathing that beautiful ass as it swayed closely
in front of me.

"Put your leg in here."

I complied immeadiately. She snapped the leg iron shut and locked it.

"The toilet is throught that door. Good night slave."

"Goddess, I thought you wanted me to stay so I could be with you."
I was surprised.

"I do, I want you right here. If I need your services or want to do something
to you, I know where you are. You are not going anywhere." She said in a
flippant voice and with a smile.

I watched her walk away. I had no right to say anything at all. I said it

"I love you Jennifer."

She turned toward me.

"I know you do, john, you must. I have done a ton to you. That is one
thing we have in common. We come from social positions that are eons
apart. But we do have something in common. Both of us are in love
with me!" (g) You will love me more each day. I promise."

He ate that up! He is so stupid. He will love me more each day. I am
sure of that. He already worships me like I never thought possible
without the drug. The drugs will enhance those feelings. You have
seen a dog that his owner can kick and the dog will crawl to him?
Well that will be our relationship. I will do horrible things to him.
It is the reason I wanted him in the first place. Why would a lady
with my class and looks go with a nothing like that?  He falls for
all of my looks, the concern in my voice. He is stupid and will be
used for what he was created for, a slave and toilet for a very
deserving and naturally demanding family.

              Chapter Eight

                    Jennifer's Thoughts

I left john alone. He is so sweet to me. I hurt him and use him,
over and over. He lets me nibble and never complains about the
pain. It has to hurt tremendously. I could have helped him with
all the cuts but that would have shown him more love then I have
for him. He has to know, really know that I am of the highest
importance, he in comparison, is nothing. I want him to believe
I do love him, but he has to figure out on his own that my love
for him is soley because he is my slave and allows me to do
horrible things to him. He is a million times more valuable than
any dog could ever be.

My aunt Neekee was made a Goddess more then five years ago. He
has been a full and complete slave for the whole family. We have
visited them a lot and all ten of us use him. I am talking about
full service. He seems to be doing great. He is very healthy.
I expect john to serve me and my family for many, many years.
Dad said with their new technique a toilet could expect a near
normal lifespan. That means I could still be using john when I am
60-80 years old. (g) I wonder what he will think when he is told
that some day an eighty year old woman will be taking a dump in
his mouth! (g) That is so comical! Just think of the many years
he will get to serve me, and have me make passionate love to him
while I am still young and beautiful. Of course I will marry
and have little princesses that will be toilet trained to his mouth.
I was toilet trained by a mouth. I was completely mouth trained
before I was one year old. I would point to my potty chair, and
say, "come"! The slave would put his mouth over the funnel under
the chair, I would use him! Mom said I just loved his tongue!
His useful period was short though. The technique had not been
developed then. My dad and uncle had just started research on it.
They are proud of their discoveries and should be. Someday maybe
we can let it be known that someone can be a toilet and live for
years. I do not believe that human toilets would be in short
supply for beautiful people like my family if this technique was
known by the masses.

My dad says the world is not yet ready. I am sure a few million
guys would like to be our toilet if they knew this. My dad said
there are side effects. If someone has been on this medication
for a while, maybe a week, maybe as short as a couple days, it
may never be reversable. Once a toilet, always a toilet sort of
thing. I do not see as that matters. If a guy makes that decision,
why would he ever want to undo it? I do not think anyone who is
predisposed to serve in that manner would ever leave someone as
beautiful as any of my relatives. Aunt Neekee's slave would
never leave her. He like totally worships her, He is drugged of

Her real name is Monique. She and my mom are twins! My dad and my
uncle are twins! That is so cool. Our families are very, very
close. We do everything together. They will be present for john's
dedication ceremony. I hope he can do even better then Aunt
Neekee's slave. I thought he was going to faint before Aunt Neekee
got all of his finger ate. His arm dropped twice and he had to use
his fight arm to hold up his left arm. There is a whole lot of pain
associated with this ceremony. John is dedicated to me, like he
truly worships me. But Joe worships Aunt Neekee too. John has more
will power, I just know he does. When I explain to him how important
it is, and what the ceremony means to me, why I bet I could devour
him standing! My john will not let me down even when I extend his
pain beyond the amount of time required.
I am so happy! I was never really mad at him! He has got to learn
though. Just like training any animal! He is trying so hard. I know
I was being a total bitch to him about his grandma, and about school.
Hey I am a little bit of a bitch. Or I was, not anymore, I am a
Goddess. Goddesses can do anything! A Goddess is never a bitch!
John may think so in the beginning! He will fall deeper and deeper
for me. I bet in a month, he will never think of himself at all in
anything. He will just give all of himself to me and my family! I
get tingly feelings when I have thoughts like that.
Aunt Neekee says there is nothing like it. When we visit, joe can
not get enough of serving me! Jill and Gillette got off on him so
many times. Their nibbling was hard on him too. That is one reason
I know he is not perfect, not like my john will be. He snitched on
the twins to Aunt Neekee. Joe told her they were eating him alive.
She giggled and called all of us girls. We took joe to the basement.
She tied him to the cross upside down.

"You will accept everything we do to you, slave!" Aunt Neekee told

All of us including mom and Aunt Neekee nibbled on him. Yep he had
eight mouths removing his skin a tiny bit at a time. He howled in
pain. Uncle Luke used smelling salts several times. Joe was drenched
in perspiration when Aunt Neekee called a halt to it. She told all
of us to please make an effort to nibble on joe. She really berated
him for embarassing her in front of her family. Joe was just hanging
there, limp like. His eyes were glazed in pain.

When we ended our visit, most of the skin on both of his arms and been
nibbled away. I had never witnessed anything so intense. I was younger
than I am now. My panties were like totally soaked! In a few hours I
went back down there and nibbled some more. He just cried. Of course
that is all he could do was hang there and cry. I changed panties again.
I told mom how wet I got both times. She said to take them down and let
joe enjoy them, he had earned the right. When I put the crotches of both
pairs in his mouth he smiled. I cum again.
Nibbling was not as great after that, I could never get off that much
again. I just nibbled on guys on ocassion until john. I love nibbling
on john. I suppose it is because he is mine and is giving his life to
me. I can tell that he likes to feel my teeth, no matter how much they
hurt him. I can see the love in his eyes when I nibble on him. I get off
on seeing that much love, sooo another reason to nibble him. I hope his
skin replinishes quickly. Jill and Gillete simply love to nibble. I
already know I am going to tell them that they have unlimited nibbling
priviledges. Our family is very close. I do want him nibbled. It causes
him sooo much pain and re-enforces his knowledge of who he is and what
he is all about. A bites from all eight of us is necessary whenever the
families are together. I mean, hey, we like to nibble!
Do you know how a Princess does her nails? The slave cuts them and the
Princess files them on the slaves feet. The bottoms of a slave's feet
get rough and tough because he is bare footed so much. So the Princess
starts to file on his feet, then gets them really smooth on another part
of his body. Mom once used a slave's thing to put the finishing touches
on her filing job. Hey, it was not good for anything anyway! It sure was
cut up! I watched the video of it. It would grow and grow while being cut.
I was mesmerized.
All of us have been properly raised and the facts of life throughly
explained. We know our position in life, and we know the proper place of
others. We are to rule and take. Others are to serve and be used. We are
sooo good at using! All ten of us are the worlds most special people.
It is very fitting that my dad and uncle discovered the serum. I want my
children to be made Goddesses early. As beautiful as I am, I should have
been made a Goddess years sooner.

Jill & Gillette should have their very own slave soon too. Mom could
have had one but she is so devoted to dad and everyone knows that.
If she cheated on dad a little, she would have found a willing man. I
will be very generous in sharing mine until they get one. I have not
fully explained to john. This is a whole new lifestyle to him. I am
going to fully explain this to him because I am so sweet. I would not
be required to explain anything. I have already made it clear to him
that all of my family is going to use him. I did not use exact
language but he had already served me intimately and knew all my
family was going to use him in like manner.
When my mom and dad take john to their room for the night, more will be
explained to him. That is necessary because; 1. They are my parents.
2. He needs a clear vision of his future with me and my husband. And
3. He must be taught to properly serve a couple to increase each of their
sexual gratifications. So one night a week he will receive on the job
training in this specialty. Someday john can teach it to my husband and
I. Of course we will be the users and he will perform as he has been
taught. It may be difficult for him to see and even assist in my being
fucked for the first time by my husband. He will have to accept and
understand. I think by the time that happens he will be so use to being
used that it will be natural for him. I hope so, I do not like my little
slave's being sad. (g) Like I really care about that! My mom and dad will
train him well.
I can hardly wait until the ceremony and john devotes his life to me in
the proper ceremony before all my family. That is so cool. It makes me
all tingly and warm. I can feel the desire just thinking about it. I
need my john. I am going to him. I want to fuck his face!

  Chapter Nine

"John, I miss you, I need you." I said to him as I was going
down the stairs. He was right where I left him! (g)

"Goddess Jennifer, thank god you are back. I have been missing you too."

As soon as I got to him he was reaching out his arms and getting
in position to take my pussy in his mouth.
"Ohhh john, you are so sweet!" I said to him as he quickly removed
my panties. They were so wet.
His mouth wasted no time in getting to my pussy.
"Ohhhh john that is so good. Your cunnilingus skills are extraordinary.
Ohhh you do that just the way I like it."

Of course he does,I taught him! I say things like that to
encourage him anyway, sensory re-enforcement, from slave training
101!  (g)  He did not react or ask me why I giggled. He just
continued to focus on my desires and give me pleasure with his
magnificent tongue.

"Ohhh john, I love your tongue so much! I love your mouth too."

I told him as he took one of my lips in his and squeezed it a
little. He was running the tip of his tongue around my lips and it
would dart it into my pussy at will. Oh he was driving me mad!
My legs automatically begin squeezing his face. I was even moving
my legs up and down on his face as I squeezed. I could even feel
his lips contort from the pressure and movement. I started to
move my ass in circles. I looked into his eyes, they showed pain.
I put my nails to his neck again and pulled hard. I could feel my
nails cut into him. More pain for john, more pleasure for me. I
moved my nails in little circles and looked into his eyes again.
I was really hurting him. I am so hot, I don't want to stop
hurting him, I love doing this to him. I am just sooo hot. He has
just got to endure the pain. That is just part of being loved by
a Goddess! I could feel the insides of my thighs stretch as I moved
them on his face. I was contorting his face so much that I could
feel my lips being pulled by his mouth. I had no pain so I was not
being to vicious! (g) As long as I don't cause him to pull my pussy
lip enough to hurt me. Hey, it is alright. Who cares if the slave
is in pain! John needs pain in our lovemaking. He expects it. He
wants it. He really does!
I looked at him, his eyes were full of pain, but I know he was
enjoying the pain because I was! It was a good pain. I was giving
it. I jabbed him as hard as I could with my nails, I felt them
enter him. It made us closer, his tongue inside me, my nails inside
him. The closer a Goddess can become to her slave, the more the
slave loves her. I looked at his eyes again. There was pain and
worshipful love. The kind of love I needed out of this relationship.
He lifted his left hand to my mouth. I knew he needed for me to give
him more pain. I smiled as I put his ownership finger in my mouth.
I was ready to start on the bottom of the finger. When my teeth
connected and the first little piece of skin was free, I had my
first orgasm. He never noticed the pain!

He was concentrating on my pleasure and all he could do to intensify
it. Ohh, I love him! I took another nibble, and another, and another.
All the while he was sucking out my pussy and swallowing my cum.
He was not noticing the pain and I was giving him all the pain my
teeth could give through nibbles. I thought about sinking my teeth
in his arm, you know, a really big bite. I restrained myself. He
was performing so good. I know he will stand at the ceremony, hold
his hand up without support as I very slowly eat his finger. That
will be so sweet.
"Ohhh john, I love you so much."
Our eyes met, I know he could see the mist in my eyes. They were
tears of joy and of gratitude for having found my special slave.
He is my soul slave, I just know it. I turned over on my tummy
so john could have unrestricted access to my ass. I know how he
loves to eat it out. He is performing so good on my ass. My pussy
loves it when his tongue goes in and out of my ass hole like that.
A Goddess can not be a Goddess unless she has a slave that really
likes the taste of her shit. John loves my ass. He will be so glad
when he can sleep with his nose in my cute little asshole. And where
he can access my pussy with his tongue at any time. I will also love
for his mouth to be close so if I need to pee, I can just tell him
and although I am half asleep, I can pee and all of it will be
swallowed. That is a worshipful true love, of a slave for his Goddess.
                          Johns thoughts
I was so alone when my beautiful Goddess walked away. I was so sure
I would spend the night with her in or very near her bed. I wanted so
much to sleep with my nose in her beautiful ass. Or with my mouth over
her pussy, well at least touching it. When she snapped the leg iron
closed, I thought she was spending the night down there with me. I was
totally unprepared for her walking away. There was great emptiness
inside me. I laid there for quite sometime before I was able to obtain
sexual relief by thinking of serving my Goddess. I thought of doing
all kinds of things for her and her doing all kinds of things to me.
I even thought of what the first night with her mom and dad would be
like. I could imagine some of the things each would do to me and
what I would be used for. I am sure they will use me to enhance
their love making. Whatever it is I will perform to the best of
my ability while thinking only of my Goddess. I want them to tell
her how I served them. There is nothing I will not accept with
gratitude and with pleasure. After all with out their lovemaking
there would have been no Goddess Jennifer. That is reason enough
to serve them however they desire. I even multiplied the days my
Goddess had been alive times the number of times she went pee.
I estimated how much she peed each time. If I had been her slave
when she was born I would have drink more than 3000 gallons of her
piss, to present time! I do not know how much cum I would have
swallowed. I don't know the volumn she cums each time. I only know
I love the taste of it and will never get enough. I even pretended
she could cum as much as she could piss. Now that would be the way
to live! That is when I shot my wad. Her cum was coming in my mouth
in a stream. Milky white, gooey, sweet cum by the mouthfuls.  Is it
any wonder I climaxed?

I heard the door open, I knew my Jennifer was coming to me. I was
overjoyed. I did not know if she had laid in her bed and got horny
and wanted sexual relief, or if she had laid there and thought of
something I had done or said that was not in her description of
how a slave should behave for his Goddess. If it was the latter,
she was coming down to punish me. Whichever it was, it was a hugh
improvement over being alone. I can handle pain from her better
than I can handle being separated from her. This was not a
separation like when she was by the pool, or swimming while I was
cleaning house. I could have went out to her. I did look out the
window to see her sunbathing. She had removed her top and bottom
and was sunbathing while laying on her back. Her blonde bush was
beautiful in the sunlight. I masturbated and got off while
fantasizing about my mouth over her pussy and my nose inhaling
the aroma of her pussy with her blonde pubes going up my nose each
time I inhaled. I never dreamed I would be living that fantasy.
That it would be a reality for me for life. I am the luckiest guy
in the world. I would trade places with no one.

When she said she missed and needed me, I knew I would receive love.
I knew I was going to tongue fuck her and swallow some fabulous cum.
I was not prepared for the pain. That is the thing about Goddesses,
the more love they give you, the more they hurt you. She hurt me more
then she had in our lovemaking previously. I was better prepared
though. I was of a more determind mind. I was able to concentrate
only on her pleasure in spite of all the pain. I felt it afterwards
though. Jennifer can be so vicious. In the end I saw so much love
in her eyes. I would gladly have given my life to her for that look of
love on her face. Forgetting about me and thinking of her really does
mean a lot to her. I will strive never to think of anything about me
while she is using me for her pleasure, or just using me. Worshipping
a Goddess carries a hugh responsibility. Two days ago I never dreamed
the high cost to maintain a Goddess. The cost can only be measured by
a life. I have no regrets though. As I have already said, "I would
trade places with no guy on earth".
                     From Jennifer's Point of view

"John, you were so great, I am so proud of you."

I raised up and got my panties. I smiled and giggled as I held them
just barely out of reach of his open mouth. When he would raise up
I would keep them just out of reach. He grabbed my arm with his and
was pulling them to his mouth. I screamed and called him a cheater.
I was losing the tug of war. A kick to his balls evened the playing
field though. I did not kick very hard. Not a full swing kick. It
hurt though, he turned lose my arm and bent over.

"Poor boy, did your sweet Goddess cause you a bit of discomfort?"
Here open your mouth, have some delish cum soaked panties. (g)
Goddesses, never lose, fool! (g)  Hey, it can't hurt that long.
Eat my panties!"
He put the crotch of my panties in his mouth as I got up to go to bed.
"I will leave those with you, slave. You enjoy them now!" (g)
I sang a verse of a song about a Goddess and her slave that my mom had
taught me as I walked back up the stairs leaving john with my panties.
At least he was no longer alone. He had pain, and my panties. If any
of you do not believe the slave got the better trade. Would you stand
with your legs spread and allow me to kick you as hard as I could knowing,
even as you witnessed the rapid closing of my foot on your balls,
That soon you would be inhaling and sucking on my cum soaked panties?

                         Chapter Ten

I went back to bed. I had just had teriffic sex so I quickly fell a sleep.
I was not concerned about john any longer. I had used him and forgot about
him. I would remember him again when I had the urge or need to use him.
When I awoke it was daylight, really bright. Darn I had to get John started on
the lawn. I hoped he would have time to do some extra work around the pool too.
I went downstairs in my thong. I know what it does to him to see me like this.
As hard as he is going to work for me, he deserves some eye candy. Even though
he has seen me nude, I am a tremendous turn on for him and I always will be.
I look extra nice in a thong. I look extra nice in anything! I looked in a
mirror and did a couple slow 360's. My ass really looks great, it is no wonder
that john wants his mouth on it so much!

"Hey slave are you awake? I have come to set you free, no, that is not correct.
I have come to unchain you. You have a lot of work to do today in addition to
entertaining me!"

John was awake. He gave me that worshipful look.
"Sorry slave, you do not have the time to eat my pretty pussy. I am going
to pee in your mouth and you are going to have to go to work on our lawn.
If you do a really great job maybe I will let you eat me before lunch. I
love you so much I am going to the pastry shop and get us a pastry. You
will eat it later of course! (g) I was going to let you carry me on your
shoulders while you trimed the lawn, but you would get grass and dirt on
me. I do not get dirty!"

He was so much of, well so much of a devoted slave! I was going to have
a great life. I deserved it!

I unfastened him and he placed his eager mouth over my waiting pussy. He
gave it a lick all the way as he is supposed to. Then started licking around
my slit with the tip of his tongue. I gave him a little kick in the stomach.

"Toilet, I have to pee! (g) Stop playing around!

I was so proud of him. He got his mouth in the proper position and I allowed
him to drink the morning pee of a Goddess. He drink it right down with the
pills I gave him to keep my toilet healthy. I did not have to stop my flow
one time. It will not be long before he will be able to consume my shit that
way too. He is trying hard to please me. I looked at him while he swallowed
my pee. The first taste and he flinched just a little. I giggled. I know
it was stronger than his previous drinks. I merely smiled at him and he
quickly got in the flow. He looked so cute swallowing my piss! I love
him so much! When the flow stopped he took a couple deep breaths, through
his nose as he had been taught. He licked my pussy outside and run his
tongue around really good.

I gave him another playful kick. "Toilet you are playing again! But hey,
I am glad my pussy is irresistible to you.

"I have to shower and go get breakfast, I am hungry."

"May I Goddess?"

He started to ask it he could bathe me. He just can not get enough of
touching my bod!

"No, you may not, I do not have time! You are lucky I took the time
to pee in your mouth. You were looking at me like a little puppy, so
I took pity on you. Besides all that, I love using you and watching
you swallow my pee. I have to get in the shower!  I do not have the time
to fuck you. Besides you have to work. You will find the mower in the
tool building out back. Do not get grass in the pool or on the house.
Be sure to keep the grass catcher emptied."

I ran upstairs and turned the shower on. I get horny from just looking
at his mouth. Makes me wonder who is brainwashing whom! His mouth fits
my pussy so good. His tongue is so long, lots better than joe's, even
after Uncle Luke clipped the skin under his tongue. My dad will clip
john's tongue too, that will add about 1/2 inch to its useful length.
I am sure john will be eager for that to be done. It makes it harder
for a slave to talk, but the rewards are truly great. He will also
have to be careful and not swallow his tongue! While there is some
risk in that, the benefits to a pussy out weights the risk and
inconvenience to the slave.

I put on a cute outfit and went to the pastry shop. I was in a hurry
so I drove. John would be in the back and never see me drive away.
I walked in the store. Mr.Jones was all eyes. He sure liked looking
at me, well all men do!

"Hi Mr.Jones. (g) Do you have a pastry for me?"

He knew what kind I wanted. He had everything about me ingraved on
his thing forever. You know, close to his brains! I did stuff to him.
He had a hard time talking in my presence. He was fumble fingered.
He has dropped pastries before while trying to get them in a bag without
taking his eyes off me. My giggling does not appear to help him one
little bit! (g) I turned to look in the mirror on the wall, pushed an
imaginary hair back. Then I dropped a quarter. I had on a short skirt
and very nice panties from Victoria's Secret. They were not long on
material. Still the modest type you know. If a lady intends to show her
panties to an older guy she should be modestly dressed. I bent over to
chase down the quarter. It was rolling across the floor. I managed to
keep my ass towards Mr.Jones the whole time I was retrieving the
quarter that I had purposefully rolled across the floor. I picked up
the wayward quarter.
"How much Mr.Jones?" I asked kinda sexy, kinda shy.

"For you this is one is free. It has been awhile since I treated you,
has it not? The mornings you come in, my whole day is brighter."
He said that very well through fogged glasses!

"Thank you Mr.Jones you are so sweet. You make the worlds best pastries
too. When I look like a cow it is going to be your fault for getting me
hooked on these."

I said with one of my sexy giggles.

"That will never happen Jennifer, both of us know that."

"Thank you." I shyly said and walked out the door being sure to give my
ass a little extra motion as I opened the door.

I got in my new red Thunderbird and drove back to the house where
my little slave boy was mowing in the back. I parked it in the garage
and went through the house to the back yard. I could have went from the
garage to the back yard but chose not to do so.

"Hey slave I am back with my pastry and milk. Stop mowing for awhile.
I need a foot stool."
I set them on the table by the pool. It was already getting hot. The
breeze was nice. The umbrella provided shelter from the sun. I sat so
that I would be in the shade but my legs would get sun. (g) My slave
would be in the sun the whole time too! It was a lot hotter than
yesterday. I am glad I had my slave do the house then and the yard
today. It is a lot hotter today! The sun will be good for him. I am
also glad he is mowing now and will be doing all the trimming shortly.
The afternoon is the hottest. When I look out at him from the cool
house I will know all that perspiration is for me! Thinking those
thoughts were making me wet!

John stopped the mower across the pool from me. He did not want any
grass to blow on me. My slave is a sweetheart.

"Hurry slave, and I did notice your stopping on the other side of the
pool. You are a good slave and you will be the very best. I know I
am lucky to have found you. You are even luckier to have ME! Sit
facing the pool."

I put my legs on his shoulders. I had him sit like that so the sun
would be more on his face.

"Move forward john so you can give my toes some attention."

He moved forward and took my big toe in his mouth. When he started
to lick it, I scratched the side of his face with the nails on my
other foot. He started to switch toes but I stopped him. He had to
suck all of the toes on my left foot he started with. I enjoyed
watching him flinch as my toe nails scratched him. I ate slowly,
enjoying my pastry. I was also enjoying the attention john was
giving to my toes. I showed him how much by scratching harder.

"You can change feet now slave," I told him. Of course I immeadiately
started scratching his other cheek. I adore symmetry! When I was through
with him I took my foot from him and got up.
"When you are finished out here bring my glass in and wash it slave."

John fell to the ground on his knees and kissed my foot. He is learning
his proper station in life.

"There is a ton of work to be done before my parents come home. I am
going back in the house where it is cool. It is so hot out here today.
I have some English homework to do.

"Goddess I did all of that. you can have mine it if you want."

"Thank you slave. John do you want to continue to go to school?"

Yes Goddess, very much. I know I can help you a lot, just like did last

"I think so to, I have thought about it. You will have to be my slave at
all times. The whole school will know you are my slave. The other
students will be less than kind to you. I will be a lot more obvious
about our relationship. Maybe I will even use you as my foot rest at
"Who cares what those morons think, You will be the envy of all the girls,
well you already are. I know they were saying things about me being so
attentive to you last week after only a day! I want them to know. Being
your slave is an honor and I am very proud you have accepted me as your
slave. Some of the guys that would not admit it would love being in my
place. If it is alright with you, I will tell them I am your slave, and
that I enjoy every second of it. It is true you know."

I was giggling. We will talk to my parents. We will do as they advise."

I knew they would not care if this silly boy admitted to being my slave.
Hey, the whole school knew it already. They have seen guys make complete
fools of themselves for my amusement before. They have never seen this
though nor will they ever know the extent of this slave's devotion. They
will just assume he is like the others and I will dump him after I have
made a sufficent fool of him.

"That is one lucky chair." John said, as he looked at my ass.

"You only think of one thing! Go to work, slave!"
I emphasized the word,"slave". I could be sweet when I wanted. He
liked for me to call him slave. I have never had this much power over
anyone so quickly. I want him to think I love him, I need him, I
appreciate him. A good slave is worth a fortune. I am already wondering
how I can get his mouth over my pussy when I am having my period at
school! He has not experienced that yet. This is the first period I
have ever looked forward to! None of my family has any problems with
the menzes. Dad say he can not tell when any of us are menstruating.
It will be nice to have someone take care of the mess though. Just
one more thing for john's little tummy!
I walked back to the house, I swung my ass for my slave boy. He watched
me until I went inside and then he went back to mowing my lawn. I did
all my exercises and practiced my dance and pom pom routines. It is no
wonder I have no time for homework. Three of my teachers are male. I do
no homework in their classes. I am taking French V, and Spanish V for
dual credit and fun. I know a lot more than the teachers of either class.

For English, I have old Ms.English. Yeah English for English. Sounds
cool but it is not. The old battle axe is a spinister. I wonder why, duh.
No man would have her. She is the only teacher I ever had that I dispise.
She does not care a lot for me either. She does not like me because I am
rich, beautiful, and have more class in my little pinkie than she ever had
in her whole body. Why am I in her class you ask? I had her last year.
I cut her class a few times. I think she thought I killed someone! My dad
had to go to school on my behalf, well he would have but he came down and
buttered her up. That old broad was putty in his hands. One of my friends
seen a little of it. They said they had never seen her like that. That if
my dad had stayed longer she would have been on her knees with his thing
in her mouth. I guess I take after my dad more than I thought!

She is the only English V teacher. It is a dual course. The credit
counts for both high school and college as do my foreign language
classes. Dad wanted me to take physics and anatomy. So I am. I have
had both teachers before. They know how special I am. I get lots of
personal attention. They really enjoying helping me. I seldom have to
ask, they seem to know all the hard parts and are right there to make
sure I understand it. The whole year will be like that with them.
Three men, three sure A's. A's in both foreign language classes. A in
dance. English is my only hard class. I simply must get an A from that
old bitch. I was borderline last year. Dad "accidentally" ran into her
downtown last year before school was out. He bought her lunch and they
talked. He made sure he told her how special I was to him. I got an A!
I hope women are not as stupid as men! (g)

I just checked on john. The whole yard is mowed! He is really good at
everything. I am ready for him to stop trimming and make burgers for me
again. He is good at that too. Besides he needs to take a break. I will
go tell him. I may even ride on his shoulders while he finishes up and
then let him bathe both of us. Sometimes I am so considerate it is scary!
I want him cleaned up before my family gets here. I also want to spend
some time riding his face. I have got to have that. I am horny just
thinking about him and especially watching him work for me. He looks
so hot. It is 106 out there.

There I go creaming my pants. Partly because I am having Goddess/slave
thoughts and partly because I am playing with myself! John will take
very good care of all of my wetness. He loves wetness!

      Chapter Eleven

I looked at john's house work, it was fantastic. Mom will be proud of
my slave. I walked outside, boy it was hot. I went over to john.

"Bend down, I want to ride."
He bend down and I jumped on his shoulders giggling. He was so hot!
Still he loves for me to be up here and him down below serving ME!

"Run with me!" I yelled as I kicked him in the side. "Go!"

John tok off running with me on his shoulders. I was bouncing and
really enjoying it. It was just to hot. My pony was quickly exhausted
stumbled and fell in the grass. I managed to ride him all the way down
and was unhurt.

"Pony, I want to ride, get your ass up and carry me or I am going to
start kicking you for real. When a Goddess wants to ride, the slave
carries the Goddess. Got it!"

John got up. (g) I jumped on his shoulders.

"Walk off into the pool with me."

I had to cool him down, he might have a heat stroke! I certainly do not
want to lose this slave so quickly! He walked down the steps to water.
It felt so good splashing on my legs. He stopped when it was up to his

"Slave you walk until I tell you to stop. Walk!"

He took a deep breath and waded out. The water covered my pussy and
came up to my titties. I jumped off. He quickly surfaced gasping for
air. I gave him some breaths and jumped on his back.

"Goddess I do not swim very well."

"Uhmmm, so you drown!" I dunked him.

I let him wrestle with me in the water. He enjoyed that. I dunked him
a lot but he never dunked me. He could have, he just always let me win.
He has learned how to play with a Goddess. Lots of times my crotch or
my ass would be in his face. Both of us enjoyed that. It is truly great
when two people are doing something they both enjoy. When we got out of
the pool I went to the shower and told john to do burgers.

He had not been prepared to stay with me when he came over. Why would
he be! We had swim trunks for him to wear. So he was clothed as he mowed!
His legs were nicked all over caused by flying debris from the trimmer.
I got tingly feelings lookin at them. I adore the power I have over him.

I love the scratches on his face from my nails too. The sun makes them
really shine. I will enjoy watching him explain them at school.

The grounds looked excellent. Better than the lawn maintenance people were
doing. We will not be needing them anymore. More allowance for me. I do
not know if he can keep up with all the inside work or not, but he can do
the most of it. Oh, I love my slave!

When I walked by the full length mirror in the hall I did a 360 and
admired myself. I was soaking wet in my clothes, hair wet.  I looked
ravishing! It is no wonder that john finds it so difficult to keep
his mouth off my ass and pussy.

When he had my burgers ready I sent him to his house to get some things he
needed. The walk will do him good. A slave need exercise. I had taken a
quick shower and combed my hair. It looked great when it was wet.
When john returned with his arms full of stuff I showed him where to put it,
in the basement of course. He acted really sad. Going back after his grandma
had died, I guess. I wanted to cheer him up so I said.

"John, I know you are sad, but it will not help to dwell on it. Look
at me, that will make you feel better. Think of all you are doing for
me. You have a beautiful life ahead of you. You adore me don't you?"

"yes, Jennifer, you are the best thing that ever happened to me."

He meant that, that is so sweet! So stupid, but sweet!

My family arrived two hours earlier then they told me. I knew the
reason. None of them could wait to see john. Well, use him and see if
he is as good as I said he was. I looked at myself in the mirror. I am
so beautiful! Dad said I had a radiant glow. Mom said it was because I
had had sex non stop for two days!

All of them wanted to meet our new slave. John rushed out to carry in their
bags. The twins said they had been holding in for the last 40 miles! Mom
said said her eyes were about to float. Dad said he need relief too.
The bag carrying could wait. John had more pressing duties!

The twins wanted to nibble as much as they needed to pee. They could
not believe the house and lawn and that our slave did both. Mom said
it was impossible to find one person who was really good at both inside
and outside maintenance. MY slave was. MY slave is good at everything.

John kept looking at my family. I bet he had never seen a man that good
looking! My dad is 6'5" striking good looks and very well built.

"Dr.Abdellaoui?" John asked.

"John?"  My dad stated. Both answered in the affirmative.

"I have been hearing so many good things about you. All the family is
dying to meet you!"
The twins came bouncing in.

"Hi slave, we know all about you. We have to pee, now! Come with us."

John looked at me. I just motioned towards Jill and Gillette. John
followed two bouncing teens. I just know he was trying to decide which
of them had the most beautiful ass. Well I wish him luck. I make identity
mistakes with them all the time.

"Call it, Jill said as she flipped a quarter in the air.

"Heads," Gillette answered.

"Haw, tails!" Jill said with a toss of her pretty blonde hair. "I get to
go first."

"Please hurry,Jill,I have to go pee so badly."
"I will, everyone has to go."

The twins were already stripping. Complete lack of modesty. This was
natural for them.

I was already on the floor with my head tilted back waiting for Jill to step
forward. She smiled at me as she stepped forward and I alighned my my mouth
to a very beautiful pussy. It already had cum showing between the lips. My
full lenth lick captured it on my tongue. I moved my mouth to her exquisite
pee area. Immeadiately piss was gushing from her gorgeous body into my mouth.
I swallowed and breathed as I had been taught by Jennifer. The training was
paying dividends. I kept up with her and I know she pissed more than a pint!
She watched me drinking her piss and with every swallow her eyes got larger.
When she finished and I licked her again, she looked at Gillette.

"I am really impressed, and after only two days too!"

Gillette quickly straddled my face. These girls were identical in the pussy
area. It was just like licking one girl twice. Gillette even had cum between
her lips just like Jill. She started to piss, yep same exact taste. I quickly
received another pint of hot piss. Even before Gillette stopped pissing Jill
was calling her mom.
"Mom, come and use this fantastic toilet! He is really cool! I am in love!"
"Me too!" Gillette cooed. "He is awesome!"

She too looked like a Goddess. Both were impressed with me. I am so lucky.

Monica and Dr.Abdellaoui walked in, their daughters left.
"My daughters are really impressed with you slave."

I loved her voice, especially the way she said, "Slave".  It made me more
appreciative of being their slave. What a doll she was! I certainly am
going to love serving her. She was taller than Jennifer, her legs were
longer. Her tits appeared to be the same size as Jennifers but her ass
was not as large. That is ok, there is plenty there to worship. When she
smiled down at me, she was smiling down. She was somewhat aloof. The
superiority showed in Jennifer, but nothing like Monica. I had no problem
reconizing that my rightful status in life was her toilet. She was out of
her shorts, panties and had her pussy at my mouth. I did not lick, I
reconized the urgency of providing her with relief. Her piss came hard
and fast. I had already drink a quart or more of piss. I was going to
have big time problems keeping up with this flow. The superiority on her
face, was her face. She always had a superior look. Her expression was
one of surprise that she was unable to mask, or was not trying to mask
it. I was determind to keep up with her flow or strangle! I was not
going to stop her. We were on a tile floor so if we
made a mess it would be on me and the tile which I would lick up just for
this incredible looking lady.  She finished, her flow stopped.  She just
kinda arched her eyebrows and said.

"I am impressed. You may be everything Jennifer said you were."

Coming from her that was one hell of a compliment. I do not think she
handed out many of those.

"Your turn hon," she said in the most incredible, sexy voice I have heard
in my life.
I turned to the side. There was about nine inches of a big cock right in
my face.
"Here son, just stick the head in, I have to piss, I will teach you what
to do with a cock later." I place the circumsized head in my mouth.
He started pissing instantly. He pissed and he pissed. I stopped him
three times. I was so full of piss. When he was through I licked the
end of his dick gently. I had never had a cock in my mouth before and
certainly did not want one. This was different. He was my Goddesses' dad.
I was doing it for her. She wanted it this way. So I would be a cock
sucker. If she lined a thousand guys up and said, suck their cocks, I
would go from person to person obeying the wishes of my Goddess.

John, what an appropriate name." He said with a smile. "I have to take a
really big dump. Jennifer explained this to you, did she not"

"Yes, Dr.Abdellaoui. My Goddess has told me that I will used by the
entire family. she told me this when she was taking a dump in my mouth.
So, I knew what she meant by, "used".

"I have very special daughters," he said as he squatted over my face.
I stuck my tongue in his asshole a little, mainly to let him know he
was positioned correctly. He farted in my face. Ohhh, bad, very bad.
Jennifer's farts were roses compared to this. He said nothing, just
pushed a humungous turd in my mouth. I had my mouth opened as wide as
possible. His shit scraped my lips all around as it entered my mouth.
I crushed all I could and swallowed. That was not an easy thing to do.
The air was heavy. Another one came out, over filled my mouth and
piled up on my face. His shit was partially blocking my nose, yes big
time problems. I was swallowing mouthfuls as fast as I could. My
concern was no longer the smell or the taste, it was to keep the air
passages open. Breathing shit fumes was good compared to not breathing.
He paused for a second. I put up a hand and scouped some shit in my
mouth away from my nose. I used my tongue to lick aroung my mouth
too. Here came another big turd. I had my mouth empty and my face did
not have any piled on it. I crushed it with my tongue as shit was
again building up on my face. One nostril was blocked. He stopped
again. I used both hands to push his shit in my mouth. I swallowed
all of it.

"Can you lick me good without touching me with your mouth?" He asked
it like a person would say, "Hand me some paper out of that stall."

Yes, Doctor." I answered as I took advantage of my long tongue and
rimmed out his ass. This was the worse thing I have ever done. None
of my degradation thoughts ever approached this level. Let me impress
on you, fantasy never approaches reality. He put his shorts back on.

"Son, I am really, really impressed. You are the best toilet I have
ever used. It is remarkable that, no unbelievable, that you can be
a refined toilet with only two days practice. Luke is not going to
believe this. You are better today than joe is.Joe has more than
five years toilet experience. You have two days! Jennifer is right,
you are fantastic! Our whole family will love you deeply,john. You
have a new family that I hope you will always love us as much as we
will love you."

I had been received by jennifer's whole family. I felt ten feet tall.
Jennifer would be so proud of me! I could hardly wait to see her.

"There are bags in the suv that must be brought in, handle that, will
you john. Plan to clean up all of our vehicles Tuesday. I know that
will not be easy after what you will experience Monday night but it
must be done before you sleep."

"Yes sir." I answered. I was going to have a full life. I knew
tomorrow at six would be the dedication ceremony. I would declare to
them, my love for my Goddess. I was so thrilled at that. I could hardly

I carried in their bags and started the washer with their clothes.
I would have three washings. I had two panties in my mouth, just the
crotch of course. I had another pair over my head. My nose was in the
crotch. I did not even care whose panties were where. I think though
I had twin panties in my mouth and mom panties over my face. All was
loaded with feminine scent and taste. When I walked by Jennifer she
giggled. The twins looked at panties and giggled. They were talking to

"See, he can not get enough!" Jennifer said while laughing out loud.
"We haven't nibbled yet!" One of the twins said.

"slave when you get the suv unpacked, go with the twins. Have fun
twins! I am proud of you slave," she mouthed to me.

How can I ever describe how that makes me feel. No sacrifice is to
great for my Goddess and her beautiful family. No matter that it is
repulsive beyond words to be a full and complete toilet for Dr.
Abdellaoui. These ladies are beyond compare. In order to serve them,
I will do anything. If I die this instant, I will die in ecstasy!

     Chapter Twelve

"Come with us, john, we are going to have fun! If you like pain,
You will love us!"

I went with them to the tile floor area again. They grabbed pillows
on the way.
"Give me your sacrifice finger."  Gillette said with a wicked smile.

These three were so much alike.

"Both of us love to nibble." Jill said.

"I hope you are up to it!" Gillete chimed in.

Gillette took my left hand.

"Jill look at this, Jennifer has really nibbled! She doesn't even
like to nibble all that much. We are the ones that love it! John if
she has nibbled this much on you, she really loves you."
Jill said, "I hope you appreciate her, don't you ever hurt her. You
mean so much to her."

"Well of course he does, he is making her a Goddess!" Said Gillette.
"What more can the underpriviledged  males do then give their lives
entirely to beautiful females?"

I started to feel the pain from Gillette's first nibble. She was
prolonging it a lot longer than Jennifer did. At the exact time
the pain would start ot ease or I would become accustomed to it,
she would increase the pressure and the pain would start all over
again. All the time she was looking into my eyes. That is how she
was extracting so much pain. She was reading the pain in my eyes.
I could not hide it that is for sure. She was really hurting me.

"John, would you like to eat me? I am so wet." Gillette said.

She slipped off her shorts. My eyes went to her panties, there was
a large wet spot in the crotch of her panties. I loved wet spots.
I helped her wiggle out of her panties with my right hand. I could
not resist. I put them to my mouth, they smelled so good. My tongue
flicked out and scraped over the wetness. I love cum. At the same
time her teeth tightened again. She was hurting me more with one
nibble then Jennifer did with five! I place my mouth at her pussy
and licked her with the flat of my tongue all the way like Jennifer
said to do it. I watched her eyes. I could not see her mouth very
well, my finger was in it, and being bit harder by those pretty
teeth. I put the pain out of my mind the best I could and
concentrated on eating her pussy. I used all the skill Jennifer
had taught me. Her moans and the wiggles of her ass told me I was
giving her pleasure. She cut the skin for her first nibble.

Ohhh, john you are so good at that. Just you wait until you get
his head between your legs, Jill! I have never experienced anything
remotely like this."
Her teeth started tightening again. She was very proficient in the
art of nibbling. Jennifer had told me the twins loved it and were
very good at it.

I brought my concentration back to Gillette's pussy again. That was
it, if I could concentrate on eating her, remove the pain from my
mind, she would bite through my skin a lot quicker because she would
lose control. In her ecstasy, she would bite hard! I was really
consentrating on her pleasure. The third little piece of skin was
removed by her highly skilled teeth.

"Darn", I heard her say before her teeth started me on another pain
trip. Another piece of skin went. She was concentrating on the sexual
pleasure of her pussy, not the sexual pleasures of her mind. There was
less pain if she bit the skin faster. It was her prolonging the nibble
that increased the pain. I never thought about her just taking a lot
more nibbles and increase the size of the raw spot. I just did not
think. This sweet little thing was reaching her climax. She squeezed
my face much like Jennifer had done so many times already. Could I
trust a girl of this age to release and let me breathe. Her nails
were dug in my neck just like Jennifer does it. I won't think of
which pussy is the sweeter, whose cum taste the best. I will just
concentrate on giving her pleasures.

"Ohhhh john, I love you," she moaned. She even sounded like
Jennifer when she was in the throes of rapture. She had ceased
to nibble. She was just concentrating on pleasures of the pussy.
She had never been eaten by anyone who was bent only on her
pleasure. She had a beautiful orgasm. She must have said,
"I love you," a dozen times. It was very sweet for me. I am
growing to love this family very much. They are answering
every fantasy I ever had and adding some I enjoy, but never
dreamed of.
Her body shuddered and she lay still. I was busy licking
and sucking her pussy. Her cum was delightful.

"Ohhh, your turn Jill. He is everything Jennifer said he
was and more. Do you see the way he was tonguing my ass?
"That is so loving. You love me, don't you john?"

"I love you very much Gillette, your pussy smells so good,
and your cum taste exotic. Your little ass hole is sooo sweet!"

She liked what I said. She wiggled her ass on my face a
few time very fast. She is really terrific.

"Have fun, Jill. I can't wait to tell everyone about him.
I love him so much!"
I began slow and sensuously on Jill's pussy. She began slow
and painfully on my finger with her pretty teeth. How can
anything so beautiful cause so much pain. I looked at her
pretty mouth and was determined to endure more pain for her
and allow her to nibble slowly. I rushed Gillette to much.
I was trying to limit my pain instead of striving to give
my princess more pleasure. Oh Jill's teeth hurt. She was
still on her first nibble. I licked casually on her. She
looked at me and before she started her second nibble, she
smiled. She knew! I was determing to withstand ten nibbles
before I began on her pussy in earnest. The little doll
deserved some extra nibbling pleasure. She and I were the
only ones present in the room. I was in no hurry for this
intimacy to end. She was giving me so much pain with her
teeth she could make a nibble last and last while causing
just a little more pain each time her teeth tighten. She
was even better than Gillette. But in fairness to Gillette,
I was giving Jill more undisturbed time to cause me pain.
Each time she would complete a nibble she would look at
me and give me the most beautiful smile. Like she was
saying, thank you for accepting my pain, with her eyes.
Her eyes are so blue. Just like Jennifer's.

I could feel my eyes fill with tears. The pain grows more
intense with each one of Jill's nibbles and each nibble takes
the longest time. At the end of each nibble I get a beautiful
caring smile from her that is more than adequate payment for
the pain. Her ass was starting to move more now. She reached
for my ears. She sunk her nails in the base of my ears
and pulled as she pushes down with her torso. Her blue
eyes were not seeing clearly. She had stopped nibbling.
Her nails were cutting my ears and hurt almost as much as
her teeth. Jill has beautiful nails. I hope she does
not break one of them. I had rather she cut off my ear
than to break one of her nails.

I push forward with my mouth to make it tight against her
pussy. By doing that I thought I might lessen the chance
of a broken nail. She was softly calling my name and
telling me how much she loved me, how terrific I am.
Jill was in complete sexual ecstasy.  I wished I had
treated Gillette this way. I will next time. I should
have known it had been awhile for them. Hey, I may even
be the first. If so, how will I ever make up my sub par
performance with Gillette. Although she really thought
I was great. Jill watched, what if she told Gillette.
I would not want an angry Princess on my hands that
could extract about any pain she wanted for my punishment.
I was determind to take my chances on that and continue
to give Jill pleasures beyond her wildest dreams.
Jennifer had taught me a lot in only two days. I vowed
to spend a lifetime learning how to please the gorgeous
females in this house. I had been rapidly moving my tongue
over the most sensitive area of Jill's clit. She exploded
before I am ready. I did not sense it coming. Just wham,
it was there. She almost tore my ears off too. She laid
quietly saying nothing, just breathing hard. I licked
her beautiful pussy. Her bush was sparkling with
perspiration. I sucked all of the cum from her pussy.
I savored it as I held it in my mouth, running my
tongue in circles inside my mouth, letting her cum
coat the inside of my mouth completely. I wanted the
taste to linger in my mouth.

"John, are you not going to lick my ass?" What a devine voice.

"Sure I am Jill, I was just savoring the taste of your
cum. Your cum is very special I love its taste."

"You will like the taste of my ass to john." Put your mouth
there now."

I did as the beautiful angel asked me to do. She cut a big fart
in my mouth and giggled.

"Don't you just love my ass john? Did my fart taste delish? I
bet you already know I need to take a big dump. Dad stopped at
Tico Tacos just so I could have a big beef burito supreme with
extra beans. John,this shit is for you!"
She laughted so hard her whole body shook.

"Oooh that stinks, put your mouth tightly over my ass. I don't want
to smell any more of that shit!Ohhhhh that stinks! Lay down john, I
am going to sit on your face and take my shit. If you get any on the
floor, you will lick it up while I torture your balls.

With that she pushed a big turd in my mouth. What a stink. She took
after her dad in the stink department. I hoped the rest of the
families shit smelled as good as Jennifers. I just did not realize
how good her's smelled and tasted. This was awful. What did this
girl eat! I had just served as a toilet for her dad, her turds were
not nearly so big around but if she had not been so beautiful the
taste would have been worse. After the  first one I swallowed them
whole. They hit my stomach like a ton of bricks. When she finished
I licked her ass hole. No matter how mean she was to me, I was
determined to be as nice to her as I could. I gave her such a
special tongue job and she repaid me with this.
There I go again thinking of me. I must not do that. My station in
life is to serve these beautiful people, never to judge them. I
must be greatful for the opportunity to dine on Princess Jill's
shit. Her shit can not stink. I just have an overactive imagination.
I licked her lovingly while she giggled.

"You are just to much! Stand up."

I stood for my princess.

"Spread you legs some." She said in a really sexy voice.

I did as she asked.

With binding speed she caught me in the balls. Her foot slammed into
me and I bent over double. When I did she pole axe me. I hit the
floor in a heap. I lay there in pain as the beautiful creature walked
away, stepping on me as she went. She left the door open. I could hear
them laughing. I was hurting badly and all alone in my pain. In what
seemed like forever before my Goddess entered.

"You ok? I should have told you about my sisters. You found out that
is for sure. Gillette is really sweet like me. Jill can be mean.
Trouble is they will not tell you the truth about which one they are.
Until you learn to tell them apart, if you ever do, you are in for a
lot of problems with those two. It is just part of serving us, john.
We are naturally demanding. It is the real us. You will have a lot of
pleasure with me and my family. You also will have a lot of pain.
Speaking of pain, I am going to nibble on you. Would you like that?
I know you would. You adore the pain from my teeth don't you, slave?"

Jennifer took my finger in her mouth and slowly nibbled. She
nibbled much slower than she did the first time. The pain
built and built in my finger. She was slowly extracting the skin.

"Hold your hand still, john. The pain will be much greater tomorrow
as I eat away your whole finger. This is a kinda training session
for you. Look into my eyes. Concentrate on the beauty of my eyes
and the love I have for you. You know I love you deeply, don't you?"

She went back to nibbling.

"Yes Goddess, I love you too."

Her upper lip raised, she meant for it to be a smile. I
saw teeth that were causing unbelievable pain. I held
on, I kept my hand at her mouth. If the pain was greater
tomorrow night and with all her relatives in attendance,
I do not believe I can hold consiousness. Her eyes were
of love and concern for my pain. I looked into her deep
blue eyes and it was like she was feeling my pain. There
can never be anyone as sweet as Jennifer.  Oh god that
hurts so very much. My skin has all been removed except
about 1/2 inch square at the bottom base of my finger.
Jennifer will stretch that into a couple hours of nibbling.
Please let me continue to hold my hand to her beautiful
mouth. Each time she tightens her bite the pain shoots
through my entire hand and up my arm like a knife. My finger
is so raw and wet. My whole finger is hurting so much.
The spikes of pain are almost a godsend to take my mind
from the constant hurt. I looked at my finger again.
Only a few more nibbles. It seems that she is slowing
her bites down. I wish she would speed them up. My arm
aches from being tired. I would like to put my other arm
under it for support but I do not. I just gaze into my
Jennifer's eyes. I pretend they are a vast pools of cool
water that is closing over my finger to take away the pain.
I can feel my eyes lose vision. I can not pass out. I must
hold on to consiousness for my Goddess. At last she takes
another nibble. I see no more skin on my finger, I hope
there is none. Please oh please let this be the last of
my skin. When her teeth cut through, she surveyed my
finger. She was holding my hand in her beautiful hand.
She turned it over inspecting her and the twins handiwork.

She had a roll of gauze. She wrapped the gauze as tightly
as she could. It hurt so much I could not stiffle the cries
of pain. She looked at me with those big blue eyes.

"I wrapped it extra tight. The tighter it is, the more it will
throb. you must withstand a lot of pain for me until the
ceremony. When I look into your eyes and see the reflection
of your pain, it makes my little pussy throb and get so wet.
Do you want to sleep with your mouth over my pussy tonight,
john? I want to be near you so I can hear your cries of
pain during the night. My pussy is so wet and cum is rolling
out of me. Get your mouth in place and enjoy the cum your pain
has made. Tell me how sweet my pussy is and how much you
love me, john. That is it john, look past the pain and
worship my pussy. It is why you are where you are right now.
My pussy has enslaved you, caused you to endure unbelievable
amounts of pain. It has caused you to eat shit and drink piss.
Worship it john, it is your life."

I know all she said was true. Whatever life I may have had ended.
I will live my life as a slave and a toilet for these beautiful
people. I do not even know if their professions of love for me
is true or just a game they play. My emotions have been triffled
like they are of no importance what so ever. How could Jill
have treated me that way. Even more, how could my Goddess cause
me so much pain. How could she have permitted the others to use
me so harshly. she has kept me in constant pain and openly
relishes in my pain. My finger throbs and burns something fierce.
At least tomorrow I will get rid of it. The pain has to lessen.
I continue to lick and suck on Jennifer's pussy. I looked into
her eyes and I thought I saw love. That was what I thought I
wanted but I am not so sure now. My finger hurts. I never
wanted constant use and constant pain. I know anytime another
member of the family is going to summonse me for toilet duty.
I don't think my stomach will hold anymore human waste.

I Knew I should go and try to make room for more of their waste.

"Goddess, may I go to the toilet?"

"Yes john," she answered.

I left the heat of her pussy and went to the bathroom in the basement.
I turned on the exhaust fan, I knew it had to stink after what I had
been eating. I know I have had my last taste of regular food.
With five people using me, that is about all my stomach will hold.
I have had no dinner but I am not at all hungry. I was getting rid
of a lot right now, man did it did stink! Someone called for me.

"Hurry toilet I am going to shit in your mouth."
It was the voice of Gillette. Not that I can tell them apart, but
Jill already used me rather harshly.

Jennifer had warned me there would be plain language used by her and
her family. That is very true. They called my food exactly what it
was. What was so difficult to fathom, they all do this like it was
an ordinary thing. Like people use people for toilets all the time.

                  Chapter Thirteen

I sprayed a lot before I came out. The Abdellaoui Family would
not want that stink in their house! I am thankful their shit
smells better than that.

I went to Gillette's room. She was already bare from the bottom
down. She was wearing a Teddy on top. She was the perfect picture
of a princess. I remembered I had rushed her lovemaking. I would
not rush her again. Jennifer said she was the sweet twin. I bowed
to her and kissed her foot. She giggled.
"John that is cool but I have got to go potty. So sit there and
tilt your head back."
I sit on a piece of vinyl about a yard square. She backed her
gorgeous ass to my face. I kissed her ass and put my tongue in a
little ways. She wasted no time in pushing my tongue back out.
At the same time she put a clear plastic material over her head.
It was gathered at her waist and touched the vinyl. I knew it was
to hold the scent for me and to help keep it away from her. It
smelled exactly like Jill's.

"Jill and I both like Mexican. It is just something you will have
to live with. I do not think you expect our shit to smell like
roses anyway, do you?" She giggled when she said that.

My mouth was full, I could not answer. She giggled again, so, I
am sure she knew that. Even as I swallow her waste, I was amazed
at this whole families casualness about using a human, me, for
their toilet. The whole family treats this extraordinary event
like it was completely normal. It certainly is not normal to me.
I am doing the very best I can. It is my dream life. Hey, I was
ready to do this for Chrissy. She has two brothers and no sisters.
That would have been a living hell. Now do not get me wrong,this
eating waste is extremely undesirable. It is worse than bad.
Words can not describe how awful it is.
"Ohhh, Gillette, that hurts!"

She just started a nibble on my ring finger.

"I know that silly slave." She said after she finished her nibble.

"You are so good at being a toilet. I can not believe you are this good!
Do you LIKE to eat shit? It stinks so badly, I don't even like to wipe
myself! Now, I do not have to, there is a waiting and willing tongue!
I had no idea guys like you existed. You sure must think we are beautiful!"

I swallowed the last of her shit and licked her ass clean.

"I really enjoy eating your shit, Gillette. You, your mom and sisters
are the most beautiful in the whole world. You are also really sweet.
I will look forward to being your toilet and your slave. You are so
skilled at nibbling and the pain is almost unbearable, I know how much
you like it. So Princess Gillette, you nibble all you want and I will
bear the pain because you are so beautiful,"

This had the affect I hoped it would. She finished her nibble and looked
at me with the sweetest face.
"Go wash your mouth and come back and kiss me."

I went to clean my mouth. That worked rather well I smiled to myself in
spite of my pain. When I returned the twins were both waiting for me
with a smile. I knew this was not going to turn out like I thought it

"Come give my pussy a lick and a kiss, john. What you said was so
sweet, I told Jill and she insisted we reward you with lots of cum.
you have told us how much you like our cum."

"John", cooed Jill, for us to make you a lot of cum so soon, you have
to turn us on. Nothing us on more then nibbling on you and seeing
pain in your eyes. You are going to gets lots of cum while you give
us lots of pleasure. You may lose a lot of skin though. Did Jennifer
tell you that this medicine and shots we give you helps a lot in your
growing new skin. Of course you don't get sick or become infected.
Dad has told us all about it. We have went through a lot of slaves,
but you are lucky, you will live for years,and years!" Jill said.

"If we don't eat him up!" Gillette giggled.

The pain went on and on. They were each biting the inside of an arm.
They talked about their boy friends, they talked about other students,
they talked about movies, music. But mostly they nibbled and giggled.

"Jill my jaws are getting tired, is yours?"

"Yeah, I think we have talked to much!"  They giggled at their joke.

"Twins, is our john in there?"

It was the sexy voice of Monica.

"yes," they answered together. We just finished nibbling on him."

"Send him to my room." She answered.

"Hear that slave, go please mom!"

I got up, walked out the door. As soon as I was in the hall I looked
at my arms. There was about a square inch of skin removed from each
arm. It felt like they remove all of it.

I knocked on the door.
"Is that you john?" Monica asked.

"Yes your highness."

"Come in, you do not need to knock after we have summonsed you. Do
you really like pain?"

"Only if it is given in an erotic setting and admisistered by a beautiful
lady like you."

"You know how to answer. That is good. It doesn't change anything, I
hurt you all I want anyway. But it shows you are considerate. You
will eat me through many orgasms, I will eat your arm away. What if I
I eat it completely off?  Will you hold still and let me strip your
flesh from your bones with my teeth?" I have done that before. The guy
was tied though. We have never had anyone who accepted their fate and
station in life the way you have. You are a credit to your kind."

She showed me her teeth, not really a smile, just showed her teeth.

"Yes Your Highness. You may devour me if that is your wish."
"No, I will not do that, it would upset jennifer very much. She really
loves you. Go down on me."

I began eating her with all my skills I had learned. She was interested
in one thing, her pleasure. She did stuff to me that my dreams never heard
of. I was in her room for almost two hours and she used me non-stop. She
made her daughters look like the school girls they were. Hey her daughters
knew a lot about sex. Well, they knew what they wanted a guy to do, or let
them do to him to give them pleasure. Or maybe it so seemed to me because
I knew nothing. Monica never told me I was good, that I was giving her
pleasure, not one compliment. She just said do this, do that, etc. She
rolled the skin of my back under her nails with every orgasm. She had four,
I think. I was hurting in so many places I lost count. I tried really hard
to please her. Her arrogant attitude just turned me on more. I knew I was
nothing to her. Still she was a beautiful Goddess to me. When she was
through fucking my face she used me for her toilet, completely. She used
me exactly like she would use any commode. No play, no giggles, no reguard
for me. When she was through with me, she said two words, "Leave now".
That was my intimacy with Monica Abedellaoui. I did not know where the
Doc was, or when he left.

I was so tired, I either hurt or ached averywhere, literally everwhere. I
even had a head ache. Not just where I had been squeezed and nail cut but
my head hurt inside. No one had told me where to go, I mean when I was not
being used or abused. Since the family came home I had been used constantly
by someone. How could I stand everyday like this? I had worked almost all
day on their lawn. There was a bunch of ironing to do yet. I went to
Jennifer's room to ask her what to do. She was laying on her bed listening
Britney Spears CD.

"Hey slave, there you are, geeze you look awful. Go to your room and take a
hot bath. I will be right here. She presented me with one of her Goddess
smiles. I knew then why I have just been through all of this. Jennifer
looked radiant, she looked beautiful, she was a true Goddess.  

After my bath I went to my Goddess.
"Here slave, lay by me, Nooo not that far up, down there. John, put your
nose in my ass! Yeah, that is better. I bet you are really tired. You
have not complained at all. Never a whine. I love you slave. Stay right
where you are and go to sleep."

I put my nose up to Jennifer's asshole as she requested. Hey it is where
I want it too. I must be sure not to think what I am doing is degrading
in any way. It is not. Nothing my Goddess does to me could ever be
degrading. I am so fortunate to have found her and her family. I know it
may seem that I am being treated badly, maybe even abused. Well, lets set
the record straight. I am not! I am here of my own freewill. No one has
forced me in anyway. I set out to be Jennifer's slave and that is exactly
what I am. Even if she had designs on securing me as her slave, even if
she believed she was brainwashing and preparing me for my current position,
I could walk away. Serving this magnificant family in any way they choose
is the way I want to spend my life. How many people will spend their life
doing what they want to do?  Answer, very few! Jennifer's ass smells
exciting. I felt my dick getting hard as soon as she told me to put my
nose in her ass. Really sooner then that, as soon as I saw her. So, I do
not want anyone feeling sorry for me. I count my lucky stars with every
breath I take. The aroma of Jennifer's ass is very intoxicating. I love it.
I bring my mouth up to her asshole and kiss it. I love Jennifer more than
I could ever put in words. My tongue moves to her cute little hole and
starts flicking the rim of her rose bud. She responds by pushing her ass
tighter against my mouth. Jennifer dearly loves having her ass licked.
I temporarily put my aches and pains behind me. My tiredness momentarily
forgotten as I tongue out her ass. I know I am starting something that
will be very demanding on me. She offered to let me sleep. What ever
she demands of me now, I cannot complain.

"Ohhh john, you know what that does to me. Unless you are able to take me
all the way, quit now. I know how much you love licking my ass. But, hey
I know you must be exhausted. You had best quit what you are doing and be
content just to keep your nose close to me."

I knew she was right. I was to tired to enter into a lovemaking session
with my Goddess. I would only disappoint the both of us. I kissed her
beautiful ass again. I reluctantly moved my mouth away and placed my
nose as closely as I could to her pretty brown hole. I took a deep breath,
savoring the aroma, while giving thanks for my position and status in
life. Even with all the missing skin and the pain it brought with it.
I am thankful for Jennifer.

                      Chapter Fourteen

Monday morning arrived with the sound of Jennifer's radio playing music
from her favorite station. She kinda moaned as she turned over throwing
a leg over my body. Her pussy was very close. I pushed forward until I
could place my lips to hers. I kissed her lips and began to trace my
tongue over them. She moaned again and moved to enable me to gain better
access to her pussy. I placed my open mouth over her and pushed the tip
of my tongue in. I did not have the right to be so happy. The aroma of
Jennifer's pussy was delightful and very arousing. I worked hard at
controlling my natural urges by concentrating solely on giving Jennifer
pleasure. I started eating her the way she taught me. I have found the
way my Goddess likes to be awakened. It took little time for her nails
to dig in and her ass start to move in earnest. She had not said a word
She was making soft moans which were increasing in volumn as the
thrust from her ass increased in speed. Jennifer loved oral attention.
She loved having me and using me as her slave and as her instrument of
pleasure. It was moments like this that I long to be more to her than
her pet. Sometimes it was difficult to concentrate on her pleasure be-
cause my mind wanders to what it would be like to really fuck her. She
has made it painfully plain that that will never happen. She does not
love me like that. She loves me doing what I am doing now. She loves
using me, she loves the Goddess/slave relationship that will never
change. She would be upset, I think, if she knew I was having such
thoughts. I brought my mind back to real time. I was receiving a lot
of cum. I moved my tongue from clit duty to fucking her with it. She
liked to be tongue fucked but she also liked my tongue to move rapidly
over the most senstive part of her clit. I alternated doing both.
When she had her climax, the final thrust, she wanted my tongue as
far up in her love canal as I could get it. Everytime that moment
comes it always feels as if her nails will sever my head at the neck.
A couple times she has pulled my hand towards her mouth. I always
resist by guiding it elsewhere. I believe if my hand is ever close
to her mouth at that exact moment, I will get Jennifer's teeth to a
bone. She has powerful climaxes. If my hand was near her mouth, the
loud exclamation would be followed by some part of me entering her
mouth just in time for her jaw to set and her teeth to clinch.
She would bite me to the bone and never realize what she had done
until it was over. Somewhere during Jennifer's lovemaking she becomes
totally envolved in her sexual pleasure. Nothing in the world matters.
I doubt if she knows how much or in how many ways she hurts me. I
think usually, she cares, but in moments just before she reaches
orgasm, nothing matters to her except that pleasure point. I sure
would not want my head in her mouth at that point. I would be like
the male praying mantis.

"Ohhhh john, that was so good! I am going to just love awakening to
sex with you every morning. I may never get married. If I did, I
would have to share my little pussy with a man's thing, and your
tongue. Right now your tongue is a definent winner! I bet your
mouth, throat, and probably your whole stomach is coated with my
cum! I gotta pee, I hope you are really thirsty!"

I placed my mouth in position and took a deep breath and got ready
for one of my many morning pees. "Oh wait, put these in your mouth."

She gave me some large pills.

"Drink up Toilet!" (g)

When she said things like that to me, while looking down at me, she
usally said the words like she was talking to a lowly creature.
Something far, far beneath her.

Her piss came hard and fast. She knew I was a lot more skilled in the
art of piss drinking. Her piss was hot and not pleasant tasting. I
must remember her position of a Goddess. Remembering that makes her
piss taste better. She was pissing in my mouth the same way she pissed
in her commode last week. She fully expected me to keep up. She did
stop for a second as I swallowed the pills with a few swallows of her
golden nectar.

"John, I am going to miss you carrying my books to school. I may have
to find me another boy friend. (G)  What do you think of that idea?
Would you be jealous if I brought another guy home and made you serve
us lemonade by the pool? What if I made you lick my feet and suck my
toes, while I kissed him? What if I told him you were nothing to me,
just a slave and a toilet? Yeah, john, what if I told him my whole
family used you as a toilet every day."
"Still want to be my slave and me be your Goddess, john?  What if I
said to him while we were necking heavily,'No you can not fuck me,
but you can fuck his mouth."

She said all of this to me while pissing in my mouth. Just one degrading
statement after another. I think she was seeing just how demeaning she
could be. She was succeeding.

I never answered her inquiries. I did not think she really wanted an
answer. When she finished pissing, I loving licked her then went straight
to her ass. I licked it a couple times before I was greeted with
breakfast amid lots of giggles. She was really getting off on degrading
me this morning.

"Is that good, Toilet?" She asked in her superior voice.

"You know I sometimes wonder if you are really good enough to eat the
shit of a Goddess. Maybe you should eat Neldas shit instead of mine! (g)
Would you like your tongue in her ass! (g) If you ever displease me,
maybe I will give you to her!"  (g)
All of this she said while she was taking her morning dump. She said it
with the same very superior an haughty attitude she previously used to
degrade me.

Nelda is an unattractive 300 lb girl in school. She is not very clean,
not very smart, and the butt of all kinds of jokes.

I licked Jennifer's ass with the same loving and probing strokes as

She kicked me a little.

"John, arn't you going to say something? Are you in to being a toilet
for just anybody, uhhhh! That is awful!"

John is so into being used. He does not have the slighest knowledge the
reason for his attachment to us. Now the desire had to be there in the
first place mind you. The drugs have remove all of his inhibitions. He
had to have thoughts of a family using him and treating him the way we are
doing in order for him to be amicable to such treatment. The thoughts
were in his mind and he is forever imprisoned by them. I love my dad and
uncle Luke. Their hours of research has made it possible for us to have
john to use. I love using him. Even if he is next to nothing, he has
a very long tongue! Dad said last night that he thinks john is very
close to being to that point of no return, yeah, a toilet for life.
My toilet for life! None of us can believe he was so amicable to it.
I know we are all beautiful, but to eat our shit, uggghhh, how

"I love you and only you Goddess. I am completely devoted to you. You
own me, I am your slave, your toilet, and whatever else you want me to be.
I would not enjoying serving anyone other than you"

"That is not true, you are going to serve others, very quickly I imagine.
You had best enjoy it." (g)

"I mean you and your family Goddess.

"I know that, stupid! (g) I feel so good today, slave. I was teasing you!
I would not give you away! I am not going to get another slave at school
either! John you are worth millions to me. I love you, you know that.
Now kiss my ass and go fix my bath just like I like it. I am surprised
someone has not called for you."

I kissed her gorgeous ass with pleasure and went to start her bath. I
washed my mouth, gargled, brushed my teeth while her bath was running.
She walked in just as I finished with my mouth. She was so beautiful.
No wonder that being her total slave was such a pleasure. She walked
up to me totally naked. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me

"I love you slave, very, very much."

When she released me I fell to my knees and kissed her pussy.

I heard  two voices call at the same time, "Slave we need you."
The twins were awake.

"Go to them, john, I wish they would get their own slave. I will
bathe myself."

Jennifer had her pouty look. Leaving her and her beautiful nude
body that was stepping into the water was hard. Almost as hard
as I was.

"Slave get yourself in here. Don't you make us late," one said.
"Yeah, if we are late we will stay here and play with you all day."
The othersaid with a giggle.

"Hurry slave, both of us have to go potty, now hurry!"

Both of them used me, I do not even know which was which. There
was no difference in the taste of anything that I could tell. Both
berated me some, and then giggled saying they were just teasing.
One thing I was sure of, the haughty superior attitude was a
permanent part of this whole family, and something I would always
live with. They were very superior, they knew it, they reviled in
it. They were naturally demanding.

    Chapter Fifteen

I fixed the girls breakfast and learned that their parents had already left.
I assisted them as they got ready for school. It was a constant, "John get
this, john find this, john do this."  I went from one to the other
playing, go fetch.  The twins left for school it was about two blocks
in another direction. Seemed they lived about two blocks from everywhere.
Jennifer and I were alone in the house. I realized how much her and her
family trusted me. It made me feel really proud that I was able to build
up so much trust in so short a time. Well, Jennifer trusted me almost from
the beginning or maybe she knew from the start that she owned me. I knew
she did.

"John, hurry and get ready for school. You will have to clean this place when
you get home. We will try it and if you are smart enough to do school, work,
and give us the kind of attention we must have here, slave and all, well
we will see. Actually I just need a slave at school!" (g)

Her eyes were so blue, and lit up the world when she smiled. She was always
smiling except when she was mad, or pretending to be mad at me. I have never
known for sure if it is an act to brainwash me, or if she really gets mad at
me. She acted like she was mad more than once. When she tied me to the cross.
I thought she was going to beat me within an inch of my life.

Jennifer's pussy was so hot on my face. She acted like she was trying
to push my whole head inside her pussy. I wished she could. I remembered
all the things she taught me about giving her pleasure. I used all of them.
I knew this was a special time for Jennifer. I lost count of her orgasms
because I was not sure where one stopped and another began. When she was
finished and lay quietly, I sucked the cum from her pussy. It was not as
hot now. Words can not describe how important I feel. I have just made
the worlds most beautiful creation a Goddess and will get to serve her
all my life. I have so many good times to look forward to. I am the
worlds luckiest guy!

I got ready and came downstairs. She was standing by a full length mirror.
I could see her and her reflection at the same time. No one could ever
imagine such beauty. I know she was in that exact position just so I could
see her. She was like that, always showing off her beauty, flaunting it.
But flaunting it with taste. I was carrying her backpack and gym bag. My
back pack was on my back.

"Jennifer you are the most beautiful girl in the world."

"I know that" I have always been! Now I am a Goddess! You made me one,
and, it will be sealed in blood tonight. I love you john."

I looked at my watch, we had a couple minutes.

"Jennifer, may I kiss you before we leave."

"yes, I know I am to good to you, always giving you what you want!" (g)

I got on my knees in front of her. She lifted her skirt. I pulled her
panties down and kissed her beautiful lips. I kissed them slowly and
licked. My tongue brought cum in my mouth. Jennifer was so sexy.

"Ohhh john hurry and get me off. I have got to have one more orgasm
before school. Ohhh john, I love you, I love you!" She said as her
body shuddered.

I licked her quickly and sucked out her cum. There was no time for teeth
brushing, if my mouth smelled like pussy, it smelled like pussy! I
kissed her pretty ass and put her panties back up with her help.

"May I carry you to school, Goddess?" I asked before raising up.

"No silly! But hurry, let's take my car."

I put our stuff in the car. I bumped my newly wrapped finger on the
car. My arms were sore too. When I leaned back in the seat I was
reminded of Monica's nails. Everything hurt. Jennifer raised the
garage door and squalled tires as we left the garage. I pushed the
door down button while she waited for a car before pulling on to
the street. Tires squalled again.

(g) "The neighbors will not approve! You are making a bad girl out of me!
(g)  I am going to put you on a pussy ration!"  (g)

"Where did you learn all of your smart remarks?" I asked Jennifer.

"From my mom, and Aunt Neekee. And a few of my own! You just bring out
that side of me!"

When we arrived at school, she waited while I put on my backpack. I
opened her door. She exited the car, and as she did she showed me her
panties. Just a quick glimpse. A glimpse of heaven. I got her bags
and we entered school. I felt so proud walking next to her. We went
straight to her locker.
"Put my gym bag in there, but take this."

It was a little bottle of liquid.

"Go wash your mouth, it smells like my pussy," she whispered with a

I hurried to the restroom. The mouth wash was for ME. She came
prepared. She never missed a trick. This was made for the after toilet
uses. It would handle the pussy scent easily!

The bell rang before I got to the room. I had my first tardy, I thought.
Not so. There was Jennifer by the teacher's desk. She was leaning over
asking him about one of the problems. The whole class could have been
tardy and he would not have known. His sight never went beyond Jennifer!
She is good! The seat behind her was empty. I knew she saved it for me.
No one has the right to be so happy. I was the envy of every guy in that
class. I could feel their eyes as I slid in the seat. Jennifer came back
to her seat smiling at everyone, especially me. Is it any wonder that
I worship this girl?

Then I remembered I had not helped her with the chemistry homework.
I leaned forward and whispered to her.

"Do you have your chemistry homework?"

"I will tell you later," she answered.

At the end of class, Mr.Rainey asked that the homework be turned in.
I passed mine and the others in our row up to Jennifer. I watched her.
She slipped her's in the middle and handed them to Mr.Rainey. She sat
on the front seat. I had also noticed how she moved her legs. She had
been giving him glimpses of her panties all hour. I swear her paper
was blank! I did not see a single answer on it. Now I had only a
second to look, but I know there was not much on it. No, there was

The bell rang and I walked with Jennifer to our next class. French V
was not at all easy for me. Jennifer was very knowledgable. We had a
quiz, yeah, no one knew about it. Jennifer made 100, I made 85! At
noon I had to leave and go downtown. I got a big surprise. Jennifer
walked with me to the office and told them she was checking out too
that she had to take me downtown. Her mom had already called and
informed the office. The attorney's secretary had called to let them
know I had to come downtown. When we walked out holding hands I knew
all my decisions had been correct ones. We left our backpacks in our
lockers. I had the little bottle of the special mouthwash in my pocket.
A little of that goes a long ways.

"With that bottle in your pocket you look like you have a pertetual
hard on!" Jennifer said with a teasing smile and lots of giggles.

"When around you I do have. My tongue wants you too." I answered. She
just giggled.

We stopped at a Sonic, Jennifer bought her lunch. I was being treated
just like the slave I am. I got nothing. A guy, college age, brought
our food. He was all thumbs. One would think he never seen a girl
before. Jennifer was eating it up until he asked her for a date.
She looked at him like he was a moron.
"May I introduce you to my boy friend," she said as she handed him
money. The look on his face, priceless. She like totally shot him
down. Not with what she said but the look. My Goddess could be a
total bitch. I had rather, a million times over, be the subject of
her playful torture than have that look directed at me. She turned
to me and was all smiles and sweet. She could turn it on and off at
will. Instant change, no guy would ever have a chance of independence
if he was in any way connected with Jennifer. She would control any
male. Maybe she would someday be ruler of the world! She could be
the ruler if this was a world of men.

"Thank you, Jennifer, I love you. I really do.

"No john, I love you, you worship me." (g)  As she said that she gave
her head a move to the left like she was looking at something at 11:00.
Her tits came forward and her shoulders moved back. This was one of her
favorite moves. She had ordered a cherry limeaide, route 44 size. She
took a drink of it, smiled and said.

"This will give my pee a good flavor for you. See how much I love you!
I know that is not why you worship me though. You worship me because I
am so beautiful. You can not help yourself. I own you slave! (g)  If I
treated you, all the time, the way I just treated that creep who hit on
me, you would still be my slave."
She looked at me with that beautiful smile. "Well, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," I answered. I knew she was correct. All the bites and scratches were
hurting. My finger was throbbing. With ever heart beat. I thought of who
did each hurt to me and what their pussy taste like. I could taste each
pussy in my mind.

All of this conversation and more was being made with the top down on the car.
Maybe it was overheard, maybe not. I do not care. I do not think Jennifer cares
either. She says she doesn't care who knows I am her slave. She does not act
like she wants it to be a secret. Her actions and words could always be, "jokes".
Of course we know they are not jokes.
We arrived at the attorneys office. We went in and sit down. Jennifer picked
up a, "Seventeen", magazine while moving her legs towards me. Just for a sec
she showed her panties to a couple guys sitting across from us. Of course she
acted as if they were not there. The guys, not the panties, she knew where both
were, actual and in thoughts. She chatted, showing me things in the magazine,
using her repertoire of smiles,looks,and giggles. I knew she was using her
assets more for her audience than she was for me. That is my Goddess. I love,
and worship her for what she is. She is not going to change. She loves herself
just the way she is.

The receptionist called my name, Jennifer got up too. They told her only those
who were mentioned in the will could be present. I quickly protested to no avail.
Jennifer waited in the lobby. I was glad the men had been called first and hoped
their attorney would keep them longer than mine would keep me.

I was flabergasted. I thought we were at best,a little better than poor. Besides
the house, I was a millionaire. The trust, that I could not touch the principal
of, was a million. That came from the wrongful death of my parents and life
insurance policies. I had a couple hundred thousand that had accumulated from
monthly social security checks I received from my parents. I could have had a
car. I could have had lots of stuff. But then I would not have had Jennifer, I
mean Jennifer would not have had me. I would rather be owned by her than to have
all that stuff. I also got the house which I wanted the attorney to list for sale.
He was appointed as my guardian until I was 21. It was in the will that I receive
the proceeds from grandma's estate plus $4000 a month until I turned twenty-one.
$250,000. The remainder would remain in trust. I would receive the income from
the trust but no part of the principal until age thirty. I would then receive all
of it.
I did my will that day, making Jennifer my sole beneficiary. My grandma had also
asked the attorney to allow me to name a beneficiary. He had to sign of course.
He even had signature cards so I could add Jennifer to my account. He asked if
I wanted anyone else authorized to withdraw funds from my account. I immeadiately
thought of Jennifer. He looked at me and said.

"John, I am impressed with your maturity. Jennifer Abdellaoui is an excellent
choice, a wise choice too. Jennifer is a very beautiful young lady and from a
great family. They belonged to the same country club. My daughter, a freshman
at the University is friends with Jennifer. You are not accustomed to handling
large sums of money. Jennifer is. She can show you how to properly spend it."
He said with a smiled.

He had a picture of his daughter on his desk. She was dark, petite and very

He called his secretary and told her to ask Miss.Abdellaoui to come in. When
Jennifer entered he arose and offered her his hand.

"You get more beautiful everyday, young lady. John is very lucky. He wisely
decided to add your name to his checking account. If you go by the bank they
will have checks printed for you with just your name on them. Just sign these
cards. My secretary is on her way to the bank now.  She will take them down.
You have him very well trained." He said with a slight laugh.

"Very well indeed," Jennifer answered in a cocky manner. I saw her wink at my

"John, there is a spot on my shoe, remove it please."

She raised her shoe to my mouth. Without a though my tongue licked her shoe.
she placed her hand on my head, "Good doggy." (g)

"Well good by kids, I am sure you will have a great life together. Take care
of her, John, she is precious."

"I will, sir." I answered. Both of them laughted.

"Thanks slave for giving me your money. It pleases me to see how dedicated
you are to me. I will spend it all very wisely, on ME!"

The , "ME", was accentuated with the movement of her face up and away from me.
then a pass through her beautiful blonde hair by her long fingers.

"You are all I have, remember, you told me that. Well it is true. So, if I
die you get all my money!"

"You mean when I kill you, slave, I get all your money!" (g)

"Let me see that, slave." Jennifer said as she took my copy of the will.
She used the same facial expression and tone of voice she often did when talking
like that to me.  A couple of passerbys looked but just thought she was joking.
I handed her my copy of the will.  I was surprised how quickly she digested the
important parts.
"Maybe you do not need me so much anymore, oui." She said in her pouty voice
looks attached.

"I want and need you even more. I need someone who knows how to properly
spend my money. I have never had much experience at spending money."

"You got the right girl for that," she giggled. "First stop,'Victoria's Secret',
second stop my favorite shoe store. Both are in the mall. After that, we
will go shopping! We have all afternoon to shop. I am feeling generous, I
may let you carry my packages."

"First stop is the bank. I have a small checking account and savings account
there. "It just became larger."
I showed Jennifer the amount the attorney transfered as soon as our meeting

"I can spend that," she giggled. Let's go slave, I love you even more than
I did yesterday! We have to get an ATM card!

"I have one." I guess she thought I was poorer than I thought I was.

"Lets check OUR balance," she giggled.

There is something wrong with me, I know it, I have known it for years.
Any guy would want to be fucking her right now. Me, I want to eat her,
swallow her cum, feel her nails, drink her pee, yeah, even eat her shit.

Our first stop was the restrooms. She looked at me and smiled before
opening the door of the ladies restroom. She was still sipping on her
limeade. All I could think of was that delicious golden stream pouring
from her pussy. I hoped she was pissing in her drink cup. Cherry
limeade flavored pee from a Goddess for me to enjoy. Only the two of
us would know what I was drinking. That was so cool.

We appeared in the lobby at the same time.

"Miss me slave?" She asked with her smile and giggle. Just like she knew
my thoughts.

"Yes, very much." I answered.

"Were you dreaming about being my toilet?" She whispered.

"Yes, but how could you know?"

"I know everything about you, slave! It is best you not forget it either,
or it is off with your head!"

"You would miss my mouth."

"Ahhh yes, and your talented tongue." She closed her eyes, tossed back her
head, and projected her closed mouth dreamy smile.

"Thirsty slave?" She asked with a giggle, handing me her cup. The cup was
kinda warm. I was going to have lime flavored pee. I took a sip through
the straw. Savored it and took a large drink. It taste a lot different.
It was still kinda warm but not nearly as warm as when it came directly
from her body. I could taste the flavor of the drink too. Pretty good
considering it was piss. Ah, but then, it was piss from a very beautiful
Goddess. The ice had all melted. My cup was full. Forty-four ounces of
diluted piss.

"Is that our bank," she asked, pointing to a branch bank in the mall.

"Yeah," I said.

I showed them a blank check I always carried in my wallet and my drivers
license. Yeah, a drivers license but no car. I won't ever need one now.

The teller wrote the balance on a slip of paper and gave it to me.

"How much will we need?" I asked Jennifer
"How much is there?. She replied with a beautiful smile.

"More than $18,000." I answered.

"Just get ten," she answered with a smile.

Jennifer always had a smile. What a Goddess. I wrote the check for $10,000.
The cashier looked at us and said give me a few minutes. She left and came
back with a man, an older guy, probably 50 or so.

"So John, you are making a sizable withdrawal. What is it for?"
"I have been needing to do some shopping for sometime. Jennifer Abdellaoui
has agreed to help me pick out a few things."

"Young lady, would you mind showing me some identification."

"Sure." Jennifer said as she gave him her best smile. She handed him her
drivers license.

"I am Dr.and Monica Abdellaoui's oldest daughter."

"We now have you on the account. Your attorney said you would probably
want to choose some checks more suitable for you. Come right this way."

He initialed the check,"I thought that is who you were," he said as he
put his pen back in his pocket. "A bank has to be careful, especially
with this much money. You kids be very careful with it. That is a lot
of money. I know this is a nice quite part of town, but, do not flash
it around. If you want a check card, Jennifer, just fill this out.
Your checks and your card will arrive in a few days. John, your
attorney gave Jennifer's home as your new address.

I took the ten grand in hundreds. I handed them to Jennifer. I did
not need money, I had a Goddess. Giving Jennifer ten thousand dollars
made me feel like a millionaire. She put the money in her purse like
it was a twenty dollar bill. When we were away from the window she
asked, "Why did you give me all of that money?"

"You said to get ten thousand."

"But why did you give it to me?"

"I belong to you, so my money is yours too." It made me happy to give
it to you. It made me feel really good to put your name on my account,
well it is really your account now. I don't need it."

"That is true. My family and I will provide everything you need." (g)

    Chapter Sixteen

"Jennifer I am starved. I have had nothing to eat since breakfast."

"Uhmmmm true, I wonder," She dialed her cell phone. "Hi Lori,
Jennifer. I need you to do something you will enjoy. Actually my
slave needs something. Yeah, he has had nothing to eat since early
this morning and he is hungry. I can't help him. You can! Great we
are at the mall, but just a few blocks from your dad's office. We
will meet you back there."

"You are about to have a new experience, slave. (g) Well same
experience, different person! Lets go, we will come back to shop.
You do have your special mouthwash don't you? Turn around. Carry
me." She said as she jumped on my back. Her arms went around my
neck and my arms wrapped around her legs. The insides of my arms
burned like fire where the twins removed so much skin. Even though
it was hot, Jennifer had me in a long sleeved shirt to cover the
bites. The sleeves constantly stuck to my raw skin.

I carried her to the car. We were not really noticed much other
than guys looking at Jennifer and wishing they were me. I am use to
those looks now. She squeeled with delight, bit my ears, slapped my
ass, punched me in the ribs. Just doing constant things to me all
the way to the car. She love showing her ownership. To others, we
were just two teens having fun. Being in this much pain was not all
fun. I was also very hungry. I knew what the phone conversation
was about. I was going to be used by some girl I have never met. I
am so hungry I do not even care. Please het her be pretty. It is
hard to imagine any friend of Jennifer's being anything but beautiful.

We drove back to our attorney's office. Do I dare hope, I wondered.
A white BMW convertible pulled in next to us. Lori was the Attorney's
daughter. God she was beautiful. She was about the same size as
Jennifer but opposites. She had coal black hair and very dark skin.
Her eyes were like coals. Tiny nose and mouth with Very thin lips and
the whitest little teeth. In her smile her lower lip went down and one
could see almost all of her teeth.

"Thanks Jennifer, this is a real treat, especially since I am getting
one soon. I need to go too! You have perfect timing.  How can anyone
always be so perfect. You are amazing!"

She looked me up and down. Her face wrinkled a little.

"Hi Toilet, let's go."

It was easy to see what I was to her. The girls walked to the office
as I followed behind admiring their asses. I confess I was looking
at Lori's more. They were different. Lori's was a lot smaller.
It started quicker and dropped off more at the legs. Her legs were
skinner and so dark.

The girls talked and giggled all the way. They even mentioned the phone
conversation when Jennifer told me to lick her ass. There was no button
pushed. Lori heard everything. It does not matter now. I realize my
Goddess lied to protect me. I would have been angry then. Now I know it
never mattered.

"Hi Jeanie, Lori said to the receptionist. We need the office on the end.
Is it going to be used?"

"Not today, Jeanie answered.

"Good, we need a private conversation place.  Please reserve it for us."

She handed Lori the key. We walked to the door, Lori unlocked it. We
entered and Lori locked the door behind us. It was a large room furnished
with a long table and chairs all around. There were two doors at the other

Lori turned to me. In a flash she kicked my shin.

"On your knees slave. Eyes to the floor."

She bounced on my back, I thought it was going to break. She slapped my
ass hard and said, "Through that door and be quick about it."

I crawled as fast as I could. It was not fast enough for Lori. She hit
the back of my head with her fist, she punched me in the ribs, then she
grabbed my ears and dug her nails in at the base of my ears. I now had
marks in front of my ears.

"I am going to tear these off if you don't crawl faster you worthless
piece of shit. Move it ass hole."

The hardest thing on me was I heard a giggle from my beloved Goddess

We got through the door into a large bathroom. Lori got off me.

"Help me with my clothes, turd face. I thought you were trained. If
I owned you you would already be dead! Maybe I will have my dad buy
you from Jennifer just so I can torture your ass constantly. She treats
you way to nice. Do you appreciate all the sweet things she does for
your sorry ass. She loves you so much that she did not want you to be
hungry, as if I would have cared!"

I had her skirt and panties off. She was not shaved. I have never seen
a pussy so black. Her pussy lips were very prominent. Black hair was
everywhere. I took to long looking at her because she slapped my face

"I have to piss turd face. Get you mouth where it belongs. Haven't you
ever seen a pussy before?"

I put my mouth over her pussy. Her feminine scent was a lot stronger
than the Abdellaoui girls. I already had pubes in my mouth. Her piss
flow started immeadiately. I got a hair hung in my throat. She kept
pissing and I kept swallowing. It was still there when she finished.
I licked her hairy pussy. Yeah, I got more hair in my mouth. Cum was
starting to ooze from her pussy. I licked the gooey stuff and savored
it in my mouth. It was different from Jennifer's family, in odor mainly.
I thought the taste was stronger but it may have been because of all
the hair. Those darn pussy hairs were a problem. Lori hunched my face
and screamed like a wild animal. I used my cunninglingus skills I
learned from Jennifer. Lori liked that. She really liked it when my
tongue went way up inside her. Her cries of,"Ohhhhh that is soooo
good," gave her away. She had pretended to be aloof and way above
such displays until I started eating her pussy. I reduced her to her
wild animal nature. That part was fun. When she finished and I
swallowed all of her cum she looked down at me and said.

"OK shitface, that was good, I give you credit for that. I won't be so
hard on you. It is not your fault that you have shit for brains. Well,
if you are that starved get your mouth over my ass hole. I do not have
all day just to give you lunch."

When my mouth went over her ass hole I could feel her body movements.
She was laughing. I heard my Goddesses' giggle too. I gave a few
perfunctory licks of her ass and pushed my tongue up a little bringing
it back for moisture each time until I had my whole tongue in her ass.
I no sooner accomplished that when I felt her first turd pushing back.
It came out of her ass quickly and was in my mouth.

"Ohhh, that stinks. I am so glad you get to smell it shit for brains.
If you could put my shit in your head, you would be a lot smarter.
But then you would still be hungry. Hurry up and swallow, there is a
lot more."

She was right about that. She shit more than Dr.Abdellaoui did. She
was such a little thing too. I bet she had not taken a crap in three
or four days. No wonder she acted like she had PMS. She was full of
shit. In Just a few minutes she was full no longer, I was. So much for
being hungry. I licked her little ass clean. She got off me, walked
out and started talking to Jennifer while I used my mouth wash. I
could pick a few words and knew they were talking about me. I stopped
washing my mouth and listened at the door.

"I really appreciate this, Jennifer. We owe your family. The drugs
are tremendous. He was just an ordinary nerd when you started giving
them to him? That is so cool. I really, really enjoyed that. I
climaxed so hard. I may have cut his ears off. Funny thing, I did
not care. Maybe I am on drugs!" This was followed by a low throaty
laughter and Goddess giggles. You will have to use mine when I get
him trained a little. I am starting his medicine next weekend if
everything goes as I have planned. I already know he does not have
a tongue like your slave has. What a tongue! My slave is large and
has a lot of muscles. I will be using him to ride a lot. He is a
good swimmer. I will use him a lot in the pool too. You should
see some of the things I have designed for him to wear. He will
be in constant pain for me. You really must put john's dick in a
modified 2000 with little needles to stick it when he starts to get
hard. He will be in constant pain for you."

The same throaty laugh and more Goddess giggles.

"He is totally subservient to you, now, isn't he?" Lori said as I walked
into the room.

"Lick my ass, john." Jennifer said to me.

I was on my knees, removing her clothes and licking her magnificent ass
in a heartbeat.

"Does that answer your question? John, remove your shirt. Look at his
arms. The twins did that. Turn around john. My mom did that to him.
See his wrapped up finger. I ate most of the first layer of skin away.
It looks just like the raw of his arms. I am going to eat up the whole
finger in the Goddess ceremony at 6:00 tonight. Why don't you and your
family come. You will see total dedication."

"My dad mentioned it. We plan to be there. I would not miss it. I can
learn a lot. Our dads talked about it when they were discussing turd
face's windfall. My dad was sure you would be pleased. Your dad was.
Dr.Abdellaoui was so please that he is giving us the drugs to use on
my Ben."

I understood all they were saying. It sounded ordinary to me. Just a
doctor and a lawyer returning favors. I got what I wanted. I got my
Jennifer and her family to serve. I am happy I do not have to have
that hair in my mouth all the time. Lori is very pretty. She is also
meaner than Jill, and that hair! I had swallowed all of it until the
last lick of her ass. A hair came from somewhere and is still in my
mouth. I started trying to remove it.

Lori's hand flashed to my face, knocking my head sideways.

"Jennifer, really, I want him punished, better still I want to punish him.
Did you see him! He was trying to remove something of me from his mouth.
That is a gross insult. He was like so fortunate I agreed to shit in
his worthless mouth in the first place. Now I get insulted by a toilet!"

"Yes slave, I agree. You shame me too. We will choose a night soon, Lori,
before you get your Ben. I want to watch you punish him. If it is not
severe enough, I will punishment him too. I don't think you will hurt
him nearly enough. I am so embarassed. I bragged and bragged on you
Toilet. You had best make up for a lot tonight at the ceremony or your
body will be mush!"

"We have to go shopping. I want to get some stuff for me. I am buying
eye candy for john. I shouldn't now. I do not think he is worth it. I am
really disgusted. Let's go slave."

I followed the girls back to their cars. Both of them appeared mad at me.
They chatted but would give me dirty looks. I was not feeling very good.
I was thinking of myself again. Everytime I do that I disappoint my
Goddess and get in trouble. I opened the door for Lori. She got in,
showing me her panties. The crotch was wet. I would love to have them.
She saw me looking at her crotch. She looked straight at me and said
to Jennifer. "I will enjoying punishing him, a lot."

We spent over $4000 on Jennifer and about $500 on me. I never had clothes
like this before. The TBird would be full. Good thing we left our books
and Jennifer's gym bag at school. Jennifer was right, she could spend
money! That was OK, it was only money. My Goddess deserved a lot more.
She was treating me better now.
"Slave, with your income you can hire the cleaning service and lawn
maintenance people. I think you will have to if you plan to go to school.
With that will, we have a lot of money. (g) I love you slave!"

"We must get home! Tonight is the big night! You make me a Goddess
officially. I am so proud of you! You will stand and keep your hand
to my mouth, won't you? I will be embarassed if you do not. I do not
ask much of you, but I am asking for this. Please john, do not let
our love down. I am going to make a big show out of taking my marking
finger. You make a big show out of giving it to me."

"Jennifer, what about the Chemistry homework."

(g) "Oh that! When I get my paper back, it will be 100, and all the
questions will be correctly typed! He is my slave too. Not as good as
you though!"

We arrived home and I unloaded the car. Jennifer had already said that
no one would do anything to me until after the ceremony. I waited for
her in her room. I had seen no one. I did notice another SUV. I presume
it was relatives who would be attending the ceremony.

Jennifer entered her room.

"It is almost time to go down, john. You know I love you. Do you love me?"

"Yes, you know I do." I answered.

"Remove the bandage and wash in hot water and soap."
I did as she asked. Yes, it hurt tremendously. I knew I was going to be
hurt more. I just wanted this ordeal to be over. I walked to the basement
behind Jennifer. She looked every bit The Goddess. I really did not
understand how I could make her what she already was.

I saw all of both families there. All of the girls looked alike. Both moms
looked alike, both dads looked alike. Something like seeing double, and
double times three. The girls were not identical. There were obvious
differences. The differences were mainly attributable to age. What I am
saying is, you never saw so much beauty in one place. I have not seen
this much beauty collectively in my life! My attorney, his wife, Lori,
and an older sister I presumed, were there. The older dark complexioned
princess was in college or older. She was not in high school. They
were all very dark with black hair and eyes except Lori's mom. She was
a brunette. She had a pretty face but she was about twenty pound or so,
overweight. I must be crazy, I am about to go through the most painful
ordeal of my life and all I can think of is eating all this beautiful

Jennifer's dad put a double tourniquet on my arm. The pain would soon

"John, Jennifer told me what you did for her at the attorney's office.
I am glad the two of you found each other. I believe you really are her,
'soul slave."

Jennifer had went over this several times with me. I stood before them,
beside Jennifer, and stated that it was my desire to give myself totally
without boundaries or limits to Jennifer Abdellaoui. I desired to belong
to her completely. She could do with me as she wished. Everything I am,
have, will have or will be is her's to do with as she pleases. I said I
would forever obey her every command. I would have no thoughts of my
health or well being. All of my thoughts would be of Jennifer and things
I could do to give her more pleasure. I also said that to prove my love
and devotion to Jennifer, I was giving my finger which she would eat away,

Jennifer stated she was accepting me as her complete slave and would eat
away my finger to mark me as her property. In accordance to custom, she
would eat it away slowly causing as much pain as possible.

I also stated that I was giving her my finger of my own free will. This
was to show that she was indeed a Goddess. She smiled at me and I lifted
my left hand to her mouth. I noticed she had some type of clear plastic
in her mouth. I know it was to keep my flesh and blood from the inside
of her mouth. She looked at me with love and took her first small bite.
The pain was greater than I had ever experienced as her teeth cut into
and removed my flesh. I was instantly wet with perspiration. It is good
that I went to the bathroom or I would have pissed my pants. She took
another small bite. My arm was trembling. I remembered to look into her
eyes. She was so beautiful. Her eyes demonstrated her love for me as she
bit me again. My legs started to shake. I looked back at her face. It
took all of my will power to hold my hand to her mouth as she bit me
again. I could feel myself sliding into unconciousness. I looked at her
face again. I also looked at my finger. The bone was showing in several
places. She bit again. I could feel myself sink. My head was going around.
I heard her voice quitely whisper. "I love you john."

"I love you too Goddess," I answered. These words helped me keep my

She bit me again.
"Just a couple more bites, maybe three. Are you going to make it?"

"yes, but oh god, please hurry Goddess, I can feel myself slipping away."

She bit quicker and immeadiately took another bite and another. I do not
know how I was still standing. I was, and my hand was at her mouth. I
had to close my eyes, I could not look at a bone sticking out where my
finger used to be.

"Look at the final bite, it is important. It signifies your devotion.
This is the final bite, please do not cry out or lose consiousness."

She removed the finger from my hand at the knuckle with her teeth. I
was still standing. I was faintly aware of whispers and words of awe
that I had been able to endure all of this pain and continue to hold
my hand to her mouth. Jennifer's family was congratulating her. She
was getting hugs from everyone. I was barely holding on.

"Come with me john." It was her dad's voice.
I followed him on wobbly legs. I knew I could pass out at any minute.
I was barely aware that we were in a different room. He told me to
lay on a cot. I laid down and passed out.

When I awoke I was still in the same room. Jennifer was there sitting
by my bed. As I was gaining consiousness, the room, Jennifer and
everything was revolving slowly. When I could bring her into focus I
seen love and need in her eyes. I know she was very proud of me. Few
things in life compare to having a Goddess who is proud of you. I
will serve Jennifer all of my life. I will serve her with devotion
and pride. I do not care who knows or what others may think. I could
go on national television and proclaim to the world the joys of
serving such a beautiful family. They will use me for everything they
have a need for. That is their right. It is especially Jennifer's right.
I adore belonging to her. I will never ever get enough of her cum.
Hey, each time I eat her shit I like it more. When I am fully alert
all of both families and guest will use me. I will get to eat and
drink the waste of all fourteen of them. Serving the men I will
tolerate. Serving the females I will love. As the saying goes, you
have to take the bitter with the sweet.

I know Jennifer was sitting by my side to be the first to use me. I
suppose she placed her panties over my face. The ones she was wearing
when she ate my finger away. They were soaking wet and so delicious.
I was getting strong enough to have her sweet pussy in my face.
Sucking her cum this time will be more special for both of us. This
will be the first time after she officially became a Godddess. My
finger hurts some, it feels like the finger is still there. I know
that it is not. I saw it vanish a little at a time.
I watched as Jennifer came to me. She slowly removed her shorts and
panties. She playfully placed the panties over my face. The scent was
erotic. She slowly moved one leg over me and lowered her pussy towards
my waiting mouth. She told me once before that her beauty and her
pussy was what enslaved me. Truer words were never spoken. I could
not wait for it to get to my mouth. I stook out my tongue. Ahhh,
heaven on earth. I got my first taste before our lips touched. Her
cum soaked panties were on my mouth when I awoke. This cum is only
a little fresher. One would think the taste would be the  same. It
was not. The cum that comes directly from her pussy to my mouth is
a lot better. I like to eat the cum from panties. I really love the
taste that comes directly from a pussy. I love Jennifer's cum most
of all. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I have many
years ahead doing what I want to do. Be a slave and a toilet for
multiple Goddesses.

As Jennifer's pussy was grinding on my face I feet her nails dig in.
I do not want her to go easy on me. I want vicious lovemaking from
my Goddess I like to feel pain when she is making love to me. She
asked if I was up to nibbling. I kissed her pussy slowly and sweetly
and lifted my left hand to her mouth. I felt her pretty teeth as
they closed on a piece of skin. I know my hand is close to her mouth.
I know an orgasm is a few minutes away. I do not know if I will lose
another finger, a whole hand, or she will just nibble. All of those
choices will be made now and forever by My Goddess. I believe as MY
Goddess believes. "A man without a woman to worship is nothing, it
would be better if he never lived."

I love this guy! Jennifer though while looking at John. I have inflicted
horrible pain on him. He comes to. What does he want? To eat my pussy!
I really enjoyed the attorney's office today. He is our attorney too.
Does that surprise you?  Do you really think john found me? Surely you
do not think it was a chance meeting. Know the family move his
grandparents made. Think that was coincidence. Well I have some ocean
front property in Arizona I will sell you if you do. Our attorney's dad
was the attorney for john's parent's wrongfull death suit. We have had
our eyes on john for sometime. Just waiting for the time to bring him
in. Our attorney's dad, and then our attorney counselled his grandparents.

"Must not let John know of his wealth, it will ruin him, he will go wild,
I have seen it happen many times. Wait until he is more mature."

Both attorneys counselled them. Don't you just love it! All the time he was
being watched. I did a marvey job with him. Now I reap the rewards. I have
finished having multis on his face. I have thousands of multis to come.
I love his tongue inside my love canal. I go wild when I look in the
mirrors and see my turds go in his mouth. He makes the most awful faces,
but still he swallows. He has no choice now. He does not want a choice
though. His choice making time is over. He will just live for me. I
can do anything I please to him. I will never have to change pampers.
John will do that. I will adore potty training my kids to his mouth.
My beauty got him where he is, the drugs will keep him there. He will
be healthy too.

I looked down at him, he was concentrating on removing all the cum
from my pussy. He will not get to lick my ass now. There are a ton
of people waiting to use him. His use will go on all night. Fourteen
different people, that should stretch his tummy and his bladder. It
helps with his effeciency. Just like having a larger septic tank!(g)

Jennifer's pussy was so hot on my face. She acted like she was trying
to push my whole head inside her pussy. I wished she could. I
remembered all the things she taught me about giving her pleasure.
I used all of them. I knew this was a special time for Jennifer.
When she was finished and lay quietly, I sucked the cum from her
pussy. It was not as hot now. Words can not describe how important I
feel. I have just made the worlds most beautiful creation a Goddess
and will get to serve her all my life. I have so many good times to
look forward to. I am the world's luckiest guy!

"Next," I called out with a giggle. The line would began. They would
move much faster than I did. They will just use him as their toilet.
They will not get off on his face. After everyone has used him and
come back for seconds is when john will get fucked a lot. I could
tell he thought Lori was hot, well, he will get more of her too.
If her mom puts all of her weight on his face he may be crushed or
suffocate between her ass cheeks! I walked away from john, leaving
him to his fate. Whatever happens to him, I have been made a Goddess.
I am not that flippant. John will be horribly used tonight as the
maker of a goddess is supposed to be.  He will live. I will uses
him many, many times for the rest of his many years of life. (g)
When I am eighty years old and all wrinkled, I will sit on his
face and fart!

       Chapter Seventeen

The next person to come to me was Luke. He also had a pair of bicycle

"Hey John, we drew numbers for use order of you. I drew number one!
That should make you happy. The next person to come in here was going
to give you these. But I think it best if Jennifer gives you the shots
and uses you afterwards."

He held the needles up for me to see. They were huge. It almost made
me sick to look at them.

"I will lay them over here so they will be readidly available for
Jennifer to plunge them into you!"

Get your clothes off and these on. Hurry, I have to take a piss.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick as he stepped towards
my mouth. I opened my mouth. I hope the disgust did not show on my
face. He would not have noticed or cared, I am sure. He shoved his
dick so far down my throat that I gagged. He started pissing. He
was pissing far down my throat. I held my breath until I could
hold it no longer. I inhaled his piss into my lungs. He jerked his
dick out and said.

"I thought you were better trained, raise up."

He started beating on my back. You know the one that Monica had
cut to ribbons. I was coughing so hard that I could not protest.
As soon as my coughing subsided and I gasp a couple breaths he
stuck his dick in my mouth again to finish pissing. I managed to
swallow all of it. I licked the head of his dick as he retracted
it from my mouth. He gave me a disgusted look and said.

"You sure a pretty sight with piss all over you! I do not see why
they thought you were anything special. You screw up like that
when my daughters use you and you will be the worse for wear,
believe me."

I felt cold water hit my face. I moved and looked up. There were three
shower nozzles above me. All were on full blast and covering me with

"Hold still! I had to flush." He laughted, and walked out of the room.
I reached up and turned the water off.

Lori's mom came in next. She had dry shorts for me.

"You can put these on later. I have to go really bad. I have never done
this before, use a human for a toilet, I mean. Lori told me it is what
you want, that you are good at it, swallowing I mean."

She looked at me, total revulsion on her face. If she had ever looked
at her porcelain toilet that way, the lid would have flew up and stayed

I nodded yes. I still was not breathing normal after Luke had used me.

She removed her shorts. She was wearing control panties. She was larger
than I realized. I noticed then that her thighs were twice the size of
Jennifer's. She straddled my face with her thighs resting on my shoulders.
I was supporting her weight. She probally weighted 180 lbs. She was
not fat but she sure was not skinny! I tilted my head back and got my mouth
over her piss hole. As soon as I licked her she started pissing. A large
stream of hot piss filled my mouth instantly. I pressed on her leg and she
stopped her flow eight times. I do not know why I could not keep up better.
Maybe because she pissed so much and so hard. I licked her pussy with the
flat of my tongue. I don't even know how many hairs I had in my mouth. I
tried to ignore them and lick her. She looked down at me and smiled.

"I will come back for a lot more of that. I am looking forward to Ben!"

She turned her ass to me and sat down on my face. I could not breath.
I twisted and moaned. She raised up.
"I have never shit in anyones mouth before." She said.

I put my hands up to make a seat for her ass. My arms and finger hurt so
much. She put most of her weight on me and pushed out a big turd. I
opened my mouth wide it scraped all around my lips but went in. I crushed
it with my tongue and swallowed. It was really bad. The fumes were so
heavy I did not want to breathe. When I did, I thought I would die.
Another turd was coming at me. As soon as I would get one swallowed she
would shit another turd.

"I told you I needed to go really bad. I guess you know that now. How can
you eat that awful stuff? I just do not understand this lifestyle. It is
disgusting to me. How can anyone eat shit?"

I stuck my tongue out and licked her ass hole. When my tongue went inside
her ass she moaned.

"I could get use to this. I do not know how anyone does it, I do not care.
I want a human toilet. Thank you for the experience. I will see you later."

She got up. She looked at me with a smile, not disgust this time. She was
pretty. Not like the rest of the women that were going to use me, but I
could get used to serving her. Maybe I am fickle and like Jennifer said
to me, "I would eat anyone's shit". She walked through the door, flipped
the big exhaust fan on, and I found myself wanting her ass on my face

I turned the shower on me, warm water! I wanted to be ready for the next
beautiful person. I did not have but a minute to wonder who it would be.
The youngest of Luke's daughters walked in. She was a living doll.  I
new in an instant that she was extremely conceited and stuck up. Her
whole being exuded that aura.

"Jennifer tells me you are already a better toilet than Joe. Prove it or
I am going to step on your left hand and grind it into the floor. Got
that toilet."

I knew she was not kidding. I helped her with her clothes and got my mouth
to her pussy quickly. My tongue retreived cum on the first lick. She must
have been getting off just thinking what was being done to me or what she
was going to do. She let me have a few licks before she said.

"I like your tongue but I do not have the time, later, slave."

I got my mouth ready for her piss. She did not try to make it difficult
for me. She just pissed like she normally would. I kept up and licked her
when she was finished.

"Not bad." She said and turned her ass to me. I gave it the royal treatment
the way I had been taught.

"Inhale slowly, slave."

I did and she farted. Big time stink. I inhaled all of it I could and held
it in my lungs. This impressed her a lot. Cum actually dripped from her
pussy. I exhaled and licked it quickly. I loved her cum.

"Stop, I will see you later. I will have fun with you. You are better than
Jennifer said you were. I love that tongue."

She walked away. I watched that gorgeous little ass until it went through
the door.

The next one was Lori. I remembered her. When she walked in I said.

"Thanks for coming Your Highness."

"She gave me a wicked smile and said I am not going to feed you, but I
may drown you. How did you like my mom?'

"I loved your mom. I got to be the first person she ever used for a toilet.
I think she was a little nervous even, but very nice. I am glad I was the
first. My first time was only a few days ago."

She straddled my face I licked her then put my mouth in place to swallow
her pee.

"Don't think just because I am being cordial that it changes anything, it
does not. I am planning some things for our little session that you will
remember for the rest of your life. I am an studying to be an electronics
engineer. My sister is an electrical engineer. I am telling you this just
so you can began to fear me. Your thing will be put through it's paces.
I will have no mercy on you. Drink this turd face."

I do not know why she wants to be so cruel to me. She is a living doll.
I am not going to say she is as pretty as the Abdellaoui girls but she
sure is close. Such a contrast. I love her dark skin. Her pussy lips
are even dark. Her cute little pucker hole looks pink when contrasted
with her dark skin.

I drink all of her piss and thanked her for it. She put on her clothes
and said.

"It didn't work, I am going to tear you up!"

Everyone used me and started over. I had to relieve myself multiple times
in order to consume all of their waste. When they were finished using me
for a toilet they brought me in the basement and began making sport of me.
I was hit, kicked, bit, hit many times with belts and whips. Jennifer,
my gorgeous Goddess cheered it on and got in many hits herself. I must have
passed out. When I came to I was alone with my ankle chained to the same
spot where Jennifer first chained me. I hurt everywhere. I was covered in
bruises and abrasions. My Goddess was no where around. The door opened,
someone was coming down the stairs, please let it be Jennifer. It was
Lori's mom.

"I have returned to see how good you eat pussy." She said.

She was not shy anymore. She walked straight to me, removed her shorts
and put her pussy to my mouth.

"I am so horny, eat me."

I did. She had multiple orgasms on my face, squeeled and moaned with everyone
of them.  Once I passed out because she blocked my mouth and nose. She did
not know it. I was just lucky she finished and got off me to see why I was
not still licking her.

"Ummmmm, I wondered why you quit licking. I guess you needed air." She
laughted and farted in my face. "Here is some air for you!"

I was surprised to learn where Lori got her cruelness. I got choked on
her fart and from the lack of oxygen. With me still trying to breath,
she walked away laughing. I feel sorry for Ben.

The treatment of me continued in the same manner. I lost all track of
time. The users became blurs as one used me in someway only to be
replaced by another. I started to taste alcohol. I knew they were
partying with me as the main entertainment. I know a slaves life is
not a good life but I still want to be used by them. I do not
understand my feelings of need to be used in this manner. I am
always eager to accommodate whom ever squats on my face. Whatever
they do to me is acceptible. I know my life will be very short.
No one can survive treatment like this. I do not remember when I
last saw Jennifer. I know she has been down here and used me though.
The next thing I remembered, I was awake still chained to the same
spot. I looked at my body. It was not nearly as bad as I thought
it would be. I looked at my arms where the twins had feasted. There
were no scabs but there was new skin. I felt of my back. It was not
sore either. I walked in the bathroom used it and looked in the
mirror. I looked alright. I seemed to be nearly healed. I went
through more than I ever thought a body could take. I must have
been out for days. I showered, freshened up and left the bathroom.
Jennifer was standing there when I went out.

"You look all fresh and ready for more use!" She giggled. "But first
I have to give you these shots.They are for your own good."

"My that is a huge needle. There is so much in it. I bet this will
hurt a lot." She said as she held it in front of my eyes a few
seconds before plunging it into my arm. She was right it hurt a lot
and she did not push the plunger in slowly either.

"I could give the shots slower and they would not hurt as much but
I have to use you." She said as she gave me the second shot. I have
always hated shots.

"Get on the floor I need to use you. I had no potty yesterday. All
day and all night without your mouth. I missed you terribly. You
were out the whole time. You did not miss me at all! All of us
remembered you though. Look at YOUR refrigerator. We got a new
one upstairs and dad gave you our old one. It is just for you to
keep frozen treats in."

Get your mouth in place, have you forgotten everything after only
one day? Ahhhh it is good to piss in a mouth again. No water
splattering sounds. Just the smooth flow of my pee in your mouth
and the sounds from you as you receive my golden nectar. You were
born for this john, we have just refined you. You are the perfect
toilet. ummmmmm, my pussy missed your tongue, john. Ohhhhh, you
do that so good. That's it john, more tongue. Ohhhhh, give me
your ears to hang on to, we are going for a ride!"

"John, you are getting blood on my nails, darn it! I wish dad
could fix you so you would not bleed. I get so tired of getting
your blood on me. You are cleaning me up, john. That is so freaking
inconsiderate of you to bleed on me like that. Here, I will get
another hold on your neck. I am not through fucking your face."

Needless to say I was getting face fucked and about to get my ears
torn off when she change holds and dug in my neck. You would think
she had had no sex for a month, not just a day. I have alread
swallowed a gallon of cum and the cum flow continues. I love her
cum. I was glad my Goddess was having so much pleasure. I realize
the pain she gave me was just a part of her love. She turned around
and placed her ass hole over my mouth.

"Relax your throat, I am going to shit in it. Concentrate on letting
the turds go down your throat. Swallow to help the movement. Don't
try to crush them. I want you to be able to swallow them whole. Don't
worry about about getting choked I can always put that on you and it
will force everything into your stomach. It makes your throat so sore
though. You are doing great toilet. That is it, you are excelling.
That is the way I like to take a shit. There is almost no scent. It
all went to your little tummy! I am sorry if it deprives you of
scent and taste. You still get some, don't you?"

"Yeah, I still get a lot of that," I said as I licked her ass.

"John, you are so far behind, you have a bunch of panties to launder.
There is a ton of piss and shit waiting for you. All of us saved it
for you. We knew you would want us to. Take these, put a lollypop
stick in each, fill them with our piss and shit. You can freeze
them and have frozen treats! See how much we love you. You will have
frozen treats when you are working so hard in our yard. Or just
when you are alone and missing us."

She unlocked my chain.

"Go slave get busy. Put them in this box. You will need it when
you fill them!"

As I was going up the stairs she started talking to Lori. We will
be over right after lunch. I can't wait. Oh I will love to see his
thing jump like that. See you after lunch. Yeah, I know john would
be disappointed if you didn't. He loves being your toilet! Bye"

I took my trays and went to Jennifers toilet. It looked like two
or three people had used it. I scooped the filth out and put it in
the trays. I wondered why she gave me so many trays, I know now.
This is only one toilet. There are several more in this house. The
guest toilet had the most. I am sure it was from the party after I
was no longer able to service them. The master bath had the least
of all. The box felt like it weighted fifteen pounds. I carried it
downstairs and put all the trays in the freezer. I noticed a pitcher
of lemonade in the frige. I had to try some. I poured me a glass.
It was lemon flavored piss. I drink a glass of it. Not bad. I guess
I have become a real toilet.

                        Chapter Eighteen

                   John Discovers Research Papers

I went into the master bath first. I picked up Monica's Panties and
placed them to my mouth. Her perfume was intoxicating. I put them in
my mouth and started cleaning them. A brief case was on the floor.
I am the nosy type so I opened it. Dr.Abdellaoui papers were in it.
I picked up one entitled, "Toilet John", and read it.

Test have been confirmed on a live male subject. The subject understudy
has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to consume humane waste. His
body healing is remarkable also. Subject has had the outer layer of
skin removed in large quanities. In two days the subject grew new skin.
He has been abused and degraded in the most inhumane ways known to man.
He continues to be loyal and shows no signs of rebellion. I believe he
delights in our abuse of him reguardless of the pain and discomfort.
Videos of the subject under heavy use prove this to be fact. The
female he is conditioned to worship enters the room, he sees her
and a glow of worship masks his face. She has eaten away one of his
fingers while he held his own hand to her mouth. He gazed into her
eyes and withstood to the point where he could barely walk to the
operating room after his finger had been eaten away. As he was being
strapped down he murmured about his love and devotion to her. Afterwards
he was abused and used by fourteen people of both sexes of varying ages.
Three times during this night of abuse the subjects, "Goddess",
approached him. She tood facing him and kicked him in the testicles
with all of her power. The first time surprise registered on his face.
But his devotion to her was still present. The second time she told him
what she was going to do. She told him to spread his legs. She kicked
him. The third time she approached him, he spread his legs and was
ready for her kick. This demonstrates beyond all doubt that the subject
is throughly trained and will, no doubt remain a loyal faithful toilet
slave to whomever the Goddesses ask him to serve.

Yeah, this was me alright. I am so proud to serve my Jennifer and her
wonderful family. They are so good to me. The fridge Dr.Abdellaoui
gave me was to much. This whole family loves me so much. I am
delighted to serve them. The pain they give me is for a worthwhile
purpose. It enhances their sexual pleasure. Their pleasure and
convenience is why I am here. I do not remember the kicks and the
pain. Maybe my mind blocked the remainder of the night out because
the pain was to great. I do not know, but I know I am well now and
have just been used by my beautiful Goddess.

I looked at another paper entitled, "CBT2010E". I read it.

The CBT2010E is being currently tested on human subject, "Ben".
The device was locked on his penis and testicles. The operator,
Lori", was able to give varying amounts of pleasure and or pain
to the wearer. The subject wearer had no control over this device.
It is still in the testing phrase but the test are proving the
research to be correct. It is believed this device can be used in
conjunction with the prescribed medication to transform any male
into a willing toilet slave like the subject in research document,
"Toilet John". This can be accomplished by the use of rewards and

Subject, Ben, was secured by the tester, Lori. Lori installed the
CBT2010E with all wires and batteries attached. She stripped,
urinated in a glass and made Ben hold a plate under her while she
had her bowel movement. This procedure was forced on Ben. It took
some convencing by Lori.

While she was naked before Ben she asked which he wanted regular
food or natural food. Regular food being mashed potatoes and water.
Natural food being her urine and feces. He chose regular food for
the first four test. While Lori fed him she used the controls of the
CBT2010E to send electrical currents through his genitals. His penis
and testicles was squeezed. The tube of the CBT2010E is lined with
tiny sharp needles which inflict a tremendous amount of pain to the
wearer. The severity of the pain increased with each bite or drink
of regular food. During the fifth time the pain had become so great
that he cried out, "Give me Natural food."

Lori began feeding him her feces and using the CBT2010E to give him
pleasurable sensations which duplicated the action his penis would
experience if he were engaged in sexual activity with Lori. We
concluded the actions and expressions of Lori facilitated the
positive results of this test.

While feeding Ben regular food she strived to act the part of a
total bitch. She berated him constantly while informing him of the
advantages associated with a diet of natural food.

When his choice switched to natural food, she became very sweet and
sexy to him with many words of praise. Ben switched to regular food
three more times but the pain was to great for him to bear. Gradually
Ben's choice really was, natural food. At that poit the injections
and medications were given. Since the medication only enhances the
desire and lowers the inhibitions it is ineffective unless the subject
truly wants a diet of human waste. In the case of Ben, he wanted that
which he will now receive for the remainder of his life. Lori is the
only person using him at this time. Within two days the other family
members and then friends will be accepted by Ben as special,
beautiful, and he will willingly allow them to use and abuse him as
does subject John.

Follow up test will be performed on this subject.

I was amazed at what I had just read. That lucky Ben! He will get to
see the gorgous bods of Lori and her sister Laura on a regular basis.
I remember Laura using me. She was sweeter than Lori, she was also
shaved. Her skin was so dark, her pussy lips were large and dark too.
That made the inside so pink and so sweet. She had the longest legs.
She must be near 6'. Her pussy would make two of Lori's! The whole
family had a much stronger scent than the Abdellaoui's. I liked the
feminine scent of the girls. Their mom was a little overweight but
I enjoyed being her toilet even if she did almost kill me.

"John it is time to go see Lori. She is my best friend and you had
best be nice to her. She already has my permission to do anything
she wants to you. You insulted her, you insulted me. We are going
to share in your punishment. You take it, you appreciate that we
are doing it to make you a better slave."

"It takes a lot of time and effort to train a slave. When you are
giving cunnilingus to Lori, no matter how much pain you are in, you
do it properly. If I ever again receive any complaints from anyone
who uses you, you will wish you were dead! Put on a pair loose
fitting shorts. Yeah, those look great. Carry me to the car. No,
on all fours. I want to see skinned knees."

We arrived at Lori's, she met us at the car. She was all smiles
and radiant.

"This is going to be so much fun. I have not used this on Ben but
I have sure done a lot to him. The experiment is working
wonderfully on him. Very soon all the family will be using him for
the purpose he is being designed! I am so excited to do additional
research on john! I love helping your dad and uncle with their

"On all fours again slave."

Jennifer got out of the car on my back. She set back on my hips.

"Hop on, Lori. My slave would love the feel of your ass on his

Lori sat on my head facing Jennifer. Her weight forced my neck
to bend until my chin rested on my chest. Lori just twisted and
repositioned herself like she would on a sofa to become more
comfortable. That was bad enough but they started playing this
silly thing cheerleaders do where they slap hands, hit their
legs, clap in an arrangement. They bounced and did this while
I carried them in the house. My back and neck were hurting. On
the strokes choregraphed to hit their own legs, they hit my
back extra hard instead. They were doubling their fist to hit
too. All the while they giggled like two junior high school

I got them inside and they had me take them to the basement. I
went down the stairs backwards with them on me. My knees were
skinned and carpet burned. My hands were just chaffed a little.
Lori guided me to a table that looked like an old stainless steel
exam table.

"Take off all of your clothes, hop up there and lay down. Look,
Jennifer his thing is big anticipating our use of him. Just
think if it was encased in a CBT he could be feeling pain right
now. The way his thing is growing, he would be receiving a lot
of pain!"

I watched as Lori and Jennifer strapped my body to the table.
My arms,legs, and chest were secured. The only thing I could move
was my elbows, and I could not move them very much. My legs were
spread wide and hung up my genitals and ass were completely exposed.
"Shall we get started, Jennifer?" Lori asked with her throaty laugh.
I am going to experiment to see where the most sensitive areas are
and how we can extract the higher degree of pain for this and future
needed corrections of turd face and others needing substancial
obediance and worshipfullness training."

"I am ready, and my slave is ready for his punishment training,
arn't you john?"

"Yes," I said under my breath.

Lori reached for my testicle, she picked up an instrument that had
a long curved needle. She moved the end of the needle closer. I
twisted on the exam table, straining against the bonds. I wanted
free but there was no escape. There was a faint smile on her lips.

Tears were now running down my face. "Please Princess Lori."

She gazed past me, as if thinking about letting me go. "I don't
know . . .I think this will be interesting. It makes me feel
relaxed. Like I am collecting something owed to me." She let out
a pleasant sigh. "Peaceful."

She laughed, revealing her beautiful little teeth, and brought
the point of the needle against the ballsack.

"Noooo!" I wailed.

"Oh, yes," she whispered, and brought the needle point against the
tightly-stretched skin of my nut. There was a mild pricking
sensation. I craned my neck forward, trying to see, but I didn't
want to see. Geeze,she was going to spear the testicle from back
to front, the longest possible route. I didn't want to see that,
good god no. I closed my eyes and decided it was best to remain
perfectly still, so as not to cause any more damage than possible,
my body a tense block of granite. I felt the pricking sensation
swell into a large circle of pain. I began to scream.

Time seemed to stand still. There seemed to be nothing left in the
world except the girls and me, the soft skin of my left testicle,
Lori's strong, clamping fingers, and that awful, curved needle.

When I thought it was over, I looked down again, my whole body
shaking so much the table rattled. Lori's head was still bent down
in concentration. Only her black hair visible from the top view of
her head. she finally let the handle of the probe go. It dangled
haphazardly from my punctured testicle. She looked at it a moment,
then disconnected the needle from the handle with a crisp snap. As
she did this, her fingers bumped against my freshly pierced gland.
I cried out again.

"Don't be such a whimp, john." Jennifer said.

Lori set the disconnected probe handle on the table, stepped back
and admired her work.


"You screamed a lot over just a little puncture." Lori admonished me.

I closed my eyes and put my head back, my face covered in sweat. The
worst was over. Now there was just a sickening ache that was crawling
up into my intestines and lower back. The damage seemed as much
psychological as it did physical. I felt utterly weak and helpless.

I flinched again--Lori was touching me down there. I looked down,
fearing the worst. The testicle she had just perforated would not
hang right, with the long, curved needle imbedded in it. It was
suspended at an odd, twisted angle, and was swelling. She tried to
adjust it by pushing on the sack but it kept sliding back around.
Jennifer giggled.

"Please," I said in a weak whisper.

Jennifer looked up at my face. "Please what?"

"I mean, Goddess Jennifer"

She was tapping on the needle.

"Please it's oh! It's very tender, please."

Lori nodded as if she understood. She spread her index and second
finger into a V and wrapped each around the ends of the needle.
"So you wouldn't want me to pull on it, like this?"

"Oh--oh geeze, please,oh, oh that hurts!"

"No? Probably you don't want me to twist it, either."

I let out a screech like a toddler. My voice trembling, I said,
"Princess Lori, stop, please I can't take it anymore."

She laughed, then finally let go of the needle. Now the skewered gonad
looked shriveled and deflated, oddly resembling one peeled section of
a tangerine. Lori raised her head a little and looked at my penis.
It was shriveled, too, lying at an odd looking angle on my abdomen.
She grasped the right side of my scrotum and tried to get a grip on
my other testicle, the one that was still unmolested. My ball sack
shriveled even more than the first time, drawing the gland and away
from those eager fingers.

"You can't hide from me either" Lori laughed. She forced it downward,
and, running her finger along the back, she soon found what she was
looking for. I winced as she changed hands, keeping a tight grip
on the tender little gland. She turned to the instrument table again,
her right hand pausing over the tools.

This time she selected the one with the corkscrew like end.

"Please, Princess Lori. Please don't."

Lori looked blankly at me, the probe raised up. "What did you say?"

"But, I'm afraid of damage. It might cause permanent injury."

She nodded understandingly. "But don't you want to find out which
place hurts more?"

"Yes, of course," I lied, geeze! "But, Lori. I haven't had
children yet."

She raised one of her thin eyebrows. "Children? You don't need
any children." She leaned forward to go about her work, as if
this explained everything.

Jennifer giggled when I said the children thing. "You're not going
to have any either!"

"Please, Lori think, think about what you're doing before you do it."

She looked back up at me, annoyed. "I AM thinking about what I'm
doing. You don't need children. You're a toilet. Your genes don't
need to be passed along. That will just make more people like you.
It's simple genetics. There are enough toilets in the world already,
we know how to discover them and how to convert them too. Just ask Ben!"

Leaning forward, her pretty face a mask of concentration; she
moved the spiraling needle into position, touching the tip to a
point on my scrotum just above her thumbnail. Again, my body
became granite hard in anticipation of the pain.

"Anyway," she said, "These needles are very thin, they shouldn't
cause much damage."

I cried out and then my cry slowly turned into a long, pitiful
wail. It's hard to find words to describe the agony I experienced
as she twisted that hideous thing into my nut. It was like having
a tooth cavity drilled out without the use of Novocain, only the
pain centered not in my mouth, but in my groin. Lori would twist
the needle in a little bit, wait for my wailing to die down, then
twist it in a little more.  Much like the twins nibbling, but a
thousand times more painful. At several moments I was sure I would
pass out, and probably would have had she not stopped twisting to
let me "catch up" with her. Each time she began again, white-hot
bullets of pain would shoot all the way up into the middle of my
back, and all the way down to my toes.

When she finished, she let out a sigh, gazing at the needle. It
protruded alongside its companion like some kind of bizarre,
non-identical twin.

"Looks like I was right. That little gland is more sensitive
than the whole ball. I will be able to extract a sizable amount
of retribution for your discretions."

She looked up as if she expected me to confirm this. I was
too worn out to open my mouth, not that I would have, anyway.
What could I say to change anything. My Goddess Jennifer was
watching my pain spellbound. She was even fingering herself
and getting her rocks off by watching me and listening to
me scream.

She was still waiting for an answer, her eyes locked on my face.
"Don't you agree?"

I just glared at her, then looked down at my poor, badly aching
balls. I felt utterly violated, abused, and in a lot of pain.

"Well," she said, "I guess we need to make absolutely sure.
We need to be scientific about it."

"What?" I muttered, but she was already moving across the room.
She stooped to pick up her gym bag. She removed something out
of it, and headed back towards me. It was a small black plastic
box, some kind of electrical gadget with a few red and black
wires coming out of it.

She set it down between my legs, adjusted some dials and smiled
at me displaying those incredible teeth. I had a thousand time
rather she nibbled on me with those than what she was doing. She
picked up one of the wires, which had a little metal clip on it, and
carefully attached it to the needle that had pierced my right ball.

"No," I gasped. "Please, no!"

Ignoring me, she calmly attached a second clip to the corkscrew
needle imbedded in my other nut. I watched, my mouth hanging open
in horror, as she picked up a shiny metal thing that looked like
an egg. She began covering it with lubricant squeezed from a tube.
"Now just relax," she said, and the next thing I knew she had
parted my ass cheeks and was shoving the metallic egg up my rectum.
I felt her fingers probing around my ass and the cold steel pressing
against my prostate. This egg shaped object was wired to the plastic
box. Lori and Jennifer put a wide strap around my ass holding the
metal probe in my ass.

Lori picked up the box, made another adjustment, and turned it so
I could see the front panel.

"You can make the electricity go in any direction you want using
these switches. This one will make it go between your balls,
and these two will make it go from your ass through either ball.
Pretty cool, huh?"

I had started crying again.

"This way," she explained, "we can be a hundred percent sure about
which place has more sensitifity, and we will know how we can
extract the most pain from you when you insult someone again."

Lori sadly shook her head, adjusted some dial on the box.
"No, I think we better do this scientifically. My eletronics
teacher says it's not good to do experiments unless they are
closely monitored. Jennifer is monitoring these with me."

I didn't answer.

"Anyway, its always better to do things right. Otherwise you
don't know for sure, you're just guessing."

She looked down at my tortured nuts.

"For example, I might have put the second needle in more
roughly than the first one. Or, maybe because the second
needle was shaped differently, it hurt more."

She clicked a switch on the box.

"This way there won't be any question about it. We can
stimulate the nerves directly, and equally, and then
we'll know for sure."

"No, please, I...ooohhhh--ohhhhh . . ." She had flicked
a switch, and I could feel a slight tingling in my
prostrate and left ball. She did something else. Now the
tingled moved, changed to my right ball.

"Good," Lori said, flicking another switch. The tingling stopped.
"It's working."
She was adjusting a dial.
"That was only Level One, just for a test. Now let's try
Level Five. What do you say?"

"No, for God's sake--ohhhhhh!"

It seemed like a bolt of lightening slammed through my left nut.
I arched my back groaning, for what seemed like minutes. Then
the pain abruptly stopped. I fell back flat on the table.

"And now the right."

Before I could utter a protest, my back was arched again,
and I was screaming bloody murder. She must have held the
switch closed the same amount of time, but it felt like a
hundred years. I finally fell back flat on the table, gasping.

"Hmmm this looks good but more test are needed. The second
needle seems to have penetrated a lot more nerves."
She was adjusting something again.

"But we really ought to check it at the maximum level,
Level Ten. Just, you know, to make absolutely sure."

"No, please, please no Lori."

She sighed, looking at my tormented balls, then up at my face.

"You did this to yourself, you know. You were trying to remove
one of my precious black pubes from your mouth. You were
extremely lucky it was there in the first place. I made a
special effort just because Jennifer said you were hungry.
You should have wanted that hair to remain in your pathetic
mouth forever to remind you of my beauty and the exquisite
taste of my pussy and ass."

"I'm sorry, Princess Lori, I won't do it again. I promise."

She seemed to be vacillating.

"Please, I'll be better, I swear. Princess Lori."

She looked down at the little black box. "I need to punish
you more. Do something extra."

"No, you really don't, Princess Lori. I've learned my lesson,
Princess Lori."

She smiled gently. "Don't think calling me 'Princess Lori'
all the time is going to help you. I'm not stupid."

"No," I said, then hesitated, afraid to add the required
'Princess Lori.' "You're very smart. It's amazing, really,
how much you know about all of this."

"You talk too much."

I opened my mouth to say "sorry, Princess," but then closed
it again. She gazed down at the black box, as if still undecided,
and then looked back up at me. She was quiet for a long time.
I fidgeted under the steady gaze of those coal black eyes.

"Well," she finally said, "There may be something else we can
do to take care of all this. I've been wondering what it would
be like to force elect . . . well, better not say, it might ruin
the experiment."

I swallowed. "What experiment?"

She stepped around the right side of the table, carefully moving
the box around my legs, guiding the wires over my left knee.
She set the box down right next to me on the table, the cool
plastic of its back pressed against my hip, and adjusted something,
I couldn't see what. She was standing close to me now, I could smell
the fragrance of her perfume. She reached out and began to lightly
stroke the head of my cock, which was nothing but a shriveled stub,
with her index finger.

"Wouldn't you like to help me do an experiment?" She spoke very
softly. "Wouldn't you like to get nice and hard for  me?" As before,
she seemed to be talking to "him" rather than to me.

But my penis did not respond to her stroking. I, he, was too
afraid, too terrified of that damned black box. I glanced
down at the console and could see that a dial in the middle
was pointing to the number 10. Geeze! Lori kept stroking,
very lightly. Her other hand slid across my stomach and
came to rest on the lower part of my abdomen, her fingers
resting in my pubic hair. Her hand was soft and felt so
good. She began to massage me just above the base of my cock,
and her other hand stroked the shaft.

"Don't be afraid," she murmured to it, stroking its length
the way a little girl might stroke a kitten. "I'm not going
to hurt you, only the other part. You don't mind that, do you?
Don't you want to shoot your white stuff out into my hand.
My nice, soft hand.?"

She cupped my dickhead in the palm, and I swear, it felt like
velvet. It suddenly seemed as if my penis could not stiffen
fast enough. The organ started swelling like an air hose had
been hooked up to it. I,it, could not resist such sweet
treatment. Lori was leaning closer now, I could feel her
warm, sweet breath on my stomach, on my rapidly expanding dick.

I closed my eyes, the part of me that wanted to resist moved
farther and farther away, only a faint echo now. It wouldn't
be so bad, whatever she was going to do,  No, not bad at
all, I reassured myself, as my cock grew stiffer and stiffer.
A small price to pay for such exquisite pleasure! Besides
My Goddess Jennifer would not let anything to terrible
happen to me. Lori picked the thick organ up now, grasping
a handful of skin on the top and beginning to pump as she
had before. Oh, that was wonderful, heavenly, ahhhh.

I looked at Lori and realized how beautiful she was, so
lovely, so feminine and so dark. I looked at the skin of
her forearm, dark, tanned, magnificent and perfectly smooth,
followed it down to her sweet hand, the bracelet's stones
sparkled in the light.

My cock looked enormous, veins bulging, the head as big as a

I began to gasp for breath, the room began to spin.

Oh, I was going to come, and come HARD. yes, it was happening,
that sweet tingle spreading up from my tightening prostate,
my asshole puckering. oh, yes, yes, yes.

I cried out, just on the brink of the first spasm.

At that same instant lori's left hand left my stomach.

The next thing I knew, it felt as if a giant metal claw
had grabbed my balls and crushed them. I yelled again
as I glimpsed the girl's finger holding a switch closed
on the box, my back arched, my hips in the air. A stream
of white semen shot out of my pee hole and splashed
across my face. Jennifer giggled,.  Lori let the switch
go briefly, then pushed it again, just at the instant
the next spasm was due. My back arched again, and another
hot string of come shot out, this one hitting me smack in
the middle of my forehead. Then I felt a lightening bolt
go through my ass all the way to my spine.

"Open your mouth slave." Jennifer yelled. "Open it now!"

I did as my Goddess commanded me.
I looked down and realized that Lori was purposefully
aiming my pulsating dick at an upward angle so that I
would spray myself in the face, and about the time I
realized this and that she had let the switch go, then
clicked it closed again and I had yet another contraction.
This time, a watery spray of jism flew out and struck me
dead in the left eye. There was more giggling from Jennifer,
and another electrically-driven spasm. To the cries of
Jennifer, "Saying, open your mouth wider john, now."
Another, and another, all hitting my open mouth. I could
taste my own hot cum. Many explosions, alternating between
my ass and my balls. I was fucking the air until I was just
laying there trembling, my head bent to one side, my burning
eyes squeezed shut, Lori still eagerly flipping the switch
back and forth.

She finally let go of my spent cock, letting it drop on my
stomach, and stepped around the end of the table. "Interesting,"
she said enthusiastically. I felt her disconnecting the wires
from the imbedded needles. The metal egg came out of my butt
with a faint plop. A second later the needle in my left nut
came out, in one swift movement. I gasped, but after what I
had been through, the pain was small and anticlimactic. I felt
her fingers grasp my right nut, then the corkscrew needle being
twisted back out. This was not so minor, and I grunted and
groaned until it was at last free of my body.

I lay there for a while, my eyes still closed, while she dabbed
an alcohol-soaked cotton ball on each of my wounds. I was so
exhausted I actually started to doze. I soon heard water running
in the sink, then the sounds of her cleaning up, putting things

After some time Jennifer appeared at my side.

"Turn your head toward me." She began to wipe off my face with a
damp towel. She leaned closer and peered into left eye, which
still stung. She went back to the cabinet and returned with a
small white bottle. "Look up."

I did as I was told and felt cool, soothing drops cleansing
my eyeball. She looked at my eye again, then continued wiping
my chest and stomach with the towel. Finally, she dried my cock

"You've done very well," she said.

Surprised, I looked up at her.

"You're not going to ever embarass me again, are you?" She asked.
As she wiped her hands on a towel, she glanced at my shoulders,
my chest, then down my red, swollen balls. "You're pretty strong."

Was Jennifer actually giving me a compliment, or was she setting
me up for something else?

Lori sat down on the stool and let out a sigh, as if she were
tired herself, and gazed at my crotch. I watched her for a moment.
She seemed perfectly calm, composed. I decided she had been
completely honest when she told me this kind of activity made her
feel "relaxed" and "peaceful."

"He is going to be worthless until at least tomorrow afternoon.
Would you like to leave him here with me, Jennifer?"

"Yeah, I suppose so," Jennifer answered. "He will have a lot
of catching up to do. He is behind on everything at our house
as is. My parents have to have him for Friday night. They are
starting his couple training."

I must not be hearing correctly. My Goddess was leaving me
alone with this, this torturer. I will have no one to protect me.

Jennifer stepped on the chair and straddled my face. She had
already pulled her shorts and panties off. Her scent was so good.
I was exhausted but not to much so to lick that beautiful pussy.
Even with my eyes hurting I stared at her pussy lowering down
on me. It was dripping cum. My Goddess was so hot. I felt her
heat before she settled down on my face. I enjoyed swallowing her
cum. I tried to give her great pleasures but I fell short. In
the end Jennifer got off me, looked into my eyes and said.
"I hope you do a better job of eating Lori than you just did for me."

She spit in my face and walked out. I watched her beautiful ass
walk away feeling sad that I did not please her more.

Lori walked over to me and mounted my face. I watched as her pussy
all white and gooey filled, settled over my open mouth. I sucked and
swallowed a mouth full of cum. Without warning she shifted her body
to center her pee hole over my mouth and started to pee. I was not
ready for that but swallowed. It was hot and had a strong amonia
taste. I was able to swallow all of it. I then returned to licking
her pussy. I was so exhausted but I knew if she was as disappointed
as Jennifer was I would get hurt.

I focused on her pleasure using my mouth and tongue to do all the
things Jennifer had taught me. Lori had multi orgasms in my mouth.
She rode my face insistently. When she was through with me she
said. "John, take these," as she dropped those humungous pills
in my open mouth. Lori positioned her ass hole over my mouth and
began her dump. She draped the towel around her ass and over my
face so that my Goddess had used a short time ago to sooth me.
The stink was horrible. The taste was not much better. I longed
for Jennifer's sweet ass to be on my face instead but I already
blew that. She was gone. I swallowed all of that horrible stuff
and licked her ass. She got off me and said.

"Jennifer and I are discussing a trade of you and Ben. If she
trades I will torture your balls often. I have some more
surprises waiting for you to, turd face. There will be no
more pampering you, well maybe. She gave her throaty laugh.
The pampering you will receive is the pamper of my eighteen
month old niece. I will lay Tash's extremely soiled pamper
over your face and tie you in the hot sun for a few hours. Yes
shit face, her piss and shit will be cooked into your face.
You will always smell like the piece of shit you are. Just
think what that will be like. A pamper soaked with piss and
full of shit covering your face. The plastic towards the sun,
holding the heat in which will be intensified by the piss.
Yes, it will literally cooked into your face. I hope it
permanently blinds you. You are not worthy of looking upon
my beautiful pussy and ass while I use you for my toilet.
You flinch at another one of my pubes in your shitty mouth
and I will put you in the sun in the morning before Jennifer
returns for you. After she sees you and smells you with
the dirty pamper cooking on your pathetic face, maybe she
will want to trade for Ben. Ben is a lot better looking.
That means more to her then it does to me. I do not care
what my shit pot looks like and I do like your tongue."

She walked away laughing, leaving me very upset and nervous.
I did not want to lose my Goddess. Please let her keep me.
If I get her back an am allowed to serve her again I will
double, no quadruple my efforts to please her and her
fabulous family. I did not have long to think about that.
Lori's mom was straddling my face.

"So turd face, I get to use you again. Lori told me your
name. I have the video of your little sperm eating excitement
a short while ago. I will watch it. I am really getting
into this, "use a shit face", thing".

Her piss was flowing in my mouth. I was not given time to lick
her hairy pussy. As soon as she finished I licked and got
hairs in my mouth on the first lick. I was wiggling my tongue
around trying to get them to the side of my mouth when she
hit me in the balls with her fist. I screamed in agony. My poor
tortured balls were on fire and I was sick. I guess the
medication I was on kept me from throwing my insides up.
She knew that I am sure. She made no motion to get off my face.
She just went on riding it and digging her nails in my neck.
I was exhausted. I could move no longer no matter what she did
to me. I stuck out my tongue and rolled it. She fucked my
tongue. She rode my face viciously. When she finished I
swallowed all of her cum and sucked on her pussy. That pleased
her. I am thankful for that.

"I will be back to take a shit in your mouth before bedtime.
I hope you are hungry."

She walked upstairs laughing. I lay there hoping I could rest
awhile before someone else came down those stairs. I did not
rest long. My attorney looked at me and smiled.

"Hi John Boy, It is good to see you. Lori really likes you.
She wants to trade Ben for you. She said she loves the way
you beg when she tortures you. Lori likes to be vicious."

He straddled my face and pulled his dick out. I opened my
mouth for him. As he hunched my face slowly, he kept
talking to me.
"I would not mind having you either but I could see a possible
attorney client problem down the road. I would not be sufficiently
shielded. I told Lori we had better keep Ben and train him well.
You would love Tash though. She is my eighteen month old grand
daughter. She is a little Lori. You would think she was Lori's
daughter instead of Laura's. I bet Tash would be potty trained
to your mouth in a few days. She would love biting you too.
a regular little Lori!"

His thrust became faster. He stopped talking and just fucked
my mouth. I tried to keep pressure on his cock and suck. I
was so tired. He got his rocks off and shot hot sperm down
my throat. He pulled back and continued to cum in my mouth.

"I pulled back for you, John. I wanted you to get more taste."

He left his dick in my mouth, when it went back to normal size
he pissed. I do not like being used by men at all. I was
smart enough to keep that to myself though. Lori is looking
for a reason to give me that pamper treatment. If she does
I do not see how my Goddess could keep me. He turned around.
Oh no he is going to crap in my mouth too. I opened wide
and a big turd entered my mouth. I just swallowed it. Good
thing it was closely followed by three more. I licked his ass
got a big hair in my mouth. All of Lori's mom's had been
flushed to my stomach. I am not sure when I swallowed them.
He got off me and went upstairs whistling.

I got a little rest before Laura came down. She looked at me
and smiled. Laura was big. She must be 6'. Jennifer told
me she was a basketball star in college. She was muscular
and probably weighed as much as her mom. She was solid though.
I sure would not want to get hit by her. She straddled my
face. I could not cover her pussy with my mouth. She is
so large and her pussy lips are the type that shows through
jeans. She pissed a pint in my mouth. Cum a gallon and
shit a ton. I do not know why Jennifer did not take me
home with her. The pretense that I was not well enough
to travel and be used by her family was rediculous. It
would have been a lot easier than the way I have been
used here. This bunch was killing me.

Laura went upstairs and a few minutes she came back.

"Lori said you would want to wear this tonight."  She
laughed as she taped Tash's soil pamper on my face.

"She said it had better be empty when she saw you in
the morning. She told me to save the overnight pamper.
She wanted Tash to fill it with a bowel movement too.
I think she plans to let you wear it in the sun. Yeah,
she wants you to have your time in the sun! That Lori,
she is so inventive. Don't you just love the things
she come up with!"

She left. I could hear her laughing all the way upstairs.
I heard her say to them, "Look on the video, doesn't John
look at home!"

I could barely breathe as the air flowed around the filthy
pamper to my nose and mouth. I swallowed some of the shit.
I had never tasted baby shit before. It is not any better.
Some shit entered my nose. I licked all the shit around my
nose and mouth and swallowed. I was thankful for my long
tongue. Now I could take a hard breath through my nose. I
did. The shit went up my nose and I could breathe through
it again. I lay there a long time before I went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with a start. Whew what an awful
scent. I remembered about the pamper. I could see nothing.
I did not know if it was day or night. I dared not open my
eyes. I know they would be full of shit if I did. My nuts
ached badly. My back ached and I could not turn over.  My
throat was sore. My nose still had shit way up in it. I
heard foot steps.

"Hi turd face, let's get that pamper off you. My god that
stinks. No wonder, it is half full. I am going to lay it
over here so Lori can see it. She will not be pleased!
I did not come down to take a shit last night. I did
not need to go very badly. I did not want to disturb your
pamper experience. Boy I need to go now though. Here
let me turn the shower on you. You stink something fierce!
As mad as my sweet little daughter will be when see's how
you disobeyed her, you will probably smell like that diaper

The water hit me top to bottom. She sprayed me with
something too.  "
I hope this Lysol gets you clean enough to use. Looks
like a sure trade when Lori bakes that pamper on you.
I just hope we can clean you up again. Lori thinks we can
sand blast the your skin off your face and the new skin
growing back will not stink so badly. That smells a lot
better.  I will give you my morning piss first turd face,
then you will be treated with a full meal!

She lowered her pussy to my face and pissed. This was
the worse tasting piss I have experienced so far.  It
even smelled strong. It taste stronger. I still licked
her when she was finished. Yeah, more pubes in my mouth.
She turned around laughing. A big fart hit my face.

"Inhale turd face, inhale hard. Oh that stinks." She
made no understatement.

She cut another one followed by a pile of shit that
filled my mouth and covered the most of my face in
about three seconds. I swallowed as quickly as I
could so I would have room for air. I gasp a breath
of air through my mouth a split second before she
filled my mouth again. I could feel the added weight
on my face. I knew some more had piled up. I gulped
down her shit and took another deep breath. I used my
tongue to shovel more in my mouth. It was awful.
None of the Abdellaoui's compared to this. She reached
for Kleenex, wiped on some Kleenex, and dropped the paper
in my mouth. "Eat the wipe too turd face."

She went upstairs, I heard her call for Lori. "Go down
and look at that pamper, it is half full. He wants one
baked on his face. He likes his name so well he wants
to properly represent it."

I heard her laughing, as Lori bounced down the stairs.

"Turd face, look at this pamper. I guess you can't there
is a pile of mom's shit on your face. Oh that stinks!
How do you eat that stuff? Well, I know how." She said
with her low throaty laugh. "Same way Ben will be able to!"

She freed my wrist. You will need your hands to shovel
mom's shit in your mouth. I will lay this pamper here
and give you another chance to clean it good. It had best
be clean enough for Tash to wear when I come back down in
a very few minutes. Maybe I will bring you another. She is
up running around, the pamper is hanging to her knees. It
is piss soaked. Now if she takes her morning shit, you will
have a treat. Don't you hope Jennifer doesn't want you
anymore? If she trade with me, I have a new experiment to
run on your balls. Also you will be introduced to a bunch
of little teeth and someone who can literally chew on you,
hit, and kick you all day long, everyday. Your life will
change, turd face. Also she will ride your ass in the
ground. If you think your knees are skinned now, you wait
until she has ridden you all over the tennis courts for hours!"

I said nothing, just scraped shit off my face and put it in my
mouth. I move all of it I could with my hands by licking my
fingers and scraping some more. I had my eyes so I could
open them. I knew even then there was a chance shit would
get in my eyes. I looked at the pamper. It was half full
alright. I put it to my mouth and ate all the shit out of it.
It still weighed a ton. I held it above my mouth and twisted
it. A liquid piss and shit mixture dripped in my mouth. I
squeezed and twisted it until nothing else would come out.
I put it to my face and was licking it when Lori returned.

"Hey turd face, look what I have for you. Boy is it full
and stinky. You think last night's was bad, wait until
you get a whiff of this one! You will get lots of heated
whiffs too! Yep, turd face, you are about to live your name.
As soon as I finish with you personaly, you go in the sun.
It is already ninety-eight out there. It is supposed to be
one-o-eight by noon. I bet your face will be one sixty.
You are going to have one shit baked face. Hey, it may kill
you. What a way to go! Bet you never fantasized about that
one, did you, turd face. It will be the end of your sight for
sure. Your eyeballs will be baked in piss and shit. Think
of the pain. Yesterday was nothing compared to what you have
coming. I will listen to your screams and finger my pretty
pussy with delight!"

She turned the water on me and sprayed me with Lysol again.

"ooooo, you stink. You are going to stink a lot worse though.
I bet if you survive you lose your mind, wanna bet, turd face?
The pain will be soooo great. My pussy is dripping just thinking
of your screams."

I looked at Lori, hoping I could get some sympathy from her.
She showed none. Her black eyes were flashing and her lips
set. She mounted my face. I was determined to give her all
the pleasure I could muster in hopes she would have mercy on me.
I brought her through three orgasm I know of, I may have lost
count. I played with and teased her clit. I fucked her with my
rolled tongue. I sucked on her pussy lips and on her clit.
When she was exhausted I sucked out all the cum and begged to
lick her ass.

"I have to piss first, turd face, then you will lick my ass
alright, a lot. You will also receive a hot and very stinky
meal. Put these pills in your mouth, I would let you eat shit
and die but you are valuable for a toilet slave and someone
to torture. She was pissing in my mouth as she said degrading
things to me. Lori was big on degrading statements. First I
must give you these shots. She injected me with the same drugs
the Abdellaoui's had been giving me."
She laughed at her jokes as she positioned her ass over my face.
No matter that Lori had inflicted so much pain and humiliation
on me, I was fasinated by her dark skin and her pink rosebud.
I watched in admiration as it slowly opened and a brown turd
appeared as if a rose was blossoming in quick time. I opened
my mouth wide and took a deep breath to inhale all of the
aroma off of Lori's shit. It would almost curl wallpaper, yet
I was getting hard. Her turd reached my waiting mouth and
slid passed my lips and over my tongue. I instantly crushed
it against the roof of my mouth relishing the taste of her
offering. I swallowed it. I got more benefit of the taste
than if I swallowed it whole. I kept my tongue busy with
crushing her turds and returning to a flat position so more
of her turd could enter my mouth. I liked eating Lori's shit
that way.  The taste was bitter like bile. The scent was
intensified when I eat it in that manner. Yet I feet compelled
to do it. It was like I was doing more for her. I wanted to do
more for Lori she was becoming precious to me. Like a Goddess.

"One thing I have to say for you turd face, you are a
terrific toilet and your cunnilingus skills are second to
none. All the same, I want to see Tash's piss and shit
baked into your face. I want to hear you scream in agony
as the mixture seeps into your eyes and your eyeballs are
cooked in shit. I may even feed them to you.  Ohhhh, that
excite me!"

She reached for the pamper, it was rolled up and sealed.
I could still smell it before she got it close to my face.

"Get a whiff of this turd face." She said, laughing at my
wrinkled nose.

She unstrapped my feet. "Be careful or you will fall flat
of your face."

I got off slowly. She was right, I could barely walk.

"You carry this stinky thing. Hold it close to your face
too. Smile and face the camera. Great, a souvenier for
Tash. I wish I had pictures of a guy worshiping my pampers
when I was little."

"Come right this way, I would let you carry me but you can
barely carry youself."

I walked up the stairs and out to the pool area.

"Come over to this end, I want you as far away from the house
as I can get you, besides this is where you will be staked
out. Lay down there." She measured to see that my hands
could be tied to a diving board platform. She tied my legs
to a large ring embedded in concret at the side of the pool.

"You can open the pamper, I am standing upwind of you. That
thing is rancid! That is it",----god it smelled putrid---.

"Hey everybody come watch john as he worships Tash's Pamper
in the sun!

I heard cheers on the sidelines.

"Put in on your face now. Are you getting all of this on video
mom? Pat in gently a few times, easy.  Ouuuu, that stinks!
Arn't you glad we have a thermometer in the pamper, Turd face?
Ouuuu, that sure does stink! Give me your hands."

She quickly secured them to the platform.

"Now we just let mother nature's oven bake you. Mom and I will
be at the other end of the pool in the shade, sipping lemonade
and listening for your cries and screams. Do not disappoint us
turd face."

I felt cool water hitting me everwhere. I heard none hitting
the plastic coverning of the pamper. She was cooling all of me,
even my head, while keeping my pampered face in the hot sun. She
was going through with this, she is a Goddess She can do anything
she wishes.

"Look mom, look at the tempature rising inside that pamper. Ohhh
I bet it really stinks inside that thing. Tash, see the guy wear
your pamper, he loves it. She will love watching this video, mom.
Arn't you getting horny. I sure am. This lemonade is so cool and
good turd face so sorry you can have none! Look it is 130 in there
already. He is starting to squirm."

I could feel the heat build rapidly. My skin was starting to burn.
I kept my eyes squeeze as tightly as I could get them. It still felt
like some stuff was seeping in at the corners. Each breath was
labored and the smell was unimaginable. I tried to cry out.  My
mouth instantly filled with the hottest most awful stuff. I swallowed
It burned my throat. It was bad. I started to scream.

"Don't you be eating that, turd face. That is cooking shit, not eating
shit. I want that cooked into your skin. Hey it is 148 in there turd
face, I bet you are about ready to cook. Ohhh I bet that hurts! Does
it hurt, turd face?"

I was hurting, I am sure my face was being baked in piss and shit.
If this does not kill me, breathing ammonia fumes certainly will.

"155, turd face," I heard Lori call out the temperature inside the
pamper. My eyes were on fire. I know some of that stuff has
leaked in. I am so hot. My face is burning up. Where is my
Goddess Lori? Please come to me Goddess, please before it is to

I came to, my face was covered in cold. I opened my eyes, I could
see nothing. There was just a light. Was I dead I wondered. I
could hear the voice of my beautiful Goddess. She was near, she
had saved me. "Goddess," I tried to say, but no words came out.
I could hear her but I could not talk.

"John, are you OK?  Can you speak? You sure are burned, you stink
something fierce." That was Jennifer's voice. "Open your eyes."
I forced my eyes open and felt cool drops enter them.

I heard Goddess Lori say, "Here is some lysol, spray that on his
face. I can not stand the stink. I hope his skin stays that
color, see how yellowish brown it is. I think it is great that
turd face's face is the color of shit! Awesome, and so fitting
his station in life too. I will trade you a sighted Ben for a
blind John, deal?  Ohhhhh, I could torture him sooo much. John,
would you like to have my creamy panties on your face, so you
could stick out your tongue and taste my cum I made while
listening to your screams?"

I heard myself saying, "Yes Goddess Lori." That was the first
words I spoke. I heard Lori's laughter and Jennifer's quick
intake of breath. "Well." She said. One word but lots of meaning
I felt Lori's panties as they touched my face. I moved my tongue
over them. Goddess Lori's cum was so smooth and good to my tongue.
Lori was so beautiful, I just want to serve her always.

I heard Jennifer say.

"That is so amazing, my dad will be pleased to hear about this.
Only one shot and then you fed him. He is devoted to you. He
wants you. I am impressed, dad will love it. Get your ass up
you fickle slave, I am taking you home. You are riding in the
trunk though, you stink. Hang on to Lori's panties. You can
suck on them on the way home. You will have a bunch to clean
when we get there. I will need to shit and you will need more
shots. I can't let my slave desert me."

Lori was laughing. I loved that laugh, I wish she would use me
some more.

"Lori," I cried out as the trunk deck closed.

I was helped out of the trunk and helped down to the basement.
I felt the chain being attached to my ankle. I could see just
a little. I laid on the bed. I was exhausted. Jennifer put
more drops in my eyes. That cooled the pain a lot.

"Where is Goddess Lori?" I asked.

I heard a, "Geeze," from Jennifer. She sounded aggravated. Why?
I only inquired about my beautiful Goddess Lori. I cuddled her
panties to my mouth and went to sleep.

When I awoke I was aware of voices. I opened my eyes, Dr.
Abdellaoui and Jennifer were talking. I concentrated to
understand what they were saying. It hit me, I can see, not
good, but I can see!

"He belongs to Lori! She did inhumane things to him. Darn near
killed him! It doesn't matter. Those are her panties in his
mouth! He wants her to torture him some more! She can do no
wrong. She is all he thinks about. Did you know that would happen?"

"We thought so, we needed to experiment though. John confirms
it. The drug is a hugh success. We can market it and make
millions. Along with the CBT2010E any male can be made a
total toilet slave for any female. I wish we had used an
ugly girl though."

"Dad, no! We do not want to market this to ugly people. They
do not deserve slaves! Where is your loyality? Just beautiful
people dad. There are enough of them to insure our families riches
forever. I do not like unattractive women. How could you even
think of such a thing. An ugly women needs no slave. The ugly
ones need to be slaves!, just beautiful ones like ME. Oh slave,
so you are awake. Good I have to take a big dump. Hand me the
needles, please dad."

"Where is my Goddess Lori, I would like to thank her for these
delish panties."

"Never mind about Lori for now, wait until I have used you toilet.
She told me to take a dump in your mouth as soon as you awoke.
It was important to her. Hold still while I give you your shots.
Open your mouth for these pills too."

If it was that important to my Goddess Lori it was OK with me,
besides Jennifer was beautiful. Jennifer squatted and brought
her beautiful shaved pussy to my mouth. My nose went in her
blonde bush and some of her pubes went up my nose as I took a
deep breath to enjoy Jennifer's fragrance. I tasted her pee as
she relieved herself in my mouth enabling me to swallow those
humungous pills. I was lucky to have a Goddess like Lori who
would let me serve a gorgeous blonde like Jennifer. Man, she
was beautiful. When she finished I licked her pussy. She
turned around and we aligned her pretty brown hole with
my mouth. It opened and a turd went between my lips. I
swallowed it whole. Three more long ones came out and I ate
them too. Jennifer was beautiful. I would not mind being a
slave for her. I would still want to see Goddess Lori often
though. I licked Jennifer's ass. I pushed my tongue in that
beautiful brown hole. She squeezed my tongue with her spinchter
muscle. I pulled it out with effort. I heard her giggle. I
love that giggle. I kissed her ass and put my hand to her
mouth hoping she would nibble on my finger. Pain from a Goddess
is so rewarding. I waited to feel the pain of her teeth while
I continued to lick. Finally I said.

"Goddess Jennifer, please nibble on my finger. I need to feel
the glorious pain of your beautiful teeth again. It makes me
feel important to you when you are using me."

My dad and I looked at each other. Big smiles were on our faces.
He was a hugh success and john was mine and mine alone. The other
family members were already working on slaves of their own. The
future looks very bright.

"John, go wash your mouth really good my pussy is wet again
and needs your tongue very much. I love your tongue soooo much."

"I love you too Goddess, I never want to be away from you that
long again."

Just like that, Lori was just a memory to my john. She would
still get to use him. Not torture him like that again. She nor
anyone else would never use him immeadiately after he had been
injected though!

                       The End



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